Advance Look At Tepper's CNBC Sequel: "Balls To The Wall" Becomes "Harder And Not Without Risk"

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As noted yesterday, David Tepper is coming back to CNBC this Friday, in what many expect will be a reprise of his September appearance which was one of many events to unleash the buying spirits and save the year for so many Hodge funds loaded with financial stocks (we eagerly await February 15 to get the latest round of 13F and uncover just how many of the biggest financial "bulls" used the Q4 rally to dump). It appears, however, that this time around Tepper will not be dispensing with his usual POMO-inspired exuberance. In an interview with the Post, Tepper, who from media shy has become just a "little" overexposed, says that 2011 will be "harder and not without risk." Will this be the top-tick event of the market's recent and relentless bear market melt up?

From the NY Post:

Hedge fund honcho David Tepper, who helped rally sagging markets last year with his bullish comments on stocks, is more cautious this year.

In an interview with The Post, Tepper said while "the biggest opportunities" will remain in equities, 2011 will be "harder and not without risk."

"When things go up too high, they will go down," Tepper said, referring to the recent market surge, which saw the S&P 500 close the year up 13 percent, in line with his prediction.

Last September, the founder of $15 billion hedge fund Appaloosa Management injected optimism into an otherwise downbeat stock market when he told CNBC that government intervention in the financial markets virtually guaranteed a rally.


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goldmiddelfinger's picture

He's gonna need to pull a Billy Graham and get on his knees to hep gold

HelluvaEngineer's picture

Time for a controlled 11-12% selloff to blow out all the stops, then gun it again.

Common_Cents22's picture

They got to keep it alive until 2012 so the Mayans are proved correct.  Cmon, i know you can do it!

Red Neck Repugnicant's picture

Someone farted at the commodities table.  

Everyone grabbed their chips and scattered.

Looks like a few might have stopped at the Macys, Sears and JC Penny table before Scores opens for lunch..


belogical's picture

You can't even get on Kitco there's so much traffic

Id fight Gandhi's picture

Guess he has his shorts lined up. Time to for him to snatch it on the way down.

goldmiddelfinger's picture

Gold. Gold will be CRUSHED

Temporalist's picture

You and Spalding must be sitting around plugging one another's rectums with pineapples each time gold falls.  Good for you!  Your love of hating something has brought you two soul mates together.

goldmiddelfinger's picture

Hate is a jerkoff word for profit. Profiting by gold's demise brings me joy. If you suffer, it is by you own self treatment.

Temporalist's picture

Hate, jerkoff, whatever you call it for yourself and Spalding.

MiningJunkie's picture

Sell whatever he says he likes...short it if he becomes animated.

satansanus's picture

hes a fucking cocksucker. Where was he on may 5th or june?


I give hime 6 flaming shitballs out my ass in his face.


He knew feb op ex was gonna be th nuke session on BAC 2009

Cdad's picture

I cannot believe this particular criminal syndicate Wall Street fund manager is actually coming back after his pump and dump last time.  Then again, no one on Wall Street is even remotely familiar with the concept of I take back my first comment.

Considering coining the term stocks are "priced to D. Tepper" to replace stocks are "priced for Dotcom."

goldmiddelfinger's picture

CNBC is as shameless as their saturday morning infomercials. It's no wonder viewership has cratered. I for one no longer watch-or listen- to their crap. I can only just bear Bloomberg, which although much better journalisticly, irritates me no end by their ownership.

Cdad's picture

I have kept with the Blow Horn [CNBC] is a sick fascination of watching a slow mo train wreck.  Watching the personalities become non people will be sweet.

As well, I stay on that channel to monitor the state of propaganda in the US. 

These things said, it irritates me to no end...their amazingly far they all have fallen away from the concept of The 4th Estate.

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

Japan at debt crisis must raise taxes to lower debt..what a great idea to keep an economy expanding..LoL, Washington is Tokyo on steroids so higher taxes it is.

seems an op ex week is being used to hammer PM and PM stocks..Just looked at NEM's full yr report and sales growth was only double digit plus y/y very sad (sarc)  ..yep solid miners are too risky,, banks are where true financial soundness is lie. speaking of lies here comes GE with hopium express.


Uncle Sugar's picture

Here comes the PPT.  BTFD already!

raya123's picture

You're going to have to wait quite a long time for a buyable "dip" in this market.

Problem Is's picture

" to unleash the buying spirits and save the year for so many Hodge funds loaded with financial stocks..."

Hodge Fund?
Tyler, is that like a Hog Fund for Financial Pigmen?

Grand Supercycle's picture

Previous S&P500 / DOW / FTSE / DAX bearish warnings are confirmed today.