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October 2nd, 2012

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European Banks Still Treat Their Sovereign Debt Holdings As Risk-Free, BIS Finds

In case there is still any wonder why absolutely nobody has no faith in the centrally planned house of cards that is the modern capital markets system, not retail investors, not institutional ones, not HFT vacuum tubes lately, and as of Monday, not even the Bank of International Settlements, aka the central banks' bank, here it is. In a report released yesterday, the BIS complained surprisingly loudly that in glaring disregard for the ever stricter demands of the Basel III rules (which incidentally will never be met), a very broke Europe continues to ignore every regulatory demand. To wit: "The EU’s plans for tightening bank capital rules fail to live up to the Basel III banking reform, an inspection team of global regulators has decided. The draft EU directive is “noncompliant” with the global deal in two important areas. Its definitions of top-quality capital are looser in at least seven ways and a loophole allows many big banks to assume that their sovereign debt holdings are risk-free."


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America's Fattest Are Getting Fattest-er Faster

In the ten years to 2010, the severely obese (Americans who are 100lbs or more overweight) increased about 70%. A new study from RAND Corporation (via ScienceDaily) found that "the proportion of people at the high end of the weight scale continues to increase faster than any other group of obese people, despite increased public attention on the risks of obesity."  On the bright side, as we noted here, the faster we get fatter, the sooner we die, and the lower the deficit (via entitlements) will be. Perhaps the way out of this fiscal mess is indeed to eat ourselves to an early death?


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California’s Ballyhooed Recovery? Oh Dude!

 Manufacturing Just Crashed And VCs Face A “Dismal Fundraising Climate”


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You're a Potential Terrorist If You Are Young, Use Social Media, Or Question "Mainstream Ideologies"

Unless You're An Old, Out-Of-Touch Oligarch ... You're Probably a Terrorist


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Eric Sprott: Do Western Central Banks Have Any Gold Left?

Somewhere deep in the bowels of the world’s Western central banks lie vaults holding gargantuan piles of physical gold bars… or at least that’s what they all claim.

Our analysis of the physical gold market shows that central banks have most likely been a massive unreported supplier of physical gold, and strongly implies that their gold reserves are negligible today. If Frank Veneroso’s conclusions were even close to accurate back in 1998 (and we believe they were), when coupled with the 2,300 tonne net change in annual demand we can easily identify above, it can only lead to the conclusion that a large portion of the Western central banks’ stated 23,000 tonnes of gold reserves are merely a paper entry on their balance sheets – completely un-backed by anything tangible other than an IOU from whatever counterparty leased it from them in years past. At this stage of the game, we don’t believe these central banks will be able to get their gold back without extreme difficulty, especially if it turns out the gold has left their countries entirely. We can also only wonder how much gold within the central bank system has been ‘rehypothecated’ in the process, since the central banks in question seem so reluctant to divulge any meaningful details on their reserves in a way that would shed light on the various “swaps” and “loans” they imply to be participating in. We might also suggest that if a proper audit of Western central bank gold reserves was ever launched, as per Ron Paul’s recent proposal to audit the US Federal Reserve, the proverbial cat would be let out of the bag – with explosive implications for the gold price.... We realize that some readers may scoff at any analysis of the gold market that hints at “conspiracy”. We’re not talking about conspiracy here however, we’re talking about stupidity. After all, Western central banks are probably under the impression that the gold they’ve swapped and/or lent out is still legally theirs, which technically it may be. But if what we are proposing turns out to be true, and those reserves are not physically theirs; not physically in their possession… then all bets are off regarding the future of our monetary system.


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US Debt Soars To $16,159,487,013,300.35, +$93 Billion; Or How To Kick Off Fiscal 2013 With A Bang

September 30 was the last day of Fiscal 2012 for the US which explains why despite the barrage of debt issuance in the past month, the year closed with total debt of just $16.066 trillion, a modest increase of just $50 billion in the month. Luckily, moments ago we got the first DTS of the new fiscal year, which eliminated any residual confusion we had. As of the first day of FY 2013, total US debt soared by $93 billion overnight, and is now a record $16,159,487,013,300.35. One can see why Tim Geithner wants to push all the debt under the coach for as long as possible (and the scariest thing is that the actual increase in Treasury cash was a mere $11 billion). But wait, there's more. As a reminder, final Q2 US GDP was recently revised lower by $20 billion, which if we extrapolate into Q3 (leading to a nominal GDP print of $15.71 trillion), means that as of today, total US Federal debt to GDP is 103%. And rising about 1.5% per month.



