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Alan Grayson Discloses That Dodd Bill Covertly Eliminates Already Passed Legislation Requiring Full Fed Audit

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Fri, 04/23/2010 - 11:09 | 314478 bugs_
bugs_'s picture

Hey you CT peeps, could you PLEASE get rid of this Dodd guy?

Fri, 04/23/2010 - 11:31 | 314559 Rainman
Rainman's picture

Dood " voluntarily " retires to the waiting arms of his bankster pals in 6 short months. He needs a lobbying job like the one Gramm got when he departed the US Senate.

Reid on the other hand is an " involuntary " short timer who has no intention of returning to Searchlight.

So we have two Senate short timers on the make for post retirement gigs who are championing reform.

Yeah, that'll work.

Fri, 04/23/2010 - 12:07 | 314675 goldfreak
goldfreak's picture

Peter Schiff is running for Senate in Ct

Fri, 04/23/2010 - 13:25 | 314859 UGrev
UGrev's picture

+1000 Schiff is a very bright guy. If I was in CT, I'd vote for him in a heart-beat.  

...as for Dodd , I say " Dodd!! BLOOD SUCKER!!!"  , courtesy of James T. Kirk.

Fri, 04/23/2010 - 12:59 | 314811 baldski
baldski's picture

Rainman, I don't want to rain on your parade, but Reid might not be a short timer. Sue Lowden's bartering chickens for medical care has made Nevada the laughing stock of the country and the people do not like it. People were taking chickens and pet goats to her campaign offices here. It shows how out of touch the Republican party is if this blonde bimbo is the best they can field against the majority leader of the Senate.

Fri, 04/23/2010 - 17:06 | 315343 Voluntary Exchange
Voluntary Exchange's picture

I do not like it Uncle Sam, I do not like it Sam I am.

 I do not like these dirty crooks, neither how they cook the books.

 I do not like when Congress steals, I do not like their secret deals.

 I do not like the speaker Nan. I do not like this 'YES WE CAN'.

 I do not like this kind of 'hope', I do not like it, nope, nope...... nope!

Fri, 04/23/2010 - 12:13 | 314696 BlackBeard
BlackBeard's picture

He's not running again.  So, in the meantime, he's going to buttfuck American as much as he can before he accepts his plum useless advisor/consultancy position with Shitigroup.

Fri, 04/23/2010 - 12:16 | 314706 john_connor
john_connor's picture

People need to forward this link to everyone they know, share on facebook, whatever.  At least it will get some chatter going and put some heat on the admin., which more or less supports the Dodd bill.

Both sides are attempting to do as little as possible with respect to reform while blaming each other in the press, all in an effort to get a stripped down, meaningless bill passed.  Of course the Dems want to do it as quick as possible so they can pass another tax increase known as climate change legislation before they get slaughtered in November.

Fri, 04/23/2010 - 11:10 | 314488 SilverIsKing
SilverIsKing's picture

If we're lucky, he'll pull a 'Murtha'

Fri, 04/23/2010 - 11:12 | 314493 Cognitive Dissonance
Cognitive Dissonance's picture

"Once again we get confirmation that Chris Dodd is nothing but a paid manservant for his Federal Reserve masters....."

It was obvious when he "broke ranks" and introduced his own bill he was using the old magicans' trick of smile and distract to protect and serve his masters.

Fri, 04/23/2010 - 11:15 | 314499 aint no fortuna...
aint no fortunate son's picture

"How he hopes to get away with it is even more mindboggling."

How he hopes to get away with it? With ABA lobby money writing his bill is how... does anybody really think Dodd wrote the bill?

JUst business as usual here in the gulag.

Fri, 04/23/2010 - 11:19 | 314512 Franken Stein
Franken Stein's picture

Sad but true. It's digusting how pathetic, sleazy and corrupt politicans like Dodd can do things like this and yet we rationalize it because it's "buisness as usual".

I lost all faith in congress when they passed TARP the second time it went through. How much longer will Joe Sick Pack take this abuse.

