Add The Middle East To China And India As Another Source Of Surging Gold Demand, Says Jim O'Neill

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que WW3 in 5...4...3...

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Gotta get me some of those Denninger-head Kruggerrands for my survival kit.

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i still laugh and i dont know who he is.. I know he is a blogger but i have never, nor would i read his stuff! but you did a banj up job! keeo the tunes coming!

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Be nice if he could spell...........amazing.

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If you're referring to "Krugerrand", guilty as charged.

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Douchinger runs a miserable little blog called Tickerforum where he basically bans anyone who disagrees with him.  Its readership and membership is way down, basically the blog had a run where it was relevant but it's withering rapidly now.  Most of the forum content now is posts linking to what ZH says.

He jumped the shark when he threatened to ban anyone who linked to TheOilDrum.

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At least he doesn't want to sterilize half the human race like trav here.  

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Ya but trav will recieve total conciousness when he dies. So he's got that going for him.

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wtf is wrong with sterilizing half the human race?

Nobody would die, there's no pain, there's no suffering...there is LESS.

ponzi pumpers lose out, but the environment, QoL, everything for everyone else improves.  Crowding is solved, pollution, a lot of diseases, etc.

Instead of trotting out your ZOMG THAT RAYCISS bullshit, why don't you try using logic for a change?

I know why you won't.  It's because you WANT catastrophe; you hope to use your miserable little silver stash to become a future slumlord.  You've said as much.  You are a loser who sees his stupid little bugout farm as his chance to finally be king and extract his pound of flesh from "the masses" who are starving.

You announce ALL THE TIME that collapse is coming and that zillions will die; where the fuck is your optimism there, moron?  You don't want solutions, you want misery, frickin misanthrope.

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You might also enjoy this one, at least I did. :)

Denninger gets the goldfinger

History of all this: Cookie Denninger doesn't understand Gold - Karl Denninger Angered, Bans Everyone

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Que? Did you mean cue or queue?

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A guy rushes into the doctors office and says "Doctor, I've swallowed a billiard ball!". The doctor replies, "Get to the end of the queue".

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Yeah im a little late to the party, as usual, but does anyone here have a good source I can buy physical silver and have it mailed to me?  I'm not looking for an investment to make money off of, I just want some just in case.

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Blanchard is one of the most reputable companies.  They headquarter out of New Orleans.  I physically go there and pick up my gold shipments and have seen their office and they are a top notch company.  I enjoy my visits and like to discuss the gold market with the salesmen.  Their prices blow away AMPEX and KITCO.  I found their spreads very reasonable.I don't know if there's another cheaper place, but safety was an issue for me and that's how I found them.  


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There's also Northwest Territorial Mint ( and

(Not promoting or anything, just passing on some options...good luck.)

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Many will say go to local coin dealers and start a relationship with them in the event you will ever need to sell it back.  Also you can buy jewelry from garage sales and estate sales for much less than retail. 

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My suggestion is to go with Temporalist, go to the coin shop.  If they are not too busy, you can learn stuff as well.  

Temporalist's idea of starting up a relationship with one or more coin dealers is a really good idea.

Buy online only if you are buying BIG.

I have only bought once online before: 10 oz of Pt.

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+1 for local coin dealers. These could become banks if things work out the way many think. Nice to have a good relationship with your local moneychanger.

Premiums may or may not be slightly higher due to brick and mortar.

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Not late. You can still actually buy silver with paper money. This won't always be the case.

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Tyler, haven't heard much lately on the tungsten-gold bars.  Either it's blatantly "self-evident" or the story has died down...just curious.


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 Gaithersburg Coin Exchange is awesome currently +.80 over on 100oz bars. Free shipping if you buy a good lot. Tulving is also good but there spot is higher and you have to get 500oz so premiums are still +1.10 or so on 500 oz. Tulving has a 100oz special right now at 1.49 over on NTR 10 oz.

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it seems the gold bubble is about to pop....Goldman is promoting gold...

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you should sell me your gold at a discount before the market opens on monday.. you dont want to be caught!

I will buy for $1,400 an oz!

