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Nothing to see here. That was merely the command for the algos to close the market over 1,150 in binary (32 bit - this particular SPARC still has not upgraded to Windows 7 Media Edition, 64 bit) . Move along.

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1149.99 - LOL!!

Tyler, they do this to mock your post - you know that right?

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To those who desperately wish to believe there is no manipulation, the closing at 1249.99 is proof, PROOF dammit, that there's no manipulation.

Now Dorothy, close your eyes, click your heels three times and repeat after me. There is no manipulation. There is no manipulation. There is no manipulation.


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It seems to me that most ZH posters and commentators agree that there is stock market manipulation. The presumed manipulator being Treserve.

What does it mean when an upscale (relative to the rest of the country, not relative to Greenwich, CT) stock market participant audience understands that this deceit is a regular practice?

My personal view is that Treserve is buying its own Tbonds in a large way and has been doing so for at least a year. I view this as a sign that the American Empire has entered a period of collapse with that collapse gaining speed.

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There's a reason a lot of long-time posters have signed off - this sucker is going down, so what's the use in contemplating one's navel? Now is the time to be an ant, not a grasshopper, so it would behoove those wise enough to discern the truth that now is the time to prepare.

The fractional-reserve debt-based fiat system was designed to fail from the beginning - the law of exponential math dictates this reality. The only thing that allowed it to last this long were two things: (a) a series of destructive world-wars that necessitated massive capital re-building; and (b) more importantly, copious reserves of precious non-bodily fluids in which to power this activity.

The multi-trillions (quadrillions?) in unpayable principal+interest sovereign debt is still out there compounding away at anywhere from 1-5% per annum. Global income is not, and CANNOT, keeping pace at this exponential rate simply because of finite resource constraints. Leverage and other types of end-of-the-line tricks that were deployed to milk the last possible returns have turned negative, ushering in a period of prolonged deflation.

The game is up - it's all over except for the crying.

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Then what's to be said about the close at 666?

The answer is: D. All of the above and below...

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It touched 666---didn't close there.

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What does it mean when my clock touches 11:11?

Does it mean my wish will come true Tyler?


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As a freshman in H.S. I witnessed a group of (popular) girls getting excited, and preparing for something.  I asked one what they were getting all hyped up about.  She said it was almost 11:11.  I said, "so?" and she replied, "If you make a wish at 11:11, it will come true!"  She gathered back with her gaggle, and they all started confirming that within seconds it would be time.  All of a sudden, their flustered clucking ceased and they were silent for about ten seconds.  All of a sudden one after another began to give excited shouts of glee, laughter and frolicking ensued, and they began to rework themselves around the cafeteria.

It may be hard to believe, but yes, the oligarchs have a maturity level of 14 year old girls.

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while (1)


   printf( "There is no manipulation." );



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Sure there are no inputs in that Snicker function?

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I miss working in C...many fond memories.

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Oh man, those are some "Extra Long," shorts.

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My bot can beat your bot.

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triple digit PE ratios are the "new normal"

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101000101011011101111n = f.u. goldman

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Actually, i translates into "×-KI" if you speak ASCII, although I suppose there are many ways to look at the same bits.

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I knew I wasn't the only one who put it into a binary translator



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Correct - Tyler is just giving a hint

Toward the end it looks like this (@6min in)
Your welcome

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Oops, some slippage back to 1049.98. That's called plausible deniability.

Around and around she goes, where she stops nobody knows..............except the algos.

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Looks like the machines took off early today - couldn't quite make 1150...

Close enough, though. That 3:30 ramp was fun to watch.

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No doubt, a mad rush to buy Bras and Panties this week...


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Big endian or little endian?

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Friday. 3 PM. Dull market. Hey that's perfect for a 50 million share GE ramp in to the close.



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Damn floating point arithmetic!

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New highs on Vornado....



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1. a localized, violently destructive REIT occurring over stripmalls, other CRE, esp. in the Middle West, and characterized by a long, funnel-shaped cloud extending toward the ground and made visible by wealth destruction to shareholders and debtholders alike in a downturn near you.
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She just gave birth to a new laptop... named Algernon..

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She lost her flower for Algernon?

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I want to smell that keyboard.

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Do not steal trading programs that can manipulate the market from Goldman Sachs. Heavens, such a program could be used to manipulate the markets. Goldman Sachs would never do that themselves.

Do not use Repo-105 to lie about your balance sheet. Goldman Sachs does not do that. Lehman Brothers did that. Please don't confuse the two. Goldman Sachs would never do anything that might resemble lying.

Let the word go forth.

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GS just skipped December month in earnings reports, the month they short sold the world.

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OT: Excess reserves are almost exactly equal to the MBS debt on the Fed's balance sheet. Since nothing constructive is being done with all that cash, why not create a couple debits and credits to offload the toxic MBS waste at 100 cents on the dollar to the very thieves who are mostly responsible for this debacle? The Fed can sit on the cash and unwind at its leisure, and the banks find themselves the proud, new owners of trillions of MBS trash backed by millions of McMansions.

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It's just one big Repo105 program for the banks. Who was providing the temporary liquidity for Lehman's shenanigans?

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Now is that a nice thing to do to those who "are doing God's work"?

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Apparently "they" can also shut down your web servers anytime you get snippy.

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bad code, last two digits should have been 10.

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That is because the S&P has been up for 10 days straight.  I guess they do not want to make it to obvious with 11 up days in a row.  So, now it broke its 10 day winning streak by .25.

What I keep thinking is that if they can control the Market to this kind of precision then they must have had a hand in the Market meltdown in September of 2008.  To be able to buy their competitors for Pennies on the dollar hurting all investors.

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In 2008 they shorted there own stock as well as other banks. They were causing the "bank raids" that they complained about so much. They knew the stock prices of the survivors would double and tripple in price after the storm passed. Quite possibly, bid up with the illciet profits they made shorting bank stocks. Its a no brainer.

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Wow, you are catching on. You are a little slow in doing so. It's simple, The stock market is controlled by computers. Us shorts are doomed because there are no shorts. The machine destroyed every human element of the market. The market will go up because that's the way the computer is programmed.

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it should be 10001111110

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The slow, tepid volume, "creeping up" is a whole heck of a lot easier for the Fed to engineer than stopping the "stampede down," the inevitable end of all this silliness.   

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i love when smarmy, smug academic phucknuts like Bernanke think that they can change historical certainties that have developed over thousands of  years.

that's why if we have a major, ugly type of event, that will be the excuse to pin everything on.

I can already hear it: "the economy was great and just about recovered then along came ______________________ to wreck it all."



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along came ___snow_______________ to wreck it all."

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along came ___ZeroHedge______ to wreck it all."

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silly rabbits....."along came____ a multicountry sovereign debt crisis___ to wreck it all"