At $1.3 Billion, Insider Sales Surge To Highest Of 2011, Double Last Week's Total

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The latest S&P 500 insider buys/sells report is out, and it is more of the same. Looking at the 8 inside purchases for a total of $21.4 million one may say that the buying interest was not too shabby. That is until one realizes that there was one purchase for $20.2 million by News Corp insider skewing the entire distribution. Where the fun was, however, is as usual on the selling side, where insiders dumped the biggest amount of shares so far in 2011, selling over $1.3 billion worth of stock (a 61.4x insider buying to selling ratio), which was nearly double last week's $749 million. The biggest selling: MSFT ($417 million), Nasdaq ($268 million), and, surprise, Juniper at ($65 million) and AutoNation ($30.5 million). In other words, with each artificial uptick in the market, we see a new YTD record pick up in selling. With that in mind, remember that the S&P will hit a fresh all time high before the end of June. Cause Bernanke said so.

Source: Bloomberg

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But the Blowhorn euphorically confirmed the waters are fine and everyone is jumping into paper!

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SD1- It is our duty to make the people aware of the truth. I sent this link in an email to my contact list, most of whom work on or worked on WS.

Let the truth be known. Wake up!

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Fortunately those coporate worker bees do not fully appreciate the power of the Bernank to levitate the market....the "real investors" know better.

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Or, the insiders know that contrary to popular opinion of most shoeshine boys that the Bernank pumps to the stratosphere, the Great Pump is on a far shorter timeline.

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Tyler, they've been selling so they can buy more NFLX stock. 

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Don't forget AAPL! Gotta diversify!

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seriously.  i know this is off topic, but NFLX has gone from $11B to $13B in like a week.  who knows when the madness ends, but when it does end its going to be horrific.

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Tyler, they've been selling so they can buy more NFLX stock.

A lot of these insiders are selling so they can go grocery shopping.

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as alarming as these numbers are, and have been recently, does anyone have this statistic going back 10-20 years to get a sense of comparison? 

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It seems that question gets asked every time the statistics are shown, but I haven't seen any answer yet. Admittedly, I've not spent as much time on ZH as I've wanted to, so I could have easily missed it in an earlier post.

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He really is genocidal. This is making me sick

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retail ain't who is?

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HFT 5 nanosecond churn

Racer's picture

HFT 5 nanosecond churn, buy high, sell higher, buy higher, sell higher, buy higher sell higher

Pocket lots of lovely commission

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So who is doing the buying?  Is this recent insider selling an indication of the big boys finding the suckers at the top as they make their plan for the exit?  Presumably this would have to happen at some point as they loaded up around S&P 666 on promises that The Bernank will rescue this house of cards. 

Yet from a technical standpoint, insider selling does not seem to translate to any meaningful selloff in the market.

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They have been selling so that they can buy more gold.

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Endless investor dilution will continue to occur and endless insider sales of cheaply acquired stock will continue as long as investors remain stupid. It pisses me off to see how.shareholders are ripped off with corporate employees /officers stealing future gains from shareholders by endless.dilution and only token corporate buybacks. Why bother purchasing stock as a corporate officer when you can get it for free? I suspect this indicator doesnt mean much anymore. Stealing future gains from endless dilution is too easy.

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Well, now I know where all the DAILY money is coming from into the REITs.  It's pretty consistent too.  At about 9:40 EST, all the money comes violently slamming in just as they are selling off. 

It all makes sense now.  How could I have ever suspected foul play?

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I think the SHTF real soon now.

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No kidding, at least for the bottom 99%.  At least some will be gainfully employed as miltia to guard the compounds of the hyper-rich.  So, we have that going for us, which is nice.

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There will be no money, but right before you die from a National Guard bullet to the cranium, The Bernank promises you full least we got that goin for us.

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When the banks own ALL of the stocks, then the system will crash and the game will start over. Unfortunately, that means a high likelihood of mass unemployment and the deepest depression the world has ever seen. It will take a few years to invent a new currency and get teh sheep to accept it.

Guns, butter, silver and gold.

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The hidden hand of The Ben Bernake man

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And, of course, the market is about to go positive across-the-board just to shove your nose back into their pyramid of shit.

Suck on it, citizens!  They have control of the vertical and the horizontal.  You are nothing but a flea on a leaf going down the river.

Amazing shit...really.

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I' ve looked at these figures before and whilst they seem alarming they are normal I believe. Founders and leaders of companies get into companies to make a load of money. They take out what they can when they can. There is no loyalty.

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they gotta sell all those options they get...that's how the executive class makes all its money

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There are plenty of HFT computers willing to buy anything the goverment tells them to purchase with the pomo money. It is how pomo becomes tarp for all public companies. They are just subheadings under the Pump it More Program or PIMP. Can't figure who's the whore and who's the pimp, the fed or the banks; They take turns blowing each other.

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"Do what I do, not what I say."



INsiders dumping for a reason...cashing out and moving cash to Gold?? Oil??