100,000 Protesting In Athens Right Now

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The first confirmation of protests expected to sweep across Europe tonight from Greece to Spain, France and Italy comes from Syntagma square where up to 100,000 people are protesting at this moment. Ekathimerini reports: "Greeks inspired by the Spanish “Indignant” or “Indignados” movement held
their largest protest so far in Athens on Sunday, which some estimates
put as high as 100,000 people, although a more accurate assesment seemed
to be that those taking part exceeded 30,000. No official figure was given for the number of people packing into
Syntagma Square in front of Parliament but it was clear that the protest
was by far the largest since the movement began on Wednesday." For now the Greek protest is peaceful, but with the US on vacation, and the EURUSD about to be very volatile, we urge readers to follow the real time update at the following live webcast.

(the feed may be down due to a surge in traffic, we are looking for alternative feeds)

More from Ekathimerini:

Then, some 20,000 people were thought to have taken to the streets of the capital but it was clear that on Sunday, the numbers were much larger. The protest remained peaceful, as people sang, chanted slogans against the country’s politicians and austerity measures and aimed gestures at Parliament.

Greece’s deputy Prime Minister Theodoros Pangalos had earlier dismissed the significance of the country’s ‘Indignant’ movement.

“It is a movement without an ideology or organization, which bases itself on only one feeling, that of rage,” Pangalos told Ethnos newspaper.

Greece’s version of the ‘Indignant’ movement, protesting austerity measures and demanding that politicians are more in tune with citizens’ needs, has led to thousands of people protesting in front or Parliament in Athens, as well as in other cities, every day since Wednesday. Some have started camping out overnight as well.

On Sunday, similar protests were due to be held in other European countries, including Spain, France and Italy.

Famed Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis gave his public backing to the protesters and called for “the government of shame” to go along with “the politicians for destroying, plundering and subjugating Greece.”

The protesters also found an unlikely ally in Thessaloniki’s conservative bishop, Anthimos.

An MEP representing the centrist Democratic Alliance party, Theodoros Skylakakis said that the protesters would have to affect the political process if they want to have a real impact.

“These people have to become politicized and develop a greater political realization,” he told Skai TV. “They have to progress from “this is what I don’t like” to “this is what I like”.”

Organizers posted a message on their Facebook page on Saturday calling for the messages of the protest to become more specific. Suggestions included demands for the International Monetary Fund to leave Greece, for Parliamentary immunity to be lifted and for audit commission to be set up to establish how the country’s debt was amassed.

A "commission to establish how the country's debt was amassed"... and the commission is to be funded with more debt issuance.

Pure insanity.

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Sudden Debt's picture

Just imagine... you stood there with a hot dog stand... fully supplied...



I bet none of those crazy Greeks though about that one! NO WONDER THEY'RE BANKRUPT!


frippy's picture

A gyro stand would be more better.

ADirtyChapCalledWanker's picture

^ Nectar of the Godz, bitchezzzz.

Hook Line and Sphincter's picture

Don 't know how to spell it on my keyboard, but 'ta matia su theka tercera'

This means you need to watch out what coming, 14 eyes for the f'n ovree.

If you don't you might as well, malaka su!

Ben Probanke's picture

A molotov stand.. even better

Mr Pinnion's picture

A cash for gold stand maybe?

Problem Is's picture

Euro for Silver Drachma stand...

FEDbuster's picture

Cheap white dinner plates to toss at the cops, Ouppah!!

Id fight Gandhi's picture

Until they decided to just take the food or turn anger on the hot dog guy.

Bob's picture

That seems to be the fearful assumption--that it's just mob action.  There's the Prime Minister calling it just mindless "rage."  Yet rage against the government and TPTB is hardly a mindless position to take.  I'm guessing that the common man has little to fear--people seem to know very well who the enemy is. 

monopoly's picture

Would you please explain to me why you are junking Sudden Debt for his humor. It is true. The Greeks do little to sustain their country, this might help.

And gold being crushed tonight. Where are you people from? Some strange posts around here.

To me, just one more piece of this 1,000 piece puzzle fits into place.

Shredd the FED's picture

He or She calls Greeks "crazy... NO WONDER THEY'RE BANKRUPT!" ...  US is in the same situation "BANKRUPT" and crazy if you will... And when this news officialy hits the media, how many of you will hit the streets and Washington??? We will se who are more patriotic Greeks, or Americans...

