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The Next Round of the Great Crisis is at Our Doorstep

Bond China ETC Japan None Reality Recession Yield Curve Central Bankers bet the financial system that their academic theories would work, despite the countless real-world examples showing that printing money does not generate growth.

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Negative Interest Rates: The Black Hole of The Financial System

Alan Greenspan Australia Black Swan Bond Citigroup France Germany Japan Market Conditions Real estate Treasury Department Twitter Twitter Yen It feels like not a single soul is worried about the increasing amount of negative interest rates around the world. Ignorance or indifference?

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Reverse Profile...

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OBaMa'S LaP DoGS...

"These people are essentially lapdogs for Obama."--Rand Paul

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It's Not Getting Any Smaller

Gold Bugs Precious Metals Slope of Hope  I would like to make my own modest effort to put to rest a trite little phrase that gets trotted out every time silver and gold are getting trashed.

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Based on the Non-Massaged Data, China is Growing at 3% at Best

Abenomics China Global Economy Japan NASDAQ RBS Real estate Reality Recession recovery Shadow Banking Today, China remains central to the notion that the world is in recovery.  It is believed to be growing at 7%: not as rapid as the 9% growth we’re used to seeing, but still dramatically higher than any of large country... Only the whole thing is bogus.

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No MoNeY, No BiLDeR HoNeY...

Show me the money!

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NASDAQ All the comparisons to 2000 seemed a little far-fetched.........until today.

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Election ‘Chaos’ In UK Could Trigger ‘Lehman Moment’ For Pound

Albert Edwards Creditors Eurozone Greece India Lehman Middle East New Home Sales recovery Reuters Ukraine Unemployment Unemployment Claims UK debt has continued to rise throughout the recovery and has soared to an eye-watering £1.48 trillion. In recent days, a slew of foreign exchange analysts have warned that the pound is vulnerable to falling in value. The incumbent government have not reined in public and trade deficits and have been accused of juicing the property market and the economy to postpone a crisis until after the election. 

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This Is How Junk-Bond Investors Are Now Getting Whacked

Bond Covenants Credit Line default Mexico Monetary Policy Reality They’ve become sitting ducks, in a market that is "in extreme overvaluation."

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Yes, Colombia!

Brazil Iceland Mexico New Zealand Norway Real estate Switzerland Some economic facts that you did not know...

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A MeSSaGe To ALL GReeKS...

On the occasion of William Shakespeare's Birthday...To Default or Not To Default 

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TPTB Are Trying to Kill Off What’s Left of America RIGHT NOW

It's the Last Stand for Our Republic

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