30 Year On Verge Of Breakdown As Yield Hits Highest Since June 2009

Tyler Durden's picture

The 30 Year is yielding 4.76, the highest yield since June 2009, after spiking by 16 bps in the last two days.4.77% is a resistance level, which may be broken as soon as today's 7 Year auction is completed in 15 minutes.

The 10 Year is also approaching resistance.

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Stuart's picture

I wonder if any of the 2 year buyers are at this trough.  lol



jm's picture

Well, if that Chinese trade deficit shows up... fuck.

SV's picture

Letting the yields creep up to flirt with disaster for debt service is like playing that game with your sibling, "I'm not touching you..."  It's only funny until someone decides their done with you or you actually touch them, then it's game on!

carbonmutant's picture

Gettin' harder to bribe the Indirects...

Gordon_Gekko's picture

Mish/Prechter's US Treasury bond hoard is about to blow up in their faces. Told you so!


Shameful's picture

Hoping your wrong GG.  I need more time for PMs.  It will happen eventually, but I happen to hope they can kick the can for a bit longer so I can build my hoard of PMs.

Gordon_Gekko's picture

Me too :-)

It's gotta happen sometime - they've been kicking the can for far too long IMHO.

VegasBD's picture

Agreed, but Im never gonna underestiamte these people's ability to preserve the system a little bit longer.

All the better for me, routinely buying PMs still.

Shameful's picture

Yep, like all things the system will die.  But I would prefer it to wait until I've had many years of saving to build my hoard to ride out the storm that the systems death will create.  I'm amazed they have been keeping it going this long with all the problems they had in the 70s.

jkruffin's picture

30yr ticked 4.78 a little bit ago, RUT RO!!

10yr almost back to 2008 market crash levels, RUT RO!!

jm's picture

If by that you mean risk is fucked, I tend to agree. 

The Treasury still has to dump the C and other shit first, unless the avalanche starts without them. 

mark456's picture

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