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Another crony buck...

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The Single Largest Misallocation of Capital in History

Bank of Japan Bond Central Banks ETC Japan Recession recovery Treasury Department Unemployment The global Central Banks, driven by their Keynesian lunacy, have induced the single largest misallocation of capital in history.  

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Have You Heard Of India’s Newest Gold Ponzi Scheme?

India Twitter Twitter And why this will end in tears... again!

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WoRLD TuRTLe DaY 2015

Meet Giganticus Douchebagus...

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Mongolia – Finding its Feet Again

Copper Value Investing Volatility A tale of a mine that is expected to account for a third of the country's GDP

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The Bloodied Idealogues vs. The Bloodthirsty Technocrats

Alan Greenspan CRAP Eurozone Federal Reserve Goldman Sachs goldman sachs Greece Newspaper Warren Buffett Along with the privilege of leadership, comes responsibility.  The entire financialized abominNation is a national disgrace.

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‘Titanic’ Global Economy May “Collapse” Warn HSBC - Gold Is Lifeboat

China Global Economy Market Crash Precious Metals Recession recovery Switzerland Yuan “The world economy is like an ocean liner without lifeboats ...” - HSBC. Fail to prepare ... Prepare to fail ...

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EuRO TRaSH 2015

But tell me, who wants to be surrounded by garbage?--Imelda Marcos

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Dollar Bulls Regain the Whip Hand

Aussie Australian Dollar Bond Canadian Dollar Core CPI CPI Crude Crude Oil Futures market Head and Shoulders Housing Starts Initial Jobless Claims Swiss Franc Technical Indicators Yen It looks like US dollar's two-month downside correction ended.  Is the bull market resuming?

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The Fed Hasn't Solved Anything… All It's Done Is Set Up an Even Bigger Crisis

Janet Yellen Lehman Merrill Merrill Lynch Morgan Stanley Mortgage Backed Securities New York Fed None Quantitative Easing Nothing exposes the fallacies of the Fed’s policies of the last five years like its horror at the prospect of raising rates even a little bit. 

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Smart Money Entering Precious Metals as Russia Buys Another 300,000 Ounces

China Greece Precious Metals Private Equity Quantitative Easing Reuters Smart Money Smart money continues to maintain allocations or accumulate positions. U.S. mining financier Oskar Lewnowski is preparing to launch a base and precious metals fund. The 50 year old New Yorker has already invested almost $1 billion and hired a physical metals trader to handle supply.

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We're living in interesting times...

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Top 10 Banks To Sell Your Soul

American Express Bank of America Bank of America Bank of England Barclays Capital One Citigroup Federal Reserve fixed Goldman Sachs goldman sachs headlines Janet Yellen JPMorgan Chase Lloyds Meltdown Morgan Stanley UK Financial Investments Wells Fargo Janet Yellen at the Federal Reserve believes that the partying on Wall Street and in the financial institutions may “lead to trouble”.

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