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Some serious pain coming to the idiots short the mining stocks.This is their liftoff signal.

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When it passed $20, was no big deal to me.  I guess it was to JPM.

When it passed $30, was another day for me.  Judging by the endless raids over the last month at 9:30am and 2:00pm eastern, it wasn't a good thing for the banksters.

When it passed $40, was another night on ZH for me.  I'll head to bed and get a good rest, while Blythe and the monkeys are up wondering how to pull more strings.

It will pass $50, $60, $130, $300..... because we have an idiot running the country and a sociopath telling us "concerns over inflation are largely overstated" and prices are rising from "more sophisticated diets" in developing nations.

Can't print physical silver.  The end is getting nearer.


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Yes but what governments can't create from thin air, they can take.

And "taking" will be accomplished through taxation of metals transactions.

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and the Lord said, let there be barter

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just thought I'd throw that in, just to see what came down...

so what happened to US denominated debt then?

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Light a dollar on fire and tell us what happens.

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soft, strong and very very long...

don't seem to flush very well though...

Can you use them as a paper weight?

I don't think they useful even for that...

Give me a box of rocks anyday.

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Next time a smoker asks for a light, pull out a FRN, set it on fire, light your cigar with it, then hand to him.  Great way to create cognitive dissonance.

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I once ripped a $20 in half at a dinner with some law school classmates because we were trying to split the bill and didn't have any change, and they could not have been more shocked.

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You admitted your a lawyer?  You just lost cool points.lol

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"and the Lord said, let there be barter"







I usually just read the posts but skip the comments because I don't want to go blind.  But that was pretty good!

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I've never seen so many people being religious about Silver... Is MAMMON now god of USA? You better believe it! I know, I know, it's only protective play against fiat devaluation tsunami...Let's hope that it stays so! If not...it'll go like all other spirals...up into thin air!

In this current new exuberance...are we going to burn the Koran and the Bible and the Torah and the American constitution as well? Need some good human scapegoats to make the bonfire even more significant?...

I know who you guys want as first victims of NEW SALEM...Lady B! and her friend ...Benocide!

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We sit here in bemused consternation that our best and brightest act as if they have just snorted an entire eightball individually...babbling half truths, gnashing their teeth, rending their clothes over less than a one percent budget cut.

The creation of the issue is not of our doing. If they will not stop devaluing currencies there's not much point in holding them long.

As that great wack-a-demic mind Professor Romer said, they are doing it on purpose...LOL...while the producers in every society desire consistent value for labor expended. Part of that labor is saved for future use, so they are also devaluing your past labor if you hold that labor in fiat.

Once labor is taxed they have no claim to any portion of it...if they continue to tax it (through devaluation) it is simply called theft where I come from.

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If they are our best and brightest, we're in a lot more trouble than I thought...

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I suspect you've gone off your meds.

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I suspect you've gone off your meds.

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It's not that the folks into silver are religious, they are parroting the world view that anything written in a holy book is, excuse the term, gospel (to be accepted without question).     Many of the Christian Churches, especially the more conservative, bark out the "Amen" as the pastor is giving his sermon to show everyone else in the church that they are in total agreement with what is being said.   This has spread to the everyday use to show total agreement with a statement.   Although the origions are religious, it has become secular in this use.

Mammon is already God to far too many politicians, rulers, despots, terrorists, and everyday folks.    It is also a fact of life that many in "civilized" nations only know to either spend money to get something or trade something.    Barter is what began the "money" phase as people were willing to accept something that could be universally traded for goods (Thus the Taler and later the Trade Dollar).



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Amen - and then there was barter for all to see....

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And the we the people say: OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!

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$40.16 the people said...

It's late and some of us must work...

So I'm going to bed.

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did you say goooooooooooooooooood as in "god",


goooooooooooooooooooood as in "good"?


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I'm sorry but our brothels are full.

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Can you give me a spot, mate.


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No, he didn't. The lord said do as you're told.

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Let's not sell. No transactions. No tax.

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OKaaaeeey! BlackholeDivestment says ''FIGHT CLUB'' is on Bitchez. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToceoE9DHWY

Uh ...no. Actually the Lord said: http://bible.cc/ezekiel/7-19.htm

You see, when you cross the ''silver line'' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2k0RzhVJSxE in the sand you have ''given into temptation'' and have become the pimp'd out whore, you clueless Bitchez. You well know Chairsatan has POMO Zero Interest into the ''BTFD Cup'' on the chart. Get it right you drunken whores. Every time you fill your http://bible.cc/revelation/17-4.htm  ''BTFD Cup'' with the prophetic ''strong delusion'' http://bible.cc/2_thessalonians/2-11.htm  your shit's in the wind troop. http://bible.cc/ephesians/6-12.htm That means you are a pimp'd out Laodicean (AKA) ''luke warm'' http://bible.cc/revelation/3-16.htm drunken Whore of Babylon riding the prophetic global market beast of Babylon. http://bible.cc/revelation/17-7.htm 

Repent! ... and sin no more you pathetic weak Bitchez. Every time you buy sell or trade this market you feed the beast and dash your foot upon the stone like a delusional moron that has bruised their heel on their own ass. You encephalitic mad cows, you know you are not suppose to feed cow ''cow'' right? Snap out of it man. Even if you do not accept the seal of the mercy of our Father in Christ you at least are smart enough to understand the principle and math. ''The truth is not a choice'' Bitchez, the meaning of life is love. Stand fast and do no harm. End the Fed.

P.S. If you think the prophetic whore of Babylon escapes, having been sealed in agreement with the contempt in the ''BTFD Cup of Fornication'', think again Bitchez. http://bible.cc/revelation/14-10.htm That ''BTFD Cup'' is filled with the wine of wrath and it looks like http://bible.cc/daniel/2-45.htm a White Stone. http://bible.cc/revelation/2-17.htm Do not cast the stone upon your feet my friends, you shall be as Babylon is fallen ...is fallen.


Game Over! End of fight.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZCwiNJ4wgo

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Barter is the endgame.  It is a complete repudiation of fiat, and let's the little guy live without government. This is why Volcker took extreme action and raised interest rates.  If barter catches on, the game is over.  For good.

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Wait another two years and tax evasion will be seen as a patriotic duty.

I have a standing offer to a friend who keeps insisting "Obama is the best president ever":  I will give him an ounce of silver to write that in his own shit, and eat his words.

Just another factor of 10 to go, and he will probably be that desperate.

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It's our patriotic duty to do it now - starve the fucking beast, shut it down, shut it down.