Alan Grayson And Ron Paul Ask Whether Bernanke Is "Fit To Serve"

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Even as Grayson fights for transparency (see full letter below) which would only be beneficial to U.S. taxpayers, of whom Maria Bartiromo is a member of, the latter asks Grayson the following highly logical question:

You think you and your colleagues in the Democratic party are going to slow down the spending? Perhaps that could help the deficit?

Probing questions from the world's foremost business news leader.


So anyway, sticking to the subject, here is the warranted list of information that Grayson and Paul have demanded to be produced by the Fed in order to evaluate whether or not the Chairman with a dollar deathwish deserves a second term:

  • Information that Bloomberg reporter Mark Pittman has requested via a Freedom of Information Act Request on the Bear Stearns rescue and that the Federal Reserve is contesting in the courts,[i] and which Manhattan Chief U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska has ordered by turned over by the Federal Resrve.
  • Information that Rep. Grayson requested in February at a hearing and by follow-up letter on which institutions received the $1.2 trillion added to the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet, how much reach institution received, and what was promised in return.
  • All Federal Reserve documents that went to Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s office relating to the Bank of America/Merrill Lynch merger in which potentially illegal and coercive activity might have occurred, as well all Federal Reserve documents relating to the lawsuit pursued by Merrill Lynch shareholders in the US District court for the Southern District of New York.
  • Transcripts of all Open Market Meeting Minutes up to and including that of June, 2009, transcripts which are normally withheld from the public for five years.
  • Full disclosure of all terms and conditions of all off-balance sheet Fed transactions in the past three years.

We would have also added the phone number for the undertaker that Bernanke has picked to provide (at the taxpayers' expense) the coffin for the U.S. Dollar.

We are confident that Bernanke, who has nothing to hide, will promptly comply with this disclosure request, which, considering the vast support for HR 1207, is in effect voiced by the entire American nation.

Full Grayson and Paul letter below.


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You Cant Handle the Truth's picture

Fit to serve time, perhaps.

ZerOhead's picture

I like the way you think... the only "serving" he has been up to so far is "Self-serving".

"Would you like some fries with that order?"... now that's the kind of serving he's ready for...

Anonymous's picture

""Would you like some fries with that order?"... now that's the kind of serving he's ready for..."

That'll come to a few trillion dollars. And you're not allowed to look at your fries after paying for them. It'll cause the entire restaurant to collapse

Spartacus's picture

There is a word "reach" in the place of "each" in the document. Is the document a fake one? Tyler, can you reply back vouching for the authenticity of the document.

SWRichmond's picture

Excellent and important letter, I am adding comments and faxing to my senator, who is one of the listed official recipients.  I urge all U.S. subjects to do the same, whether or not your own senator is listed.


Edit: Bartoromo is smug and smarmy, and she has absolutely nothing to be smug and smarmy about.  Not intelligent, not witty, not clever, not useful, not relevant, not even pretty.  "Lipstick on a pig" comes immediately to mind.

Edit2: Apologies to Pigpen, present company excepted.

Anonymous's picture

Bartiromo is like the most vapid, annoying, bought and paid for Corporate-Media owned SHILL we have ever seen..She literally used to let Angelo Mozilo fly her around on his corporate jet in exchange for softballing him "questions"...

She needs to watch a few Alan Grayson videos, so she can learn how to actually get an ANSWER for once!! Stop the Ring around the ROSEY, Maria!



Anonymous's picture

Geez, you guys don't get it, do you?

The public WANTS and NEEDS their lies, their myths, their warm fuzzy nipples of mis-direction, nonsense, out-right falsehoods, and pandering that the Maria's of the world supply. In fact, they now DEMAND such slop---wrinkled and curdled as it may be---because at least the recognized it as having once been milk, and that's good enough for them.

It's easy to scare little children into confusion and submission. The school and herd easily and neatly.

The real catastrophe will only occur once the bleating masses are forced or required to face up to the reality that faces them.......since they will then turn angry, and vicious, and will show no mercy while they ruthlessly slaughter those messengers of truth who have so stupidly snatched their dirty, sodden, germy security blankets away from them.