Fri, 04/23/2010 - 12:53 | 314784 DaveyJones
DaveyJones's picture

"pathetic, sleazy & corrupt politicans"

four synonyms 

Fri, 04/23/2010 - 11:16 | 314504 Cheeky Bastard
Cheeky Bastard's picture

And why is this a surprise 

Dodd is a whore, but instead of getting fucked, he fucks you all.

Fri, 04/23/2010 - 11:24 | 314530 nope-1004
nope-1004's picture

And an ugly whore at that.  He and Geithner can spoon behind bars.

Speak up America!

Fri, 04/23/2010 - 12:23 | 314576 JW n FL
JW n FL's picture

Sen. Chris Dodd is retiring at the end of the 111th Congress


Career Fundraising 1989 - 2010

Total Receipts: $48,528,008


(or $2.3 million a year in Lobby Monies, and only $100k(ish) a year from the Tax Payers... so we the people pay him $100k(ish) and his master(s) pay him 23 times that amount ($2.3 Million), annually... but Lobbying is Legal, but bribery isn’t? Why can’t I lobby my way out of a speeding ticket? O yeah! I can by supporting the Judge (for re-election), but not the Police Officer... so the further up the ladder you go the more the Bribery is ok, just not for the common folks... its to, too difficult for us to get our head around, we ain’t that smart to be able to understand such complex issues.)


1989 - 2010

Total Spent:  $48,570,877


Debts: $335,361

Last Report: Wednesday, March 31, 2010




Top 5 Contributors, 1989 – 2010 Contributor *Total* “Individuals” (PACs)

 Citigroup Inc *$427,694*  “$381,694”  ($46,000)

 United Technologies *$387,900*  “$352,700”  ($35,200)

 Bear Stearns *$347,350*  “$337,350”  ($10,000)

 ActBlue *$303,150*  “$303,150”  ($0)

 American International Group *$285,238*  “$242,618”  ($42,620)




Top 5 Industries, 1989 – 2010 Industry *Total* “Individuals” (PACs)

Securities & Investment *$6,221,307*  “$5,455,317”  ($765,990)

Lawyers/Law Firms *$3,218,475*  “$2,761,631”  ($456,844)

Insurance *$2,431,646*  “$1,395,775”  ($1,035,871)

Real Estate *$2,041,073*  “$1,719,067”  ($322,006)

Commercial Banks *$1,333,463*  “$918,044”  ($415,419)


The lobby pays more than his pay check... it is the money used to buy ad time in his home state so that he can smile pretty and dance for the dumbass locals who don't know any better... This picture is repeated, over and over again in our Federal Government. These people are bought and paid for whores; they are willing to do whatever is needed to have the ability to raise Cash so that they can stay in office. No matter who gets Voted in, the Lobby will get to them because at some point the other guy running against them will use Lobby monies for Air Time and that means the other guy wins. Everyone is doing it, how can someone not...


Best question? How can a real person, not a Lobby Money Whore... win against a Money Machine? A real person cannot. Money equals the Air Time needed, it equals the Bought and Paid for Dirt on the other guy and it equals pay offs or whatever is needed to keep the scumbag in the race.


Until the lobby monies are stopped… nothing will change.


Your Vote, for whomever does not fund the campaign needs of your elected official.


An income 23 times larger than your pay check will affect how you think and act and dare I say vote.  



Fri, 04/23/2010 - 11:17 | 314508 svendthrift
svendthrift's picture

Bah. I don't care much anymore. Let the whole system crash and burn. Why try to salvage a cancer?

Fri, 04/23/2010 - 11:19 | 314516 Kina
Kina's picture

Dodd the coward putting mates before the people who elected him one more time.

Fri, 04/23/2010 - 11:22 | 314525 casino capitalism
casino capitalism's picture

go to maplight.org, look up Dodd and look where he gets his money from and his voting record vs. the position of his contributors.  One of the most obvious bought and paid for politicians there is.

Fri, 04/23/2010 - 11:28 | 314540 nope-1004
Fri, 04/23/2010 - 11:31 | 314555 hbjork1
hbjork1's picture

Thanks for the link.

Fri, 04/23/2010 - 11:31 | 314556 John McCloy
John McCloy's picture

This story tells you everything you need to know about Dodd.He should have resigned or been indicted instead he is writing our financial reform bill ghost written by the Big Four.


