50,000 Turn Out To Protest Against Government Handling Of Irish Bailout

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"What hurts me the most is why is the taxpayer paying for the IMF. Why are we bailing out the banks. These are the people who took the risk, let them take the hurt, let them feel the hurt." That is the common refrain of the tens of thousands of people who took to the streets today in Dublin, protesting against the government's rescue of various European banks (and Goldman Sachs) investment losses. More from RTE: "Gardaí said that around 10,000 people started the march, however the
crowd swelled to around 50,000 people as it moved down the quays. Speakers at the march had estimated that the crowd was between 100,000 and 150,000. A small group of around 400 protestors are currently at the front gates of Leinster House. Some 60 gardaí are lining the footpath in front of the building, with crash barriers erected in front of them."

Luckily, so far the demonstrations are peaceful. However, the message sent to Brian Cowen is loud and clear: get out, and take your bailout plan with you.

More from the Telegraph:

The rally was the first major demonstration since Ireland agreed to accept a €90 billion (£77 billion) loan from the European Union and International Monetary Fund to save the country from bankruptcy.

People are very unhappy, and this is their last chance to protest before the budget," said Pat Kenny, a 45-year-old postal worker and labour union official, distributing bright blue banners as the march began.

"But today is just the start of a campaign against the plan. This government doesn't have a mandate to govern, they should allow for a general election and let the public say if they are in favour of the four-year plan."

Thousands of marchers — led by a traditional pipe band — crowded along the banks of Dublin's River Liffey, banging drums and blowing whistles.

Banners carried slogans including "It's not out fault, we must default," and "No country for young men," a reference to the squeeze on jobs.

As part of the crisis negotiations, Ireland published a plan this week to slash €15 billion from its deficits over the next four years, with the harshest cuts and tax hikes earmarked for the next budget being published Dec. 7.

Prime Minister Brian Cowen has admitted that the slashing will lower the living standards of everyone in this country of 4.5 million.

But he insists Ireland has no choice given that the nation's 2010 deficit is running at 32 per cent of GDP, the highest in Europe since World War II.

Saturday's rally coincides with reports that the EU-IMF fund could charge interest rates of up to 6.7 per cent, higher than the 5.2 per cent that applied to Greece's €110 billion bail-out in May.

And a video report on the scene, via RTE:

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total nonsense's picture

If only we in this country could stand up for our rights and how this government is turning us into what will be a third world country.

cossack55's picture

"We" are too concerned with trampling the old, slow, and feeble at the Target entrance in order to claim a worthless piece of Chinese shit.  Stand up for our rights? Please.

flacon's picture

All the politicians have to do is REVALUE gold. But they are loath to do that because they are all nazi's:

"Gold is not neccesary. I have no interest in gold. We will build a solid state, without an ounce of gold behind it. Anyone who sells above the set prices, let him be marched off to a concentration camp. That's the bastion of money." ~ Adolf Hitler

zelter's picture

They're all Nazis because of your fake quote?

caconhma's picture

 must be one of these Jewish propaganda liars.

Adolf Hitler was not an idiot. He was was a German patriot and a dictator.

He correctly blamed Jewish bankers all around world for being responsible for the Great Depression and the misery and suffering that followed.

Hitler was not the initiator of the WWII. FDR and Stalin were the WWII initiators. Hitler was against the barbaric Versaille Treaty. It had to go, and many European leaders were agreed with him. Even comrade Lenin stated that the Versaille Treaty was written by gangsters to destroy Germany.

LeBalance's picture

But as the creators of history, the Masses do not have to follow the exhortors.

If the PTB crashed the "illusion" planes into the WTC and exhorted and no one responded to their idiocy, the PTB would go away.

But because the "entertainment" of WW and fire and death is so enticing and **needed** the "sheep" (who are not sheep, but fully in control of their entertainment) create that experience for themselves.

"The place where you are right now, God circled on a map for you" - Hafiz

"Beyond our ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing,
there is a field. I'll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass,
the world is too full to talk about.
Ideas, language, even the phrase 'each other'
doesn't make sense any more." - Rumi

No one is outside of the Love.  Ever.

Everyone is in Love always.  There are no experiences that are not Love.

Our judgmental society has taught us that certain experiences are not Love, but we have discarded our old ways of thinking, have we not?

:) LB

sherryw's picture

LB, In that case, everything is perfect, so why comment?

