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Gold futures just passed $1,500. Silver touches $43.70. Nobody could have possibly seen this coming (certainly not the shorts). Time for CNBC to break out the "$1,500" hats.


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Gold, silver, guns and food. It's coming......

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ammo is much more important to accumulate, once you have a few good guns

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Mad Max world, here we come.

$1500 sets off derivatives meltdown.

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And Fukushima Reactor Number 1 Meltdown:




Ahhh, fun times, these...

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Plunge Enabling Team @ CRIMEX is coming outta the woodworks like crazy now. Gonna be a long drawn out fight around 1500 until they are exhausted and have to retreat to maybe 1650.

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I hope the flockers have to stay up 24 hrs/day to fight gold/silver... They are going to lose anyway but make the aholes suffer.

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Paging Nouriel "Count Chocula" Roubini, paging Nouriel Roubini --- reality has arrived and is waiting for you in the main lobby:

Nov. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Nouriel Roubini, the economist who predicted the global economic crisis, said a forecast by investor Jim Rogers that gold will double to at least $2,000 an ounce is “utter nonsense.”


“Maybe it will reach $1,100 or so but $1,500 or $2,000 is nonsense,” Roubini said. Gold rose to a record $1,098.50 today in New York on speculation that central banks and investors will purchase the metal to hedge against a declining dollar.


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Thanks for that Akak.  Roubini exposed as just another diversion.

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A rare godzilla free day.

This is not one of them.

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@ Ahmeexnal

Perhaps that's why gold just bounced down from $1500 a few minutes ago (say 12:50), the EE is fighting this with all they have.

I hope to see some Turd Ferguson comments as I read down thread.

I will break out my $1500 hat when it closes decisively above that number.

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Speaking of a few good guns.  I just read where the ATF is considering "redefining" what is or isn't a sporting shotgun.  Naturally that means a considerable reduction in what we can or can't purchase.  I've been considering purchasing a good double and this is an incentive to push me forward.  I have a feeling the ATF will not consider an 18 inch double barrel shotgun a sporting weapon.

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They want to ban the Saiga 12.

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the line between what is and what is not legal becomes very grey during times of disorder.

what is not grey is your name in a state and federal database.

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The Feds have been collecting data on all firearms purchases for a while now.

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Yup.  Here in CA, you have to register ALL firearms now, even shotguns and little .22 soda can plinkers.  The dealer is required to keep your name on record for a minimum of 25 years, and the CA DOJ is required to destroy their copies immediately after you pass the background check.

What?  You don't believe the DOJ will destroy such "valuable" information on your possessions once they have it?


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No way.  You get an FFL and they can come in at any time, without notice, to inspect your guns.

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...and gone are the days of the $25 a year license fees for class 3.

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18" double barrel shotgun not a sporting weapon?

of course it is, no worries




what's on the chopping block are the Saiga magazine fed & Mossberg 500/ Rem 870 pumps

forget about anything drum fed




of course the 2nd amendment has nothing to do with hunting & everything to do with some .gov agency telling you what kind of firearm you can own

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If I take my 590a1 dove hunting will I get an exemption?

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ammo is much more important to accumulate, once you have a few good guns

why?  You can't carry it with you when the local nuke plant gets a tornado strike and their backup diesels don't work

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trav, if you have to flee a nuke plant disaster, you can always bring along a few clips of ammo for your gun.  You know, to help keep your gold a little safer.

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Why there is nothing to worry about when there is a nuclear disaster - you told us as much.

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But Trav, as you've told so many, many, many times, there's no need to worry about nuclear reactors. The safely scram and all is well.

What's going on in Japan is just hysteria on our part.

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Yup those saints/angels/paragons of truth over at Tepco said everything will be under control by October and everything is going to be A OK.

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Don't forget water filters and vodka!

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Turd smiles.

2/3 of the way home.

Only $100 to go.

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And what's $100 anymore, anyway?

ForWhomTheTollBuilds's picture

Doesn't matter.  That worthless sack of shit already got done smearing you for being wrong pre-emptively.  


Once you turn out right, he will be long gone with no accountability whatsoever.


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Is your call for $1600 for Toz.s or futures?

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don't forget barbed wire, beeotch -


from cnbc - gold is up, what inflation?

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We just broke $44 /oz silver!

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you forgot BITCHEZ in your title  chuckle

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$1500 will be a tough fight between the gold bugs and the Cartel.   Unless the Cartel is now a gold bug.

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How? They print it. All they're doing now is dumping USD denominated paper shorts on the COMEX to suppress the price, unfortunatey China's buying that dip with their own currrency and ours as they continue to rid themselves of our worthless paper.

The bears already said it.

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We owe China a big thank you for raising and maintaining the floor under PMs... thanks China, India, SE Asia, Mid East and all others who are helping. My hat is off to you...oh, where is my hat?

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Pull one of your "Dow 10,000" hats out of the closet. Folks may be doing a lot of that soon.