An American Coup D’état – First World Nation Style

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An American Coup D’état – First World Nation Style


Some say all this insanity is just greed and corruption run amuck. Others claim the political, financial and judicial process has been co-opted in some type of modern day Coup D’état. Might it be both and could it have taken place much earlier in the decade under the cover of some other triggering event? Please leave your bias and preconceived notions behind as we take a leisurely stroll down memory lane. As usual this is another long one folks so buckle up and enjoy.

Cognitive Dissonance  11/09/2010


Usually it’s pretty obvious when a Coup D'état has occurred. I mean, considering how these things generally go down, it should be pretty clear something just happened. Political earthquakes are normally detectible around the world. In fact, tell tale signs such as blood on the Palace floor, weeping family and/or Cabinet members, sounds of distant explosions or automatic weapons fire and a suspiciously large number of uniformed men carrying AK-47’s (or thanks to some friends in the right places bearing foreign “aid”, M-16’s) while walking the streets are dead giveaways that the ruling elite have rotated under less than optimal conditions. Or at least that might be the perspective of the recently deposed and disposed of leadership. After all, most former “democratic” dictators don’t get to play hide and seek with the opposition by going to ground in a dusty old spider hole. Got fleas?

But all this is just banana republic stuff and merely how the third world rolls, right? I’ve been repeatedly assured by all my social and cultural indoctrination that one of the many hallmarks of civilization in first world countries are the orderly transition of power from one faction to the next. This is almost always done under the auspices of “free and open elections” and the “consent” of the governed. There are simply no shots fired or screams heard in the executive mansion at 3 AM, followed closely by troops in the streets and a media blackout, here in America. It just doesn’t happen.

Hell, the proof of concept is the recently completed mid-term elections here in the FIRST of first world nations. Or at least that’s what we Americans love to believe. Thank God I’ll only be subjected to a few more months of Botox Pelosi, or BP as I like to call her. The perpetually tanned and perfectly coiffed John Boehner (JB of course) will be a welcome relief for these weary old eyes……speaking of course from a purely cosmetic point of view. Everything else is immaterial in the land of HDTV since nothing more than tans and lipstick can be conveyed in 5 or 10 second video clips. Oh, and don’t forget cleavage. God but don’t we just love our televised mammary glands? And I’m ecstatic that JB appears to be turning a sickly shade of orange in sympathetic celebration of the seasonal change of color. But alas I rapidly digress.

Or does this in fact happen here? Or more to the point, has this actually happened here in the UBRSA and someone just sort of......well you know, forgot to tell us? If you think about it for a while, it’s plausible the announcement could have been overlooked in the rush to restore order to the ranks of the elite. So the question needs to be asked. Is it possible that a Coup D'état has transpired here in America and “they” decided we didn’t need (or want) to be informed? Clearly if this is the case there would be some kind of sign, wouldn’t there? Maybe not something quite as obvious as a declaration nailed to the door of the Senate a la Caesar, but possibly some blood soaked rags, a glass of poisoned wine or a few stray hairs we could send off to CSI for fingerprints and DNA.

I can hear the reader’s ego screaming now. “Preposterous, I’d know about it if the government was overthrown.” Or maybe “You just couldn’t keep this large a conspiracy under wraps without someone speaking out.” Or the classic “The American people would never tolerate something this outrageous.” As if a group of conspirators with the guts to pull this off would be so worried about what Joe six pack thought that they wouldn’t even try. Of course, this presumes that the Coup D'état took place out in the open for the entire world to witness and comment upon. “I say old chaps, not very sporting of you to engage in such rude behavior. Let’s put our weapons down, rustle up some tea and crumpets, and discuss this like the gentlemen we are.” Yeah I guess you’re right, it’s simply impossible.

So now that we’ve established that a Coup D'état could never happen in the UBRSA and our egos have been calmed and sensibilities restored, we’re free to suspend disbelief and explore this idea without emotional discomfort. Come on, you know how to suspend disbelief, don’t you? Every time you open a newspaper or book, switch on the radio or flip to any of your 500 TV channels, this is precisely what you’re doing. Particularly if you’re listening to or watching mainstream media (MSM) “news”, which long ago crossed the black hole event horizon and entered The Twilight Zone. So, unless you truly think you’re still safely on the ground with Toto in Kansas and wish to opt out, let’s all hop on the express train to crazy and see where it goes.

Hidden In Plain Sight

The real question is the following. Where does one begin when exploring the idea that America has undergone a Coup D'état of the first world kind? I’ve found from long personal experience that most things are hidden out in the open and in plain sight. And that those doing the hiding rely heavily upon our social conditioning, biases and belief systems to either ignore or misinterpret whatever it is we’re “seeing”. Mix in huge helpings of MSM, governmental and (more than ever) corporate propaganda, which is strategically used to obscure and obstruct our view of what’s really going on, and you have the official story. Nothing to see here, move along!

Combine all this with individual and group herd behavior, along with the sad fact that so many normally involved and proactive people have completely abandoned all hope of ever making a difference or seeing change they can believe in, and you have the recipe for modern day American passivity and acceptance. “I don’t know what’s going on anymore and I don’t really care.” The social control system, of which we are all a part, is extremely efficient in snuffing out all hope by isolating and demoralizing.

On a daily, even hourly basis, we’re fed (programmed may be a more accurate term) a running meme or narrative of what’s going on in the world, including who, what, when, where and, most importantly, why. Once our (sub) conscious mind has been imprinted with the narrative, particularly if we’ve been subjected to “shock and awe” initial imprinting (think 9/11), it’s quickly followed by repetitive recitations of the “official story” to cement the meme in place. This is the same tried and true mind control (sorry, the politically correct term is “advertising”) techniques that Edward Bernays pioneered back in more innocent days that are used to build long term “brand” loyalty by corporations. Viola, we’ve created a plausible worldview that doesn’t need to withstand much scrutiny if no one cares to look very closely. And why would I since CSI comes on at eight?

Rarely does this narrative come close to the truth, though intentionally woven within is often enough plausibility to make it believable. Frequently, what we’re told is spun to fit not only short term needs of cover or deflected attention, but also to fit within and support prior disinformation releases. Or just as important, to seed future chapters of the mythical public meme. Not only does this accomplish the task of telling you what to (and what not to) think, but it also tells you what to do with the little bits of stray data or information that doesn’t fit the consensus reality. Of course, the correct path to follow when finding these nonconforming gems is to throw them out as outliers or “bad” data that’s “wrong” or “unpatriotic” or “conspiratorial”. The official narrative tells you not to stray from the proper thought path or you’ll be socially shunned and/or reprimanded. Or worse!

Better yet, often the running narrative applies a different interpretation to the data that leads you back into the warm embrace of the carefully woven illusion we’re all assured is the real reality. This is the primary purpose of the official public lie, to provide a false but official interpretation that’s always pointed to by sober minded authorities as the one and only “truth” regardless of how patently false or illogical it may be. When the Wizard of OZ speaks, we all listen. (By the way, don’t you just love that “author” [fictional of course] is the root of “authorities”.) When the conditioned or ideologically captured mind is looking for confirmation that it is correct, logic doesn’t stand a chance next to confirmation bias, selective hearing/seeing and the safety and emotional comfort of sleeping within the consensus herd.

Even a Zero Hedge (ZH) newbie will quickly determine after just a few days of reading the articles and comment section that the consensus opinion here is that Uncle Sam has a lip lock on the banker’s……well, you get the picture. In other words, the vast majority of ZH critters believe that the “official authorities”, however you wish to describe them, have been subverted, co-opted, corrupted or overthrown by “The Bankers” or “The Banking Cabal” in what could, and maybe should, be described as a Coup D’état. Let’s look closer at this belief starting with a definition.

