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The Coming Dissolution of the EU

Asset-Backed Securities Belgium Bond France Germany Italy None Quantitative Easing Recession Reuters Unemployment How this will all end up is obvious to anyone: the EU Crisis will return and the whole mess will come crashing down.  

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Top Ebola Scientists: Ebola More Likely to be Spread by Aerosol In Cold, Dry Conditions than In Hot, Humid Africa

Army’s Infectious Disease Research Unit and Discoverer of Ebola Strain Agree

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Neither the US Nor China Will be an Engine For Global Growth Next Year

China Nominal GDP Recession The investment world is counting on China and the US to drive global GDP growth next year. Unfortunately it's banking on a false assumption.

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What Unilever just Said About Consumers Around the World: “It’s Really Tough out There”

Brazil China fixed Free Money Recession Turkey Instead of a global recovery, a sudden, broad consumer slowdown – with a plunge in China.

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Trick or Obolacare...

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It’s a green back for a reason!!

Carry Trade China European Union Japan Mars Stagflation Yen Yuan I challenge the central banker, manager, trader, and investors to manufacture and financially engineer a safer and better alternative to the USD.

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Revisiting Truth's Moment

Way back on August 30, I did a post called Past Fear, Present Fear, which offered up an analog of the VIX  I followed up on October 9th with my Moment of Truth post, which was just before the markets started really falling hard. Thus - so far, so good. I've hacked together an update of the analog.

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MeeT ZeRo THe WHiTeHouSe GuaRD DoG...

Here Zero...

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Russia is de-dollarizing

Fail recovery But not how you think.

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Apple's RDF Is Quickly Diffused by Simple Arithmetic - Why Can't Sell Side Wall Street Do Simple Arithmetic???

Apple Bitcoin Google Once again it's Sell Side Wall Street vs the Contrarian - Reggie Middleton! Pull the RDF (Reality Distortion Field) off of Apple's new payment system (or even their new phones) and you see revealed overpriced products and services nestled in dated technology and sparse distribution relative to its competitors.

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MaY THe FaRCe Be WiTH You...

Says FOMC Yoda...

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