Adolf As Jamie: Artist's Impression Of JPM's CEO Hearing That Silver Is Trading Over $500

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Since it is now all too obvious that few if any Americans read (one wonders what the prospects for the Kindle really are), the one mitigating revelation is that cartoons (we recently called the Xtranormal bubble) and comedies are springing up like mushrooms, explaining all the fraud that occurs on Wall Street courtesy of tens if not hundreds of millions of unemployed Americans who suddenly have a lot of free time on their hands. The latest and greatest one takes on Jamie as Hitler (who has been very busy recently, having to deal with both MBS fraud and the Irish collapse) who we find is not too happy to learn that the Argentum line was just taken by the Asian banks and the millions of US coin purchasers, and the resultant squeeze is about to force his bank to come begging at the front door of the FRBNY for capital to fund the world's biggest collateral call ever.

h/t Max Keiser