A coup d'état (English: /?ku?de??t??/, French: [ku deta]; plural: coups d'état)—also known as a coup, putsch, and overthrow—is the sudden, extra-legal deposition of a government,[1][2] usually by a small group of the existing state establishment—typically the military—to replace the deposed government with another body; either civil or military.'%C3%A9tat

Who says the French never gave us anything? The above definition is typical of what I found in four dictionaries. Notice that nowhere does it says that the actual occurrence of the coup is common knowledge and known to anyone other than the interested parties. It’s just sort of understood that the coup will occur in plain sight and be self evident. Go back and reread my first paragraph because it describes the typical mythical Coup D'état, one that’s faithfully reported in the MSM and history books as fact and the standard of excellence. What’s not widely discussed and thus hidden from public perception is the stealthy or silent Coup D'état, such as the CIA sponsored “color” revolutions of various former Iron Curtain countries over the past two decades. You can go back further for more examples if you wish.

Just because power changed hands under (or before) the cover of elections doesn’t mean it wasn’t “extra-legal”. Some basic research by the reader will uncover several examples of overthrown leaders who were allowed to maintain their position and title until the next “election cycle” in order to produce the illusion that all is well and the coup (if a “coup” was ever publically acknowledged to begin with) was not successful. Or the leader(s) may quickly change allegiance before it starts in order to live another day. This strategy has the added benefit of keeping it hidden from public view. If it’s not admitted publicly, we can all be assured it never happened.

If I Can’t See It From My House....

My point (yes Dear Reader, I’m slowly getting there) is that in some cases, if the way forward is flexible and fluid, the ideal way to pull off, or cover up, a Coup D'état is for it to be silent and unacknowledged. I would hazard a guess that when dealing with a population that’s been thoroughly indoctrinated and conditioned to believe they’re free and empowered (subtle hint: America) it would be best if the takeover’s done out of sight and out of mind.

Better yet, just imagine if they could do the ugly deed under the cover of a dramatic (and triggering) event. After all, we don’t wish for the natives to become alarmed or to feel they’ve been subverted if it can be avoided. Perfection would be a situation where there appears to have been (or even was) an attack against “we the people” that endears the now corrupted, subverted, captured or already on board leadership to “we the people”. Bullhorn Bush on top of a rubble pile comes to mind.

While opinions vary, for those who believe there was a takeover of some sort, many suspect this Coup D’état took place on or around September of 08. We all remember that month, right? Paulson proposed to Pelosi on bended knee and begged with teary eyes (or so the public myth tells us) for the blank TARP check to be signed, sealed and blessed. Who could forget the Congressional drama queens “failing” to pass the needed enabling legislation, which (ostensibly) led to a severe and dramatic stock market plunge?

This engineered market crash flashed frightening signs of Armageddon, striking fear into the hearts of men. This was all that was needed to soften the minds of “we the people” and their dually elected Congressional Creatures. With the red fear dial now set on maximum DEFCON 1, just enough minds and votes were altered to push through passage of the “TRAP”. With America now saved and the bankers sleeping tight, this naturally led to.......wait for it......wait for it...... another good old fashioned stock market plunge. You just can’t make this stuff up because it would be unbelievable. That sentiment alone is a testament to the divergence between reality and the public’s mindset and beliefs.

The orchestra was finely tuned and magnificently conducted to serenade us with some high quality C-Span Shakespearian theater. The rest as they tend to say is history. Ah the good old days, when men were men and the control system’s shadow government didn’t need to work so hard to get what they wanted while maintaining the illusion that we control our own destiny. But was this really when the banking cabal’s Coup D’état occurred and was it the bankers alone who asserted authority? Perhaps the dirty deed was a collaborative affair implemented earlier in the decade with parties as yet unidentified?

What follows is just one of many possible interpretations of some, though by no means all, events that have played out over the past 10 or more years. As I said previously it would be helpful to suspend disbelief and open your mind to alternative explanations if you wish to see beyond, or through, the illusion. I also wish to stress that if there was an American coup, it didn’t happen overnight. Only after years, even decades, of careful ground work, collaboration and predictive programming by the MSM and other “interests” could the battle field be properly prepared for the Coup D’état. It would also be hopelessly naive to believe that the suspected coup was executed perfectly and that there were no loose ends or hanging chads.

While I’ve been thinking along these lines for the past 6 years or so and have conducted research on my own, I’d like to give credit to author and researcher Peter Dale Scott. Not only has he conducted much more extensive and wider ranging original research, but he has been publicizing his views in speeches, interviews, videos and several books, all centered around what he calls “Deep Politics” or “Deep Events”, terms better known as Para Politics. In fact, in a recent interview posted on (which can be found at the end of this article) Peter Dale Scott and The Real News do an excellent job laying out much of what I’ll discuss here.

I offer a simple summary of a complex and still very much undefined picture of what may have gone down, some of which is based upon my own supposition and guesstimates. We may never know what really happened because no one is seriously asking the tough questions. Or if they are, they’re either being ignored or facetious answers and derogatory back handed insults are offered in response.

A History of Deep Events

Many readers could make a substantial and viable argument that the subversion of the American constitution and the overthrow of its government may have occurred many decades, quite possibly more than a century, ago. Often it comes down to definitions and interpretations of what’s happened because there’s no “official” shadow or alternative history to refer to. Simply put, if it isn’t in the official history books, it didn’t happen. Always remember that history is better known as lies widely agreed upon. In a wonderful Clintonian riff on what “is” is, many alternative views revolve around what “legal” is, something I engage in as well later in this essay. After all, according to Dick Cheney, the President can never do anything illegal under the cover of war.

In fact, a careful reading of the time of Lincoln leaves many unanswered questions pertaining to what a President can and cannot legally do during “war”. Consider for a moment that the Civil War was initially about states’ rights and only later was the “objective” changed to a more politically palatable “free the slaves” meme by Lincoln. In spite of the continuous and ongoing public glorification of Lincoln, many experts continue to claim he repeatedly overstepped his constitutional authority.

Fast forward 50 years and others will claim that the American Coup D’état took place when the Federal Reserve Act was passed 2 day before Christmas in the year 1913. Still others might point to 1933 when the American people were robbed at gun point by their own government. Private ownership of Gold was essentially outlawed, after which the fiat dollars exchanged for all that confiscated Gold were promptly devalued. Or how about when the Fed…….ops……sorry, my Freudian slip is showing…….Nixon took America off the international Gold Standard?

Quite a few readers may point to the Kennedy/King/Kennedy assassinations as the period in American history when government was effectively usurped by a shadow “authority”, possibly by the so called military-industrial complex Ike warned us about or even one or more of the intelligence arms of the US government. There was so much going on in America under the cover of the Cold War, much of which still remains hidden (illegally in my opinion), that we might never know for certain what went on.

This is an area Peter Dale Scott and other respected authors have researched extensively. Unfortunately, much of what’s been unearthed to date is so contrary to the public meme that even if it were widely revealed, the average Joe would reject it as unbelievable. A conditioned mind is a terribly difficult thing to wake and will fight to remain comfortably asleep.

Why Steal With a Gun When You Can Own a Bank?

"When a government is dependent upon bankers for money, they and not the leaders of the government control the situation, since the hand that gives is above the hand that takes... Money has no motherland; financiers are without patriotism and without decency; their sole object is gain."
- Napoleon Bonaparte, 1815

I’ve included the above quote because it perfectly exemplifies how something can be hidden in plain sight. Extremely knowledgeable people in very high places who are or were “in the know” have been pointing to the “bankers” for hundreds of years as the root cause of our social problems. And yet somehow they persist despite repeated exterminations and hangings. Why is this? How can a class of professionals (some would say cockroaches) consistently rise from the ashes to rule again and again? I thought there’s only one chance to become a Phoenix?

