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August 21st, 2014

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THe GReaTeST THReaT SiNCe 9-11..

Meet the new Boogeyman, the same as the old Boogeyman...


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The Ugly Truth about Diamonds

For almost a hundred years a group of movers and shakers of the diamond mining world dominated the market and pulled off arguably THE most successful marketing campaign in corporate history


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Negative Real Rates Show Yield Trade in Bubble Territory

Anytime there are negative or even close to negative real rates for bonds that is a sign that central banks need to change policy.


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The Fed's Track Record: $389,863 Spent For Every Job Created… AT BEST

The Fed likes to claim that its policies are aimed at helping Main Street. Ben Bernanke began this argument when he was still Fed Chairman. Janet Yellen has since taken it a step further claiming that she comes from an “intellectual tradition” that it is important to use “public policy” to “make the world a better place.”


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Council On Foreign Relations: The Ukraine Crisis Is the West’s – Not Putin’s – Fault

Mainstream, Hawkish Group Blames the West for the Mess In Ukraine


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Liberty Schliberty! Shut up and do what your told...


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Russia On Way To Becoming World No 2 Gold Producer As Peak Gold Hits West

Western nations and South Africa have already reached peak gold. There is a real possibility that it will happen globally soon. The fact that peak gold may take place at a time when the world is engaged in a peak fiat paper and electronic money creation experiment bodes very well for gold’s long term outlook. This should lead to much higher gold prices in time and gold’s inflation adjusted high of $2,500 per ounce remains a realistic long term price target. Peak gold has yet to be considered and analysed by the international financial community or factored into markets.


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The Stock Market is the Terminator

It occurred to me this morning the perfect representation of this equity market: the T-1000 robot from Terminator 2. 


August 20th

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The Bond Market is taking Advantage of Janet Yellen`s Dovishness

Even Hellicopter Ben would have balanced remarks.  However, Janet Yellen has taken dovishness to an all-time high or low dpending on your perspective.  


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THe LiBeRaToR...



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Shanghai Gold Exchange Launching International Bullion Exchange In Yuan Next Month

Enter the Golden Dragon ... China is moving closer to positioning itself as the physical gold trading hub of the world and the world’s gold price discovery centre. It is a natural progression for the largest economy in the world and for the world’s largest gold buyer, importer and indeed producer. The Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) is launching its yuan denominated international bullion trading exchange next month.


August 19th

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JacKSoNHoLe 2014...

Trouble at QE Gulch...


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Rocky Mountain High

As they say, you're the average of the five people you spend the most time with...


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Inflation Watch: $245,000 to Raise a Child in United States

Good thing the Federal Reserve isn`t worried about inflation, another 2% rise is just noise.  But  when the Fed does start worrying about inflation, not only is it too late, it is 1970s too late!

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