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California - A Deluge Followed by Mega Drought?

Aussie Czech El Nino Florida La Nina NOAA Poland It rose out of the tropical Pacific in late 1997, bearing more energy than a million Hiroshima bombs.

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Gold Up 3.5% In August, Stocks Fall 6% to 12%

China Crude Dow Jones Industrial Average Equity Markets Eurozone France Global Economy NASDAQ Nikkei Norway OPEC Precious Metals Reuters Yuan Gold rose 3.5% in August as stocks globally saw sharp falls on growing concerns about the Chinese and the global economy.  

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Another Bit of Palo Alto For You

Real estate For the low price of $3.4 million you can call this place your own personal palace.

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The Financial Times Joins the "Ban Physical Cash" Chorus

Bond Central Banks Citigroup Collateralized Debt Obligations Commercial Paper Federal Reserve Over The Counter Derivatives Purchasing Power Reality This is just the beginning. As Central Bankers grow more and more desperate in the coming months, you’ll see more and more calls for extreme measures such as banning physical cash or imposing a “carry tax” on those who remove cash from the system.

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SouND ADViCe...

The head of a Keynesian pinhead...

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Gold Set for Best Month Since January as Stock Market Rout Lifts Safe Haven

Central Banks China Foreign Central Banks Global Economy Recession Reuters Premiums on silver coins have risen again - from 22% on Friday to 28% today.

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It Gets Even Uglier In Canada

Conference Board Consumer Confidence Real estate Reality Recession recovery Businesses get “crunched” in the Oil Patch, consumers lose it, indexes hit Financial Crisis levels. 

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This Trade Works Like Clockwork

BIS China Dow Jones Industrial Average NASDAQ Nasdaq 100 Unemployment Volatility Yuan A defensive trading idea that appreciates during a sell-off and is even better than holding extra cash!

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Einstein, Physics, Gold and The Formula To End Economic Decay

Central Banks Federal Reserve Greece Purchasing Power Reality Switzerland According to Einstein reality must comprise the physics of energy and matter. Match the physics of enterprise with the physics of gold and you cannot but get prosperity. It can be no other way! This is not philosophy. This is Physics!”

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A Message From Tim Cook...

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The Crisis in Which Central Banks Lose Control Has Already Begun

Bond Central Banks China fixed Janet Yellen Lehman Lehman Brothers None Swiss National Bank Switzerland We are heading for a crisis that will be exponentially worse than 2008. The global Central Banks have literally bet the financial system that their theories will work.  They haven’t. 

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Three Drivers of the Capital Markets in the Week Ahead

BLS Bond Capital Markets Consumer Prices Equity Markets Federal Reserve Italy Monetary Policy Output Gap Unemployment Yen The stability of global capital markets, the ECB meeting and US employment data are highlights.   Risk seems to be greater than discounted that Sept rate hike is still a distinct possibility.

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