Taking a page from office cubical mythology, the secret to professional longevity may be invisibility. Or maybe the art is to become indispensible to a wide variety of (equally) greedy sociopath bipeds. Use the useful idiots that surround you first as tools, then as shields or cannon fodder. Hmm, we might be on to something here.

One of the flaws in our thinking is assuming that others will act and think as we do. While this helps explain why your spouse is always unfairly assuming you’re cheating (often this is because s/he has or is cheating on you, thus your spouse believes you’re doing the same) it’s an enormous blind spot for those who just wish to lead a simple life free from oppression and war. Like a metastasized cancer, the bankers are the ultimate chameleons who never really need to change their color because they’ve ingratiated themselves into every corner of society, becoming all things to everyone. By conflating their survival with ours, we’re conditioned to believe that killing the deeply rooted cancer will kill the patient. So let’s just deal with it. Buck up old boy, it could be worse.

We often talk about bankers or the banking cabal as if they stand alone and isolated. For example, we don’t say “The Banking Cabal and (-fill in the blank-)” except maybe Wall Street, which in my opinion they’re one and the same. We know that the bankers have forged extensive and deep political, social and financial ties within every facet of society. And yet we don’t really talk about this since to do so would in effect implicate ourselves in our own destruction and enslavement. While showing the bankers out the back door of our minds, we readily invite them back in through the front. Since we seem to be so obviously flawed and transparent in this regard, are we really that surprised to find we’re afflicted with a cancerous infection that exploits our own weaknesses?

Conditioned Blindness

Remember when Ike warned us that the dreaded military-industrial complex was evil incarnate? Why didn’t he mention the banks? Think about that for a minute. Do we really believe Ike wasn’t aware that the central bankers funded both sides during WW2? Or that the banking cabal created the conditions that caused both the run up to and then the crash of 1929? That the bankers weren’t behind the terrible suffering for the next 10 years during the Great Depression? I could go on, but to assume that Ike was this ignorant of how the world actually worked would be……well….ignorant. Yes, I understand that the world was different back then. Are you saying the bankers didn’t have control of enough purse strings for it to matter, that they had little influence?   

What’s not said is often of equal or greater importance than what is said. The fact that Ike didn’t use the phrase “Financial Military Industrial Complex” (today we should add “Energy” to the list) is a stunning omission that can’t be swept aside as simply a mental lapse or poor judgment. I suspect even Ike knew that taking on the banking cabal meant taking on the world. And as brave as he most certainly was, he wasn’t suicidal. Or would I be crossing the line if I said Ike was blowing smoke? A favored technique used to deflect attention is to point fingers at other evil doers. “It’s those guys over there that you need to worry about. These guys have nothing to do with it.”

Maybe Ike was so indoctrinated and conditioned that he saw the bankers as a natural part of a “healthy” social/financial system and thus not a danger. No self respecting parasite seriously endangers its host since to kill or severely weaken the host has the same effect on the parasite. Ideally, the host shouldn’t even be aware that the parasite is harmful or a danger, but rather a welcome benefit to the host. Any of the above explanations regarding Ike are plausible and all of them are disturbing. A theme I always return to is the seamless and thus invisible social systems that determine much of who we “are” and often what and how we think.

Language is a major contributor to this process simply because it’s so completely integrated into our very beings. Our thought process is controlled by the language and words we use. Control the words and the language and you control thought to a great degree. This is why politicians and by extension the public hold accomplished orators in such high regard. When thinking about this, consider that the highest quality speakers can cast a “spell” or “trance” over their audience, which interestingly is also the word we use to describe the function used to create the basic building block of language, to “spell” words.

This subject alone would merit a book or two to describe the process. Luckily there are many already published. Just remember that many words and phrases have double or triple meanings along with hidden symbolic references. Language has always been used to control populations and precisely why ideas, as represented by words, are so powerful. There are some very fascinating discussions going on out there with regard to how early man thought and acted very differently before spoken and written language became widely used. There are some who contend that language was specifically created and manipulated in order to not only control but to direct from afar.   

The Deep Politics Event

While any stretch of time you wish to measure (months, years, decades, even centuries) has its own ebb and flow, something happened at the turn of the decade/century that was obscured by the popping of the last (Internet) stock market bubble, followed closely by 9/11. You remember the good old days, when all we could talk about was technology, the Internet, dot-com e-commerce and its benefits to human and machine alike? When anything e-commerce was immediately bid up to 300 times sales (if there were actual sales) and 500 times projected sales when there were none?

I distinctly remember feeling that the country had gone rouge after a very long period of trending in that direction. It really began to feel like an Outer Limits rerun when the stolen election of 2000 was blessed by the unbiased and non political Supremes. I would argue that this stolen election, brought to you by your friendly Diebold election ATM, was the beginning of the coming coup. As the deflating bubble worked its way through the economy, we edged closer and closer to “The Event” that will someday be recognized for what it was, the all-in-push of every single chip to the center of the table in order to gestate the American Coup D’état we naively call 9/11.

Instead of devolving into an argument regarding who, what, when and where concerning September 11th, 2001 let’s instead consider a possible WHY. Regardless of whether you think the (shadow) government was totally and completely incompetent with regard to 9/11 or the government knew about the coming “attack” and let it happen anyway to further specific goals or they simply made the “attacks” happen, the political, legal and military steps taken during and after 9/11 were earthshaking and a subject of much discussion and rhetoric. Might 9/11 possibly have been used as just another magician’s trick to divert attention from a long planned “Deep Event”?

Much of what has happened since 9/11, particularly militarily and economically, could simply be ancillary side benefits to keep the profiteers fully engaged as covering fire. I tend to think that one of the more public “benefits” <sarcasm> of 9/11 (there are easily a dozen I could discuss) was that it provided political cover to recharge the Ponzi, allowing for the “end game” to be kicked down the road several more years. One doesn’t need to think long to recognize who might have benefited from that can kicking. Naturally the “Deep Event” I’m talking about is “the sudden extra-legal deposition of a government usually by a small group of the existing state establishment—typically the military- (but not always) to replace the deposed government with another body; either civil or military.” In other words, for all intents and purposes, I’m suggesting that an American Coup D’état occurred on 9/11. Let’s get into some detail.

Continuity of Government

Has anyone ever wondered why "Continuity of Government" (COG) was implemented the day of 9/11 and why there doesn't seem to be any actual records of it ever being rescinded? Do you even know what COG entails? What’s that you say; everyone knows about this? You might be thinking about the succession of power laid out in the constitution, from President to Vice President and so on. What I’m talking about are secret plans that lay out the process by which in the event of a declared emergency of any type some or all of the constitution is suspended. No one on the outside knows what this plan entails because the information is being withheld even from Congress in what should be recognized as a constitutional crisis.

We know “Continuity of Government” was enacted on 9/11 because it’s briefly mentioned as having been implemented in the 9/11 Commission Report, the so called “official story” of the “official conspiracy” about 19 Muslim hijackers and their wacky cave dwelling leader. Oh sure, we've had a few White House press releases saying everything's back to normal. But have you ever wondered why Congress acts like a captive and subverted legislative body that is essentially powerless over everything except handing out pork? In an overt act of total repudiation of Congressional oversight, The Homeland Security Oversight Committee, including its Chairman, has been denied access to this COG plan. In a speech on the House floor, Representative Peter Defazio publicly declared this to be so.

