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SCeNe FRoM AMeRiCaN JiHaD...

"In the end, they did it, but we wanted it"--Jean Baudrillard

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Thanks to the Fed, the Patient Is Now Past the Point of No Return

Bond Brazil Capital Markets China Citigroup Credit Suisse Deutsche Bank ETC France Goldman Sachs goldman sachs Housing Market Institutional Investors Lehman Monetary Policy Moral Hazard Morgan Stanley Reality Sovereign Debt We believe Fed’s actions would be more appropriately described as permitted cancerous beliefs to spread throughout the financial system, thereby killing Democratic Capitalism which is the basis of the capital markets. Today we’re going to explain what the “final outcome” for this process will be. The short version is what happens to a cancer patient who allows the disease to spread unchecked (death).

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Fukushima Increased Cesium Levels 100 to 1,000 Times Worldwide ... and 1,000,000 to 10,000,000 Times On the U.S. West Coast

Plus: The Day Tokyo Got Blasted by Fukushima Radiation

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Expect Another Strong Employment Report Next Week

Initial Jobless Claims Janet Yellen Precious Metals Twitter Twitter Volatility Expect market participants coming back from vacation, and probably everything that worked in August will get “taken out to the woodshed” in September.

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The Credit Gradient

Bond Federal Reserve Reality Yield Curve The Fed causes a perverse outcome: gorging corporations and dehyradted startups.

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Gold Of Switzerland, Netherlands and Sweden Held By Bank Of Canada - Location Unknown

Bank of England Bank of New York Central Banks Federal Reserve Federal Reserve Bank Federal Reserve Bank of New York Foreign Central Banks Hong Kong Netherlands Swiss National Bank Switzerland Transparency Zurich HIGHLIGHTS > Gold reserves destination unknown after moved from Ottawa vault as part of Bank of Canada HQ renovation > Switzerland, the Netherlands and  Sweden say they hold gold in Ottawa > Upcoming Swiss vote on gold repatriation could lead to gold repatriation from Bank of Canada > Bank of Canada only acts as gold custodian to four foreign central banks > Bank of Canada no longer a major gold custodian; Canada has virtually no gold reserves

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BaNZai7'S ART OF GoLF...

“I call upon all nations to do everything they can to stop these terrorist killers. Thank you. Now watch this drive.” – George W. Bush

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The Bubble is in Cash, Not Stocks…

Alan Greenspan B+ Conference Board Consumer Confidence Equity Markets Market Cycles Quantitative Easing We are repeatedly reminded by many pundits that the stock market is in a bubble, and that when QE programs end stock markets will "crash". But it seems that the bubble is in cash, not in stocks.

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The Fed Will Have Few Tools Available When the Next Collapse Hits

ETC Investor Sentiment Kool-Aid Market Breadth Monetary Policy Many of the macro drivers in 2007 are in place today (housing bubbling away from median incomes, richly priced equity valuations, excessive leverage in the financial system, etc.).

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Wall Street Successfully Recreated As P2P Software: See the Argentinian Default Trade Bear Fruit Through Bitcoin

Bitcoin default Goldman Sachs goldman sachs So very few recognize the paradigm shift unfolding in front of them. For the 1st time in history, the two most powerful global industries are being commoditized & offered two the masses - Technology & Finance!

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THe PeTRo DoLLaR...

A Banzai7 collector's item...

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Gold Shines Most in September on Seasonal Buys

China India Reuters The BLOOMBERG CHART OF THE DAY shows gold averaged gains of 3% each September over the past 20 years, beating next best month November, when prices rose an average 1.8%. “A lot of traders are aware of this trend towards seasonal strength, so that may contribute to higher prices".

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European Bond Market: Bubble of all Bubbles!

Bond Borrowing Costs Central Banks China European Union France Germany Greece Italy Janet Yellen Japan Merrill Merrill Lynch Mexico Portugal Twitter Twitter Investors in European Bonds are running over each other all in an effort to front run what the Big Banks have been begging the ECB to begin a bond buying program.  It is hilarious as European yields are already ridiculously low right now, how much lower do they think these yields can go?

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