2s30s Hits Fresh 30 Year High, Just Shy Of 400 bps

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It was just one month ago that the 2s30s hit a fresh high. In the meantime, things for Blackhawk Ben have not gone quite as QExpected: the 30 Year has just hit 4.6%, which with the 2 Year still remaining relatively flat, has led to some dramatic fireworks in the 2s30s curve which just hit a fresh 30 year high of just under 400 basis points. Ben is starting to lose control of tail end inflation expectations, and with that he will soon be forced to intervene much more forcefully in managing prices and yields: small POMOs like today's $2.2 billion which focuses on bonds with a 17-30 year maturity just won't cut it. We expect that either QE2+ will focus much more on the long end (in addition to MBS and Munis) or, in the least, the POMO group will need to reshuffle its purchasing schedule and buy far more tail end bonds than in current schedules.

However as a reminder, as we pointed out in the "Great Regime Change" chart, this does not really imply much for stock prices. As inflation expectations no longer are the key driver for stock returns, the only gating factor since the great moderation is simply "growth expectations", which in our age means nothing less than how much more money can global central banks print. In other words we are now well and truly in the Zimbabwe paradigm: surging inflation is irrelevant for stocks, and we could easily get a Harare stock market in downtown New York, even as a loaf of bread costs 1 wheelbarrow of "money"

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Will the Bernank ever see the end of a noose for his crimes?

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When you have the power of the state (aka banks) standing behind you, it's not a crime. It's public "service".

FunkyMonkeyBoy's picture

310m people in the U.S.

99% of them getting screwed hard daily by a few filthy criminals the Bernank, Geithner, et al.

Generations who have yet to be born have already had their generation screwed over by the same criminals.

What happened to the angry mobs. Don't people care anymore. Don't people get angry anymore? Amazing what Aspartame and Fluoride have done.

101 years and counting's picture

"What happened to the angry mobs"

They've been distracted by Facebook.  If they are starving, they get food stamps.  That about takes care of the entire population......

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I get the feeling that he will be torn apart by the mob before they manage to get the noose strung over a light pole.

That will be a sight to see.  I'm hoping I can get a chunk.  I'll put it next to my piece of the Berlin Wall.  Preserved in acrylic glass, of course.

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Thanks, for sharing it


Im worried with Munibonds spreads...too

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Anybody get it yet?

The bernanke's a loser.

thepigman's picture

The bs is running out and all we got

is a loser fed chair.

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I'm waiting patiently for Harry or one of the other trolls to miraculously announce they are locking in profits on the steepner trade to buy more AAPL.

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Sorry to disappoint you, but even a troll knows to stay away from aapl.

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cnbc explanation; first we had a strong rally because of obama policies (obamacare, gayification of military, global apologies, etc.); now, if rates rise its because of the strong economy attributed, of course, to obama.  the "recovery" is on. all is good - especially for big bankers

thepigman's picture

Rates going straight up in a dead

economy. Stupid Princeton troll.....

please manipulate the shit out of

things even more so based on your


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They need to go up. We need to have all this bad debt liquidated so the economy can get healthy again. It will be one hell of a hangover, but what is this all-weekend binge session any better you think?

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Keep on working that old Keynesian/Central-Planning magic, Ben Bernank.

Keep on, Keepin' on.

It all seems to be working out for you, and you seem firmly in control.











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QExpected, pronounced, "kwek-spec-tit."


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I had student loans at nine and ten percent. Bought a house at 9.75 interest rate. A rise in interest rates are no problem at all if the economy keeps humming. Brazil peacefully withstood 7000 percent inflation one year and managed a reasonably soft nonviolent landing (for brazil) and now they are just fine. It has always been considered easier to.stop inflation rather than deflation and for the majority inflation is far preferrable. Do i like the idea that we are willing to sacrifice people on a fixed income or who have fixed annuities or insurance contracts? Of course not, but for the majority inflation is the best option and inflation we shall get if we are lucky.

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Please feel free to expand on what might be the dumbest fucking thing ever said on ZH.