REP. PETER DEFAZIO (D-OR): “Most Americans would agree that it would be prudent to have a plan to provide for the continuity of government and the rule of law in case of a devastating terrorist attack or natural disaster, a plan that provides for the cooperation, coordination, and continued functioning of all three branches of the government. The Bush administration tells us they have such a plan. They introduced a little sketchy public version that's clearly inadequate and doesn't really tell us what they have in mind, but they said, don't worry, there's a detailed classified version. But now they've denied the entire Homeland Security Committee of the United States House of Representatives access to their so-called detailed plan to provide for continuity of government.”

So it appears that Big Brother had/has a plan to suspend some or all of the Constitution (among other things) but its secret even to the Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, the Congressional body of oversight for the NSA, CIA, FBI etc. How can this be viewed as anything other than a suspension of at least a portion of the Constitution? Leaked stories have indicated that the plan calls for suspension of habeas corpus by way of warrantless detention, military government, warrantless wiretapping. Sound familiar? There is simply no way of knowing what’s included in this plan because it isn’t even known to those the public has elected to oversee the public’s interest.

And it appears past and present Congressional leadership are complicit in this subversion, either willingly or because they’re prevented by “law” or COG policies from pushing back. While there’s been very little difference between Republican and Democrat policies when implemented over the past 20 years, who really knows what’s going on unless we can figure out what was implemented on 9/11 and if all or some of Continuity of Government is still in effect. When you think it through, it’s extremely plausible to consider that a lot of what’s happened over the past 8 or 9 years can be explained by a COG plan that suspended, and continues to suspend, some or all of the Constitution with only the façade remaining as evidence that nothing’s changed.

Legal Cover

We can be certain of one thing after just a brief review of world history. Those who wish to exercise political and social control will often attempt to do so under the cover of legal authority. Every political or military regime, oppressive or otherwise, wishes to appear to be “legal” in the eyes of the International Community and vice versa. As long as the International Community can claim the leadership of a country or regime is “legal”, this allows business and formal political recognition to be maintained or re-implemented.

It’s a transparent political game that’s played out on a daily basis in order to satisfy the internal legal requirements of each nation state as well as international law. Look at some of the outright blood thirsty regimes and dictatorships that are considered “legitimate” in the eyes of international law based solely upon supposedly fair and open elections. I won’t look too hard at the legitimacy of your country if you won’t do so in return, thus we can all continue to conduct business, especially if you have resources I wish to acquire. So what’s the internal legal legitimacy for the American Coup D’état since on the surface the rule of constitutional law still appears to be in force?

How many people know that every year since 9/11, including once again this past September by Obama, the President has declared a "State of Emergency"? What exactly, meaning legally, does it mean when the President does this?



September 10, 2010


Notice from the President on the Continuation of the National Emergency with Respect to Certain Terrorist Attacks





Consistent with section 202(d) of the National Emergencies Act, 50 U.S.C. 1622(d), I am continuing for 1 year the national emergency previously declared on September 14, 2001, in Proclamation 7463, with respect to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and the continuing and immediate threat of further attacks on the United States.


Because the terrorist threat continues, the national emergency declared on September 14, 2001, and the powers and authorities adopted to deal with that emergency must continue in effect beyond September 14, 2010. Therefore, I am continuing in effect for an additional year the national emergency that was declared on September 14, 2001, with respect to the terrorist threat.
This notice shall be published in the Federal Register and transmitted to the Congress.


                                  BARACK OBAMA

September 10, 2010.


In particular, I wish to point to a portion of the language in this declaration. “Because the terrorist threat continues, the national emergency declared on September 14, 2001, and the powers and authorities adopted to deal with that emergency must continue in effect beyond September 14, 2010.” What exactly are these “powers and authorities adopted to deal with that emergency” (meaning 9/11) that Obama is claiming must be continued? This is an entirely reasonable question to ask of our government and yet it’s rebuffed.

People can explain this away for as long as they want and it still won’t meet the constitutional imperative of separation of powers if the executive won’t reveal to Congress or the American people what’s going on. If Congressional power has been severely restricted by way of COG, then Congress might not even be able to fulfill its legal requirement to review within 6 months each Presidential declaration of emergency. In fact, Congress has never reviewed any of the prior 8 emergency declarations. Why not? We simple can not apply any legal or constitutional logic to why this or that is or isn’t done until we understand what COG is and if it’s currently in effect.

Nor can anyone declare my train of thought as silly or nonsensical if you can’t prove one way or another exactly what Continuity of Government is or isn’t. Remember, COG was officially declared to be in effect on 9/11, yet we don’t know what COG entails. Once in effect, we don’t know what portions of the Constitution were or were not suspended, what other legal, social, economic or military processes were put in place nor do we know what conditions are (or even who is) required to revoke COG. Consider that Continuity of Government could give the executive or the military or even private citizens or corporations the right to lie with impunity. They could even lie about revoking COG and we wouldn’t know about it.

For example, what right do the President’s men have to allow or order public corporations to lie to the public about their finances, to essentially subvert public law? Below is Exhibit A, something I’ve repeatedly placed in the comment section of Zero Hedge for six months now. I’ve been stunned how many times I’ve posted this yet it often receives zero, nada, zilch, zip replies or follow up comments. How is this possible? Are we so numb that this just goes unnoticed or without comment time after time. We talk about the passive public yet we aren’t much better.


Intelligence Czar Can Waive SEC Rules


Now, the White House's top spymaster can cite national security to exempt businesses from reporting requirements.


President George W. Bush has bestowed on his intelligence czar, John Negroponte, broad authority, in the name of national security, to excuse publicly traded companies from their usual accounting and securities-disclosure obligations. Notice of the development came in a brief entry in the Federal Register, dated May 5, 2006, that was opaque to the untrained eye.

We’ve been told things are pretty much back to normal. Or at least as normal as one can expect considering two wars and an economic crisis of epic proportions. If everything is back to normal, why do we see a continuing emergency declaration made each year based upon a so-called “terrorist” attack from 9 years ago? The emergency declaration specifically refers to 9/11, not some recent “events”. Is this Presidential emergency declaration the one “legal” requirement to continue Continuity of Government, thus continuing the enforcement of the unknown “powers and authorities adopted to deal with that emergency?” Doesn’t this alone compel a reexamination of not only the events of 9/11, but everything the led up to “The Event” itself?

How could Congress fund two wars for 7 years by emergency appropriation, meaning off budget, until the 2010 budget? How can they not even pass a budget for 2011? Why is it that the FED seems to have unlimited power and Congress appears to be led around by the scrotum? While nearly every President since Lincoln has attached a few “signing statements” to some bills, a constitutionally suspect “Presidential prerogative” at best, the number of these signing statements exploded under Bush and now Obama. Are these signing statements, which often essentially proclaim that the President doesn’t agree with, need to follow or even enforce the Bill he’s signing, considered fair game under COG and a sign of ultimate imperial power? And by imperial I don’t mean Presidential.

The (Un) Patriot Act

Let’s look at something else that’s hidden in plain sight. What’s often discussed as an abuse of power, but then passed off as simply the opening salvo of an escalating tyranny, is the original Patriot Act legislation. The official story tells us that once galvanized by 9/11, the Bush administration quickly staggered to its feet and rolled out the Patriot Act within two weeks for Congress to unofficially consider and then comment upon. History informs us that the original legislation was then added to and heavily modified during Congressional deliberations, thus leading the average reader to believe that The Patriot Act was a rough draft and imperfect. But this is a false impression.

