4closureFraud - Full Video Deposition of Crystal Moore of Nationwide Title Clearing

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This deposition was taken on November 4, 2010 in Pinellas County, Florida, by attorney Christopher Forrest of The Forrest Law Firm and has to be one of the most damning yet.

The reason I say "yet" is because Bryan Bly's video deposition is coming up next...

Below is the the video Deposition of Crystal Moore with some background info...

It is going to be a hell of a week!


Crystal Moore Deposition Part 1


Crystal Moore Deposition Part 2


Crystal Moore Deposition Part 3


Crystal Moore Deposition Part 4




Some background...

Bryan Bly, is it a LIE? Robo-Signer for Nationwide Title

Posted by Foreclosure Fraud on June 20, 2010 ·

Susan Taylor Martin, Times Senior Correspondent In Print: Sunday,
June 20, 2010 To thousands of homeowners whose loans have been
shuttled from one company to another, the name “Bryan Bly” is very
familiar. Over the past few years, Bly has signed countless mortgage
assignments as either a notary public or “vice president” of various … Read more

Onanism: Robosigners Satisfying Themselves. Hello? Yooo Hooo! It’s ALSO the Satisfactions of Mortgage!

Brian Bly, Robosigner featured in the news here and here,
executes satisfactions of mortgage (along with assignments of
mortgage, affidavits, & more) for many national banks and servicers
in many states. Strangely, all of these documents are notarized in
Florida, where his true employer Nationwide Title Clearing is located.

if you even check out my posts on President Obama's satisfactions of
mortgage forgeries, Nationwide was involved in that as well...

4closureFraud Exclusive – President Obama Falls Victim to Chase Robo-Signer

well well… Lookie what we have here folks… Is this why they tried to
sneak through H.R. 3808? (just kidding) Just like we have been saying
all along, this is so much bigger than  “affidavits.” Here is another
piece of the puzzle, without bringing up the REMIC issues… Now that
YOU are affected personally … Read more

least now I understand what the heck they (Nationwide) were freaking
out about while searching 4closureFraud.org last week, and I wont even
bring up the "letter" they sent us, yet...

LINK - KABOOOOOOOOM – Full Video Deposition of Crystal Moore of Nationwide Title Clearing

And just in case you missed the depo of Citi's Robo-signer....

KABOOM – Full Deposition of Tamara Price Citi Robo-signer Extraordinaire

Well well well… Guess what… She doesn’t know anything,
read anything, rely on anything or sign in front of a notary… Who woulda
thunk… Be sure to read it in its entirety, it’s a good one… Read more

Angry yet?





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MurderNeverWasLove's picture

"How did you know whether to sign your full signature or the short one."





"There was a squiggly."




I Am The Unknown Comic's picture

PS I'm sure "Crystal: More" is just her stripper name.   RoboLisa is who she is for reals! 

I Am The Unknown Comic's picture

...aaahhhh, the RoboLisa smile......

WTF you looking at?  Seriously, who or what are you looking at woman???? 

How many times during this depo do you think the attorney bit his tounge to keep from laughing out loud?! 

moofph's picture

...this is beyond outrageous. dereliction of duty has been raised from the grave by the many (but few, actually) people that follow their leader into the fields of corruption with greed as their flag of fortune. it is a sad state of affairs (pun intended) when the facts of life are covered-up as poorly as their crimes were committed. to think there are people being paid to destroy the quality of life of their fellow citizens without a conscience. i pray for the day to come where i may be a witness to what i believe justice is and those victimized to realize the power of dignity once again.

I Am The Unknown Comic's picture

OK this is my first post so I want to start off with a joke.....I just finished wathcing these videos and barfed in my bag....but nobody noticed (badump chink!)!

I have been reading ZH for about a year now and have not posted because I'm afraid I will end up in some FEMA camp with the rest of you!  Now I finally realize I would rather be in your company! I just can't keep silent anymore and I don't know how any decent person can. 

I promise I will do my best to give you all a few good laughs, and contribute when I can.  Mind you though, I am slow of speech. 

May I recommend Tyler (or maybe William) develop a new feature on ZH called:

The Daily POMO Gameshow!!!!

Contestants can come on the show and get money if they can answer such difficult questions as:

How much do you want?

What is your name?  (this doesn't have to be answered precisely - "PD" will suffice)

-ZH audience members could submit questions for the contestants....now that could get to be quite fun!


i-dog's picture

"I'm afraid I will end up in some FEMA camp with the rest of you!"

The top bunk is mine! Welcome to Stalag ZH.

geno-econ's picture

So we are all zombies manipulated by the elite---thats democracy??

Horatio Beanblower's picture

Amazing stuff.  On the positive side, at least she kinda knew what a mortgage was.


