Algeria Next?

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For all those on revolution withdrawal, fear not: there are at least 20 more countries to go (many of which hilariously fall in Jim O'Neill's N-11 list - does the N stand for Next to revolt Jim?). Tomorrow, we may get the next one. Thousands of police are reportedly being drafted into the Algerian capital ahead of planned pro-democracy marches, opposition groups have said. Said Sadi, the head of the Rally for Culture and Democracy (RCD), said authorities were moving to prevent Saturday's protests in Algiers from taking place."

From Al Jazeera:

"Trains have been stopped and other public transport will be as well," he told the AFP news agency.

According to Sadi, around 10,000 police officers were coming into reinforce the 20,000 that blocked the last protest staged on January 22, when five people were killed and more than 800 hurt in clashes.

The latest rally is being organised by the National Co-ordination for Change and Democracy (CNCD), a three-week-old umbrella group of opposition parties, civil society movements and unofficial unions inspired by the mass protests in Tunisia and Egypt.

Demonstrators in the oil-rich nation have been protesting over the last few months against unemployment, high food costs, poor housing and corruption - similar issues that fuelled the uprisings in other north African nations.

At least 12 people have set themselves alight in protest against the government since January, four of those dying.

Earlier this month, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, the president, said he would lift emergency powers, address unemployment and allow democratic marches to take place in the country, in a bid to stave off unrest.

However, protests in Algiers remain banned.

Don't think for a minute that the Bernank is the only person to conceive of social appeasement by dangling shiny trinkets and unemployment checks before the great unwashed. Oh yes, once Algeria goes, Bahrain is next:

Bouteflika's attempt to appease protesters is just one of many undertaken by Arab governments concerned about spreading unrest in the region.

In Bahrain, the king offered each family $2,650 on Friday.

The small oil producer is considered the most vulnerable of the Gulf Arab countries to unrest, although seen as unlikely to fall in the same way as Tunisia and Egypt.

The Bahraini government has made several concessions in recent weeks, such as higher social spending and offering to release some minors arrested during a security crackdown against Shia groups last August.

The official Bahrain news agency released a report saying: "To praise the tenth anniversary of the National Action Charter and in recognition of the people of Bahrain.... His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa ... will provide the amount of one thousand dinars for each family of Bahrain after adopting necessary legal procedures."

Activists have called for protests on February 14, the tenth anniversary of Bahrain's constitution, but it is not yet clear how widespread they will be.

And unlike Egypt, Algeria actually has more resources than just one strategically located canal.

Algeria is an important exporter of oil and natural gas and is a member of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). In 2008, Algeria produced 1.42 million bbl/d of crude oil. Algeria was the fourth largest crude oil producer in Africa after Nigeria (1.94), Angola (1.89), and Libya (1.71) and the largest total oil liquids producer on the continent.  As a member of OPEC, Algeria's crude oil production can be constrained by the group's crude production allocations, but Algeria also produced 450,000 bbl/d of condensate and 357,000 bbl/d of natural gas liquids, which are exempt from OPEC quotas, bringing total oil liquids production for the year up to a total of 2.23 million bbl/d. Domestic oil consumption accounted for about 13 percent of total production.

Algeria was the sixth largest natural gas producer in the world in 2007 after Russia, the United States, Canada, Iran, and Norway. Algeria produced 3.03 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in 2007, of which 70 percent was exported and 30 percent was consumed domestically.

Don't worry though. This, and every next revolution, up to and including that of the US at the very end, are all priced in as the market goes to all time highs by the end of June 2011.

h/t Scrataliano

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Viva la revolucione!  How many more before we get to the USSofA?  Perhaps I should take up crochet in the meantime.  I'm sure there'll soon be a market for AOR1 and AOR2 patterned drink coasters.  Proudly hand-made in the USSofA of course.



AnonymousAnarchist's picture

Crochet is a better use of time than politics. ;)

The state is violence, reject it. Build counter-power, create an authority vacuum.

Sudden Debt's picture

Algeria won't suffer the same faith as Egypt.

They have to many oil and gas resources which they can use to temper the crowds.

Also their police forces are way more cruel and more used in supressing the people.

Algerians are pretty cruel people.

hambone's picture

really - anything going to change in all these overthrows or it simply becomes public how lopsided these countries are and how little the poor have?  And then?  I think these will need to go much farther than removing a president / vp to effect a rebalancing of the playing board.

Look at America - peaceful elections and to what effect?  Peaceful transition of power from one protectorate of TPTB to another protectorate?


Arkadaba's picture

Robert Fisk makes a similar point wrt removing more than just a Prez and VP (written a few days ago):

Regimes grow iron roots. When the Syrians left Lebanon in 2005, the Lebanese thought that it was enough to lop off the head, to get the soldiers and the intelligence officers out of their country. But I remember the astonishment with which we all discovered the depth of Syria's talons. They lay deep in the earth of Lebanon, to the very bedrock. The assassinations went on. And so, too, it is in Egypt. The Ministry of Interior thugs, the state security police, the dictator who gives them their orders, are still in operation – and if one head should roll, there will be other heads to be pasted onto the familiar portrait to send those cruel men back into the streets.

