Floodwaters Surge At Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant After Floodwall Fails

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We hadn't previously discussed the situation at the Fort Calhoun, Nebraska nuclear power plant, as there was still a possibility that it was containable, and the deterioration had been largely blown out of proportion. Alas now that the Missouri River flood waters have penetrated the last ditch water-filled wall, and have since surrounded the  containment buildings and other vital areas of a Nebraska nuclear plant, it may be time to get a little more concerned. As Reuters reports, "The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) said the breach in the 2,000-foot (600 meters) inflatable berm around the Fort Calhoun station occurred around 1:25 a.m. local time. More than 2 feet (60 cm) of water rushed in around containment buildings and electrical transformers at the 478-megawatt facility located 20 miles (30 km) north of Omaha." Naturally, the severity of the situation is being downplayed by the NRC, very much the way Tepco and Japanese authorities pretended the Fukushima situation was under control, until it was uncovered that there had been plant meltdown within hours of the tsunami: "Reactor shutdown cooling and spent-fuel pool cooling were unaffected, the NRC said. The plant, operated by the Omaha Public Power District, has been off line since April for refueling." That's one version of the story. A far better one would be calling up the Octogenarian of Omaha and upon getting voicemail, inquiring in what part of the world he is currently residing until the Fort Calhoun situation is actually fixed. To everyone else, we would merely suggest they copycat Buffet, especially after seeing the picture of the plant below (taken June 16, which means the situation now is far worse), which makes the flooding at Fukushima look tame by comparison.

More from Reuters:

Crews activated emergency diesel generators after the breach, but restored normal electrical power by Sunday afternoon, the NRC said.

Buildings at the Fort Calhoun plant are watertight, the agency said. It noted that the cause of the berm breach is under investigation.

NRC Chairman Gregory Jaczko and other officials planned to visit the site on Monday.

Jaczko will also visit the Cooper Nuclear Station near Brownville, Nebraska, another facility that has been watched closely with Missouri River waters rising from heavy rains and snow melt.

And some more from the Omaha World Herald:

“We put up the aqua-berm as additional protection,” said OPPD spokesman Mike Jones. “(The plant) is in the same situation it would have been in if the berm had not been added. We're still within NRC regulations.”

According to the NRC, the berm was eight-feet tall and 16-feet wide at the base. It was designed to provide protection for the plant's "powerblock" for up to six feet of water. Crews will look at whether it can be patched, OPPD officials said.

On Sunday, floodwater surrounded the nuclear plant's main electrical transformers, and power was transferred to emergency diesel generators.

OPPD officials said the transfer was precautionary because of water leaking around the concrete berm surrounding the main transformers.

Efforts were underway to reconnect to offsite power once all safety checks have been completed.

The floodwaters also surrounded auxiliary and containment buildings, which are designed to handle water up to 1,014 feet above sea level. The Missouri River is at 1,006.3 feet and isn't expected to exceed 1008 feet.

Once again, the NRC is here to save the day:

The NRC says its inspectors were at the plant when the berm failed and have confirmed that the flooding has had no impact on the reactor shutdown cooling or the spent fuel pool cooling.

In a statement released Wednesday, the NRC said there is a separate, earthen berm to protect the electrical switchyard and a concrete barrier surrounding electrical transformers.

Last week, the NRC augmented its inspection staff at Fort Calhoun. In addition to the two resident inspectors, three more inspectors and a branch chief were added to provide around the clock coverage of plant activities.

Both Fort Calhoun and Cooper Nuclear Plant, in Brownville, Neb., remain under “unusual event” declarations, the lowest of four levels of emergency notification.

Naturally, by the time the "unusual event" declarations escalate, it just may be too late.

That said, we urge readers situated in the vicinity to carefully consider their relocation alternatives, and until there is further clarity on the NPP flood, to possibly shift to safer environs.

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knukles's picture

My man!
You're onto the deal, the scam, meme of the moment!
What could be more powerful than a martyr killed at the hands, direct action, of the christian crusaders, whose body is dumped unceremoniously into the sea.
And whose fucking idea was it to even bother what with living a sedintary retired life in a nice home in the middle of a Pakistani military community.  Best not answer my own question... leave it as cynically rhetorical.

But, yes.