Many stories quickly appeared (and then just as quickly died) that quoted aides and staff of various Congressmen, staff who normally do the actual writing of many bills and thus would know what they’re talking about, as saying The Patriot Act was delivered as a complete and very accurate document. Your average Joe Six Pack as well as many here on Zero Hedge simply doesn’t understand how complex the original Patriot Act was and how very unlikely (impossible) this extremely complex 1,000 plus page document was crafted in less than two weeks. The Patriot Act changed hundreds of (cross referenced) existing laws, right down to tiny changes to words, phrases and sentences in page after page, section after section, of existing law. And it created complex new law as well. Here is how Wikipedia describes the final product.

“The Act dramatically reduced restrictions on law enforcement agencies' ability to search telephone, e-mail communications, medical, financial, and other records; eased restrictions on foreign intelligence gathering within the United States; expanded the Secretary of the Treasury’s authority to regulate financial transactions, particularly those involving foreign individuals and entities; and broadened the discretion of law enforcement and immigration authorities in detaining and deporting immigrants suspected of terrorism-related acts. The act also expanded the definition of terrorism to include domestic terrorism, thus enlarging the number of activities to which the USA PATRIOT Act’s expanded law enforcement powers could be applied.” It continues further down. “The PATRIOT Act[3] has made a number of changes to U.S. law. Key acts changed were the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 (FISA), the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 (ECPA), the Money Laundering Control Act of 1986 and Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), as well as the Immigration and Nationality Act.

In my opinion, it is hopelessly naive to think that this huge and complex document in its original form was hammered out in less than 14 days by supposedly traumatized members of the Justice department along with substantial help from the FBI, CIA, DIA, SEC, AG and the Federal Reserve before it’s unofficial introduction to Congress. You couldn’t get these agencies and regulatory authorities to do all this legal work in less than two weeks even if they had a gun to their heads.

It consistently amazes me how 9/11 apologists can endlessly declare that the government was criminally negligent and grossly incompetent when it came to preparing for and reacting to “the attacks”, yet within two weeks stabilized the ship of state and rolled out the Patriot Act before the ink was dry. An honest examination of the original Patriot Act alone should compel one to take a fresh look at 9/11 because it’s clear The Patriot Act was prepared before 9/11. That understanding alone raises hundreds of questions.

In fact, the Peter Dale Scott interview below details how Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld began working on the “Continuity of Government” process and procedures as early as 1981 during the Reagan Administration. Even more amazing, they continued their apparent labor of love while private citizens, meeting with other conspirators during the Clinton Administration to continue the COG planning. There’s even a connection to Oliver North that came to light during the 1987 Iran-Contra hearings where North is asked by a Congressman about his involvement in COG planning, only to be quickly stifled by the committee chairman.

I suspect that the Patriot Act was just one of many documents and procedures that were prepared well in advance (as much as they could be) and which were implemented on or after 9/11. Combine this with recent revelations that the Bush Administration came into office in 2000 already planning to attack both Iraq and Afghanistan and you have even more questions raised.

Fort Detrick Anthrax

And what about those mailed anthrax “attacks”, beginning October 4th, 2001? Why were certain Congressmen who opposed the Patriot Act recipients of the so-called anthrax laced letters? I suspect they were the intended recipients to send a message not to oppose the Patriot Act and everyone else who received them was simply used as cover to deflect attention. Regardless of the intent, this “Deep Event” was and still is a huge red flag and an obvious and glaring outlier. The fact that the anthrax originated in a strain developed at Fort Detrick, MD was a huge embarrassment to the Army and FBI, not to mention the White House, CIA, DIA etc.

The FBI wasted years attempting to divert attention from the simple fact that it wasn’t some basement dwelling terrorist with a mortar and pestle who created this highly engineered anthrax, but rather the product of an inside job. When the obvious could no longer be ignored, the FBI, no doubt with plenty of help from some friends, eventually concocted a cover story about a disgruntled Army researcher (Dr. Bruce Ivins aka “The Fourth Fall Guy”) who (luckily) committed suicide just before the FBI was going to arrest him. This entire investigatory charade is so far out in left field as to be dismissed as nothing more than another example of the FBI enabling the criminal elite and protecting political ass while burying inquiry into the American Coup D’état.

I could go on with dozens of other seemingly random events that are in fact connected, but it's clear that something's terribly wrong here in America. Way too many things don't add up. I submit that this country has experienced a Coup D’état under the cover of 9/11 and we've been operating under a form of martial law called Continuity of Government since then. And while the Banking Cabal may or may not have instigated this coup, they most certainly didn’t act alone and unsupported. If we are living under COG, then wouldn't it make perfect sense for the perpetrators not to tell the citizens and most of the so called "leaders" that they’re operating under a modified martial law if they didn't need to do so?

Why upset the natives if one can keep the illusion of normalcy going without troops in the city streets and checkpoints at the state borders? I have no doubt that telling the US population they’re presently living under Continuity of Government (aka martial law) at any point other than when it was first implemented would bring with it some very ugly social consequences. And I suspect this fact alone has convinced the few political leaders who found out later to keep their mouths shut if the implied physical threat wasn’t enough of a deterrent.

Once The Big Lie ages a bit and is accepted by the majority of the population, how do you tell the truth without everyone suffering severe consequences? In the eyes of many citizens who are fed up with the insanity, but still respect the institutions and law, an illegitimate US government would free them from their self imposed legal requirement to conduct only lawful rebellion. The longer this goes without being exposed, the more explosive it becomes when it is exposed. Thus we are treated to near daily national security justifications to surrender more and more of our inalienable rights.

This realization alone is justification in the minds of many to go with the flow, particularly if they’re well paid to cooperate. We all have a price so it’s just a matter of negotiation. Thus the feeding frenzy accelerates and rapidly spreads to those who are simply greedy; especially when the word is out that no one will be prosecuted regarding anything declared national security. This helps explain the complete lack of prosecutions for 9/11, the illegal wars and war crimes, the wire tapping, the MBS securitizations, the flagrant and undeserved banker bonuses and on and on and on. Just pay and pay for the problems to go away.

Even the 9/11 victims and victim’s families received substantial payments if, and only if, they agreed not to bring suit against any party. This practice was unprecedented in domestic terrorism cases until 9/11 and very conveniently assured the powers-that-be that any disturbing questions regarding 9/11 wouldn’t be uncovered during discovery and trial and thus exposed to the public in the court system. The small lawsuits that did make it to court are easily deterred, bogged down and/or dismissed. Victims and families who are underfunded are no match for the national security state in a court of law tilted towards protecting the state whenever it says the magic words “national security”.

Look Back To Move Forward

Quite frankly I’m tired of hearing the 9/11 apologists tell me that I cling to my conspiracy theories because I’m emotionally insecure or that it feels better to point fingers at an imaginary boogie man rather than accept reality. Yet these very same people speak of banking and corporate conspiracies as if they are common place and widely known. Sorry folks, but it’s time to drop the excuses and begin to take a real hard look at ourselves, our country and our government, including its military, corporate and banker enablers. We must do this because there’s overwhelming evidence that something’s seriously wrong here and everything needs to be reexamined, starting with our own deep seated cultural denial and selective blindness.

Forget all the tired excuses you always use to avoid looking at 9/11 with fresh eyes. What I’ve laid out here is a plausible argument that has nothing to do with planes and buildings and box cutters. If your immediate reaction is still to defend the official story in the face of this information (there is much more where this came from) then you’re only kidding yourself. I’m not saying this is an open and shut case. By no means am I even implying this. But I am saying that it deserves to be looked at with an open and inquisitive mind, not one that is looking for any reason whatsoever to reject any or all parts of this thesis.

