• Marc To Market
    11/22/2014 - 10:16
    Contrary to the death of the dollar chatter, the US currency continues to appreciate.  Here's why there is still punch left in the bowl.  

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Politics is Economics in the Week Ahead

Belgium Bond Capital Expenditures China CPI Eurozone Finland France Germany High Yield Housing Market Italy Japan Monetary Policy Netherlands OPEC Personal Income Shadow Banking The look at the drivers of next week, without using the word manipulation or conspiracy, or referring to how stupid or evil some people may or may not be. 

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Pity the Sub-Genius

Central Banks China Federal Reserve Goldman Sachs goldman sachs Japan Porsche Quantitative Easing Reality Slope of Hope Sovereign Debt They say be careful what you wish for. And, as is often the case, "they" are right.

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Every One Wants Dollars (Again)

Aussie Australian Dollar Bank of Japan BOE Canadian Dollar Capital Markets China Commitment of Traders Federal Reserve Futures market Japan New Zealand People's Bank Of China Shadow Banking Technical Indicators Yen Contrary to the death of the dollar chatter, the US currency continues to appreciate.  Here's why there is still punch left in the bowl.  

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They're already here!

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Bill Cosby And GATA

B+ China European Central Bank Fail None Precious Metals Real estate     November 21 - Gold $1197.50 up $6.80 – Silver $16.40 up 26 cents Bill Cosby And GATA  

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View From Far Above

Central Banks China Japan NASDAQ NASDAQ Composite As you can see by this view of the NQ, this massively bullish news has not, as of yet, represented any kind of sea-change in the markets. Before the day was even out (again, in some, not all markets),  the entire move up was reversed.

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What Does Oil Say About the True State of the Global Economy?

Central Banks China Exxon Global Economy Remember, Oil is closely linked to the global economy. What does it say about the true state of affairs that oil is back at levels last seen in 2009-2010… while stocks are at new all time highs?

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THe PeoPLe'S KeYNe'S...

All Central Planners are paper tigers...

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Stability vs Opportunity

Bond Carry Trade CDS Housing Market Kyle Bass Kyle Bass Private Equity Volatility Volkswagen Yen Stability is a myth yet it’s what we humans strive for...

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A Major Bell is Ringing… But Investors Are Deaf to Its Warning

Russell 2000 Technical Analysis The vast majority of investors are ignoring a major warning that this bounce is not to be trusted.

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You'Ve All HeaRD Of DR I DoN'T NO: INTRoDuCiNG DR YeS...


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The New Federation

B+ New Normal Reality In previous commentaries, readers have seen scoffs of derision with respect to (arguably) the two, most-important propaganda myths of the 21st century: the New Normal, and the New World Order. The gist of that criticism is that we rarely see anything truly “new” in our lives, in conceptual terms. The declaration (through propaganda and/or disinformation) that we have two all-encompassing, new paradigms which supposedly comprise our current reality is patently ludicrous, on its surface. Context changes. Principles are immutable.

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Ebola Remains a Risk - Deaths in Nebraska and New York

Consumer Confidence France Germany Global Economy headlines Italy None Reuters Switzerland The Ebola crisis has faded from headlines but remains a risk after the death of another Ebola patient in Nebraska and the death of a suspected victim in New York yesterday. This brings the number of confirmed deaths to two in the U.S. and possibly three if the New York victim is confirmed as having had Ebola.

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