JW n FL's picture

I have to say that took me back to a much happier! time of my younger years! wake and bake, dawn patrol and the like!


as always! Thanks!!

alien-IQ's picture

We can somehow always come up with all the money we want to carry out endless wars or to bail out insolvent banks...yet there is never a way to find any money to repair Americas crumbling infrastructure.

Just goes to show where our priorities are I guess.

Franken_Stein's picture


Because your country is run by assclowns like Rockefeller, Kissinger and the Bush family.


Caviar Emptor's picture

More money spent on bailouts than all past infrastructure spending combined since the Mayflower 

dick cheneys ghost's picture

All Hail the Bankster/Military Industrial Complex.........they will not be denied........



Caviar Emptor's picture

There's been a no fly zone over Ft Calhoun for about 2 weeks already. Was kept hush. Of course there was never any cause for concern. 

Armed jackbooted private security platoons were merely there to help with the mail. 

knukles's picture

Mere fucking coincidence.  In fact, no more or less believable that Rose Mary Woods erasing 17 full minutes of the Watergate tapes as she was stretching to hand Alex Haig the men's room key.
Believe me.
So help me God.
And don't fucking dare take any pictures or ask any questions.

JW n FL's picture

you are a homeland threat! telling the truth all the time! you should be found and put into a FEMA Camp!

Sambo's picture

Oh....another water... gate

UGrev's picture

Wait, aren't there NFZ's over ALL nuke plants since 9/11? 

jmcadg's picture

I see the junk monkey is out trolling.

Goldtoothchimp09's picture

LOL @ junk monkey - I dare you to junk me... I DARE YOU!!!

Goldtoothchimp09's picture

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knukles's picture

A serious shrink would find an insight into that behavior well.... interesting.
To say the least.
"Nothing better to do" wouldn't even work particularly well as an excuse.

In need of serious professional help.

extona's picture

Fed can just print money and stack around failed berm. Quantitative Levee (QL).

knukles's picture


.......Oh this is really sick shit, but if it does get fucked, what do you bet the response'll be?
More QE
More jobs and reconstruction programs.
No way can back off stimulative policies now, what with the mandatory 2 year election cycle in full swing....

We are sooooooooooooooooooo screwed

mick_richfield's picture

More QE?

I'm kind of more at the stage of expecting them to start burning bodies in large piles and shutting down websites that cover the news. 

But that's just me.

knukles's picture

Nah, you're in good company, here.

i-dog's picture

"More jobs and reconstruction programs."

More jobs? More reconstruction programs? Oh ... I see what you mean ... silly me! ... more jobs in China courtesy of GM; more reconstruction of foreign banks' balance sheets. Yep.

mt paul's picture


shovel ready jobs

snowball777's picture

Broken nucleus fallacy.

max2205's picture

False black swan flag dressed in red under condition orange......?

gwar5's picture

Krugman will say a meltdown would be good for the recovery.

JW n FL's picture

( ______________ ) <---- insert broken window economic theory here! LULZ!!

zorba THE GREEK's picture

 I live near the salem nuke plant on the delaware bay. High tide is a few

 feet below plant level. They are proposing building another reactor on

 the site. Maybe its time to move.

mick_richfield's picture

I just now realized that everybody on ZH is stark fucking baying-at-the-moon crazy.

I mean -- maybe all you guys have taken all your vast net worths and -- transcended or something.  But I'm still down here on the ground in Michigan. 

And I'm scared. 

ZerOhead's picture

Try not to worry too much... Michigan has already been pre-disastered.

It will come as a bigger shock for the rest of the nation.

It's kind of like being the hypothetical victim of a slow motion 30 year ongoing rape where nobody is even interested in stopping the perpetrator.


JW n FL's picture

why? are?? you??? scared????


You know those cheap fucks would squeeze a penny out of anything, for no reason other than to have another penny some where that they would never spend or do anything productive with..


You know when you are cheaper than the Jews and put that cheaper than the Jews would have done it bullshit up to Mother Nature.. we are all fucked.. it was never if! it was always when..


Tight fisted fucking scumbags! they will be the death of all of us!

ZerOhead's picture

I'm sensing a little hostility here JW... one must remember that 99.9%+ of 'the Jews' have had little or nothing to do with the mess we are in now.