Fri, 04/23/2010 - 12:56 | 314801 DaveyJones
DaveyJones's picture

Well said. So many guys writing and regulating should be indicted. It really is collapsing

Fri, 04/23/2010 - 11:28 | 314541 Rick64
Rick64's picture

If you read this and understand it then you will understand how our congress works. The appearance of passing legislation that everyone wants, but in reality does absolutely nothing and actually works against the original problem that is trying to be solved. This works almost everytime when the issue is unpopular among the elites.  Obfuscation at its best. Dodd should be put on trial immediately for treason against the U.S. citizen which he is supposed to be representing.

Fri, 04/23/2010 - 11:30 | 314542 John McCloy
John McCloy's picture

TARP Payments = accomplished in under 2 weeks

Change to market to market accounting= done in roughly a month

Toothless financial refor= going still nowhere after 2 years

Fed audit = no movement in 5 months

Yup..These guys are working for us no doubt about it. Quite an obvious pattern here. More Kool-aid and sodomy for me please.

November cannot come fast enough.

Fri, 04/23/2010 - 12:03 | 314662 Screwball
Screwball's picture

Bravo JMcC - no shit.  What a bunch of crap. These people need ran out of town, and run the next damn batch out too just for good measure.

Fri, 04/23/2010 - 11:32 | 314560 nevadan
nevadan's picture

It is make or break time in the US.  If the electorate doesn't send a large percentage of the sons of bitches in congress packing next November we are past the point of no return.

Fri, 04/23/2010 - 11:44 | 314594 fsudirectory
fsudirectory's picture

I wish Meek would drop out of the Senate race and let Grayson battle it out with Crist and Rubio, Meek doesnt have the balls or knowledge to stand up to these guys.

Grayson in the Senate would really shake some shit up, being in the house just gives him a playform, Senate, man, that would be a game changer.

Fri, 04/23/2010 - 11:55 | 314628 King_of_simpletons
King_of_simpletons's picture

This country is run by a cabal in secrecy. The only thing transparent to the public and debate is the bureaucratic paper work that has no bearing on the outcome. 

Fri, 04/23/2010 - 11:56 | 314631 jedwards
jedwards's picture

Even more mindboggling is that he probably will get away with it.  This sucks.

Fri, 04/23/2010 - 11:57 | 314636 geckoman
geckoman's picture

Hey has Dodd ever found his Countrywide VIP mortgage documents yet?  How come the ball was dropped on this one? 

Fri, 04/23/2010 - 12:10 | 314684 glenlloyd
glenlloyd's picture

Dodd wasn't the only one to have benefited from VIP mortgages at Countrywide. Seems to me I read that Pelosi's husband and son both received VIP mortgages at the now defunct lender.

Fri, 04/23/2010 - 18:13 | 315481 Problem Is
Problem Is's picture

"How come the ball was dropped on this one? "

The only balls that dropped were Dodd's puny, shriveled little

Fri, 04/23/2010 - 12:01 | 314650 Screwball
Screwball's picture

Why does this surprise anyone?  Well, it probably doesn't.  All you have to do is listen to this piece of shit and it's pretty obvious  he's nothing but an bought and paid for whore.

Getting him out of office isn't enough.  He should be behind bars, along with a hell of a  bunch more of them.

Of course the MSM won't be telling the sheep about this either, they are nothing but a pathetic bunch of hacks as well.

This kind of shit really pisses me off.  Dirty fucking bastards!  (not you Cheeky)

Fri, 04/23/2010 - 12:03 | 314660 glenlloyd
glenlloyd's picture

just emailed my reps saying do not vote for this thing

Fri, 04/23/2010 - 12:04 | 314666 Screwball
Screwball's picture

Did you attach a check, cash, or money order?  That's the only thing that gets these SOBs attention.  Fucking whores!

Fri, 04/23/2010 - 12:10 | 314685 Al Huxley
Al Huxley's picture

I was going to say the same thing.  How much money you contribute to them (and it better be a number with a lot of zeros at the end) determines the level of attention you'll receive.