TruthInSunshine's picture

I'm not going to junk you, but I will tell you that you fail at the economics of life.

Deflation would be far preferable right now for the overwhelming majority of Americans, at a time when labor is the cheapest commodity of all, and there is no 'stickiness' in wages or benefits.

This isn't the world or the U.S. in 1933...but fuckface Bernanke knows that, as he's just bailing out his masters, anyways.

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Exactly. The economy now is not similarly structured as in 1933 but still the pump monkey is hell bent on justifying his thesis.Back then you had only America with the rest of the world largely undeveloped and riddled with internecine war. The demand was there back then and America did well over the next few decades with being the workshop of the world. Now, you have all the manufacturing and many service jobs shipped overseas and huge competition for demand, wafer thin margins, tapped out consumers. All the QE is doing is only fattening the banks, not many dollars are going into factories and new equipment purchases these days. So to say that QE will save the day is unwise in the background of the  demand and structure of the global economy.


I think the fool will miserably fail and will have to stop short of further QE. I do want to see the fool be removed from office and the mandate of the Fed changed to only price stability.



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Forget about inflation, we will get hyperinflation or stagflation. US default is getting closer.

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Now I know where all the Bush era broccoli went

Point Being's picture

I just wanted to update you ZH members living in warm(er) climes...

Bird Count here: Zero


Temp: Zero


Hedged: Zero



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And equities will continue higher... Well, here it is Ben. You asked for it, you wanted it, you CREATED it now you gotta f-ing deal with it. Let's see you try to keep it "contained".

thepigman's picture

You know, if you're jacking equities,

Ben, you DON'T brag about it. You

keep your mouth shut. Stupid


thepigman's picture

Who wants to buy ramped stocks?

Know what I mean, Ben?

thepigman's picture

Ben was the kid in the front row of

third grade always wildly waving his

hand to answer questions. Now he runs

the fed.

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Hmmmmmm...................Just where in the hell did I leave my pitchfork....?

Honey? did you find those torches yet...?

Aha! Here it is! I found it......and the rope too!

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This is good news. A rise in bonds rates will stimulate equities.

alter ego's picture

Explain to me.

If the money that goes primarily into equities right now comes from the Fed

monetizing the US debt.

How do you think the Fed is going to get the money to inject in equities if

interest rates go ballistic?

Who pays the bill?


US Tax payer?

Tell me because the numbers won't add up.



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Equities are too fragile to withstand even minor inflation rumbles. This is what we're seeing now, "minor inflation rumbles". Stocks will crack before signs of the next leg up in commodity price inflation. Book it Danno!

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I don't see how focussing on the long end is going to bring rates down, given that this has been the strategy for a while now, and 30-yr rates have gone UP. When you announce ahead of time that you're going to be buying a gazillion dollars worth of ANYTHING, you are going to get a lousy deal. Fortunately, we're only talking about tax dollars here, not real money.

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However as a reminder, as we pointed out in the "Great Regime Change" chart, this does not really imply much for stock prices

The record clearly shows high real rates like 400 BP differential between 2s and 30s snuff out equity returns and growth

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Obama came out and declares Bears 20 Packers 17.  So let it be written so let it be done.  Our dear leader has spoken, now all must obey.  

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I love how there is no sign of harry, robo et all in this one.

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Tyler, have you given up your bond bull insanity yet? The long end is collapsing, and you print rheems of "theory" to support yet more rallies in this worthless crap. Give it up and sell the F#$% out of this worthless toilet paper. On a deflationary scenario, the Federal debt will crush the USA, hence systemic bankruptcy. On an inflationary scenario, bonds are fuked. Either way bonds are fuked. Yes Tyler?

alter ego's picture

Reality bites.

Bernanke can cry and fight as much as he wants but the spread on the

Treasuries are going to make the dirty work to rise interest rates.

In this over-leveraged economy just a small increment in the rates can

produce a cardiac arrest to the system.

I believe the day of reckoning is coming.

More sooner than later