$21 Billion 10 Year Closes At 2.92%, Direct Bidder Participation Surges Again

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The second auction in that brief period between the end of QE2 and start of QE3 has closed and the Treasury has just raised another $21 billion in exchange for pieces of paper promising said amount in 9 years and 10 months, yielding 2.92%, or the lowest amount in 2011. And just like in yesterday's 3 Year auction which saw a drop in Indirect interest, today's 10 Year continues the long-term trend where foreign banks recycle less and less dollars via US paper. At 42%, the Indirect Takedown was the lowest of 2011 and the worst since October 2011. Who saved the auction: once again that suspicious category - the Direct Bidders, which took down 13.9% of the full amount, the highest since January's 14.9%. The Direct Bidder hit rate was a low 29.1%, as $10 billion of competitive bids were placed in the auction. Like yesterday, the final result came surprisingly tighter to the When Issued which was at 2.935% before the close. And interestingly for those who care about such things, there was a block trade of 6,895 10-Yr Treasury Futures at 124-14 just before the pricing, and a Vol. spike of 29,565 contracts at 12:50pm: is the Fed now pulling an ECB in the TSY derivative market? Either way, regardless of what manipulation may have been involved, the entire curve has flattened substantially.

And the curve: