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FeaTHeReD VaRMiNT...

Old School...

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Euro Zone "Danger Zone" - Greek Bank Runs and UK, Irish Property Prices Falling ... Again

Bank of England Barclays China Creditors Eurozone Gambling Goldman Sachs goldman sachs Greece Ireland Janet Yellen Japan Middle East None Recession recovery Saudi Arabia SocGen It's a day of ‘master of the universe,’ central bank speeches as both Bank of England governor Mark Carney and Fed chief Janet Yellen preach their ultra loose policies and certain market participants lap up the Gospel according to Mark … and Janet ...

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Invest in Food

Canadian Dollar China ETC Hyperinflation Monetary Base Real estate Reality Renminbi Reserve Currency At first glance, the title to this commentary seems facile, especially to those readers in higher income brackets. The reality, however, is that “investing in food” is a risk-free means of generating an annual return on one’s investment that would likely exceed the return one could earn on almost any other investment – despite the fact that nearly all other asset classes carry significant risks.

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MoSSaD MaDNeSS 2015...


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Silver Projection, Dollar Correction

Bond Central Banks Purchasing Power US Dollar Index Yen Take the S&P Index and multiply by the US dollar index. This removes most of the currency variation. Do the same with silver. The chart of silver times the dollar looks very much like silver priced in euros.

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Technical Signs of a Top Forming

Central Banks Global Economy NASDAQ All of these are signs of a top forming.  

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A MeSSaGe To YeMeN...

Iran To Yemen Obama has flown...

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Oil Surges, Gold and Silver Spike as Saudi Arabia Bombs Yemen

Global Economy Iran Iraq Middle East Saudi Arabia White House  Saudi attack is an escalation of Middle Eastern proxy war between Gulf States and Iran - Action has broader geopolitical implications in deepening cold war between the West and East

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Why Price Analysis Is Meaningless

B+ None Technical Analysis his commentary will undoubtedly antagonize the entire mainstream media, many/most traders in the rigged casinos we call markets, and even many members of the Alternative Media. As the saying goes; “the truth hurts.”   The purpose of this analysis is not to accumulate (more) enemies, however. Rather, there is simply no way to properly explain why all of this pseudo-analysis is fatally flawed without explicitly making clear one, central point: all price-analysis is meaningless. Since “price analysis” accounts for roughly 95% of all the drivel which the mainstream media...

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Another 8 Million Barrels Added to Oil Storage

Bear Market Central Banks Crude Crude Oil Global Economy Iran Market Crash Middle East Oklahoma Saudi Arabia Twitter Twitter Forget about Rig Counts, we need to see Producer Counts go down considerably, until that happens the oil market hasn`t bottomed.

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And how it works...

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The Markets Are Primed for a Collapse

Reality The markets are primed for a very serious correction… possibly even a Crash.  

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