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already sold my mining shares...will wait for a very nice dip if i buy aga

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Hope you didn't sell Kinross, that stock is about to $rocket$.

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LOL JW.  Email me at gmail for an invitation!

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Chen I luv Ya Bro and I dont want to start any trouble in your nice new place that is filled with polite people who dont want me jumping up and down on their nuttz for the fun of it!


It is out of respect, you said you dont want fight club inside your house and all I do is fight soooooo?


God Speed and Good Luck Brother! I hope all your dreams come true! every day! and I mean that from bottom of my soul!

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You better stock up on Bennie Bucks.

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"how much silver is used in alternative energy applications such as solar panels."  something tells me "a real friggin' lot."

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I heard that at $40 per ounce it is 10% of the cost of solar panels. This was from an interview with Jeff loebb. He's got a new book that researches some of these factors (I.e. scarcity issues)

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Interesting development in Solar:

New solar technology could break photovoltaic limits

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scientists are about to create an atomic converter, that can practically take any atom apart (neutrons and protons)

and reshuffle them to get any element you want (Silver, Gold, you name it).

All this device needs is Extreme amounts of energy and some seawater.

This will destroy all the commodity-markets.


Just kidding! But can you imagine?? LOL

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No, i cannot, because i understand the physics involved. You'd indeed need "extreme amounts of energy"... very extreme. Know when stuff like gold is created? Not even stellar fusion is enough.... you need a supernova explosion to get enough energy for this.

As with everything, it not only matters if something can be done, but at what cost. No one's gonna pay 100.000 $ (at current value) per ounce of gold, right? Before something like this becomes economically useful (let alone technologically possible), you could rather do deep-sea mining.... still fucking expensive and unfeasible, but much less so than your proposed idea.

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i've done ok recycling old alchemists

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>> scientists are about to create an atomic converter, that can practically take any atom apart (neutrons and protons) and reshuffle them to get any element you want (Silver, Gold, you name it).

It's called a fucking supernova. ;-)   Kind of hard on the local real estate and agribusiness though. 

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Its called a particle accelerator. The amounts made are infinitesimal but the power enormous.

Alchemy but not cost effective.

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How much relief to the economy would fusion energy provide?

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And so another takeover begins.

(Reuters) - European clearinghouse LCH.Clearnet confirmed on Saturday it has received a string of offers from exchange operators interested in pursuing some form of business tie-up but said talks were still at an early stage.

Offeres were made by NYSE Euronext, Nasdaq OMX Group and London Stock Exchange Group. LCH.Clearnet regulates margin rates for HKMEx, LME and OTC Gold.

In a nutshell, expect more volatility across the board

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By the way - regarding the physical silver market, here's a small sample from my area (europe). A few days ago, i was picking up my order from my local coin dealer (delivery time aprox 1 week). We got into a little chat, and i asked him how current customer sentiment is for his shop. His answer:

1. He was flooded with buy orders during the recent takedown.

2. Almost no one is selling.

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My coin dealer that I see on a weekly basis has been getting progressively less silver. If I want a "big" order (e.g. 500 ounces - yeah, seems tiny), it takes him now about a week to fill. He's getting lots of scrap (which he finds).

He says he might eventually have to close (in business since early 60s)

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Dont suppose any one can recommend dealers in the UK?

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Jeff Nichols Interview About Gold, Silver Strategy - Bloomberg


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gimmie a forklift.. no a skid steer with forks! and off I would go! me and my new box of gold!


I will be a pirate one day with chests of gold! I will of course share with my Bros of Fight Club so that you guys can throw the daballons at the girls so that you can see some Titties! Grils of Fight Club I will share so you gals can buys some new shoes.. women are soooo fucking boring unless they are a hooker!

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just found a new chart on yahoo

Only 5 days old and backed by physical held at JPM in London.

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...held by JPM .    uhhhhhh,  no thanks.

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nooo. noooooo.. it is really safe, they pinky swear that they will not encumber or cross your gold that they hold in a different pile than everyone elses.. of course you will never, ever be able to hold it in your hand.. for your own safety!

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Seriously, the morgue? How can you suggest with a straight face?

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Bulls of gold= golden calf

praying to a false god, iow

slimy bastard