Al Qaeda Supposedly Was Planning September 11 Anniversary Attack

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The administration which is unable to release a photo of the biggest "success" in the fight on terrorism, could not contain its excitement in releasing more info that will certainly get US society to get even more Kafka-fied. As ABC reports: "An early read of the materials seized from Osama bin Laden's compound  has not yet produced evidence of a specific, imminent terror plot against the U.S., but does show the group continues to have murderous aspirations, according to U.S. officials and to documents obtained by ABC News." And yes, we are confident we will get full blueprints of this particular data set imminently: after all America needs its daily diversion.

More from ABC:

"As of February 2010, al-Qa'ida was allegedly contemplating conducting an operation against trains at an unspecified location in the United States on the 10th anniversary of September 11, 2001," the document reads, using an alternate spelling for bin Laden's terror group. "As one option, al-Qa'ida was looking into trying to tip a train by tampering with the rails so that the train would fall off the track at either a valley or a bridge. "

According to former White House counterterrorism advisor and ABC News consultant Richard Clarke, the fact that such proposals were discovered in bin Laden's possession shows how integral he still appeared to be to terror plots.

The evidence appears to confirm that Bin Laden still had a role in approving al Qaeda plots, just he did for the 9/11 terror attack.

An "Orgy of Evidence"

One U.S. official told ABC News the materials found at the bin Laden hideout included schematics and websites involving a variety of plots al Qaeda was considering.

One official described the documents reviewed so far as "aspirational" but not indicative of final stage planning.

And with that, prepare for orders from above telling you to pass through the subway gate naked.

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Yeah.  OK, you'd kill a lot of people with that but . . . train tipping?  Really?  I guess even the anti-governments are in a cyclical bear market.

NotApplicable's picture

Well, if they would've used the proper term "derail" it would look too fake, as we all know terrorists are really hokey, anti-social types who live in the dark ages.

So they go with train tipping, cuz it sounds like something out of the Dukes of Hazzard.

Michael's picture

The main reason why Obama made a move on so called Osama Bin Laden was because the people donating a billion dollars to Obama's re-election campaign don't want to feel they are throwing their money down a rat hole, spending their money in vein for nothing.


pops's picture

No, no, no.  That was a mis-translation.  It really said, "Dude, let's get sloshed and go out cow tipping tonight."

Hugh G Rection's picture

You mean the CIA was planning another anniversary attack? Or was it Mossad

NotApplicable's picture

But now it will have to be a New & Improved retaliatory anniversary attack. So, maybe now instead of tipping a train, they will do something crazy, like driving around all day while using their turn-signals inappropriately?

butchee's picture

The algos and bots are planning a May 6th Flash Crash anniversary tomorrow!

narnia's picture

the Osama computer is a huge asset.  it allows them to manufacture evidence for all of their lies & it can be used as propaganda against any people/countries with whom they want to wage war.

i have never been scarred of Al Qaeda, but I am scarred of the very bad people who have OBL's computer.

Max Hunter's picture

Exactly!!.. This will play out perfectly for TPTB.. I actually think it may have been the winning blow.. I officially want to join their team now.. :)

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Pakistan army threatens to cut cooperation with US

The Pakistani army says it will review future military cooperation with the United States if the country carries out any more secret raids similar to the one that killed Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

buck4free's picture

The Pakistani army is shitting itself upon realization that the United States carried out yet another secret frameup similar to the one that killed Afghanistan and Iraq.


BlackholeDivestment's picture

I would not classify ''them'' as CIA or Massad etc... alone, from what I have seen, it would be best to describe ''them'' as ''U.N.Worthy Craftsmen'' or hosts of the KSC, according to their own description(s). Put it to you this way, if you recall the Sirius Star ships on their way to U.S., you might also recall the Inside Job in South Africa. The rails from the South African nuke plant, to the nearest port, look about as ripe as the rails from any port to a city of the Pirate's choosing. Funny thing happened the night O'Bomba declared Bin Laden dead, shortly after, a train blew it's horn unusually long and loud in D.C.

May want to check Rosemary's Baby's plans on 911, if POTUS takes a trip to another country, foreign oil junket while blowing up Libya, it may be a good time to take a vacation from the cities.


lynnybee's picture

+ 100

  .... do your own research instead of junks.


