Adrian Douglas Demonstrates How The Fed Cooks Its Books (With PwC's Complicity)

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Tyler, you were scooped--yesterday, this same story appeared on this website:


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Fairly confident it also appeared on the original website on April 1.

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There are too many cracks in the foundation now. The escalation into a major war is imminent. All they need now is an event to have the masses wave flags as we fly our silver tipped missles into the huts of "terrorist" who happen to live on top of oil fields. It is 1984 as we are both openly arming and fighting al qaeda.

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Of course they need a propagation method of terrorism.  Think how much of a boon for the MIC "terrorism" has been.  The MIC has created more "terrorists" than anything else.

What,  build schools, hold hands, everyone sing kumbayah (sp?) and let the missile-wielding maniacs retire to something...more..."peaceful?"

They aren't wired that way: it's moreso an attempt at forcing meaning into their lives, and it's more of a fight with themselves than it a fight against any "true" evil: it's existential.  Without war--without a manufactured evil to build "honor" and "virtue" constructs around,  what do they do?  That is their meaning, it's to create a war in which they can find value in.  Peace isn't the objective, since "peace" is only meaningful when you set it off as some distant goal to glorify, and to use as a motivator. 

The funny thing about people is that they're resilient,  you just toss them into a conflict and they'll dig deep enough to find purpose, to find something to fight for, to keep going.  And that's an incredibly useful trait to build an industry around, and war is business.

It's just disheartening to see that so many people just take up their roles, and fulfill what has been intended for them.  I wish we could truly advance as a species, but there's nothing more for us:  we'll die exploiting one another in this military-industrial scheme. 

I'm assuming that I'm too much of a romantic.  I get lost in imagining what we could be, but I always have to come back to reality and see that we're willing to settle for so much less.

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I wish we could truly advance as a species, but there's nothing more for us."

It's an invalid premise.  The growth is in each individual,  Some are 'arrested' at various stages of development.  A truly mature individual is more the qualities I think you mean and then extend it to a whole culture, people, species...

Read some Ken Wilbur 'Integral psychology'

But, Each Individual must go thru it.  The whole is just the average.   

But since each individual has to 'Grow Up',  if you dumb them down for twenty years,  whole traits can be erased.  



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every 'safety' system ever introduced by law has been corrupted. Auditing, supposedly to protect shareholders and keep the Directors honest regards their financial information, is just another 'safety' system (eg. regulators, passports, Police, Health & Safety, Drugs Administration etc etc) to add to the long list of statutory failures

what should have been learned from Enron was that those paid by the piper (Directors) become crones. If they could and should have done anything after Enron, it was to change the auditors paymasters from the Board to the shareholders (ie. shareholder appointed auditors, not Board appointed). No serious attempt was made to rectify the crystal clear and simply obvious errors apparent in the Enron scandal or any other (many) accountancy scandals before or since 

Accountancy like the entire Legal profession is a sick joke on society. It's about time the whole pompous useless profession was shuttered for the sham that it is

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the CEO must sign now.  i know "that ain't shit mofo."  just saying--and..... "it was quiet that earnings reporting season.   Too quiet.  I was chillin' with my villains--when suddenly!

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"what should have been learned from Enron"


Oh, but they did learn from it.  They learned how to control things better when one goes down.  Everybody remembers Ken Lay,  But NOBODY remembers anyone from those that went down 2007-2008ish. 

They learned how to disappear.  Showing up on some other board, With corner office,   Preplanned in advance. 

Corporations are the Gloves, The hands are the board members.  Companies go under,  directors just get new jobs. Do a cross match on peoples names and boardships same people on numerous ones.  There was a website that showed it nicely  as a web.


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Welcome to the keeping up appearances economy.

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To say "If anything, our control procedures run a little to the “belt and suspenders”... is as inaccurate and disingenuous as "this is an embarrassing, indeed humbling, event".  To be truly humbled would necessarily imply a forthright acknowledgement of the problem and coming clean.  Instead, they engage in a conspiracy to cover it up.

One can only wonder, however, whether they felt so comfortable with this 'little' deceipt because the secret and treasonous actions and agreements with the BIS, China, et. al. made this wholly insignificant in comparison.   

Greenspan; an insightful analyst, an amoral banker, a master prevaricator by way of obfuscation.  A man who has compromised any intellectual honesty he ever demonstrated in his early years. Pretty sad ending - as pitiful and tragic as the unmasking of Clark Clifford's  grubby, greedy character before his death.   


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Greenspan; an insightful analyst, an amoral banker, a master prevaricator by way of obfuscation. 

Wouldn't ya love to see a non-biased indepth news interview with him by someone of integrity, seasoned in 'Getting the Story" . 

Andrea Mitchell perhaps? 


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Yeah... (lol) but could she keep to the subject of economics or would the inevitable spousal bickering interfere?  "Alan, some years ago you wrote about gold as an important means by which individuals could protect wealth from confiscation by government's monetary debasement through the printing of paper, and by the way, why didn't you put a new roll of fiat in the bathroom this morning?"

Remember all the shit he used to lay on congress and they were so enthralled... the maestro, no one could understand his answers but he sounded so sure of himself.   


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Maybe I'm just reading this wrongly, which is not unheard of for me at all, but.....


"They have worked back through the records to December 1994, before which detailed records at the transaction level just no longer exist due to the routine and appropriate destruction of documents."

"Prior to 1994, the only interest income we were receiving in that account was coming from the BIS, the Bundesbank, and the Bank of Japan. So the source of the income was official institutions. It was really a very simple accounting process to bring that income in at that point; the complexities have been introduced since that time."

The complexities of the accounting were introduced since 1994.  The records prior to 1994 were destroyed.  OK, so?  Then they have the records to perform the full, comprehensive and final audit, n'est-ce pas?

And I understand materiality.  OK, so it's not a boatload of money by FRB standards, but it is, theoretically, taxpayer funds.

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How insignificant these numbers ($5mil, $36mil) seem today....  Noone would even dare bring $5 million issue to the Chairman Bernank.  He's busy operating trillions!


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Watch this very funny testimony of Alan Grayson interviewing

Inspector General over the FED.  Deer in Headlights.  Listen to the artful backpeddling at it's finest.

Have you found any conclusion for the FED expanding it's balance by a $1 trillion?  Have you found who the receipent were...... FUNNY

Alan Grayson: Is Anyone Minding the Store at the Federal Reserve?


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It's just shit that spits out of the printers, WTF difference does it make?

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Tyler, well done as always. I just hope you'll begin to report the documented solutions. It was refreshing to read the comments on your IMF reporting. Desensitised blokes like myself enjoy reading cock shocked replies.

The truth is an integral part in societies future success of advancing cultural development.

-Me aka Atomizer 4/4 2011

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I am shocked.

I thought the Federal Reserve was powered by the same energy source that drives angels. I was under the impression that the Mariner Eccles building was a rainbow factory.

To think that an institution that has a monopoly over money and credit via the worlds reserve currency could ever engage in questionable behavior...fradulent/ mind numbing. I mean when you have a private group of men operating in complete secrecy with no oversight I guess it would be imprompt to assume this kind of shit happening right?

What is truly astounding is that the Fed has made congress an impotent and flaccid stooge by usurping their most powerful strength which is the creation and regulation of the nations money supply. Ever get that feeling like congress is useless? No one consults them on money, going to war (we're engaged in 3 wars with no official declaration by congress), or pretty much anything important. Everything is now done by special interests and lobbying arms all behind the scenes by the biggest and most powerful corporations in the world.

America really is dead. The name still exists but the ideals of which it was founded are completely over and only a frail sarcophagus is proof that it ever existed to begin with.

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What's troubling to me is that only after 5 years detailed transaction data is destroyed, effectively ending any further discovery by a potential full audit.

So here we are now going on 3 years after the beginning of the crisis, we'd better get to work on a full audit before the incinerators start running in about 2 years.

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In 1996 I took over as a Division Controller after a company bought another about a year earlier. 

The prior company books were carried over with work in process, and some adjustment to good will and were maintained by the corporate office until growth suggested the need for a division controller...namely me. 

I noticed, relatively soon, that the WIP inventory didn't automatically reverse for monthly recalculation.  A total of $3.2 million was left in the account after my transactions cleared.  Tracing back, this balance had carried over from the time of purchase.  The only corrective action was to allow it to hit revenue as it should have originally (only I classed it as "other revenue" to distinguish from on-going operations) and note the adjustment.  It's not "cooking the books", it's correcting an error from (a) prior period(s).  In terms of scope, for the corporation as a whole, this was a blip.  For our Division, however, it was a one time hit. 

Correction made, financials carried forward as they should.

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I can assure you that PwC's opinion is bought.  I did SOX work at a company that was a PwC client.  We had several disclosable events, none of which saw the light of day.  Of course, there were numerous meetings and a law firm from Washington D.C. got involved, but the public was none the wiser.  But who cares, right?  Laws are for the little people, not Masters of the Universe.

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Are you F'n Serious?

They're CROOKED like the tooth on an Alabama DMV worker.



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Eventually the shit will hit the literal fan.  Everyone will look back to today (or so), and say, "I knew I should have been getting ready ..."

For shits and giggles, lets just say that Obama gets re-elected and the Bernankster stays on for an additional four years.  In 2016, there absolutely will be a new president, and if history is any teacher, it is that the leaving administration will create a scorched earth for the incoming president.  As I do not think that Obama will be able to pull off a victory in 2012, the proverbial "game over" is rapidly approaching.  The slogan "Hope and Change" will hang from Obama's neck like an albatross, just like Pelosi's famous, "We have to vote for it (the healthcare bill), to see what is in it"

Eventually extend and pretend will end.  Now is time to figure out what will and will not be important in the future.

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Of course "extend and pretend" will not end because the predators decide to abandon it.  Rather, "extend and pretend" will simply stop working, probably because the currency collapses.

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Another look inside the doomsday machine. This entire meeting is about the rise in housing prices and argue whether there is a bubble. They knew a drop in housing prices would wipe out interest only borrowers and that ARM resets could flood the system with foreclosed homes.  They even mention banks holding mezzanine tranches of these loans could be hit. BS they didn't know about CDOs.

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I can't believe anyone even discusses whether the fed is 100% pure predatory elitism or not.  The facts have been so obvious for so long that any question by knowledgeable people is purely disingenuous.

How simple does the solution need to be for people to "get with the program" and "save themselves"?  Convert all forms of paper into real, physical silver, gold or other commodities and physically productive assets (like farmland, equipment, supplies).

The federal reserve is 100% pure unadulterated predatory crooks.

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Greenspan is one gifted bullshitter.

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even if Ron Paul manages to pass 'Audit the Fed' bill...who will audit them? PwC or the big 4 ?? they are all in it together...

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C'mon... they did use an offsetting entry.

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So i spoke with mt treasuries counsul about a FED audit some time ago, i asked why it hasnt been, his claim was simple, and i was able to understand it completely.

auditing the fed would assume a group could trace every note, now picture the size that said group would need to be, we just wouldnt have enough people to audit them.

seems an awefully valid point.

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fisher price water hose

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I wouldn't trust the Fed's books as far as I could throw them.  It's so obvious they're manipulating the facts here to show us a different reality, this whole avoiding a shutdown is just another cover up for the fact that we're all f*ed and the dollar is going to die.