Afternoon Humor

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We have a new contender for the Bloomberg list of most inappropriately named people...

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Ironically that is what Bernanke says about the dollar.

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Afternoon humor from

Pay no attention to those 15.1 million unemployed people—Wall Street instead is more focused on the man behind the Fed curtain and what he'll be doing to fire up the equity markets.

The goons at the helm of the MSM will do anything to keep the party going.  Maybe the only rational thing Walker ever said was, "Walled Street got drunk."  Bernanke never took away the Hunch Punch.  The belligerent farce continues....

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Add Dae-Ho to my SPDL!!!!!

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That ranks right up there with NIGAZ, also reported at ZH at the time. That was a long time ago!


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NiGaz was classic. Still refer to in in posts.

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"I'm high in this bitch, I'm trying to get blow
I'm looking on the floor so I can bang me a ho"


Da Hustler

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Is he related to 'Hoo Bang Dat-Ho?'

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I believe he's friends with Hung Lo.

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Any relation to Lo Hung Dong?

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Great great grandson of the still living Wii Fukm Yung...

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Bang Da Ho, bitches!

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Along with his lesser known cousing Suk Mai Dik

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Along with:

Fook Mi & Fook Yu

Yeah, Baby, Yeah!

Unfortunately, my neck does look like a vagina.

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There is (or maybe was) a Korean restaurant in Honolulu called "Fook Yuen Seafood".  I always wanted to open up a competing restaurant across the street called "Fook Yuen Two".

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I bet they served up an awesome pupu platter too!

Personally, I was always fond of driving by the office of Dr. Au down in Captain Cook on the Big Island.

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Dr. Au?  Was he a dentist?  That's almost as good as my Urologist...Dr. Leak...seriously, I'm not making this up.

Are you still in the islands? 

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Yes, the good doctor Au is/was a dentist, which makes his name doubly punny --- Dr. "Ow!" ---- "Au" --- gold fillings ....

Not on the Big Island now, but will be visiting again soon.

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Please go to Hilo and have a Loco Moco for me at Cafe 100.


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It's already on my list!

And Ming's Restaurant in Pahoa --- best Thai food outside of Thailand!

Can't forget about the pork chops and butterfish at the Manago Hotel either --- homey but tasty.

Aloha nui loa!

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Before we moved down here, my wife's Ob/Gyn was named Dr. Harry Beaver.  When she first told me that I then explained to her (she was born in Peru) what the slang terms were.  I could hardly believe that an MD would choose that name.

Honestly, this is true!

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...and truthfully, my vascetomy was performed by Dr. Dunn...his specialty...

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There's a restaurant in Brookline, MA called Fugakyu.

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There was, in the early 90's, a Chinese restaurant in Bamberg Germany called Hung Fuk. Served the worst pork and rice ever.

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Unfortunately, my neck does look like a vagina.


Ah so, you are Fook Hed?

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Hahahahaa, that guy should join Benron's crew asap.

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He and B-Sack can hang like pimps.

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Surely has ZH has better things to do than ridiculing foreigners for their funny names. No? Oh well, give a minute to rest my aching sides.

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I'm suspicious. Last week it was Chinese companies with tickers like "OINK"

I think they're just yanking our chains. Seriously.

Points for style, though.

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Ask any Chinese guy about someone named "Pete"  (fart)

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Thank you for the much needed balance on this important issue.

Ahem ... got any more of the same? Anyone here speak Japanese?

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Jambo - Hello

Jamba - Fart

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Imagine what they must think when visiting and run across a Jamba Juice...I'm thirsty, let's go to the shart store.

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Ask any spanish guy about the mitsubishi "Pajero" - wanker

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Surely has ZH has better things to do

.........just dont call me SHIRLEY when your bangin this HO† n o

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Let us recruit this individual to write for ZeroHedge on an EXCLUSIVE basis.  Watch out Cheeky Bastard!

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Oh. I read it as Bang! Die ho.

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ease off the Tarentino movies, fuu.


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Wayne Brady and 'Does Wayne Brady Have to Choke a Bitch' from the Chapelle Show:

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We should enjoy our humor while we can.  According to the Washington Times, the FCC is intending to adopt rules to: "preserve the freedom and openness of the Internet."   Unfortunately, I am not kidding.

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Oh god.

Okay. Now where is my double-speak dictionary ...

This crap gives me head aches. It really does.

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Tyler, you must follow this guy's calls, please, I am on my knees! 

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stop it I'm dying laughing!

Sensational! Reminds me of my teenage years.

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I am still there. Never left.