Vic Vinegar's picture

FYI: After news of the US bankruptcy 'officially hits the media', those who take it to the streets would best be described as idiots, not patriots.

Chicken_Little's picture

Vic, my exact feelings. When Washington DC is flooded with angry people, it won't be the right people advocating personal responsibility and a return to what the founding fathers set up. Instead it'll be the masses who got their government goodies cut off and they won't leave until someone is put in charge that promises to give them back. So I'm afraid we are headed to become another Argentina.

Stormdancer's picture

Right now gold is down a whole $1.32.  Nine one-hundredths of one percent.  Your definition of "crushed" certainly doesn't jibe with mine.

Strange posts indeed!

SilverDOG's picture


And who(people of) sustains their country comparatively speaking?

Have you even been there?

1,000 pieces, are the distractions you have fabricated.



MacedonianGlory's picture


At Syntagma Sq. are a lot of souvlaki stands but Socialists ate all the money.



walcott's picture

that's who they'd probably beat up.


FEDbuster's picture

Not to be outdone by Spainish, Greek or other euro jack boots, here is a video of D.C.'s finest busting up a Soul Train protest at the Jefferson Memorial.  Que up the old Leo Sayer song, "You make me feel like dancing" and enjoy:


Bob's picture

OMG.  This would never happen in Europe.  Incredible. 

FEDbuster's picture

They are going to dance again this coming Saturday, I am interested to see if the number of dancers grows.  The irony is it's at Thomas Jefferson's Memorial that this beat down by police is taking place for people "dancing". 

Bob's picture

Wish I didn't have to work next weekend.  I'll do whatever I can to promote it.  This shit must not stand.

SilverDosed's picture

I can only hope it grows. What DC has done with their "right to peaceably assemble" but only in certain areas is laughable. The fact that they can take you to jail at any time if you dont live within 50 miles from DC and hold you for longer than one night on no charges is scary. The fact that most 'merikans actually support this kind of police state is terrifying. At least syrian protesters are allowed to dance while our US corporate owned "security forces" shoot at them.

tip e. canoe's picture

calls one to consider the "legal" possibility that DC is not within the jurisdiction of the Constitution.

tip e. canoe's picture

see the choke hold on Kokesh?   notice how he consciously did not resist arrest?   remember the scene in FC when Tyler let the landlord beat the shit out of him?

brilliant tactics, absolutely brilliant.   hearts & minds baby.


FEDbuster's picture

Kokesh is a former marine and Iraq war vet, I think he could have resisted the entire crew of D.C. jackboots had he wanted to.  I sure hope this "dance club" protest continues to grow, if I was closer I would "put on my dancin' shoes".  Perhaps they should wear red, white and blue tutus next week?

Ben Probanke's picture

thanks, what would we do without zerohedge?

navy62802's picture

Speaking of which ... I haven't seen any reporting of these protests in any other media source (mainstream at least). But they don't surprise me ... Greek protests have been going on since I was there in March. And they've only continued to grow.

dolly madison's picture

Yeah, no coverage of this or the Spanish protests that are happening this week too.  I think they don't want us to see this.  It might give people ideas.

Mongo's picture

Collapse bitchez!

disabledvet's picture

I thought labor day wasn't until September.  We've already had May Day.  Are you sure it isn't just Sting coming to town?

serotonindumptruck's picture

Well, if it was a lapse of memory, I can understand. Although you provided almost an hour with which to correct the faux pas, so what can be said?

Or perhaps there was an excluded </sarc> tag, and I am missing the humor?

disabledvet's picture

what do you mean am i being sarcastic? <sarc on all the friggin time>

serotonindumptruck's picture


Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot.

RobotTrader's picture

Alarm bells are now sounding on Geithner's Blackberry.

He's probably on the phone now circling the wagons, calling all the world's central bankers, demanding that "swift and decisive action" must be taken before markets open on Tuesday.

In fact, I think the big shocker is that China is going to reverse its policy and start lowering interest rates again through stealth monetizations.  Meanwhile, still jawboning up the RR rate to save face.

HamyWanger's picture

Yup. The moment when goldbugs are about to win is precisely when the central banks/IMF "men" start their action after a few phone calls. And the can is kicked for a couple more years. 

Selah's picture


You are right about this one.

Gold will be crushed tonight.

I actually pity those who bought recently.


Bay of Pigs's picture

Really? How do you know that?

I pity those who don't understand anything beyond their day trading mentality.