30 Year Auction Prices At 4.531%, Bid To Cover Dips

Tyler Durden's picture

The Treasury just priced the last of its three auctions (for a total of $66 billion) in the current week, in the form of a $13 billion in 30 Year Bond reopening. The auction came in strong compared to a when issued trading 3 bps wide, although the Bid To Cover did see a dip from last month's record 3.02, with $2.83 in bids tendered for every dollar allotted. More importantly, the dramatic drop in Indirect takedown seen yesterday in the 10 Year reopening, was not repeated with 47.2% of the auction granted to foreign investors. This was the second highest Indirect take down in almost two years, with just December 2010's 49.5% higher. Primary Dealers took a respite with 42% of orders allotted to the banks (which will flip a bulk of this bond back to the Fed shortly) , and Direct taking the rest or 10.8%. With this auction, and following $19.19 billion in maturities when all of this week's action settles over the weekend, will bring total debt subject to the ceiling to just $27.2 billion away from breaching the constitutional maximum. Prepare for that to be big news on Monday when the Mainstream Media finds the batteries for its calculator.