This all stems from the ethos of one Yahweh, Warrior God of the Apiru, namely the god of the Christians and the Jews. Please remember that before Constantine the Great adopted Christianity as the official religion of the Roman Empire, Christianity was a Jewish sect for over 300 years.

Christianity had a social conciousness that made them docile pacifists... a huge advantage when running such a large and unruly Empire. Jews had no such obligation to  others, and the Torah taught them that they were 'God's Chosen People'. A 'superiority cult' of sorts.

They have since established a tradition of excellence... some of the best lawyers, doctors, scientists, businessmen, fighters... even social activists!

Unfortunately... some (and only some) of the best Banksters and fraudsters as well.

It was however 'our own' politicians and their lust for power and greed who must bear the ultimate responsibilty for having failed us.

Not much more to say.


JW n FL's picture

I do like you.. but.. the facts.. are.. like.. this.


Jewish / Israel Lobby Dollars


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blunderdog's picture

Blaming "Jews" collectively is a lot like blaming the USA for every foreign policy conflict since WWII.

There's a tiny percentage of people who happen to be Jewish (and also happen to control enormous quantities of money) who are real assholes and have fucked up a lot of stuff.

But those guys have nothing in common with (for example) the guy who owns the liquor store in my 'hood, and it's worth keeping in mind the real issues.

It just so happens that there are also a tiny number of Arabs/Protestants/Chinese/Persians/whatever-the-fuck who deserve the same level of scorn.

Cathartes Aura's picture

. . . don't forget the growing number of Zionist Christians here, both in amrka & on ZHedge. . .

ZerOhead's picture

Okay... I can see your point.

But no-one had a gun to their head making them take the money did they?

(Damn... I hope not!)

CompassionateFascist's picture

Right: Israel tail wags American Dog ---->endless wars; but, "nothing to do with the Jews". Rich socialist Jews own Demican party, rich neo-con Jews own Republicrat Party; but, "nothing to do with the Jews". Entire US economy now restructured as debt-driven, open borders/free trade Wall St. Ponzi; but, "nothing to do with the Jews". Our Culture now a foul, Hollywood/mass media-driven kosher Culture of Death; but, "nothing to do with the Jews". Our legal system a flat out kosher crime lobby (latest: Loughner got away with it: panel of tribal shrinks in effect decreed "innocent due to 'schizophrenia'); but, "nothing to do with the Jews". Etc. Right, got it: "nothing to do with the Jews". Make memo.

I_ate_the_crow's picture

The modern zionists have little to do with actual Jews. Brilliantly, the Rothschild zionists use the "jewish" issue as cover for any and all actions of the oligarchy via the state of Israel. The links in America to Israel and "jews" that JW posted are obviously legit, but organizations like AIPAC have nothing to do with the jew next door. 

On the contrary it's a convenient way for the one world government planners to hide decision making from the "free" American "voters". And if you find those links and criticise Israel? Well then, you, sir, are an anti-semite and obviously a deciple of Hitler, you NAZI!! (keep in mind these same people funded Hitler in the first place http://www.scribd.com/doc/2434851/Wartburg-Hitlers-Secret-Bankers and proceeded to let him kill a few million jews and then set up the state of Israel "for the jews"). 

In other words they have insidiously hijacked the holocaust and use the taboo to deflect negative PR. As an added bonus, the discontent and outright hatred that the artificial, American-funded state of Israel evokes in the Middle East is a great way to convince Muslims and Christians to kill each other.

Stop falling for the things they use to divide us.

fuu's picture

Fear is their greatest weapon.

sgorem's picture

NO reason to be scared in Michigan, you guys are on top of the "DOOM LIST". Just go fishing and get drunk...........

madbomber's picture

Fear not my American brother.

they can't break a spirit they didn't create.


lean wit it, rock wit it 

'Radiation aint nothin but a beyotch to a playa'

















max2205's picture

It's got to be completely under water before I get worried... Obama's got your back (side)

JW n FL's picture


Ben Fleeced's picture

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could trust in your fellow man to give you the correct information?

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could improve your own life as much as you expecpt others to improve thiers?

If you hve not been bagging sand then go back to whatever you were doing and let those who DO, take care of it or STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







Herbert_guthrie's picture

Turning our forests into deserts, and our rivers into hot jacuzzis have always been a delicious plan.

Doesn't the bible mention "rivers turned to fire" in the last days....