Jaw Knee Cash's picture

Be afraid sheeple be very afraid. O-bomb-ya will protect you. 

Urban Redneck's picture

So how is his ass clown DCI giving interviews the next day and bragging about operational details such as the 100+ hard drives they siezed potecting me?  I am not a terrorist who now has a jump on the CIA and time to relocate and recalibrate plans (which with the current CIA is apparently good for 10 years).  Panetta should be drawn should be publicly drawn and quartered, but in his infinite ineptitude or brazen act of treason, bitch-boy obama thinks panetta is a good choice for Secretary of Defense.  Americans should be afraid.      

FunkyMonkeyBoy's picture

Good God, if anyone still believes all this bull, then they are indeed lost on both a mental and spiritual level.

tmosley's picture


Supposedly, they had the intel on where OBL was since 2008.  How's that for a responsive anti-terror force?

Jaw Knee Cash's picture

One of the most sickening things to me is the huge number of sheep continue to swallow this bullshit hook, line, and sinker. We are surely a minority. I almost puked on my dinner plate when the USA chants started during the Phillies game. 

NotApplicable's picture

Looking around on some other message boards, the scariest thing I see is how anyone who questions the script is pounced upon as a troll, even if they provide irrefutable facts showing how fedgov minions have lied time, and time again.

It's like these people have fallen so far that they will grab onto anything in order to lift up their spirits.

I'm starting to understand how the begining of the fall of Rome must've felt like. Just blame it all on the Goths.

Citxmech's picture

The way this whole "operation" went down has been bothering me.  Something just didn't seem right.

I've been going back and forth with my wife [who has a PhD in molecular biology btw] about how long it would take to get a DNA verification [she thinks that maybe a little less 24hrs would be a reasonable time-frame assuming you had everything on hand ready-to-go] and it struck me:

They didn't verify shit until after they executed whoever the fuck it was, who, by admission, they had no conclusive evidence at the time was the actual target - and wouldn't you want to run that test and some controls two or three times to make absolutley sure you didn't get a false positive or negative before you went public? 


And what if all your tests came up negative?  WTF do you do/say then?...  How many other times did we "get" some high profile target, only to figure out that "Whoops!" we fucked up - sorry aobut that folks... 

nufio's picture

i thnk he is dead. not that it matters either way. but i dont think they would have taken the risk of announcing it if he werent. He might have been dead a long time ago  just not announced to direct public hate in the meantime.

Citxmech's picture

FWIW - I am in the camp that thinks it likely OBL died a ways back.  This was just a hand to be played when there was a need. Which makes me worry substantially about what's around the corner...

Greyzone's picture

According to his daughter, he was taken alive then executed. Now why would you execute him if you had him? Why not Guantanamo? Why not interrogate? What do you buy from killing him dead on the spot? You buy silence. He can never say anything now.

Something to ponder while you watch the 4th, 5th, and 6th iterations of the "kill story" morph their way out of the Lie House at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

ghengiskhan's picture

The sheep tend to gnash their teeth when that sweet lie that they have been waiting for is questioned.  The problem we have is that most of these sheep want to be lied to. Hell they need it like an addict needs a fix. They need something to cling to because their tiny brains can't comprehend why the numbers keep going up on the gas station sign. The glazed over look in their eyes worries me.   So easily controlled now more than ever.

Zero Govt's picture

wrap yourself in the flag, eat apple pie and set brain to 'zombie' to spounge up all the 'Good Guy, Bad Guy' storyline garbage Western junk journalism pumps out to hide the insanity of authority

...there are no good or bad guys, they're BOTH dysfunctional murderous sickos just waving different words about. Society shouldn't take sides it should simply string up both sides so the normal decent adults can get back to having some peace and quiet's going to get worse before it gets better but just so you know who the enemy is, anyone offering the oxymoron of peace through violence

1 war, 2 wars, oh now 3 wars can see how by adding more wars how much more peaceful the planet gets!!!

drink or die's picture

So a couple of poor peasants sitting around a campfire saying "wouldn't it be bitchin if we could flip a train over in America??" consists of evidence in the war on terror now.

FunkyMonkeyBoy's picture

Didn't you know? You posting here makes you a terrorist now.