P.S. the above is sanitized, polite, happiest ending I could come up with. Others who try a bit will surely be more successfully.

Anonymous's picture

The sheeple won't get it till the air gun drives a four inch spike into their collective heads.

Props to Paul and Grayson for demanding answers to important questions.

Anonymous's picture

mmmmm warm fuzzy nipples

wait what?

Herd Redirection Committee's picture


Sad but true. The more you try to help the average person, the more elitist it makes you want to be, because it is just a hopeless, thankless task most of the time.

I still have hope for some of humanity, but the truth is quite sad.

Spartacus's picture

I would love to spend some time alone with Maria.

'O' Maria, 'O' Maria, O maria , o o o...sing along with me.

A_MacLaren's picture

Following is my letter to my Senator on the Senate Banking Committee:

Dear Senator Merkley:

I hope you have had time to read and consider the letter from Congressional Rep. Alan Grayson and Rep. Ron Paul regarding the re-confirmation of Mr. Ben Bernanke as Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board.  In this letter to the members of the Senate Banking Committee, Reps Grayson and Paul clearly delineate critical negligence of the Federal Reserve to serve the People and Taxpayers of the nation.  Further, they identify key professional failures of the Ben Bernanke as chairman of the Federal Reserve to correctly identify and analyze the emerging and developing financial crisis.

As critical prerequisites to considering confirming Mr. Bernanke to a second term, they most strongly suggest a set of documents and disclosures by the Federal Reserve are required for the Senate and the Public to review.

I most ardently support them in these suggestions and in the contents of their letter to the Senate Banking Committee, of which you are a member.

I would consider it a catastrophic failure of the Committee and its Members: 1) To not require these disclosures, and 2) To act to reconfirm Mr. Bernanke without these full disclosures and an analysis of his competency to lead the Federal Reserve in light of the events that have transpired under his tenure as Federal Reserve Chairman, and more completely during his service on the Federal Reserve Board.



pigpen's picture

Two men of integrity looking out for savers, old people, citizens, non speculators and people who care about the value of a US dollar.

Too bad they are irrelevant and feckless in the eyes of the real financial oligarchs.

Skeptically optimistic,


TumblingDice's picture

seems to me like they are becoming more relevant, which is a positive sign. If their popularity rises because of this, look for more politicians to start weighing popular support over the goldman campaign contributions. Theyll get a lot of johnny come lately fed-transparency reps and senators if we just show them that this is the way to get the vote instead of being corrupt.

Miles Kendig's picture

I felt the same way going into the 1976 election cycle.

TumblingDice's picture

I wasnt alive back then but now I be sure to remind you to screen the candidates for fascist associations like the CFR or the Trilateral commission.

Anonymous's picture

we didn't have zero hedge in 76.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

I really admire Grayson and Paul.

PD Quig's picture

Grayson seems to be a schizophrenic: he has been good on tightening the screws on the Fed, but he is rectally impacted on the disaster that is laughingly called "health care reform." Maybe it's just about him getting 15 minutes outside of the Congressional barrel.

ZerOhead's picture

Cut him some slack on HC... we've got bigger fish to fry right now.

Anonymous's picture

I hear your opinion. My opinion is: we don't have Communism in the USA; we just have Insurance Companies.

Spartacus's picture

PD I flagged your stuff as junk. What you wrote is actually junk. You are going on a tangent,missing the point. What we are discussing here is "how the world has been hijacked by LUNATICS of T B T F bankers and the central banks in many other countries. Some treasury secretory organisms included.No body is tightening any screw for "fun". It is about saving lives.

ZerOhead's picture

Grayson is coherent. Name 5 members of the house who are these days.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Remember that Grayson has essentially bit the (corporate political donation) hand that feeds him with these videos and his questioning. I seriously doubt the bank lobby is handing him campaign checks.

So he needs to beg the people for money. He does this by attracting attention from the grandstanding on the videos.

It doesn't detract too much from what he's trying to do, which is to survive politically (meaning get re-elected) while actually doing his job. What a concept. Do his job.

