The 3:30 PM Equity Ramp Courtesy Of a JPY-EUR Carry Trade Near You

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3:30 pm. To the dot. An underfunded SEC is happy to see computerized HFT tulipmania back in charge of the market.

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As scheduled.

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Payrolls will surprise all of us(me included). GS knows the number. It is better than expected. The next leg of bull rally has started. No worries, as I told you earlier "everybody has been bought over". Only the judges are left. Look at that psycho Tim.he has started playing the game ,too.

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Color me surprised (and shocked)

First time I've seen this, hold on - calling Mary S.

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Stunning how obvious it is. Of course, there is enough plausible deniability out there for the SEC is say "Move along, nothing to see here."

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20-day EMA Shakedown and Fakeout.

Courtesy of Goldman Sachs Prop Desk.

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Robo, the GSG commodity ETF has been out of sync with the underlying commodities today (exc beans), and a very nasty dip in the morning.   Anything make sense to you?


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They halted share creations. Without share creations the arbitrage mechanism AP's use to keep the market price in line with the underlying basket (or swap) can not function.

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darkness (not verified) RobotTrader Sep 4, 2009 11:06 AM

To be fair, plenty of firms hire an A&M and don't end up in bankruptcy.

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Right over the 100.565 pivot point on SPY - doesn't get any more technically bullish than that.  What.  A.  Coincidence.

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Would you please explain why 100.565 is a pivot point? Many thanks.

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There are 2 pivot points on SPY calculated using the DeMark method; pivot high - $100.565 and pivot low - $99.695.


It is generally believed to be bullish when the price breaks out above the pivot high and bearish when it takes out the low.


The traders know this; but, what's obviously more important, the COMPUTERS know this.  And so you had a very obvious take out of the pivot high into the close.  Very, very obvious.  


They don't even try and hide it anymore.

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I asked the question.

Thanks a lot for your answer.

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It works until it doesn't

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our best thinking got us here

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So market is worried about jobs numbers tomorrow yet ramps into the close?

Hmmm more like shorters shorted during the day thinking the jobs numbers will be bad but GS gunned their stops into the close!

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the jobs number today was pretty shitty imo.  the 4 week rolling average on initial claims increased.


what a phucking joke.

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Less people to pay, therefore more profits!!? lol..

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More people will leave the workforce than be add through new claims, meaning that the unmployment rate will be okay.

Payrolls may be a little problematic, because we had BLS adjustments that favored the data the past few months.

Still, there's enough room to fudge these numbers to placate the masses.

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I wonder how long until it's psychological (if it's not already).. where bears are just scared of 3:30 every day that they simultaneously cover, thereby causing the rally.

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the pattern WILL change and the market will inflict pain. 

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The market is growing green sprouts out its butt.

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Buzz, I believe the new term is "tulip." Tyler - good one with "tulipmania".

Robot - classics posts!

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This market can plant tulips on my :censored:

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Late day headlines:

--Record 35 million on food stamps

--Extended unemployment benefits will run out for 1.3 million by January

Have another Cosmo, HAL9000!

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I believe it is virtually guaranteed that unemployment benefits will be extended again....

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I wonder at what point (if we're not already there) this 3:30 rally is caused by bears being so scared of another 3:30 ramp up that they inadvertently CAUSE the rally by a swath of short covering.

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Never underestimate the shopping mania of these young girls, all attempting to get "dolled up" to snag a future husband who has "billions under management"....


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I was actually frightened yesterday when we had no ramp up. It was like a solar eclipse... I was ready to sacrifice a virgin or something.

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hahahahahahahaaaaahahah + 10

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GLWT---The only virgins left are but a gleam in their future daddy's eye.

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Well, lucky for all of us I did :-)

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What a rip.  Try predicting that using TA.  The only way to see that coming was to look around and observe everything but the junk stocks having PATHETIC volume.  It's the same slow ramp-up technique we've seen this whole rally.  Noticed the big stick save late in the day when the market fell out of the upward channel.

They saved the market yesterday with the ridiculous bounce early in the day and are now positioning to try to power through 1014 again if the unemployment report is great.  Makes me sick. 

So I take it they were unable to justify driving the Euro up any higher against the dollar and decided to switch currency carry trades in their comps.  Beautiful.

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like they don't know what the unemployment number is well in advance. Mortimer Duke wants his dollar.

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i scrath your back, you scratch mine. how long can that play out

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The only thing they cannot explain away is the heavy volume in gold and gold stocks.

Miners are being bought as if they were banks! Oh no!

Something's up and it's not the confidence in the USD.

How is this going to play out next two months, I wonder?

The massive FLIGHT INTO QUALITY will not stop and they may wonder, where have all the bond shoppers gone?

Dead malls, no retail, no shoppers is irrelevant compared to FAILED TREASURY AUCTIONS one after another in coming months.

Altough the gold shoot is somewhat cyclical, the heavy volume into the mining stocks including junior miners and OTC Dora the Explorer up 200% JUNK is clearly signalling a direction.

No, Ben and Timmy these are not mall weary US consumers that are on a wild and crazy spending frenzy to buy gold! Gold is not the new Iphone, Ben. Gold is QUALITY ASSET! You should try it!


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Looks like the McJobs report was probably leaked out at 3:00pm.

And that fired up the Robots to start buying off the infamous "J-Lo Bottom"....


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That would be the cover and people can use this argument to explain away the ramp job.

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He sure knows how to catch my attention...

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How come 12:30 = 3:30?

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that chart is on west coast time

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The Fed balance sheet grew AGAIN.  Fourth week in a row.  I thought things were getting better?

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I don't understand you guys...
if every day it's like this, stop complainig and BUY at 3:29!

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The SEC will never go after any of the TARP recipients, I can guarantee you this. They will go after bucket shops who don't contribute to this rigged market. We'll see this behaviour till they get all the fools back into this market, then they will pull the plug. It's Bilderbergs plan with the help of GS(who controls this Gov.). Mary Shapiro is filthy thug that will bend over for these crooks. mark my word, they will look away. These young idiots that work for the SEC are all worthless human beings. I don't know how they can sleep at nights knowing this rigged market is out to destroy every investor....BTW, I will never touch this rigged market. Cash is great. F_ck the Bilderberg's, GS and this monkey Gov.

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Does anyone know the % of trading days these cat's have ramped the market over the last 2 months? I figure at least 60%- 70% of the time. Anyone know for sure?

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Sounds about right yeah - based on what I've seen...

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Once again, Citigroup is the No. 1 top traded Lotto Ticket being gunned after hours, over 7 million already.

Gamblers cannot wait to jump on the junkers.....