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I said looters, not Hooters!

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Swiss Gold "Fire and Smoke" - "Sermons On the Mount" and "Sorcerers Apprentices"

Bank of New York Central Banks Counterparties Deutsche Bank European Central Bank Fail Federal Reserve Federal Reserve Bank Federal Reserve Bank of New York Monetary Policy Morgan Stanley None Purchasing Power Reuters Swiss Franc Swiss National Bank Switzerland Central bankers reached a new low overnight when Swiss National Bank President Thomas Jordan warned of "disastrous consequences" from a pulpit in a church on a historic hill in the town of Uster, Switzerland, which Bloomberg dubbed the 'sermon on the hill.' "Hungry people don't stay hungry for long, they get hope from fire and smoke as they reach for the dawn..."

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British and American Security Services Pass Around Our Nude Photos ... While Protecting Pedophiles

SPY Should We Trust Governments Which Pass Around Our Nude Images ... While Protecting PEDOPHILES?

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What we have is an All American Clusterfuck!

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The Clear Definitive Sign That We Are In a Stock Market Bubble

Central Banks China Federal Reserve Japan Warren Buffett You cannot have the market drop 7% and then rally an even larger 10% in less than month based solely on a single non-voting Fed President’s comments and NOT be in a bubble.

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Faith, Math and Circular Logic: Why Bitcoin is More Valuable Than ANY Fiat Currency Today!

Bank of Japan Bitcoin Bond Central Banks China ETC European Central Bank Federal Reserve headlines Italy Japan Monetary Policy Real estate Reality Reserve Currency Reuters Sovereign Debt Wall Street Journal Yen Yuan Why is Bitcoin dangerous and of little intrinsic value? Because my local Central Banker Told Me So! - OR - The lasting message from the highly Centralized, Centrally Planned, Central Banks of the World? "We think, so you don't have to!"

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Disinformation Unmasked: The Alternative Media Exposed

B+ None PrISM Reality For any/all readers who retain the capacity for independent thought; it is universally acknowledged that the mainstream, Corporate media is little more than a propaganda megaphone. It broadcasts a single message, 24/7, with which the Old World Order brainwashes the masses in our Zombie societies. It is understood that with the overwhelming financial resources at its disposal; the One Bank has been able to (literally) buy each-and-every mainstream media outlet across the Western world, with all of these media outlets controlled within a mere handful of its 147 corporate fronts. We...

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122 Tonnes of Gold Secretly Repatriated to Netherlands

Backwardation Bank of Japan Central Banks China Commodity Futures Trading Commission European Central Bank Eurozone Federal Reserve Futures market Germany Hong Kong Japan Krugman Lehman Netherlands Paul Krugman Precious Metals Quantitative Easing Reuters Swiss National Bank Switzerland World Gold Council Zurich As the debate regarding whether or not Switzerland should keep the bulk of its gold reserves at home on Swiss soil reaches it's climax - the referendum takes place on Sunday - it is telling that the Dutch announced on Friday that they have just secretly repatriated 122 tonnes of their sovereign gold reserves from New York back to Amsterdam.

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Swiss Gold Initiative: Good Idea with Unintended Consequences

Credit Suisse Currency Peg Germany Italy Swiss Banks Swiss National Bank There's an interesting initiative on the Swiss ballot, which imposes a barrier to currency debasement. It's a heroic measure, but there's a flaw.

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Politics is Economics in the Week Ahead

Belgium Bond Capital Expenditures China CPI Eurozone Finland France Germany High Yield Housing Market Italy Japan Monetary Policy Netherlands OPEC Personal Income Shadow Banking The look at the drivers of next week, without using the word manipulation or conspiracy, or referring to how stupid or evil some people may or may not be. 

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Pity the Sub-Genius

Central Banks China Federal Reserve Goldman Sachs goldman sachs Japan Porsche Quantitative Easing Reality Slope of Hope Sovereign Debt They say be careful what you wish for. And, as is often the case, "they" are right.

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