Ahmeexnal's picture

He was an idiot (IQ of 75), practiced bestiality, and was a puppet of the church of Rome.

bullwinkle's picture

Well Bush apparently had an IQ of 125.  Guess which one was smarter?

Hint:  He doesn't have a brother named Jeb

dark pools of soros's picture

wht a fucking fool you showed yourself to be - perhaps that is your bio

High Plains Drifter's picture

I get sick and tired of the Hitler comparisons that continuously are expounded  here and there. If anything he was a complex man, and he was a poltician and who really knows at this point, (due mainly to our taught history) what he was really all about or what really happened back then?  Who does?  I believe he stood up as a champion of white western european ideals in the face of the communist menace that was facing europe. At the end of ww2, George Patton stated that he finally realized who the true enemy was and that we fought the wrong people. He said he was determned to come back to the states and discuss the issue at length. Not long after this, he was in a minor car wreck and was taken to a hospital with non life threatening injuries and somehow he died. Its funny how things like that work isn't it?

dark pools of soros's picture

laughable all the envy still thrown at Hitler..  if he was such a mindless fool, so many current politicos wouldn't be rehashing, studying every move he ever made


and they SAY so as not to let history to repeat, but the only part they do not want to repeat is his demise

Rusty Shorts's picture

 - we are talking about Corporal Hitler, right?

nmewn's picture

"we are talking about Corporal Hitler, right?"

That's what I was wondering.

Hitler and Stalin were both self absorbed paranoid schizophrenics who rose to, and kept power through, intimidation, oppression, murder and war on anyone who was a threat to their own illusions of grandeur.

The leveled cities and property can be re-built...but the millions of people who died because of their ambition is only a cursory glance of their destruction...there were millions more who were never born because of them.

How many Einstein's, Tesla's, Picasso's, Chopin's were never even a gleam in two peoples eye because of these fucking madmen?

I'm constantly amazed at the rehabilitation efforts people make concerning these two...and throw in that dickhead in the half-assed disco suit Mao as well.

revenue_anticipation_believer's picture


" At the end of ww2, George Patton stated that he finally realized who the true enemy was and that we fought the wrong people. He said he was determned to come back to the states and discuss the issue at length. Not long after this, he was in a minor car wreck and was taken to a hospital with non life threatening injuries and somehow he died. Its funny how things like that work isn't it?"

Very Few People KNOW this FACT....I found out by accident, visiting the Patton Museum at Sirroco Summit Pass, California, the news clipping, and i bought a book, a couple, at that museum. VERY VERY revealing...

Patton was executed! Strangely analogous to his German Mirror image the Desert Fox, 

...who was invited to shot himself, and promised a full '
State Funeral and honors, and a stipend for life for his family....

geminiRX's picture

Your statements about WWII are a flagrant example of a deteriorating education system in the US *and* why people such as yourself are a clear and present danger to the world itself. Unf*cking believable! Hitler was a tyrant.

zelter's picture

Interesting, the public school twinks are coming out of the woodwork displaying their "knowledge." FDR and his fellow Jews did indeed instigate the war whilst having the rubes reelect him on the basis of American neutrality, much like Bush was in 2000.

Hitler was no more tyrannical in locking people out of their choices than representative democracy.

doolittlegeorge's picture

Jews for Bush?  Really?  I recall only one trip to "the City"--and that was when "it lay in ruins."  I find the "accolades of the Third Reich" rather odd, too.  Ever ask "what the Nazi's planned to do with their conquests"?  Answer:  "take pictures and eat schnitzel."  Even the Russians had a better plan than that.  Still "no one can match the inscrutable...

zelter's picture

Neocon journalists propped up Bush even as he laid down his campaign promises of "no nation buliding." I found that odd at the time, now I don't.

The Nazis--more specifically, this was Himmler's pet project which I doubt would have come to fruition post-war--planned to section some neighbouring Eastern European countries, kidnap or forcefully integrate some "Germanised" or "Germanisable" children/adults of said areas (e.g., Poles), mostly keep other Euro minorities where they are, and cordon the rest of the nations to some proportional, large area within their countries. Also nabbing some Russian territory for agriculture. None of which I'd personally subject fellow European peoples to. It's little different in vileness from the present day ethnic cleansing operations newspoken as "multiculturalism," except at the very least Europe would have remained European.