Pretty tough to do in today's environment and the ultimate political balancing act. I gave him some money from purely an entertainment point of view. That smug self satisfied puss of his repeatedly saying "You know what I mean" to that idiot Fed lawyer on that last video was priceless.

calltoaccount's picture

Grayson doesn't have to beg anyone for money as he's worth 30M+ -- from the Bronx and has big balls.   Maybe he thinks he's Jimmy Stewart.  

not your average officeholder:

official bio 

Alan and his wife, Lolita, have five children - Skye (12), Star (8), Sage (6) and two-year-old twins, Storm and Stone.

Alan grew up in "the projects" in the Bronx.  He heard the squeal of the wheels of the elevated trains, every five minutes, all day and all night. At the age of 12, he took the subway to school, by himself. At the age of 11, a bully threw him under a moving bus. He lived.

Six years later, he took the standard test for 12th graders in New York. Almost 50,000 students in the Bronx took that the same test. Alan received the highest score.

Alan was accepted to Harvard College. He cleaned toilets there, and worked as a night watchman. He graduated in three years, with high honors.

Then he went to graduate school at Harvard. In only four years, he received a law degree (with honors), he earned a master's degree in Government, and he finished the course work and passed the general examinations for a Ph.D.

After graduate school, Alan worked as a judge's assistant at the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.  He worked with Judges Ginsburg, Bork, Scalia, and Starr. He then joined Judge Ginsburg's husband's law firm, where he represented government contractors.

In 1990, Alan left the practice of law, and started a new business - IDT Corp. Alan was the first President of IDT. Today, IDT is a Fortune 1000 public company, with $2 billion a year in sales. Alan took his profit from IDT, and invested it in many other small companies. Today he owns between one and ten percent of a dozen different public companies.

Twenty years ago, Alan helped to found the Alliance for Aging Research, to help promote health and a good life for older people. The motto of the Alliance is "Living to 100 - and Loving It!"  Alan has served as an officer of the Alliance for two decades. He also supported the work of Arnold Palmer Hospital for many years.

In the '90s, Alan returned to the practice of law. For many years, he represented honest government contractors. Over the years since the beginning of the Bush Administration, however, he has seen the bad drive out the good. Fraud and corruption among government contractors grows and grows.  The Bush Administration did nothing to recover the stolen money, protect the taxpayers, punish the thieves, or even safeguard the U.S. troops using and wearing defective equipment and supplies. And so Alan found his calling - like an Avenging Angel for the taxpayers and soldiers, he has sued the war profiteers in the name of whistleblowers, and forced them to disgorge their ill-gotten gains.


Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Of course he could spend his own money. But why should he or would he? I'm not defending him. I don't even like the smug bastard. He is entertaining when he makes someone squirm. 

But if you had a choice between using your own money or someone else, why would you use your own money? If you look at where he was getting his donations, it was corporate donations, which is where nearly even Congressman gets their donations. Small dollar donations are not usually a very big part of any Congressional campaign.

So, if he doesn't wish to use his own money, he needs to "beg" the public for his money. And based upon the e-mails and letters his office sends out, this is exactly what he's doing. 

I will strike using the word "must" or he "needs" to beg. Clearly he chooses to do so. I was simply saying he isn't getting his donations from the banking lobby so they are coming from somewhere else. That somewhere else is people so he changes the tactics he uses to get them.

Spartacus's picture

Strikingly impressive BIO. Very happy to know that 'tomorrow's hero'  has a solid track record. He speaks out, others are shit-scared to say a word.


koaj's picture

he has FU does Issa. more power to them, but the cabin boy typically doesnt rock the boat

I am a Man I am Forty's picture

I admire them both because they have the kahunas to fight the establishment.  Grayson thinks that the government can actually help people and Paul knows that, while that sounds good, it is completely fucking impossible.

But what all congressmen should have in common is an extreme dislike of allowing their taxpayers, of whom they are supposed to represent, get rammed in the you know what by a few banksters.



arnoldsimage's picture

grayson is close to being suicided.

PD Quig's picture

I've been meaning to ask you: where do I get a blow-up of your avatar? She looks like my kind of one-handed girl...

Fish Gone Bad's picture

I need to add that I do not agree with all Grayson does, but at least he is American enough to ask for accountability.

What is up with Maria?  That little George W smirk she has.  It almost looks like she is hiding the fact that she blew Bernanke right before she went on the air. 

