Acceptance Speech of Charles Ferguson, Oscar Winner of Best Documentary Feature for Inside Job

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Maybe Chuckie Ferguson can join Elliot (John) Spitzer on TV.

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Chuck, Chuck, Chuck, we own you.  Come on Chuck, we OWN you.

Get over it.

-- The Banksters

P.S. nice suit.

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no justice

no peace

if you are summoned to jury duty, no one gets found guilty til the real criminals do the perp walk

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Awesome movie! I watched it last week thanks to the link from (I forgot who) but really awesome movie. And maybe Spitzer should be US Attorney General. Seriously.

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i tried for hours to try and download that movie link last week, on both of my mac's, no luck.

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Not funny that the only person to even lose their job over the financial mess was the CEO of GM.  He was only guilty of poor management.

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I believe they booted the Union head too as a tit-for-tat as well..  most people don't even know that many of the concessions that happened after the crash was already in the works but when the music stopped the scapegoats had to go to save face

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As a state securities regulator, it is rather pathetic that none of these perps have had to take the walk...

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Not only is it rather "pathetic" that there has been no consequence delivered to the criminal syndicate known as Wall Street for engineering this massive fraud and economic collapse, it is also just as certain that we cannot recover from this mess until such time as consequences actually occur...meaning that each and every day that this clearly systemic fraud is allowed to stand, such is the case that things will only incrementally worsen.

It remains the most basic fact to understand, that CAPITAL CANNOT AND WILL NOT FORM IN A BANKING INDUSTRY AS CORRUPT AS OURS.

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And no one will EVER go to jail as long as the **members who own the private bank called the United States Federal Reserve** and have a major stake in the IMF, ECB, etc are in charge.

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And they'll be in charge forever more while U.S. citizens are too apethic and dumb to realize what's going on...

... it all boils to the citizens, who are complicit in this world wide damaging fraud caused by the FED/U.S. Government, as they do nothing to get rid of their scum overlords.

Egypt, Tunsia, et al have shown the people, if they have the will, can get rid of their oligarchs within weeks, if not days...

... and still the U.S. citizens sit there and do nothing.

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There were nearly 100,000 yesterday at the WI Capitol.

Fighting an end to collective bargaining and the sale of state energy and wealth producing assests at no-bid with no-review (to reward his corprate masters-the billionare Koch Brothers.)

Over the past 15 DAYS Gov. Scott Walker has admitted that he thought about sending in "trouble makers", cut off public wi-fi access inside the building to protest websites, taken down live video feeds, and today has restricted public access against the law and bolted the windows in the Capitol shut as he looses control of the situation...

and apparently screwed his party's chances in the state for 2012.

Today I heard a rumor that someone from Egypt ordered food (pizza?) to be sent to the Capitol for the protestors.

Some people are doing something.