$787 Billion In Federal Stimulus Creates/Saves 5.93 Jobs In Rhode Island

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Recovery.org has some useful data to track the efficacy of the administration's stimulus program. Not only can the 5.93 people (not in millions, thousands, hundreds or even tens) in Rhode Island whose jobs the Federal Government managed to "save" send personal thank you letters to American taxpayers, but they can read all about the happy response on Amazon's Kindle, which apparently every single human being in the world is a proud owner of, which seems sufficient to justify the retailer's 60x forward P/E (once the short squeeze is finished after hours, that's roughly where the stock should be trading; in other news at least Americans can finally get edumacated with everyone finally reading just to look cool).

In all seriousness, is this chart from recovery.org, proudly pasted on the front page, supposed to make Americans happy about the amazing misuse of taxpayer funds to only "create" 30,000 jobs in America (never mind that actual unemployment by state continues to skyrocket, putting all claims about saved jobs very much in the highlight reel on the Comedy Channel)? And just how does the government provide 0.93 jobs? Can Rhode Islanders round up that particular employee or does the 0.07 account for the weighted average time spent by "saved employees" playing Solitaire?

Either way, another phenomenal demonstration of efficiency by the administration.


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Imagine that.  Good thing Romer said the stimulus has shot its wad and we are seeing all the benies we are going to get from  it

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This chart is a really helpful handout to demonstrate the effectiveness of the stimulus.  Also, think about the employee who was paid to put it together... he/she probably would have been out on the street starving/begging had it not been for the stimulus.  Great job guys!

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So at this rate, if we can pass another stimulus for, let's say, $78.7 TRILLION, we could save another 3,000,000 jobs.

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gosh darnit, your calculator is better than mine.  So about $155 Trillion would get us to 6M new jobs

then the extra 1 M with another $25 Trillion


Problem solved, for $180 Trillion

Someone get Shanghai on the line.

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But Tyler they said saved OR create 3.5-4M jobs

they never said the mix

create 30,000 jobs, saved 3.97M!


This can only mean one thing


$787 B was clearly not enough, it only created 30,000 jobs


I await the $7.87 T stimulus plan to create 300,000 jobs


If we want to create (what is it up to? 7M lost jobs?) we need to do a stimulus of.... hold... on....

darnit, my solar calculator just broke.


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You need some help?  I just got a new abacus shipped to me straight from...guess where...you got it...Shanghai.

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I remember when the administration first began the oratory (obama obviously), which began as "creating 3MM jobs."  I don't think it even took 2 months to change to the unmeasurable "create or save" bullshit. 

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I think Obama should have just used the stimulus money to send every American a bag of prunes. Now that would move me...so to speak. :)

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Keep in mind that at least one of those 5.93 jobs was someone hired to count the other 4.93.

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Um, that's the State of "Rhode Island And Providence Plantations" to you. Which means one job for each word in our name. Yes, the "And" is part of the official name.

We sent the 0.93 job to Connecticut as part of the cease fire.

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I am not seeing this data on the recovery.org site -- can anyone direct me to it?

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Works out to $262,333 per job. What sort of jobs were they? Where did this money actually go? How, exactly were jobs "saved" (saved implies that the job holders were ALREADY on the payroll, so again, where did the money actually go?).

(Low blow ahead:) Does GS have offices in all 50 states?

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Unless I'm reading incorrectly 787 billion divided by 30k jobs is 26.2 million per job.

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It is all so bizarre. If I think about all this crap too much I start shaking and drooling. Really bothers the wife.


Love your site: Honesty, Intergrity and the Truth. Not too many places I can go for those 3 items anymore.

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Recovery.gov is the U.S. government’s official website providing easy access to data related to Recovery Act spending and allows for the reporting of potential fraud, waste, and abuse.

A pretty good lead-in to the table, I'd say.

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"We're through the looking glass here people"

- Milhouse Van Houten

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For Rhode Island:

  • Provide NOAA with modern, accurate hydrographic survey data: 1.7 jobs for $6,600,000, less than 50% completed
  • Provide more efficient energy systems to federal buildings: 0.23 jobs for $104,000, more than 50% completed
  • Reroofing and masonry repairs at a US courthouse: 1 job for $242,000, not started
  • Replace roads and sidewalks at a Housing Authority building: 3 jobs for $143,000, completed
  • Replace facia boards and cedar shingles on exterior of buildings at the Greenville Manor: 0 jobs for $88,000, not started
  • Documentation and environmental assessment for the construction of an Armed Forces Reserve Center: 0 jobs for $448,000, completed


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Based upon the 600,000+ population of my birth state (the great "Rhode Island And Providence Plantations") the list above appears to have repaired nearly half the housing stock in my little Rhody.

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"Replace roads and sidewalks at a Housing Authority building: 3 jobs for $143,000, completed"


So three people hired for a job that is completed. Where are those people now?

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You can only estimate the jobs question on about 1/3 of the complete stimulus package.

Job creation will be from hiring companies given the contracts.

Jobs saved measurement I have yet to see.

I would really like to know how, using statistics, to accurately measure jobs saved relative to the stimulus package? It would be based on what historic data or method?

If any body has seen the method please post a link.


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Thats $29 million per job created or saved, cool.

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True, the pick and shovel sellers are rolling in dough (aapl), while the miners are struggling (t).

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holy crap...I don't know if I should laugh or cry.

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F@#$%^& FANTASTIC!!!

deadhead, i'm with you, laughing while i cry.

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Look again robots.

The stimulus money has gone into projects that the states had planned but could not finance because state and local receipts went through the trapdoor.

Stimulus is nothing but state tax relief, and turning the power of the press to favored local politicians.  Taking that manure and spreading it around.  Must be green manure.

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Obama has no idea what he is doing. The drones eat his bullshit up like good little Obamabots.

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Obama has no idea what he is doing. The drones eat his bullshit up like good little Obamabots.

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287 jobs created in Illinois.  lawl

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This is a joke right?  Drug dealing and prositution produces better employment numbers than the $782 billion.  We would be better off with tax rebate checks to buy coke and hookers. 

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Puerto Rico and DC are states now? There are 52 states listed.