We cannot begin to resist if we still hold the naive and simplistic belief that certain people inside and out of government were not involved in 9/11 or that people would not allow it to happen or would expose it if discovered. First of all, this view is simply emotional cover to avoid looking closely at areas that are extremely painful to view, let alone accept. Second of all, it completely ignores the fact that private corporations, the banking cabal and the military are extremely powerful and are in De facto control of many facets of this country.

I don’t know exactly what happened leading up to and during September 11, 2001. What I do know is that the official story is full of holes wide enough to drive an American Coup D’état through. It’s time for Americans to wake up from our self imposed denial and begin the process of taking back our country. The buck stops here, with you and I. Let’s begin to act like responsible citizens instead of frightened children waiting for the adults to come in and fix things. We are the adults. Let’s get to work.

Cognitive Dissonance - 11/09/2010


Below are Parts One and Two of Peter Dale Scott’s interview I mentioned above. Spend the twenty five minutes needed to watch both parts because there is much more disclosed in the interview that I didn’t cover in this essay. Please keep in mind that Peter Dales Scott is a through and careful researcher and author and he won’t speculate or state as fact things he simply can’t prove. Despite these self imposed restrictions, the trail of crumbs he lays out is eye opening.

His three most recent books, “American War Machine: Deep Politics, the CIA Global Drug Connections, and the Road to Afghanistan” and “The Road to 9/11: Wealth, Empire, and the Future of America” and “The War Conspiracy” JFK, 9/11, and the Deep Politics of War” are extremely revealing because they travel well beyond 9/11 and touch on the bigger picture of “Deep Politics” and “Deep Events”.


Part 1 of Peter Dale Scott – Continuity of Government –

Part 2 of Peter Dale Scott – Continuity of Government –


Below are the last three books written by Peter Dale Scott.

“American War Machine: Deep Politics, the CIA Global Drug Connections, and the Road to Afghanistan”

“The Road to 9/11: Wealth, Empire, and the Future of America”

“The War Conspiracy” JFK, 9/11, and the Deep Politics of War”

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Truth Excavator's picture

Great article.

Here is another great interview with Prof. Peter Dale Scott:

Peter Dale Scott - 9/11 and US Deep State

dizzyfingers's picture

... if you are correct (and I think you are) about..."one of the many hallmarks of civilization in first world countries are the orderly transition of power from one faction to the next...almost always done under the auspices of “free and open elections” and the “consent” of the governed..."

they why "...Might it be both and could it have taken place much earlier in the decade...

Why not events beginning long ago and perhaps continuing more or less regularly, but misunderstood, unquestioned, and eventually forgotten, with no one, or very few ever wondering enough to begin postulating that perhaps it's part of a continuum..."?

I think perhaps what we've assumed about our whole history needs another close examination and a long think. Something's not right, and I don't think it just began recently, or even in the last 5 decades, or the last 100 years. Much deeper, much darker, much longer ago. 

Trifecta Man's picture

Some of the ways our Constitution has been violated.

1)  Gold and silver were demonetized.

2)  Congress was suppose to declare wars.  The last one they did was WW2.

You can include the lies associated with the Gulf Of Tonkin Bay and the Iraq Weapons of Mass Destruction to support militaristic goals.

And why are we killing Afghans half way around the world?  So militarists can take billions away from tax payers to manufacture and use skynet drones?  How come Obama doesn't talk about the drug war killings across the border in Juarez, Mexico?  Isn't that a bit more relevant to our security?

On their web site, the Fed says their mission includes stabilizing prices, while the dollar has lost about 98% of its value since the Fed was born.  Then Bernanke says he will not monetize the debt about two or three years before he monetizes our debt.

And we all know that the CPI doesn't measure inflation well.  Wait until food and gasoline prices go up next year.

So I am well aware that our government lies to us.  It doesn't seem to respect our Constitution as written or intended.  And the banksters have been rewarded with bailout money, even though evidence mounts up that they are allegedly conducting fraud on a mass scale.  No one from the ratings agencies has been duly punished.  But millions of people have lost their homes.

Yes, I already think that the system has been corrupted by some crooked greedy unethical puppeteers.  I already think that Congress and the President are not in control.  A good question is whether the banksters with the Fed are working with the military to ensure their stranglehold on Americans, or whether their agendas don't jive.

Thanks CD for disturbing my mind even more with all your discrepancies.

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zaknick's picture

Hey CogDis,

I usually find your posts interesting but this time I stopped reading at:


Quite a few readers may point to the Kennedy/King/Kennedy assassinations as the period in American history when government was effectively usurped by a shadow “authority”, possibly by the so called military-industrial complex Ike warned us about or even one or more of the intelligence arms of the US government. There was so much going on in America under the cover of the Cold War, much of which still remains hidden (illegally in my opinion), that we might never know for certain what went on.


The secret, sordid history has been recorded for public awareness by many courageous Americans who a lot of people here poopoo on continually:


I'm sure you've seen this but believe me, I've left out a lot of terrible (that is the word for it) stuff. You can find it but you have to read everything I've linked to there (good place to start is The Origins of the Overclass and Tarpley's unauthorized bio of Bush Sr.) and even Google all the names and the players in their context. Once you go down rabbit hole you will never see the world with the same eyes again.


Best of luck to you.

RECISION's picture

Hi CD, a lot of interesting food for though.

But dude, less is more, learn to edit a lot more heavily.

Writing is about getting the cogent arguments down as succinctly as possible.

Most of your audience is going to be asleep by the 3-4 paragraph...


Don't let the message get lost in the verbiage.

Rock on.

mkkby's picture

Cognitive Dissonance,

Thank you for trying to open people's minds to the unthinkable. This site lays out a fascinating historical time line that presumably one can verify. If true, we lost our country nearly 100 years ago. I think it nicely ties together most of the oddities we observe around us. Here are the cliff notes and links for more:

"2nd: The District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871 created a “municipal corporation” to govern the District of Columbia... Hereinafter we will call that private corporation, “Corp. U.S.”

... The District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871 places Congress in control (like a corporate board) and gives the purpose of the act to form a governing body over the municipality; this allowed Congress to direct the business needs of the government under the existent martial law and provided them with corporate abilities they would not otherwise have. This was done under the constitutional authority for Congress to pass any law within the ten mile square of the District of Columbia."

"8th: Accordingly, in 1914, the Freshman class and all Senators that successfully ran for reelection in 1913 by popular vote were seated in Corp. U.S. Senate capacity only; their respective seats from their States remained vacant because neither the State Senates nor the State Governors appointed new Senators to replace them as is still required by the national Constitution for placement of a national Senator.

9th: In 1916, President Wilson is reelected by the Electoral College but their election is required to be confirmed by the constitutionally set Senate; where the new Corp. U.S. only Senators were allowed to participate in the Electoral College vote confirmation the only authority that could possibly have been used for electoral confirmation was corporate only. Therefore, President Wilson was not confirmed into office for his second term as President of the United States of America and was only seated in the Corp. U.S. Presidential capacity. Therefore the original jurisdiction government's seats were vacated because the people didn't seat any original jurisdiction government officers."

Yophat's picture

Thank you for the links and info....good stuff!!!

mkkby's picture

It's interesting how you wrestle with yourself over how to present this stuff to those who may be "asleep".  I'd like to offer a suggestion -- food for thought if you will. 

It might be helpful to start out discussing how we get popular "beliefs".  (I actually prefer the term "myth" but that is pejorative to someone who believes).  My theory -- we get pop beliefs because we all assume someone else did the due diligence.  So what we have is MSM news sources that spread beliefs, based on the OPINIONS of believable people -- men in 3 piece suites, men with advanced degrees/titles, men in official capacities.