Market_Terminator's picture

Prove it!  Send money to their campaigns, I did.  Don't forget about Schiff too, so we don't have to look at that vulture Dodd on TV anymore.  Send him to live in Angelo's guesthouse.

Printfaster's picture

Grayson has recently signed on to be a Democrat shill.  Look for Bernanke to be under the bus soon, to be replaced by Larry Summers.

That is the way ward politics works.  You reward your friends, and dump on your enemies.


Cursive's picture

This and everything the Cognitive Dissonance has written on this thread.  I don't want Summers, either, but the shake-up is almost worth it.  Who knows, public opinion may galvanize at just the right moment to get another, slightly less evil central banker.

Anonymous's picture

Obama is recommending Bernanke but Grayson is dogging Bernanke. How is that being a shill?

Anonymous's picture

Is it me or does Grayson look a bit like Shrek?

I am a Man I am Forty's picture

It has already been determined about a week ago that he looks like the tasmanian devil.  Forgot who came up with this, but I think it is spot on.



Anonymous's picture

He's more Jeff Garlin from "Curb Your Enthusiasm".

Anonymous's picture

Atta Boy!! Payback for the FED stonewalling freedom of information disclosure. They recently appealed the case that Bloomberg won for full disclosure so this is Ron Paul's way of stirring the pot. Whether this succeeds or not, it's more important to the bigger picture. That is, that more and more people need to be made aware that decisions made by a PRIVATE entity are affecting the nation as a whole. Why should a PRIVATE entity like the FED have the ability to control a nation's monitary policy and hold it hostage and NOT be subjected to full disclosure. Therefore, win or lose, the jig is almost up and the walls will come tumbling down on the Federal Reserve's secrecy. Sometimes it takes a crisis to get people's attention. Decades of secrecy is coming to an end.

Anonymous's picture

I cheer Grayson's efforts here but I did take note of his recent hyperbole regarding the healthcare debate. I'm willing to not kick him in the nuts over that one if he gets the job done on ending the fed. Hell if he can get this done, he can kick ME in the nuts, for free!

deadhead's picture

reminds me of the old joke....

A farmer sees this city slicker hunting on his property and lo and behold, the city slicker shoots down a duck.  Farmer walks over and tells the city slicker that it's his property and he cannot have the duck.  Slicker boy pleads with the farmer and in response offers a challenge: "We both will kick each other in the nuts as hard as we can and the man who remains standing wins".  Slicker says OK and farmer says, "It's my property, I get the first kick".  Slicker agrees that this is a reasonable approach and the farmer lays into his stones with his steel toed boots; slicker screams in agony, holding his balls, maintaining his stance.


Slicker says "Okay farmer boy, now it is MY turn!"

Farmer thinks for a second and then says "Screw it. Keep the fucking duck"

Sancho Ponzi's picture

Meanwhile, Nobel laureate Paul Krugman cannot understand why banks aren't lending, so I'll help him out.

1) The American consumer is tapped out, and cannot and/or will not borrow.

2) The American Banking industry is aware of #1, and thus refuses to lend despite the current fat spreads.  


Assetman's picture

Right.  Don't forget that banks can still make a good spread buying newly issued Treasury notes by either (a) getting interest free loans from the Fed; and/or (b) exchaging worthless agency notes for something not nearly as worthless.

If I were a TBTF bank, why would I need to add loans to my balance sheet when I can buy Treasuries and assess hefty fees on the huddled masses?

Anonymous's picture

Looks like he has special test for ties.

Anonymous's picture

it makes you wonder who picks out his shirt/tie combo. that has to be one of the ugliest ties i've ever seen.

Michael's picture

I'll give Grayson a Constitutional Amendment to provide universal health care if he gives me Pelosi and Reed's heads on a platter.

Altan311's picture

I would love to see some republican heads on the platter too. Interests on both sides of the aisle are trying to block any meaningful change in healthcare; too rich a debasement target in a wide open system for the sharks to lay off.

I am a Man I am Forty's picture

I'll give into universal health care if we quit sending 18 year olds to die to control other people's natural resources and stop thinking it is ok to drop bombs on people just because you cross a border.