$165 Billion In Gross Treasury Issuance On Deck, $74 Billion In Coupons

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The Treasury just announced the auction schedule for next week: a total of $165 Billion in gross issuance of which $74 Billion in coupons, and $8 billion in a 10 Year TIPS reopening. 

As a reminder, on March 30, the total outstanding debt of the US was $12,628,419,000,000.




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SheepDog-One's picture

Good Lord! Its now nothing but a constant Treasury auction like Jackson Barret or Sotheby's!!

Uh yea I'd like to bid on the fake Renoir, high bid please....WTF what a damn JOKE!

Roy Bush's picture

And it will go like clock-work...maybe a slight tick-up in rates.

Assetman's picture

Here's what I see...

1. The Fed.

2. Lube for the Printing Press; and...

3. A Stick.

Here's what I don't see:

a. China



Nevertheless, the auctions will execute without a hitch.

Shameful's picture

God those are big numbers and only for one week!  Good thing we can make the money out of thin air!  Wonder when China and Company will be joining us selling bonds, clearly the world must have an insatiable appetite for bad debt at low yields.

Stumeister's picture

It is now just exponential growth in bond issuance.  No escaping the math now.

OBRon's picture

So much for the end of QE.

Who's the lucky recipient today, Hal?

Door #1, door #2, or door #3 ???

trav7777's picture

I can't see the funding coming from anywhere other than monetization.  There simply isn't the free capital out there.

Either that or it's a carry trade thing.  If it is, then when it unwinds...goodbye

Nearing Coleman's picture

Confirming Albert Bartlett:

"The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function."

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

"Please BS!  One more hit!"  "OK Timmah, but keep F'n digging!"

Gimp's picture

I need an education here, are some financial institutions required to buy treasurys every month?  If not, who keeps buying this paper?

murray's picture

Gold, bitches?


Who here knows whether to trust Perth certificates as physical?

Shameful's picture

If the paper gold market breaks the only gold you can trust is the gold in your hands, or maybe a safety deposit box( which is chancy at best).  I would look through the cert agreement looking for the words "unsecured creditor" or as I like to call it the kiss of death.

Buck Johnson's picture

I can't believe it either, week after every other week of bond auctions in the high billions.  The bond pits know what is happening and that is the US is buying its own debt (monetization by using the printing presses to buy bonds).  With the world markets and other countries having financial difficulties too, there is no way that there is that much free capital out their for many of the countries to give to us and get almost nothing except very low rates and paper in return.  They could use that money in their own countries.  China has stopped buying and are selling and I didn't know PIMCO has stopped buying, can someone verify that one.

I thought they where required to buy, but who knows.

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