Now when someone actually tries to do their own due diligence, it comes up full of holes.  There is little hard evidence to be found either for or against.  That is how we get conspiracy theories, which is another pejorative term used to discredit dissenting opinion.  At this point both our pop belief and our conspiracy theory may be either true, an honest mistake, or even psyops.  We should not make a value judgment, other than to point out the fact checking is suspect.

I’ve found if you just pounce on people and say 9/11 is a fraud, you’ll just start a fight.  It’s much more productive to talk about how rumors/beliefs spread, with everybody assuming there was an initial fact check.  Then we can go into myths we were taught as children, some of which are now utterly debunked.  My favorite non-threatening belief is that we bought Manhattan island for a bag of trinkets.  It was based on the widely-held but obviously never proven belief that non-whites were animals (stupid enough to make such a trade).  There may even be a signed deed somewhere.  But is there proof that there was no coercion… just down the road from where other non-whites were kidnapped and enslaved?

At this point you can bring up denial and cognitive dissonance.  To start out with that insults people, becase everyone thinks they are smart and well informed because they watch the smiling guy on network TV.  But IMO an important first step is getting people to factually challenge what we’re told.



GT2021's picture

Well done, CD!  If I might add my historical two cents...


I think a look at Hellenic Rome is very enlightening regarding our own coup.  The Roman Republic became the Roman Empire, a military dictatorship, in 27 BCE when the Senate cut a deal with consul Octavian after he defeated Marc Antony and controlled 100% of the military.  The deal gave Octavian lifetime rule as emperor (along with the title Caesar Augustus) in return for the Senators retaining their title and apparent power.  Augustus then shrewdly returned Rome to "normalcy" masked behind the forms and conventions of the Republic.  Augustus spent the next 41 years of his rule consolidating power under the emperor for his military masters.  By 14 CE the Roman population had accepted the position of emperor as a permanent fixture after Augustus selected his own successor.


Fast forward 2016 years to the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 followed by the implosion of the Soviet Union that gave Americans an unexpected opportunity for a gigantic peace dividend.  Instead of dismantling NATO and closing down a few hundred military bases overseas, NATO was instead expanded into eastern Europe.  That was the point, I believe, when the U.S. officially became a military dictatorship and the U.S. presidents since then have been busy consolidating power for their military masters.  To complete the analogy, the U.S. will probably out the true form of the coup in about twenty years.


The parallels between Hellenic Rome and the U.S. are actually quite dramatic.  I trace the ascension of Augustus back to 88 BCE when consul Sulla unconstitutionally marched the army into the city of Rome.  The progression goes thusly:   (1) Sulla, a defender of the ruling class, helped launch Pompey’s career; (2) Pompey ruled as consul but was subsequently defeated by Julius Caesar, a reformist; (3) Caesar was assassinated after ruling a little over three years; (4) one year thereafter Octavian, a skillful covert operator, launched his political career; (5) following 16 years of political chaos (civil wars) Octavian was granted a decade plus long reign and the title of Caesar Augustus; (6) the Roman Senate relinquished oversight authority and established a de facto military dictatorship when, after roughly a decade, it conferred consular power for life to Augustus.


Likewise, the military-industrial coup can be traced back to 1933 when Prescott Bush helped organize an attempted fascist coup of FDR (according to the BBC).  The progression is as follows:  (1) Prescott, a defender of the ruling class, helped launch Richard Nixon’s career; (2) Nixon ruled as vice-President but was subsequently defeated by John F. Kennedy, a reformist; (3) JFK was assassinated after ruling a little over three years; (4) one year thereafter George H. W. Bush, a skillful CIA operative, launched his political career; (5) following 16 years of political chaos (Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter) Bush was granted a twelve year reign as vice-President and President; (6) the U.S. Congress established a de facto military dictatorship when, after roughly a decade, it turned the keys over to the military-industrial complex after the Soviet Union collapsed.

Excuse the long post.

StychoKiller's picture

Well, isn't that just peachy?!  Ya know what:  A million years from now, no one is gonna care.  How's that for the ultimate conspiracy?  Time wins ALL in the race for Power.

Yophat's picture

You might also examine Daniel, Ezekiel, Joel, light of the formula found in Ezekiel 4:6.  Daniel was the numberer with prophetic precision in timing.

fyi - Justinian did away with the daily sacrifice (Daniel 12:11) in 530 AD.  Combining 12:11-13 you come up with the end 3155 AD.  Make an estimate of the little season (historically ranges from 100 to 180 years)....subtract out the 1000 year Millennium....and you get pretty close to where we are at today.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I'm always trying to look back to see my way forward. Thank you for the very nice summary as well as the parallel. It always rewarding to see through more than one set of eyes.

GT2021's picture

Much appreciated.  Keep up the good work!

semiconscious's picture

the first rule of continuity of government is 'don't talk about continuity of government'...

Cognitive Dissonance's picture


Taken from the Fight Club itself.

What a wonderful way to wrap the day. :>)

KTV Escort's picture

Many thanks CD, we've all been lied to for far too long. Here's a link to a film that beautifully attempts to wake the masses, covers 3 topics... Zeitgeist - The Movie

I posted a link to it on other blogs, and got responses such as "2 hours, are you serious? How about giving me some Cliff Notes" ~ thus, why some ZH reader's comments above regarding the length of your piece.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I am a big fan of Zeitgeist movie numbers one and two. I assume you know there was a sequel to the original Zeitgeist.

I'm always disheartened to hear complaints about the length of my articles. Of course I could make them shorter. But as I point out above, I'm a story teller and the art of conveying the message is in the telling, not the information.

For some people, it's "Just the facts Jack" and my writing is a huge source of irritation to them. Why they still return to read me speaks loudly about them, not me. Then there are the hopelessly TV programmed, who see life in short 12 minute bursts followed by 4 or 5 minutes of reprogramming. I try to help them by breaking my articles into sections.

Finally there are those who love the written or spoken word and cherish the delivery as much or more than the content. That is my audience and to whom I speak when I think and write.

Thank you for your kind words of praise.

Nothingman's picture

Thank you for taking the time to write this narrative, CD.  A similar picture had been coalescing in mind over the past few years, a dense fog of obscure events and unanswered questions, the complete form of which never seemed to be clearly discernable no matter how hard I would squint with my mind's eye.  Seeing that picture painted clearly here, in your words, was quite a pleasant surprise, to say the least.  Although ZH is one of my favorite daily reads, I very rarely comment, preferring to observe from the shadows and leave the discourse to the better informed.  I always appreciate your comments as well as your articles, and just wanted to step out of said shadows for a moment to say thank you for your work.  Your prose may not be appreciated by some who prefer brevity or have attention span difficulties, but I think it's safe to say the majority of us enjoy not only what you have to say, but the way that you say it.  Keep up the brilliant commentary!

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

For you to step from the shadows and speak so kindly is humbling. Thank you.

While I can only respond to those who comment, and I suspect those who comment are the most outspoken, based upon the numbers of "reads" all ZH articles receive divided by the number of unique comments left, I would say only one in ten people who read actually leave comments. I recognized this starting with my very first post well over a year ago and since then I've always felt I was writing to the silent majority and not the vocal minority.

So it is rewarding to hear that at least one silent reader is happy with my work. I am not a journalist nor an academic. I am a story teller who found my voice when I started leaving comments here on ZH a few months before Tyler plucked me from the scrum and asked if I wanted to contribute.

