The Aleynikov Transcript

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Hopefully we 'll learn more about how the FBI became involved and why this case is even a criminal case to begin with.  This sort of event occurs constantly in all types of industry/commercial settings; trusted employee makes off with customer list as he exits company and begins calling them to come to his new employer for services.  Nothing different here so far - in each case the alleged "thief" has authorized access to  the information, and very often the information is take as the employee leaves for only his personal reference, especially if they assisted in its creation or use.  In each case (as a business attorney I have seen this numerous times) the employer cries: "Stop Thief!" and "This will ruin the company!" But usually the police have no interest since the allegations of "theft" are murky at best and hard to prove (if one has authority to hold an asset while employed, it is tough to win on a "theft" charge) and second, the issue of the possibility of destruction to the company also requires a civil court determination, along the lines Judge Fox is asking as he probes the issue of whether it matters if Bond is free on, er bond, or incarcerated.  I suppose someone will cite statutes that make this a criminal act, but intent is an element that has to be proved,  and that is why this should be nothing more than a civil matter.

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At best, this is the theft of burglary tools.

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"At best, this is the theft of burglary tools."

How right you are (almost): "[At worst] ..."

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Ha! Great way to put it!

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Perhaps Goldman is a bit loose with their administration and this is just one example as to how their business does not protect their clients.

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Or perhaps the government doesn't want the rest of us to know that GS had license to ... do whatever they did with the software.

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They only hope for this country is that a G20 government has the code and can disclose it to impel multilateral regulation. GS owns the US government but they don't yet own all of Eurasia. The US can't be cleaned up from within, it's too hopelessly corrupt. Here's hoping Sergey is cannon fodder for the SVR.

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I hear THAT.  I'll also wager, there are more willing 'accomplises' out there than GS imagines.

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i want a FREE SERGEY t-shirt.

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Three. . .two. . .one. . .Patriot Act!  He's a goner.  GS says he's a threat and, as the government has made abundantly clear,  when GS says jump the feds say how high



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It would be pretty funny if he uploaded the proggy to a German goverment server.

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Maybe his defense team can find this source for Reuters:

"NEW YORK, July 6 (Reuters) - Goldman Sachs Group Inc (GS.N) has not seen its business or clients harmed by the activities of a computer programmer being held in custody for allegedly stealing secret trading codes from the firm, a source familiar with the situation said."

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Come on... it's already out there. This is ridiculous.

Goldman is dreaming if they think this is still contained. This is likely a shared hosting company -- with dozens of in-house techs that have super-user/admin access to any of the accounts.

The entire world knows that the code is worth mad money.

If you were a $60k per year employee spending your days in ISP help-desk hell, would you not throw it on your thumbdrive just for the hell of it?

The laws of chaos theory say this thing is everywhere already.

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Goldman is engaging, with the assistance of the 053, AKA the USA-SDNY in the attempt of having each situation as they want it.  First the firm is alleged to have permitted its employee to transfer the software to his personal computer so he could work at home.  Then Goldman told the US Attorney's affice that the dissemenation of this software posed a grave risk to the firm and by extension the whole of the United States & free markets everywhere by permitting those in possession of this source code to manipulate markets.  Now, the discussion turned to how, after a minimum of 48 hours on a foreign server, and potentially since the period June 1-5 2009 that isolating the alleged prepratrator of the compromised code would enhance to potential that further dissemenation could be prevented from that German network where it has been for an undertermined time.  As if locking a Goldman trader away could prevent those at Goldman who have access to the traders network/login/password from accessing the traders employer account/s.


Looking more and more like a dog chasing its tail.  No one has ever accused the US Attorney's office from having to make sense as the captioned discussion demonstrates.  One would hope that with all of the high powered assistance at Goldman's beck & call that this situation would have or could be managed better.  From my limited perspective this tell tale speaks volumes.

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What makes any of the U.S. players think that either the German server/service provider or the German government give a rat's ass about any of this? It's hilarious to see the biggest perpetrator of U.S.-caused global financial ruin squirm like rats caught in a trap.

This whole thing is starting to resemble the Monty Python script 'Holy Grail' - attacking the French castle.

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