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Tusk, Tusk, Tusk...

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Inflation Pressures in Core Food Components

Bond China Futures market Twitter Twitter Eating out for the weekend brings home the idea that food and restaurant costs are only going up on the whole... 

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Dispatches from Occupied Territory – Fear is the Mind Killer

Cognitive Dissonance Corruption fixed None Reality recovery While many will claim otherwise, often those who are awakening just want the system to be ‘fixed’ so they can go back to sleep.

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Gold Lock Down Despite Aggressive Plan To Ban Russia From SWIFT, Terrorism & War Risk; Palladium At Multi-Year High Over $900

Bond Copper European Union Precious Metals Reality Reuters SWIFT Trade War Ukraine Vladimir Putin The 13 year anniversary of the 911 attacks in 2001 looms next week and given developments in recent days and weeks, one must be wary of new attacks in the UK , U.S. and other western nations. The UK has raised the country's terror threat level from substantial to severe, its second highest level. MI5 and MI6 said there was no information to suggest an attack was imminent.

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The Great Deformation

B+ Corruption CRAP ETC Fail Fannie Mae Free Money Goldman Sachs goldman sachs Housing Bubble Larry Summers Main Street Medicare Meltdown Morgan Stanley None Obamacare Paul Volcker President Obama Private Equity Reality Slope of Hope TARP Tricky Dick White House Although I never thought it was possible, it makes me angry to write this book review. I'm not angry because I don't like the book. On the contrary, this is the best economics book I've ever read. Indeed, it may be the best and most influential book I've ever read in my life. I only wish I had read it the moment it was published in April 2013. 

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Mixed Emotions for the Gold Market

Bank of England Bond China Fail Federal Reserve Futures market Gold Bugs Herd Mentality India Janet Yellen Monetary Policy Twitter Twitter Volatility Gold Bears Have Wind at their Backs as Technicals likely to fail to downside over Near-Term.

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SKiLLeD LaBoR...

The modern version...

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Busy Week Ahead, ECB Meeting Stands Out

Australia Australian Dollar Bank of Japan BOE Brazil Central Banks China Germany Greece High Yield Hong Kong Iran Iraq Japan Mexico Poland Real estate SWIFT Ukraine Unemployment Dispassionate look at the week ahead, without the hysterics of the sky is falling or the mother of all crises is around the corner.  

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Helicopter Janet, Mario and Mark Cometh - "Central Banks Should Give Money Directly To The People"

Ben Bernanke Ben Bernanke Central Banks Free Money Global Economy Helicopter Ben Hyperinflation Ireland Japan Milton Friedman Money Supply Purchasing Power Quantitative Easing Sovereign Debt Stagflation Were this extreme policy to be implemented it would be a further and deliberate debasement of fiat currencies. Alan Greenspan’s warning of “fiat money in extremis” becomes more real by the day. Were this silly proposal ever to become policy, it would significantly increase the risk of inflation and stagflation. In a worst case scenario, it will lead to currency collapse and hyperinflation.

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THe EViDeNCe...

    As we embark on yet another ever widening gyre of military violence, I would like to remind all of the truth and veracity of our overlords...

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Were European Bonds Mispriced in 2012 or are they Now?

10 Year Bond Belgium Bond Central Banks Deficit Spending Federal Reserve fixed France Front Running Germany Ireland Italy Janet Yellen Japan Portugal Real estate Reality Twitter Twitter This seems to be the biggest question in financial markets for me right now because the math just doesn`t add up any way you slice it.

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Past Fear, Present Fear

Housing Bubble Slope of Hope Volatility I was looking at the entire history of the volatility index (the oft-cited "VIX') and found an interesting parallel.

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SCeNe FRoM AMeRiCaN JiHaD...

"In the end, they did it, but we wanted it"--Jean Baudrillard

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