Edit: I am not absolutely cynical about the possibility of change taking place but am wary.  

Michael's picture

The population of Algeria 35 million against 30K paid police state thugs, no contest.

The whole idea of these revolutions first is to stop the police state torture of the people. Looks like the Egyptians accomplished this hands down.

The second is to stop the corruption of the elite and elected officials. I prefer using the 7th amendment for that, but when all else fails?

ivars's picture

Second takes 40 years while 2 generations in power change.

topcallingtroll's picture

Maybe we can frontrun the algerian stock market this time.  EGPT left me behind with it's five percent gain today.


Hey Tyler an article on the IMF call to end dollar hegemony and use the SDR might be a good article.  The doomer sites all link to you and that would draw in the eyeballs, especially if you would go into the composition of the SDR, and other alternatives to the dollar such as the Bancor.  Russians predictably want gold in the SDR, after all it is the second or third largest freely convertible currency isn't it?  "SDR To Replace The Dollar,  The End of the Beginning?" or something like that. 

A_MacLaren's picture

Alternative debt based fiat crap composed of a global basket of debt based fiat crap is not the solution, its the banksters next ploy to extend and pretend and kick debt based fiat crap as currency can down the road, while scamming the public into forking over more wealth to the parasites known as banksters.

Bigger Dickus's picture

I hope not. That would really screw my plans for physical gold purchases.

asdasmos's picture

You don't quit do you. Either trolling hard or you have a distorted perception of reality.

Bigger Dickus's picture

What makes you think I'm trolling?


Nathan Muir's picture

Your CONSTANT bullshit.  (first and last time I respond to your nonsense)

Bigger Dickus's picture

This is not the kitchen, Mildred.

Sudden Debt's picture

Your 1 out of 4 morons who constantly works on my nerves.

You constantly try to make a mokery of things just proving you are clueless.

And even when you think this is all just a joke : WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE ON THIS SITE!! GO BACK TO THE YAHOO BOARD!!!

Arkadaba's picture

That is your response? Let's call each other out on typos and spelling mistakes!

(The only sp error that bugs me a lot is that Marshall Law != Martial Law.) But really who cares. 


Bigger Dickus's picture

What should I write then? Insults like our friend above?I don't know why I'm wasting my time with tin foil hatters. Most ZHedgers nowadays have a one track mind: silver is going to the moon and any deviation amounts to manipulation. That's insane.

Arkadaba's picture

That's great - you expressed a position and now you should argue for that position. Why don't you think silver is going to the moon? Wrt deviation, looking at longer term charts, I haven't seen much. The trend is there. But maybe you see something different? I'm asking honestly - I would like to know. I try to read opinions that refute my hypotheses even more than those that confirm them. 

Bigger Dickus's picture

I'm not arguing that silver isn't going to the moon. In fact I own physical silver that I will NEVER sell and will hopefully pass on to my children. Physical PMs are a hedge on paper and stocks.

Nevertheless, thinking about all scenarios is required not to get burnt in the paper markets. Right now, silver bullishness is at extreme levels. Don't believe those who tell you that "it hasn't reached mania levels yet" when it has. Consider this: I've seen people in their 20s go to the coin shop and buy 1 ounce coins for 40 to 50% premiums. There are at least 3 airports that I know of where people can buy small gold bars from vending machines at huge markups (Frankfurt, Dubai and some other one I can't remember). The middle class is wasting money on jewelry thinking that they are hedging against the Apocalypse. I could go on and on.


Right now, it's very cheap to be a contrarian so that's what I'm doing. That doesn't mean that I'm a gold bear. In fact, I believe that gold prices are below south African production costs (total historical costs, not cash costs). Does that mean you should go out and buy all the physical gold you can? No.

Arkadaba's picture

Thanks - appreciated your reply and info. I don't think that even all of the gold bugs are all in gold - For me I see it as insurance - which may be around 10% at most. There is time to play in the US market but that market will crash at some point - timing is everything. And forward looking - what is next? I'm not sure but happy to be back in Canada with water and oil :p


tmosley's picture

I see, so three vending machines worldwide=mania.

Remind me not to buy ATM company stocks.

The Real Fake Economy's picture

i remember back in 05 seeing Ponch from CHIPS and Dr Evil's #2 pitching real estate at like 2 in the morning.  I remember asking myself, why does this not look right?  then had a bunch of friends picking up and leaving NY and moving to FL because they were all becoming RE agents and everyone was buying and it was supposedly really cheap (even Jada Kiss said so in a rap song about 10 years ago!!)