Fri, 04/23/2010 - 12:04 | 314665 pbmatthews
pbmatthews's picture

You all realize who Dodd is married to don't you?

The answer:  Jackie Clegg

Who is Jackie Clegg?  A director on the corporate board of CME Group, owners of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the Chicago Board of Trade, and the NY Mercantile Exchange.

I guarantee, whatever legislation Reid & Dodd finally allow to the Senate floor for a formal coronation will greatly benefit the CME and by default the shareholders of CME.

It will also do marvelous things for all those options Clegg and Dodd collectively own.  Maybe they can buy a second home in Ireland (on the cheap) from one of their friends that they have politically helped over the last 30+ years. 

Fri, 04/23/2010 - 12:10 | 314683 truont
truont's picture

This proves that the FED controls our government, not the other way around.

And who owns the FED?  The old Europe banks, JP Morgan, and Goldman Sachs.

JP Morgan says, "Who's your daddy, Amerika?  Who's your daddy?"

Fri, 04/23/2010 - 12:25 | 314730 SRV - ES339
SRV - ES339's picture

Any truth to the rumor the bill was written by Dodd and the Fed Board of Directors... at the Jekyll Island retreat?

Thank you Congressman Grayson and ZH for putting up a fight, but there is no way out of this without eliminating corporate money from the electoral process.

Mon, 04/26/2010 - 21:46 | 319032 JW n FL
JW n FL's picture

JP Morgan top Derivatives provider / manager in the World...

March 17 (Bloomberg) -- Deutsche Bank AG, JPMorgan Chase & Co., UBS AG and Hypo Real Estate Holding AG’s Depfa Bank Plc unit were charged with fraud linked to the sale of derivatives to the City of Milan.



To grasp how significant this five-fold bubble increase is, let's put that $516 trillion in the context of some other domestic and international monetary data:

  • U.S. annual gross domestic product is about $15 trillion

  • U.S. money supply is also about $15 trillion

  • Current proposed U.S. federal budget is $3 trillion


how about... http://www.investinginbonds.com/assets/files/Intro_to_Credit_Derivatives.pdf

and of course... the hippies over at Stanford.. http://www.stanford.edu/~duffie/DuffieHu.pdf


Goldman is nothing... Lehman... was the sister (bastard sister) of Goldman... JP is the top of the food chain.

Fri, 04/23/2010 - 12:43 | 314758 Mr Lennon Hendrix
Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Congress at the Federal, State, County, and City levels are not going to get anything done.  They have proved incompetent; functioning not even marginally.  We will now have to march on them.

Fri, 04/23/2010 - 12:49 | 314769 Assetman
Assetman's picture

Well... I just found the answers to the question I posed.  I do agree that the Merkeley proposal is more watered down... but it also doesn't preclude new legislation from being introduced-- preferably when Bwarney and Dodd are booted off Capitol Hill.

Fri, 04/23/2010 - 13:07 | 314827 Henry Chinaski
Henry Chinaski's picture

Why did it have to be Grayson? He symbolizes everything that disgusts me.

Fri, 04/23/2010 - 15:42 | 314828 fallst
fallst's picture

Dodd is a A Friend of Angelo. Go to your Irish Cottage, financed by Countrywide with VIP rates. Why bother doing anything, if you are "retiring"? Just Leave, Please. And, he gets to keep all unspent political contributions? BRIBERY. FIX THIS NOW.

Fri, 04/23/2010 - 13:21 | 314833 goldfreak
goldfreak's picture

Does Schiff stand a chance in CT?

Fri, 04/23/2010 - 13:24 | 314856 goldfreak
goldfreak's picture



CNBC commentator Larry Kudlow was viewed as a potential Republican challenger but hasn’t entered the race.



Fri, 04/23/2010 - 14:17 | 314964 Screwball
Screwball's picture

We don't want Kudblow either.  He proves everyday he's a damn liar.  Capt. Green Shoots himself.  Screw Kudblow.

Fri, 04/23/2010 - 19:18 | 315595 drwells
drwells's picture

Jesus, I'd put Palin in office before Krudlow. She's actually less stupid, less of a liar, and easier on the eyes.

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