The rule of law was a wonderful thing.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Yeah, but the "note" is where the interest rate and other things are, right? At least according to Crystal Moore.

The amazing thing was that she saw nothing wrong with what she was doing. Like the good and docile employee she clearly is, she does what she's told. Just like we citizens (ops sorry, consumers) do as well.

blunderdog's picture

Having a sense of personal integrity and a functioning moral compass has DEFINITELY created some roadblocks on my career path.

If you want promotions and raises, do whatever they tell you. 

@MachoMan: the whole point of working for a corporation in the first place is that you're not accountable for the actions of the company.  That's why they exist.  Personal accountability?  It's like a bad joke.  There's nothing "personal" about any of this.

MachoMan's picture

That's not true at all.  Limited liability organizations exist so that money can be extracted from the organization without risk or with limited risk.  This basic premise says nothing about not being responsible for your own personal actions.  For example, under the common law, one is always liable for their own torts. 

You work for the corporation to get a paycheck...  not to be unaccountable for any actions you may undertake as part of your employment.  Sometimes one has to stoop to unsavory actions to earn a paycheck...  further, some people are willing to do it for less than others.  In this lady's case, she was willing to do it for a whole lot less.

I'm not saying she doesn't perceive her situation as having no liability for her actions...  but, that's not how the legal system works.

Bob's picture

You limit it to promotions.  Let us not forget all the "white lies" and sins of ommission that are required to simply keep your job.  Not mention what gets redefined as "salesmanship",  heady "gamesmanship", and the like.  Or codified as Policy and SOP's.  And there's keeping your mouth shut about it all.

Funny that so many people refuse to admit it--seemingly even to themselves. 

ZH is surely not the gattering place of Modern Saints. 

I don't know if it's more comical or more disheartening when folks here start pulling out that old hustle. 

MachoMan's picture

Exactly, somewhere along the line, we got a memo that said, "do as you're told and you never have to be accountable for anything."  It's especially bad when you're in a financial position where you must have the job to eat and no alternative is available...  I'm not sure there isn't even a duress argument to be made here...  depending on her situation of course.

But, doesn't change the fact that people take no responsibility for their actions...  just kills me to see it all the time...  I bet she thinks she's not personally liable either in the event of a lawsuit...  she'll learn that one the hard way...  hopefully she hasn't filed bankruptcy recently.

Bob's picture

Sadly, given that the system itself was clearly designed as an assembly line for fraud, this peon who made maybe $12/hr, will probably be the first--and possibly last--to get slammed with criminal charges.

Let me head the high and morally mighty off at the pass on the issue of whether she deserves it.  The company clearly selected employees who were unqualified to legally do the job and then trained them to do it in a manner which, they were assured by supervisors, was ostensibly perfectly legal.  Crystal Moore was clearly not equipped, either educationally or intellectually, to see that this was not so. 

This is how criminal "business" organizations get their dirty work done. 


MachoMan's picture

This is how criminal "business" organizations get their dirty work done.

They find people willing to commit fraud and lie for $12/hour...

Bob's picture

Like people who are posting online right now while on the clock at work.  Though, I gotta say, most of the lies required by those jobs pay alot better. 


blindman's picture

there ain't nothin' wrong with her

leonardo davinci couldn't fix.

Miss Expectations's picture

I noticed a Mona Lisa like quality, too.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I was captivated by her inner beauty myself. :>)

blindman's picture

abundant outer beauty too.  and the backdrop

compliments her skin and hair.    if this doesn't

tie in with ..


i would be shocked.  shocked i say!

Grand Supercycle's picture

My long term indicators continue to warn of USD strength and EURO weakness.


Kina's picture

Much amusing. When I was very much younger than today I used to manage a legal section of Westpac. Our function was the production of security, mortgage and loan documentation for consumer and commercial finance.

And at that time the culture was of extreme pedanticism. Everything had to be perfect and present. Any documentation not signed, initial, executed properly would be rejected to bank branches to have done properly. And at the bank branch level (I was a lender at one time as well) the same degree of caution and attention to detail was the culture. At that time the banks erred on the side of caution.

So when I see something like this it is so outrageous as to be comical.


Bob's picture

During the 1980's?

Urban Roman's picture

I just got out of rehab for writer's cramp ... what was it we were signing again?

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Crystal Moore seemed a little confused with regard to the function of a "witness" to a signature. I mean, as long as the "witness" is in a cubicle somewhere on the same floor and in the same large "room" the witnesses "witnessed" my signature, right?

Urban Roman's picture

This poor woman is responsible for the foreclosure mess in exactly the same way Lynndie England is responsible for the occupation of Iraq.

She should sue NTC for her vice-presidential salary and all those perks she's obviously missed out on.