As for what the person I critiqued said, a fair share of the blame for the outbreak of the war can fall upon the "peacemakers" who really wanted war with Germany, namely the United States government. The only ones fooled by claims of American neutrality were the American people who re-elected FDR in 1940 on the basis of not meddling in foreign conflicts, a traditionally American foreign policy which Hollywood and the corporate mass-media falsely dubbed "Isolationism." The American First movement, which was highly critical of Roosevelt's covertly belligerent foreign policy, recognised that neutral countries with the influence of the United States could indeed help broker peace agreements and conflict resolution, and had urged cautious and prudence with Germany and all nations--but when this is dubbed Isolationism and Appeasement, the only alternative is Unconditional Surrender and a bloodbath.

Anything else?

Rick64's picture

Would like to add BOE, BIS, Chase Manhattan, and several other financial institutions/corporations cooperated with the nazis as the war was going on.

geminiRX's picture

Speaking of coming out of the woodwork, that's funny....I was thinking it has been awhile since I've read the musings of a skinhead who has worked diligently to rewrite history to suit his own fantasy world. Or maybe you're the like who has seen a psychiatrist a number of times and on a myriad of antipsychotropics. Likely being the latter, your comments are a stain on the memory of generations of soldiers who gave their lives so your twinkie-ladden ass can sit there and write absolute bullshit:)

eatthebanksters's picture

caconhma, you speak as if you are a German speaking for all Germans...I am German, I am not Jewish, you do not speak for me as you a fucktard nutball.  People like you are dangerous.

dark pools of soros's picture

don't ya love how the left can keep saying that "not all tea baggers are racists, but all racists are tea baggers"


but to hell and high water if anyone can say "not all bankers are crooked jews, but all crooked jews are banksters"

buzzard beak's picture

What's so dangerous about Nazis? Those ones at Stalingrad were a bit too thin and bony, but these days most Nazis are fat and stupid, just like I like 'em.

buzzard beak's picture

Oh no somebody hit my junk button! I'm so intimidated! 

zelter's picture

Gutmensch detected. How goes Germany, by the way, with its natives being ethnically cleansed and minoritised in their own land in less than half a century?

laughing_swordfish's picture

Die DeutscherVolk have already taken up the issue.

Thilo Sarrazin and others have placed the issues of our time before the people.

Everything Hitler predicted would happen if the Jews and Communists got their way has come to pass.

The German People will rise again, and a third installment of Furor Teutonicus awaits.

It is basically one conflict since 1914 - with a twenty year and a seventy year "armistice" thrown in.

Deutschland Erwache !

zelter's picture

The issue of our time is the race-replacement of ethnic Europeans in Europe. Thilo Sarrazin called for more of the same by advocating the forced "integration" of Muslims, whose nonattendance to "integration" is the only thing that's mildly likable about their presence. Thilo officially still stands for each and every one of these:

Indigenous peoples have the collective and individual right not to be subjected to ethnocide and cultural genocide, including prevention of and redress for:

(a) Any action which has the aim or effect of depriving them of their integrity as distinct peoples, or of their cultural values or ethnic identities;
(b) Any action which has the aim or effect of dispossessing them of their lands, territories or resources;
(c) Any form of population transfer which has the aim or effect of violating or undermining any of their rights;
(d) Any form of assimilation or integration by other cultures or ways of life imposed on them by legislative, administrative or other measures;
(e) Any form of propaganda directed against them.

Yeah, he and Merkel calls "multiculturalism" dead; and the new lode star becomes "integration," which sounds even worse for the demographic situation of the Krauts. Anything short of an immigration freeze and a plan for the expulsion of alien elements is a species of fraud offered to lull the long suffering, now slightly awakening, native populations back to sleep. That implies, as a first step, disentangling oneself from the quagmire of Council of Europe international laws, which absolutely no one is even deigning of touching.

laughing_swordfish's picture

You're right.

"Mulit-Kulti" , "Tolerance" and unlimited Islamic immigration are all the revenge of the Jew toward the free peoples of Europe.

Only a Europe Islamischerein Und Judenrein will have a chance to be free.

Kayman's picture

WTF ???!!!

Uncle Hitler was a nice guy, just misunderstood ???

Hitler was a fucking murdering megalomaniac, alongside his murdering pal Uncle Joe.