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The One Chart No Equity Portfolio Manager Wants To See

Presented with little comment - except to ask, on what basis should we 'believe' that this time is not like the others as Global PMIs plunge...


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AAPL Rampapalooza Saves The Day

Volumes picked up for most of the day as US equity markets jerked lower - back to pre-QEternity levels - and AAPL slide ever so gently all day to touch its 50DMA. With about an hour to go, it was clear something had to be done and AAPL levitated on small-lots (as opposed to the bigger lots on the selling) as it pushed back up to VWAP automagically - and dragged the S&P futures back above its VWAP and into the green. Highest AAPL volume in almost a month but trade-size was average as S&P futures levitated 8 points in a straight line and VIX was banged back from 16.5% to 15.7% (down 0.6vols on the day). Stocks were in a world of their own in this liftathon - as Treasuries wiggled along at the low yields of the day and the USD rose all afternoon (from Europe's close). Oil tumbled under $92 and commodities in general slid slightly lower (though intraday vol was high). Staples and HealthCare remain the only post-QEternity sectors in the green. Finally, today's S&P futures action looked more like a EKG than equity trading and with volume leaking badly, things feel a little W&R-like.


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Guest Post: Big Oil Funding U.S. Politics

U.S. Rep. John Boehner, speaker of the House of Representatives, received nearly twice as much financial support from donors tied to the energy sector than did the next-closest recipient, a report from the National Wildlife Federation finds. The 20-page report highlights the role it says oil companies play in U.S. politics, stating energy companies are working behind the scenes on Capitol Hill to influence legislation in favour of oil, natural gas and coal policies. The NWF's report, however, is non-partisan in its effort to showcase the energy sector's monetary influence over U.S. politics. Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., who serves on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, ranked No. 2 on the NWF's list. Of the top 10 lawmakers listed in the NWF report, however, Manchin is the only Democrat and received $480,050 compared to Boehner's $814,060.


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Spanish Gallows Humor: "Cuts... Are Necessary"

It seems the underground economy in Spain is picking up. Hand-crafted T-Shirts have become all the rage as the youth of the country send a subtle message to their leaders... The good news - the shirts are still priced in EURs, likely signifying ongoing confidence in the failed monetary experiment. Although we are confident pricing in New Pesetas is available upon request.


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It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing...


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Guest Post: Eight Signs The System Is Broken

Here are a few interesting tidbits to chew on...


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On Politics, Italian and American Style

he stood in a town square and delivered a breathless tirade against “the forces” seeking to destroy Italian society.


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Silver’s Bullish ‘Golden Cross’; Morgan Stanley Like Silver In Q4 and 2013


Technical indicators such as MACD, RSI and STO show that silver is slightly overbought short term.

However, silver can remain overbought in the short term as was seen in silver’s rally in 2011 when silver nearly doubled by surging from below $27/oz to nearly $50/oz in just 3 months - from January 27th 2011 to April 28th 2011.



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Dancing On The Grave Of Keynesianism

The problem we are going to face at some point as a nation and in fact as a civilization is this: there is no well-developed economic theory inside the corridors of power that will explain to the administrators of a failed system what they should do after the system collapses. This was true in the Eastern bloc in 1991. There was no plan of action, no program of institutional reform. This is true in banking. This is true in politics. This is true in every aspect of the welfare-warfare state. The people at the top are going to be presiding over a complete disaster, and they will not be able to admit to themselves or anybody else that their system is what produced the disaster. So, they will not make fundamental changes. They will not restructure the system, by decentralizing power, and by drastically reducing government spending. They will be forced to decentralize by the collapsed capital markets. The welfare-warfare state, Keynesian economics, and the Council on Foreign Relations are going to suffer major defeats when the economic system finally goes down. The system will go down. It is not clear what will pull the trigger, but it is obvious that the banking system is fragile, and the only thing capable of bailing it out is fiat money. The system is sapping the productivity of the nation, because the Federal Reserve's purchases of debt are siphoning productivity and capital out of the private sector and into those sectors subsidized by the federal government.

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