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The REAL Reason Saudi Arabia Hates Iran

Iran Iraq Kuwait Middle East Saudi Arabia The Saudis Hate Iran Because It’s NOT a Monarchy

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Syrias indeed...

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Bundesbank Tries To Reassure Re Gold Reserves as Deutsche Bank Shocks With €6 Billion Loss Warning

China Deutsche Bank ETC Eurozone Federal Reserve Germany Lehman Middle East Reuters Sovereign Debt Switzerland Transparency Like other banks, Deutsche has been caught up in the Libor-rigging scandal, and faces another investigation in Switzerland for suspected price-fixing in the precious metal market.Gillian Tett, ourselves and many others have warned that Deutsche and its massive derivative book has the potential to be a ”European Lehman Brothers”. Is Deutsche Bank, the largest holder of Warren Buffett’s “financial weapons of mass destruction” derivatives in trouble?

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Is a Ban on Physical Cash Coming Soon?

Bond Central Banks Citigroup Collateralized Debt Obligations Commercial Paper Federal Reserve France Over The Counter Derivatives Purchasing Power Reality If you think this sounds like some kind of conspiracy theory, consider that France just banned any transaction over €1,000 Euros from using physical cash. Spain has already banned transactions over €2,500. Uruguay has banned transactions over $5,000. And on and on.

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Shadow Over Asia

Australia Borrowing Costs Brazil China Commercial Real Estate Copper Corruption Demographics ETC European Union fixed Germany Global Economy Great Depression Housing Prices Hyperinflation Japan Market Share Ordos Purchasing Power Real estate Recession Renminbi Savings Rate Transparency Value Investing Wall Street Journal Yen Having government control over the levers of the economy can have advantages. For example, by taking prompt action, the Chinese government was able to pull the economy out of the recession remarkably fast, basically by fire-housing the stimulus package that was equivalent to 12% GDP. That’s the advantage. The only problem is that these kinds of short-term advantages come with long-term, painful consequences.

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The Real Definition of Money in a Modern Economy

Bank of England I break down the definition of money at the Blockchain New York conference alongside the founder of Credits, executives from Ethereum and Consenys, Judd Bagley from's digital securities project.

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There Will Be Blood – Part III

Bond CDO CRAP default Default Rate Housing Bubble Institutional Investors Insurance Companies International Energy Agency Loss Severity Mortgage Backed Securities Real estate Hedge fund manager exposes the ugly truth about America's energy revolution: it's like the housing bubble but larger!

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Gold as Independent Money Versus Central Banks Paper Ponzi

Central Banks China keynesianism Quantitative Easing Reality Reuters The future direction of the planet is a choice between independent money and the central bankers counter-party paper Ponzi. Gold is independent monetary wealth that cannot go broke.

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Putin Has Just Put An End to the Wolfowitz Doctrine

Iran Iraq Middle East The Russians Will No Longer Allow Regime Change of Their Allies

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Earnings Still Matter

After Hours CRAP Slope of Hope Yen As we head into another earnings season, the bulls better pray to whatever pagan gods they worship that company after company magically defy the downturn that the economy is quite obviously entering.

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How and Why Banks Will Seize Deposits During the Next Crisis

Central Banks Creditors Fail Greece Meltdown The US has now joined Canada, Cyprus, New Zealand, the UK, and Germany with plans to seize bank accounts during the next financial crisis. 

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