Well now I live in China and don't have the luxury of watching live American TV and so have no idea if Webster aka Emmanuel Lewis or Ivana Humpalot are pitching gold/silver late night.  But what I do know through facebook is those same "make a quick buck on the latest trend" friends have been posting about buying gold, silver, gold stocks etc over the last 3 or so months.  Then, last week I'm in Bangkok, and I KID YOU NOT, 7pm, i'm walking from my hotel to a restaurant not too far away when I pass what appears to be a classroom, except this isn't a University or anything.  It's an office being used as a classroom and inside is a douchey looking western guy writing on a whiteboard the benefits of gold, silver and bronze, putting up prices in USD/ Bhat, drawing charts etc.  The audience, seemingly educated, just got out of work Thai people ranging in age from 25-65.  As if this weren't bad enough or perhaps I was having some sort of nightmare, guess who has a nice approximately 12 story office building just across the street?  JPMORGAN!!  In nice, big, shiny letters were the 8 letters I most dread seeing in the world when placed in that order.  (those scoundrels just started charging me $5 non-ATM chase fees when accessing money outside of the US, up from $3, but that's a whole 'nother story for another day) 

In any case, not sure if JPM was hosting this shindig or what, but the whole scene was scary....very scary.  i'm reminded of former yankee player and met manager Yogi Berra "it's deja vu all over again"

tmosley's picture

Feel free to sell then.  No-one is stopping you.  The quicker weak hands like you sell, the quicker we can get this thing over with.  People who won't use their own minds and do their homework on what is really happening with silver don't deserve to own it.  People who can't see that prices can't continue rising on goods that can increase in supply exponentially, like tulips or houses, deserve what they get when they buy.  People who can't see that mining operations for gold and silver can't be quickly ramped up and that global stockpiles of silver are fast dwindling deserve what they get when they sell their physical, allowing JPMorgan to cover its shorts.

The end is near.  Sell your silver.  I don't want to share control of the world with contrarians or non-thinkers.

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you can make children while jackin off to a mirror??  surround yourself with some more mirrors you fuckin attention whore

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you are my worst troll, annoying but not effective in scaring sheep away from gold.

You think just being an annoying fool will syop them?



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Big D, I found a site you would probably feel more comfortable at.

Added bonus is no captcha.

Pure Evil's picture

our method: pseudonymous speech...

anonymity is a shield from the tyranny of the majority. it thus exemplifies the purpose behind the bill of rights, and of the first amendment in particular: to protect unpopular individuals from retaliation-- and their ideas from suppression-- at the hand of an intolerant society.

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No kidding.  I always thought Marshall Fields was a hunting/camping outfit.  Hey, and what about Marital Law.  Thats combat oriented.

whopper's picture

Johnny that you ?????

Treason Season's picture

It's either JB or an alumni from the same troll school. The Eric Sprott thread is chock full of the mf's. Unlike Sudden Debt though, I find them comforting knowing someone is worried enough to take the time and make the effort of discouraging the purchasinng of pm's.

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I bet I have a bigger dickus than Bigger Dickus.

Bigger Dickus's picture

That won't save you from eternal damnation for being a huge flamer. Silver Surfer has to be the gayest character ever. Next to him, even Tintin is manly.


SilverIsKing's picture

How long have you been following gay comic book characters?

I found something you might appreciate:

BTW: No mention of Silver Surfer.

Bigger Dickus's picture

I don't follow them. That's the impression I get from my childhood comic book experience.


You're the one who actively googled gay comic book characters. I advise you to call Dr. Sigmund Freud before it gets worse.

SilverIsKing's picture

I would try to call him but I'm guessing he's pretty dead by now.

I think I need to buy a gun's picture

ain't nothing going to interfere with your physical gold purchases....keep buying... u want a fuckin SDR or Canadian Maple in your pocket or backyard. SDRS may help in trade but they ain't going to recapitalize the world.

Rainman's picture

Maybe I better read that Nostradamus quatrain again. What we got left.....22 months ??

TBT or not TBT's picture

Erm, I think these revolutions in arab islamic countries should have, at some point, brought us to question whether there is causality behind this correlation.   Islamic countries are economically weak dictatorships mostly, and arab ones that don't have much oil per head will have the most trouble soonest.  They're all doomed to serious unrest eventually though, thanks to desperation, thanks to the idiocy of Islam.

Arkadaba's picture

I'm not sure I would define Egypt as an Islamic country - more secular than many other countries in the region. 

TBT or not TBT's picture

It's just 90% Muslim, according to the CIA World Factbook article, but what do they know?

Pure Evil's picture

Well, actually, some mad russian scientists claim we got until at least 2036.

Terminus C's picture

If all 7 billion of us pick a different day for the total end of the world one of us is bound to be right.

That said, I would agree with the high chance that the end of the financial ponzi that we know is near (within the year).