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April 19th, 2015

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BillY KRiSTooL...



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How Belief in Mainstream News Propaganda Affects Belief in Gold & Silver Propaganda

Today, most mainstream news channels in every country has devolved into nearly pure State propaganda. Recognition of this will prevent one from falling victim to the mountains of financial propaganda that also dominate gold and silver news as well.


April 18th

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A MiDSuMMeR NiTe'S SCReaM...



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Take Note: 2008 Was the Warm Up

 What will happen to the markets when the Western welfare states finally go broke? It will make 2008 look like a picnic.


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Dollar Bulls Bend, but Don't Break

After trending sharply higher in recent months, the US dollar has entered a consolidative range against most of the major currencies.


April 17th

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Slight Production Declines Hide Bigger Oil Storage Issues

Everyone this week focused on the slight production declines that this was a sign to go long oil, but what seemed to go under the radar was another build in both Cushing and the Gulf Coast storage hubs.


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One Day After Recommending the Veritaseum Leveraged Macro Trade Against Goldman's Earnings, 50% Profit!

Good thing Goldman didn't take me upon that leveraged macro trade yesterday. The GS short leg was up ~50% as I type this post. More concerning than my catching their increase in risk/leverage is the method in which I did the trade. Broker-dealers are no longer needed, and Goldman is a broker-dealer.


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A day in the life of a real live Keynesian Trading Advisor...


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PaY No ATTeNTioN To THaT PhD MoRoN...

Behind the curtain...


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Cyprus Provided a Template For the Coming Bank Holidays and Account Seizures

We need to consider the Cyprus “bail-in” and its implications. The reason for this is that this tiny country has provided the world with a template of what is eventually going to be a global phenomenon.


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Let it Blow Up in Their Faces, Rather than in Ours

Wall Street turns junk-rated US corporate loans into highly rated yen-denominated bonds. Desperate Japanese pension funds gobble them up. Blame the Bank of Japan.

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