10 Year Auction To Price In 10 Minutes

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Today's (further) ceiling busting $24 billion 10 Year bond auction is set to price in under 10 minutes, at 1 PM. That's $24 billion in liquidity that wil be taken out of the market on this flashy crashy day. Keep an eye on cross-asset volatility as the bond prices. One thing is certain: the CME will hike a variety of margins today based on vol models across the commodity space in the aftermath of this second wipeout in a week, which will be further exacerbated by a plethora of margin calls hitting at 3:45pm as Prime Brokers start dialing for dollars.

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In other news, can we kick out those CME scumbags out of office? Anyway to sue them for fraud/insider trading/market manipulation??

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The end is near Bitchez! BTFD in silver!

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Best do it before premiums rise any more than they already have.

Silver eagle premiums are up another 80 cents this morning on APMEX.

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I wonder when Apmex and all other dealers quit playing Comex paper games and start their own physical price discovery mechanism using their own supply and demand fundamentals.

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Probably when the disconnect reaches 50% or higher.

It's hard to hedge losses when your product changes price differently than it does on the exchange.  Although it probably doesn't matter.  It looks like these bastards aren't going to give up or slack off in their attacks, so paper silver will likely wind up heading to zero on infinite volatility.  The new exchange in Hong Kong might help to correct the problem, as the Chinese will suck up all the metal in real time when they attack, but who can say?

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Fun watching a ponzi hit the desperation key in real time.



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All commodity spot price calls have become worthless. Very soon suppliers will stop using them and call their own prices for product.

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Based on the Raj crash underway and rumors, I smell trouble...

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I guess the central bankster criminal pirate cabal is none too happy seeing one of their own sent to federal ram-in-the-ass prison for 100 years by a jury trial!

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Precisely. Besides if he names names to cut a deal on sentencing, ouch.

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the brown person would never be allowed to talk and live, certainly not to turn on his swarthy masters....

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Fine, if theyre going to hike margins why not just hike to 100% cash-only global trading in everything including stocks (which are at all time high margins now), be done with it once and for all!

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I knew things were just to eeriely quiet yesterday. I was thinking of buying a plastic drool guard for my keyboard.

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This casino ain't what it used to be.

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Is it cold in here? my nipples are starting to get hard again.

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Where's the risk off today? Treasurys and $CAD? Everything else looks down.

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If the markets were NOT rigged beyond the outer reaches of the most creative human's epic imagination, 10 YR UST would be yielding 114% annually.


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The black market in the old USSR was honest when compared to the CRIMEX and NYSE.

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I think the chinese want to redeem at a higher dollar index...they no likey devaluation

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The casino has been rigged by bankster scum for years and years for one purpose and one purpose only ... to steal as much wealth and booty from the sheeple before the coming catastrophe known as Comet Elenin.

Comet Elenin is coming Sept 27, 2011.  From mythology, stars are considered angels and comets are considered archangles. Comet Elenin will be the mightiest archangel of them all.  It will try to overpower the sun (god of old) when it crosses directly between the earth and sun and it will literally fall to earth.  This comet is the origin of all the old myths about the mightiest angel who fell from grace, banished by god (the sun), and fell to earth … better known to everyone as Lucifer.

This comet’s vapor trail is saturated with dust (as all comets are) and it will sweep and engulf the earth in October (the fallen angel).  The massive vapor and dust tail will engulf the earth and create enormous rainclouds for DAYS all over the world.  Water levels will rise everywhere.

A massive flood is coming in October!  This is not a joke. This is not a test.

SP-666 will be taken out before October!

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man for all you know the comet story is just another layer of the psy-op.

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It will be very visible to the naked eye June.  They won't be able to hide that truth anymore.  All the lies will come crashing down once people start looking upwards and understanding the significance of it all.

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not saying that there are not lies, just saying that comments make a nice distraction for the sheople to stare out while the bankers rob the public blind.

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Clown,it will be closest to earth (21 million miles away) on October 16, so go change your diper.  If you take off your tin foil hat you might learn that it's named after an amature astronomer and it's not code for Extinction level Event Nine (September).




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If you can see the vapor trial It's not a problem.

2005 YU55 will get a lot closer.

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are you sporting the blue sweats and white Nike's?  who is mixing up the punch?

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Hmmm, gas prices push back to new bubble, post-bubble highs?  http://www.gasbuddy.com/gb_retail_price_chart.aspx?time=1

And the point that people realize that the ginormous whimper in the Dixie speaks volumes to the lack of confidence in the US peso in 3....2...1....

Euro in pre-launch.

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The economy rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again!

The ZH captcha has gone full retard....

Math question: *
5 minus 4 equals ____

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FED's idea of 'US economic resiliency'- 1% top ever richer fed by 99% of ever poorer peasantry. 'Resiliency'.

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Things are going to get real interesting real quick.

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3.21% with a median of 3.17%

A bit shocking; do I smell a "flight to safety" for whatever they are smoking?

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just call CME for some for investor ass kicking ... and you get some bid for bonds.

I have mentioned possibility of market crashes on bond auction days

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Show us the pricing....

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well,,,,,nothing really.

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"From the enslaved populace, songs,
Chants and demands
While princes and lords are held captive in prisons.
These will in the future by headless idiots
Be received as divine prayers."


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Gosplan. Try posting the Quatrain number and Century. I'll offer you another translation, by ol Mikey himself!

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I figured it would be halted.  But rain, sleet, snow, or trading halts can keep the FED from buying things if it wants to.

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Best batch of comments in a long time... I'll be chuckling for at least another ten minutes. Thanks gang!

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I wunner if Timmy has OUR Checkbook open yet for those 10 yrs? God save Ben; the King of the Press! Long Live the King!