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Coming of Age: China’s Yuan Joins SDR Basket As IMF Reserve Currency

British Pound China Renminbi Reserve Currency Reuters Switzerland Twitter Twitter Yen Yuan In a statement, the People’s Bank of China thanked the IMF for the recommendation and said it was “an acknowledgment of the progress in China’s recent economic development, reform and opening up”.

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One by One the Central Banks Are Losing Control

Bond Central Banks China fixed Janet Yellen Lehman Lehman Brothers Market Crash None Swiss National Bank Switzerland The fact of the matter is that despite public opinion, there are problems that are so big that the Central Banks cannot fix them. We’ve seen this in Switzerland and China and now in Europe. It will be spreading to other countries in the near future.

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The FDIC Reiterates and Corroborates My "F@ck the Fundamentals" Message fron the Fed

Central Banks Free Money Market Crash Monetary Policy Real estate Reality Risk goes up, yeilds go down... What's that look for? Don't you know how bond pricing works in the new millenium?

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Winning, but Losing, at the Penny-Pitch: A Look at the Coming Collapse of the European Union

Afghanistan Donald Trump ETC European Union Poland Precious Metals When I was a boy, a carnival would come through town annually, with a Ferris wheel, a merry-go-round and, of course, a midway

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Obama Put Taiwan on ISIS Radar

Australia China France Japan Middle East President Obama Shadow Chancellor Twitter Twitter This is a chess match between ISIS, China and the U.S. using Taiwan as a game piece.

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Yet More Rigging By Big Banks – This Time It’s Interest Rate Swaps

Switzerland Twitter Twitter They say people get the governments they deserve; well, they get the institutions and an regulators they deserve, too. Apathy is the greatest destroyer of liberty.

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OFFICIAL RELEASE: World Silver Deficits –12 Years Running

Central Banks fixed Mexico Precious Metals Reuters Silver ETFs Yes, it’s true that the propping up of the markets by the Fed and Central Banks has gone on longer than we realized, the unraveling of the World’s Greatest Financial Ponzi Scheme is still on its way.

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THaNKSGiViNG 2015...

Gobble Gobble Garbage...

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Apple Stock is a 10 Year Short

Apple Bear Market Institutional Investors Real estate SPY Twitter Twitter Is Apple going to produce more electric vehicles ten years from now than BMW?

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Gold Market Goes Quiet - Do We Hear The Echo Of The Bottom?

China Krugman Middle East Reuters Switzerland Technical Analysis Technical Indicators Twitter Twitter “From the mass psychology perspective, Gold is very close to putting in a bottom.  Sentiment investors, contrarian investors and investors who are familiar with the concept of mass psychology should consider taking a closer look at the precious metal’s sector now”.

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This Is China's Middle Finger For The Global Economy

B+ China Federal Reserve Global Economy International Monetary Fund recovery Turkey Twitter Twitter The US is on its own and monetary expansion seems the only Holy Grail left...

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On Credit Default Swaps

BIS Bond CDS Commercial Real Estate Credit Default Swaps Creditors default Market Manipulation OTC OTC Derivatives Prop Trading Prudential Rating Agency ratings Real estate Reality "This is legal?" Stephanie Ruhle on CDS after watching "The Big Short" (Bloomberg TV) 

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Ask The Expert - Steve St. Angelo!

Precious Metals Steve St. Angelo is an Independent researcher who started to invest in precious metals in 2002. 

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