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    Long has the government waged war on the privacy and freedom of its citizens. Government has an insatiable appetite for more power and control. This is ultimately how it expands itself and exerts its...

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Here's Why Investment Banks Love The ECB’s QE Program

10 Year Bond Bond Borrowing Costs Citigroup European Central Bank Eurozone fixed Greece Insurance Companies Italy Quantitative Easing Twitter Twitter Volatility According to Citigroup, the revenues from trading fixed income securities has been decreasing since the end of the global financial crisis, but this trend might very well be reverted soon as investors are desperately trying to protect their assets from erosion.

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America's New Crisis - Peak Oil Storage

Crude Tax Revenue Domestic energy production continues to increase despite the anticipated shale shakeout.  The precipitous decline in gasoline prices were welcomed by most but government exise tax revenue was in jeopardy.

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Stocks Are In an Epic Bubble Second Only to the 1999 Tech Bubble

This is true going back even to 1870.  

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Gold Flat In Quarter In Dollars But 11% and 5% Higher In Euro and Pounds

Australian Dollar BOE Bond British Pound Canadian Dollar Central Banks Copper Crude Crude Oil Global Economy Greece Monetary Policy NASDAQ Nasdaq 100 Natural Gas New Zealand Nikkei recovery Reuters Russell 2000 Swiss Franc Yen Gold was essentially flat with a fall of just $2 or 0.0017% in dollar terms in the quarter. While gold was essentially flat in the quarter in dollar terms, it is important to note that gold was 11% and 5% higher in euro and sterling terms - building on the respective 13% and 6% gold price gain seen in 2014.

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France Moves in the Direction of Banning Cash

ETC France Global Economy Precious Metals Long has the government waged war on the privacy and freedom of its citizens. Government has an insatiable appetite for more power and control. This is ultimately how it expands itself and exerts its dominance and ability to tax / steal the wealth of its people.

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Too dream the impossible dream...

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What’s Wrong With Silver?

Central Banks Consumer Prices France Germany Italy Latvia Reserve Currency Volatility Which silver?  Paper silver or real silver?

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$100 Trillion Global Bond Bubble Poses “Systemic Risk” To Financial System

Bond Federal Reserve Morgan Stanley Precious Metals Reuters Volatility Rate hike could put fixed-income funds under severe pressure  > Fed’s Bullard warns of “dire consequences” of developing asset price bubbles  > “Gates” or capital controls that limit investor withdrawals in chaotic and illiquid markets are likely

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The TBTFs Cannot Stomach a Significant Rate Hike (There's $551 Trillion at Stake)

Ben Bernanke Ben Bernanke Bond Central Banks China Fail Japan Real estate Reality The Fed may engage in a symbolic rate hike... but we will not enter a truly hawkish period... not when the TBTFs have $551 trillion in interest rate based derivatives outstanding.

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Unusual Stock Activity

Bond China Crude Crude Oil Doug Kass Greece Insider Transactions TWTR VAGUE CHATTER OF GOOGL IN TALKS TO ACQUIRE 30% STAKE

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Do you expect me to talk? No Mr Tsipras...

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More Evidence of the Master Trading Algorithm

Corruption Equity Markets Global Economy HFT Market Manipulation Reality Why is the assertion that “all markets are manipulated” generally greeted with scorn and derision?

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Margin and Those Record Highs

Bear Market Google Slope of Hope In 2007 we see another dive in correlation as the last high close occurs and fades away. We are again seeing a violation of the sub-60 area.

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Muslims, Jews, Scientologists, African-Americans, Inmates & Neo-Nazis Carry Out False Flags

Israel The Scientology Documentary "Going Clear" Has Gone Viral ... Here's An Interesting, Related Story

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