AIG Surging On Market Expectations Insurer Will Have Legal Claim Against Goldman

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AIG stock only fin up today on expectations the firm will now have legal precedent to sue Goldman Sachs.

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haha time to invest in prison infrastructure industry after all these tender pink assed criminals finish snitching on each other. I just want to know how the SEC/GS/FED think they will be able to contain all the snitching/whistle blowing/saving one's ass action about to explode.

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This could be a genuis plan by Obama:

-Federal Reserve sets interest rates at 0%.  Accepts anything as collateral.
-Goldman borrows billions at 0%.
-SEC charges Goldman with Fraud.
-AIG sues Goldman for billions.
-Goldman pays AIG with money borrowed at 0%.
-AIG collects lawsuit money and turns it over to the Treasury.
-White House reports deficit is actually shrinking, Democrats retain majority in November.
-Goldman borrows more money at 0% with old baseball cards as collateral.

And who said the Fed wasn't going to monetize debt? :)

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The Boxes are blowing a fuse again......

Looks like the Quants  have the same box issues as in late 07..


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Next will be AIG shareholders, then right behind them will be US taxpayers.

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The problem is, AIG is taxpayer owned, and the Govt. ain't going to lodge a "systemically disruptive" suit against Goldman. No way.

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The one time AIG Deserves to be
They were systematically dismantled for Goldman's profit at the taxpayer and Shareholders expense.

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Did AIG share holders get wiped out when they went broke or not ?

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maybe all the AIG bulls should hope that Cassano and crew
were not doing the same thing as GS...............