I am not a Jew, and I do not wish you or them any harm. 

What possible long term strategy was considered by planting a Jewish "homeland" in the middle of millions of Muslims that hate you ???

If the U.S. continues to flog the current dead horse of printing money instead of creating wealth, then if I was Israel, I would be looking hard for another piece of turf.

Without Uncle Sam, the lost tribes would be, indeed, lost.

Fuck Hitler, Fuck Stalin, Fuck Mao.

I neither love nor hate the "Jews" but I despise Neo Nazi revisionist history.

It's too bad Hitler didn't choke on his niece's piss before he murdered her.

Green Leader's picture

"...if I was Israel, I would be looking hard for another piece of turf."

They are: Patagonia.




Careless Whisper's picture

we're not in any position to knock anyone. we got our own debt problems. our annual deficit is about 10% of gdp and that's the number that everyone over there is complaining about. but apparently miss sheila blair, in an op-ed,  thinks we need to raise taxes to solve the deficit problem. Overly generous tax subsidies for housing...  that's politician speak for eliminating the mortgage interest deduction. enact comprehensive tax reform... that politician speak for raising everyone's taxes. and tax increases over many years... now she tries the direct approach. But we must never take public or investor confidence for granted. delusions that empower them to do whatever they damn well please.


snowball777's picture

Oh, I see...it's only the entitlements of other people you have a problem with.

hedgeless_horseman's picture

I had a similar discussion today with a soon-to-be recipient of a public-servant pension.  He was saying how entitlements needed to be cut, and I asked him how he and his fellow police officers will react when their very generous pensions are halved, or worse?  He had clearly not thought of his police pension as an entitlement, but rather something he was entitled to.

snowball777's picture

I think I'm better with a guy who put his neck on the line being able to care for his loved ones should he take one for the team than I am watching top 3%-ers write off gobs of mort interest because they can.

Can you tell I'm a renter? Not that I'm not happy to be, given the number of folks underwater; they didn't get me.


RKDS's picture

In Pennsylvania, state employees are forced to contribute to their pension plans but the public at large seems ignorant of that fact.  In fact, it is the government who has been deferring their contribution for years, making the hysteria over a coming spike in pension costs all the more ridiculous.  Surprise, don't pay on your credit cards and interest accrues, news at 11.

They'll cut the pensions (they've already done some cutting, despite the fact that we'd be ahead even in this climate if the government hadn't shorted us in the first place) and make exactly zero progress on the budget because they already weren't paying their obligations.  Meanwhile, school administrators and welfare dependants of all stripes (minority, corporate, legislative, etc) will all get their regularly scheduled raises.

I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place, being a non-union public employee entering the 3rd year of a pay freeze while everything else (insurance contributions, property taxes, energy, food, etc) keeps going up.  Ending the mortgage deduction would probably be just enough to put me underwater.

Oracle of Kypseli's picture

I saw Sheila the other day and she has lost a lot of weight. She worries a lot. Can't sleep well at night. She thinks a lot and she knows what's coming.

Take note mates... 

Bob's picture

When people face hurt like the Irish are, we'll hit the streets.  It's an American tradition. 

Let them not further extend Unemployment benefits and you'll be hearing it soon. 

goldfish1's picture

Let the Irish say fukk 'em like the Icelanders did.



dark pools of soros's picture

take away tv & internet and you would get a rally of insane proportions


no worry about satellite - only the boonie freaks use that

beastie's picture

Very good William. That about sums it up.

Any word from your friend on how to sleuth through the mortgage maze?


williambanzai7's picture

His chart is now all over the internet. Just google Most Complicated Mortgage Chart. He was also on the Eliot Spitzer show. I want him to testify for Angelides. ;-)

And I am rooting for the Irish to start the party!

THE DORK OF CORK's picture

So Goldman has a claim on Munster........

They will soon have a office in Corks thriving financial district - business is brisk now.

Grand Parade and South Mall > Cork Past and Present




revenue_anticipation_believer's picture

maybe...then maybe Goldman will have a little taste of economic violence, in London, New York, Singapore, Australia, and employees volunteering to stay at home....permanently...

could be, huh? Money reality, is after all 'imaginary' and by 'agreement' in good faith...time fror the Goldie fairy tale to end up 'ring around the rosie/goldie...all fall down, now goldie...

Bob's picture

Hail to the Fighting Irish!