The only people you need to be afraid of is your government, terrorist personified.

drink or die's picture

As least we know that the people on the train flipping off the track will be both free of explosives and thoroughly humiliated due to the upcoming full-body scanners at all train stations.

NotApplicable's picture

I'm just glad I wasn't dumb enough to pick the terrorist known as Bill Hicks for an avatar! ;-)

ghengiskhan's picture

Those goat herders are really scary if they get enough dirt clods in their napsacks.  Someone could lose an eye.  Lets spend 3 trillion dollars to inefficiently hunt them down.  If we wait they might start using rocks.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Well.........they can say anything they want now, right? Actually they have always said what they want.

And with that, prepare for orders from above telling you to pass through the subway gate naked.

Tyler, would you mind sending Marla through first? Thanks!

NotApplicable's picture


I said Boo!

Why aren't you all scared?

Oh, lookie here come the stormtroopers...

John McCloy's picture

So even though we have not been attacked in 10 years..nor any other anniversaries..this year they were going to get us?  

Newsflash: They are always planning on attacking the U.S. and our presence in their nations and children growing up watching family members blown to pieces at an all time high for the past decade is not doing anything but creating more of the "Blowback" Ron Paul talked about. 

   Get out of these nations and defend the borders only. Ever since the collapse of Russia we have been looking high and far for a new fear and enemy to stimulate spending and fear and magically Al Queda appeared. Learn that there is always an agenda. Nothing is more indicative than below:

"There was a major shift in the fall of 1989. Before that time, the media did not make excessive use of terms such as crisis, catastrophe, cataclysm, plague, or disaster. For example, during the 1980s, the word crisis appeared in news reports about as often as the word budget. In addition, prior to 1989, adjectives such as dire, unprecedented, dreaded were not common in television reports or newspaper headlines. But then it all changed.

These terms started to become more and more common. The word catastrophe was used five times more often in 1995 than it was in 1985. Its use doubled again by the year 2000. And the stories changed, too. There was a heightened emphasis on fear, worry, danger, uncertainty, panic" 

- Michael Crichton  (What else happened in the fall of 1989?)

downwiththebanks's picture

It has nothing to do with alCIAda patsies not attacking.  It has to do with the perpetrators of the alCIAda fantasy not activating any terrorist Black Operators.

It takes time to plant your explosives.

John McCloy's picture

As conspiratorial as I am I cannot reconcile with the belief that 9/11 was homegrown. The primary reason being that Wall Street & Elites want only to keep up the charade and protect the banking interests at ALL costs as we saw in 2008. In all honesty I believe 9/11 was exterior and was simply incompetence.  Those in power did jump at the opportunity to exploit this occurring as we saw but priority #1 was the stock market and 9/11 occuring so near Wall Street would have been off limits.

   I will say this..The London bombings do appear plotted internally. The Christmas bomber was either incompetence or purposeful. 9/11 simply occurred naturally aside from WTC 7. No doubt that building was demolished. 

Citxmech's picture

WTC-7.  It's pretty damn hard to reconcile that one. 

John McCloy's picture

Yeah..the BBC report prior to collapse all but cements that this was purposeful. Even I am not that fucking kool-aided. Wether it was about insurance money, amplifying damage appearance or destroying convenient paperwork most of us who think rationally know that WTC 7 compels questions at minimum. It was a demo. 

Citxmech's picture

The thing is, if you look at WTC7 and think "that's a demolition" - you just fell down the rabbit-hole...  There's just no way you can prep a building to pancake on the fly - it takes time, manpower, and careful planning...

palmereldritch's picture

If Santa can do what he does, can't OBL do the absolute opposite?!!

EDIT: add sarc tags

To much intentional obfuscation these days to assume irony can be obvious (sigh)


Rick64's picture

 John McCloy

 May I suggest that you take a look into the Sibel Edmonds story, and her documentary Kill the Messenger.

Rick64's picture

Also Able Danger and Dr. David Graham (dentist in Shreveport).

palmereldritch's picture

Remove the word *homegrown* and insert globalist predator.

Vision should clarify.

velobabe's picture

officially called a full blown groping state. they want to start putting their hands down train riders now.

NotApplicable's picture

I bet they'll never do it at Greyhound stations.

Well, at least not without a hosedown first.

alien-IQ's picture

And you would have lost that's already being done.

Check out the Tampa Greyhound Station: