In Advance Of The IMF Conclave, Here Are The Economist's Odds For The Next Head Candidate

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The Economist has stolen InTrade's thunder on the matter of IMF head odds and has compiled a list of the most likely candidates to take over for DSK, whose entire world has come crashing down in the span of a few minutes. This particular selection process may be more complex than usual, as it will see non-European countries vying for representation, as well as the possibility of PR damage control of having a woman, Christine Lagarde, on top. What is certain is that no matter who ends up standing when the conclave is over and white smoke is released, Mohamed El-Erian will be again correct: the process will high on pomp, even higher on Feudal traditions, and lacking in any true significance. From the Economist: "The head of the IMF has traditionally been a European, but calls from emerging countries to break with this unwritten rule, which they consider unfair, have been growing louder in the aftermath of the Strauss-Kahn imbroglio. But Europe seems unwilling to give up the privilege of having one of its own at the top of the IMF, particularly at a time when the IMF’s main job is crafting bail-out packages for euro-area countries. Here are some of the people viewed to be plausible contenders to replace Mr Strauss-Kahn, and the odds on their getting the top job according to William Hill, a British bookmaker. A win for a non-European would be a first for the IMF, as would the appointment of Christine Lagarde, who would be the first woman to head the organisation."

h/t John Lohman