Al-Jazeera Releases "The Palestine Papers": Thousands Of Documents Detailing A Decade Of Secret Israeli Palestinian Negotiations

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This should be an interesting week.  I never thought that as an American, I would be relying on Al-Jazeera for ground breaking, investigative reporting.  It will be fun to watch our MSM comment, dis-credit and blah, blah, blah this new revelation.

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Let's flashback to 1991.  Just imagine telling somebody then that, "20 years from now we will have to turn to Pravda and an Arab news organization called Al Jazeera if we want to know what is really going on."  They would have sent you to Hazeltine or Bellevue.

Do Krugman and Friedman still work for The New York Times?  Yep, Al Jazeera looks better every day. 

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People in 1991 had the same problem we do now. They knew the problem, but couldn't stop their own degradation. Imagine 20 years from now in 2031, someone looks back and says, damn, can you imagine telling someone in 2011 that in 20 years, America will be one giant 3rd world country, with 50% unemployment rate, etc, where the goal of an average young person is to emigrate to another country, what would they say?

Krugman and Friedman are smart. I bet they already have their second passports ready. They can bailout when the going gets tough.

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The cross-border flows will grow proportionally to unemployment. 

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The Krugmans and the Friedmans are smart? They’ve scorched earth and burned the bridges everywhere they’ve been; just who will have them now?

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Want to know you're future? Look no further than the crap the boomers get...not saying boomers were right or wrong , but it won't matter.... enjoy.

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you knew Al-J was something when our government tried to take them out

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AJ is what CNN could have been or perhaps once was, notwithstanding the medium is the message and AJ is as controlled as the three network musketeers in America along with the aforementioned and the other cable prop networks

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Can't wait for the US to issue a fatwa to take care of this.

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Here is another take on the situation,

debkafile reveals that the documents were sold to the TV network by a disgruntled Palestinian staffer fired from the PA's NFU-Negotiating Support Team. They were used to depict  Abbas and Ereket as willing to betray Palestinian national interests, Israel as offering nothing in return for Palestinian concessions and America as unfairly advocating Israel's case throughout.
debkafile: The "expose" was clearly motivated by the urge to settle internal scores within the Arab camp and 
among rival Palestinian factions.
The presentation of a decade of negotiations is flawed on four counts: ...

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Right.  That's the crazy zionist version of the story (which, incidentally, and uncharacteristically for DF, isn't too far off the mark).

For the more nuanced version, The Angry Arab fills in the details:

PA has acted as the political stooge and enforcement goons for the zionists since Oslo.

I am Chumbawamba.

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The over/under is 500 comments

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"The over/under is 500 comments"

I think everybody is too busy watching Caleb Hainey try to do his Joe Montana impersonation.  I think the Bears could use Tony Montana as their QB right now.

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I will put twenty.on under.

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Does anybody actually gives a fuck about that region anymore?

I sure don't.

Just support the trend: Give them free diesel and waterproof matches and let them selfcombust.




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Why should the USA keep giving aid and weapons to Israel? Can't they deal with their own problems?

All it does is make the other countries mad at the US. We should be neutral and just buy their oil, everyone will be happy.

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I believe there is this thing called "the military industrial complex" that would disagree with you.  Plus, I believe Israel has a couple ties into the higher levels of the United States government.  It seems that there is a lot of moolah to be made by talking peace in the Mideast but encouraging war.  Just think how much money some segments of our population could make if/when Israel attacks Iran. 

Making bombs is a lot more profitable than making bon-bons.  Ask any Belgian.  Sudden Debt, quit looking at your wang and let us know. 

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A view on Afghan reconstruction projects compared to what is happening in the States:

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What a stunning comment on your personal value system.

Has it occurred to you there is an intrinsic good to supporting the only Democracy in the region?

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"Has it occurred to you there is an intrinsic good to supporting the only Democracy in the region?"


Bwahahahaha.  Do you do standup in your spare time?  Did you really write "intrinsic good"?  Oh, that is some good humor.  My stomach hurts. 

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Hellfish.... Did your mother have any children that lived?.. Because a country is a "democracy" they shrink from controversy?.. You, sir, are an idiot..

Are you the lost love child of Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and Anne Coulter's threesome??

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There's got to be some squid in there too.

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Anne Coulter is actually pretty funny, so I'm going to guess no.  If Hellfish were her son his comment would have at least displayed some wit.

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I guess Turkey is not in the region...

Also... wow, really... intrinsic good?

You must not know too much about the situation other than what the MSM feeds you.  There is no intrinsic good in allowing (nay, enabling) one group of people to completely oppress another.  Yes, I get the whole suicide bomber/terrorist schtick but really, read some history, examine the multitude of perspectives involved in this situation before spewing "intrinsic good".


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Oh, don't be silly.  Pay no attention to the King David Hotel or the Irgun.  Revisionist history is my favorite history since it's already been revised and I don't have to think. 


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Was it Napoleon that said "History is a set of lies agreed upon"

Hmmm.. I wonder what a group of people could get away with if they had control of the majority of Western Mainstream News outlets... Ohhh yeah.. never mind..

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No, no--imagine if the "mainstream" media were completely owned by mega-corps! 


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Good point...  Them too !!

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You are correct, Hamas was democratically elected

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So were Hillary, Pelosi and Obama.  That democracy thing sure seems to favor crooks, villains and idiots and especially villainous idiot crooks. 

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How is it Dubya and Cheney didn't make your list? I sense a bias.

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I've moved on and tried to get those buttholes out of my mind.  We still suffer with Hill, Nan and O.  To show I'm not biased I will also throw in Boehner and McConnell.  What a couple of blowjobs they are. 

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regarding w and dick's election: they lost by a million votes. but on a brighter note probably saved us (and al) a presidential assassination, er, accident and president joe lieberman.  that's got to be worth something.

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it's not democracy if I don't like it

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Have you ever noticed that islamists come to power everytime there are free elections in a muslim state ?

Democraty is an European political concept and to this day there was never any democraty in muslim countries. They all turn into an islamic republic or a military laical regime cause that's the only ways to run countries like these.

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It could be because the people want them.  Think of the Christian nutters that could run this country if ever there were "free" elections.

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Israel is a religious state run country. There is no democracy. Would anyone of any other religious belief be allowed to run the country or hold office?

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Israel is a religious state run country.

Israel is NOT a "religious state run country". Israel is STUPIDITY state country, because King David COULD NOT OBTAIN a citizenship of modern Israel, because according to the modern Israel "law"  he is not ..... a jew (!?). This is not about "religion", this is about a monopoly of rabbis in Israel. There is nothing common with judaism of Aaron (older brother of Moses).

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The Vatican?

Vatican is not really an independent state, it is not even a city. Besides, it has a kind of Constitution:

Instead, modern Israel (still) does not have a Constitution.