It's evident that to those who are irritated by my lengthy prose and meandering journey my writing is not for them. The fact that they return again and again to read what I have to say in what can only be assumed is hope that I have changed is a testament to their denial and false hope. I seem to really irritate some people around here and I wish that wasn't so. But I can't be true to anyone other than myself and what you see posted here is the genuine me, warts and all.

Thank you again for reaching from the shadows to give me some encouragement.

StychoKiller's picture

In the next article, why not include some Nazis trying to resurrect Der Fuhrer from DNA found in Elvis' flying saucer?  You know, make it more believable?  Lady Gaga is probably picking up new material from you -- you should sue for copyright infringement!

Triggernometry's picture

Thank you for providing an additional route by which this information can be accessed. Your article was well written. Unfortunately, it may not be well received. I must agree with your finding that people are more comfortable not knowing the truth, it is truly amazing how most simply refuse facts which do not fit their preconceived(perhaps plants) perception. What it so hard to convince people the world was not flat?

It is understandable that everybody's eyes sting when brought from darkness into light, but damn it, if we keep our eyes closed our pupils will never dilate!

goldfish1's picture

Brevity is a virtue.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Thank God I don't have that problem.

DOT's picture

Deception and illegality go way back. Spying, of course, for many reasons has been a routine government prerogative, especially the domestic kind. For the more inclined to deny what your own eyes may see try out Andrew's book " For the President's Eyes Only". This will be your primer. For the advanced degree keep reading Cognitive Dissonance! Thanks for keeping my brain warm Cog Dis. You are awesome.

CitizenPete's picture

+++++ Cog. Dis. is definitely awesome.  


The Project for a New American Century, certainly drafted the Patriot Act.


I think he actually holds back in order to facilitate communication with more common [sh] people.  In reality, those who have suffered knowing all this for some time can read the more treasonous and horrendous  story between the lines.  The story that is always certain to insult the unknowing common non-believers, who then stop listening.  They ones that "can't be reached", even though they have the intelligence to understand.  I for one believe that Cog. Dis. deliberately tones down the truth, making it more palatable, and does not go too far enough down the rabbit hole to keep it "real" for the average Joe.   Respect.

Too bad Cog. Dis. is not a Reverend at a Mega Church somewhere with a captive audience of thousands.  These are the people who would need to be awoken en mass in order for a public instigated enabling event to occure.


John O'Neill R.I.P. 




Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I for one believe that Cog. Dis. deliberately tones down the truth, making it more palatable, and does not go too far enough down the rabbit hole to keep it "real" for the average Joe.

You would be correct, though I don't necessarily tone down the truth. Instead I don't smack people in the face with it. The truth is the truth. How you serve the dish is often more memorable than the food itself. There is a world of difference between asking someone to look and shoving their faces in it.

Please remember that for every person leaving comments on ZH, there are 9 or 10 who do not. As well, several articles a day from ZH are picked up by other web sites and consolidators of news and blogs and these people don't leave comments unless they're registered, which is rare.

My point is simple. To assume that the comments left on ZH reflect the awareness level and understanding of the average reader of ZH would be a huge mistake. I firmly believe such is not the case based in part from personal experience of real live people I know who read ZH. Many who enter ZH think they have traveled to another dimension a la The Twilight Zone.

I try to write my articles for the average Joe who has begun to wake from a long sleep and doesn't much like what s/he is seeing. I must be aware of my delivery and tell a story while providing a narrative rather than deliver hard news with a smack across the face.

Every day I ask myself the same question. Am I trying to wake the world or exercise my anger that the world is asleep? The honest answer determines my delivery.

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Some old proverbs come to mind.
"Tell the truth and be chased from seven villages."
"All your life you have been lied to by people who seek to control you."
The stones are not just murmuring they are laughing at the slowness of man.

Miss Expectations's picture

“Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened.”

Winston Churchill

Yophat's picture

....which is so rich coming from one of history's greatest liars!  Operation Keelhaul!

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

For the longest times I was puzzled by this conundrum. Finally I realized that even liars tell the truth on occasion. You can usually tell because the truth is self evident.

Yophat's picture

with the downside being that one usually figures it out in the historical context (with the benefit of history and things revealed over time - like the 75 year runout of the sealed JFK documents - perps are dead).

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CD...even from (or perhaps due to)my geographical far distance from the US, the events and subsequent legislative actions emanating from and surrounding 9/11 (hell, even that emergency number intimates manipulation/planning), were/are to me undoubtedly a perfidiously schemed and executed operation designed to undermine and unravel your constitution.
To what end? Subjugation of the people to a ruling elite. And all the usual suspects comprise that latter group. Well done Cognitive Dissonance on the resonance of your piece. Yours is articulate patriotism of kind that fellow US (and global) citizenry must extol.
i am from New Zealand and enraged to see/understand what has happened to your once-fine country (and, by brotherhood of free man extention, to mine). As an ex paratrooper in the British Army, I pledge this to all Americans who might be left in a subsequently shattered feudalistic, and despotic country...if any of those bastards bolt-hole it to my paradise, they will meet a fatally hostile welcome.

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Tuesday, 7 December 2010
Mr. James G. Rickards
Senior Managing Director, Omnis
Economics and National Security
6:00 – 8:00 PM
Marriott Residence Inn, Pentagon City
550 Army-Navy Drive, Arlington, VA

Mr. James G. Rickards is Senior Managing Director for Market Intelligence at Omnis, an applied research organization. He is also co-head of the firm's practice in Threat Finance & Market Intelligence and a member of the Omnis Board of Directors. Mr. Rickards is a seasoned counselor, investment banker and risk manager with over thirty years experience in capital markets including portfolio management, risk management, product structure, corporate finance, regulation and operations. Since 2001, Mr. Rickards has applied his financial expertise to a variety of tasks for the benefit of the national security community. (Biography)


For this Rethinking Seminar Mr. Rickards will discuss the on-going interplay of economics and national security by examining potential economic threats to the US and her allies including:

• The use of sovereign wealth funds to manipulate markets and currencies, and

• Nation state economic collapse, sovereign default, and nation state instability



MeTarzanUjane's picture

Johns Hopkins, another Israeli centric, AIPAC supported vampire sucking on taxpayer monies via grants and subsidies.

Although this sounds provocative. Your link is more-less a honey-pot used to collect data. I think I'll pass.

CitizenPete's picture

What?  The seminars have been running for years in Pentagon City sponsored by the Johns Hopkins Physics Laboratory and yeah the CFR etc.. present there, but do you want to hear what these guys are saying or not?  


Anyway the seminar is in D.C. (Pentagon City) and the seminars are recorded and posted online. 


My purpose was to inform people of this seminar and the topic so they could catch the video archive.  If you don't know who Jim Rickards is you would do well to listen to him.  He's a pretty straight shooter as far as I am concerned.  

Listen to the interview from King World News, posted herein.   Then make your off the cuff comments on this very significant topic and event. Thanks.

MeTarzanUjane's picture

Pete, I appreciate the link but I would really appreciate if you do not post blind links [god damm it!!].

I will take 2 seconds for you to include a synopsis about the links content. Please consider this, many people are sick-to-death of blind links and do not click them.

You message will have a better impact if you package it correctly.

CitizenPete's picture

For you: King World News interview with Jim Rickards. Jim speaks on gold, war games to play out total US economic collapse, QE2, global economies, inflation v. deflation, where we are headed now, etc..

RockyRacoon's picture

Good Citizen, Pete.  On the other hand, your synopsis was just the right length.

Another (not to be named, you know who you are) ZH poster does 30,000 words.  That's too many.

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My bet is it occurred on or prior to 1959 under Eisenhower (Operation Keelhaul, Yalta, CIA, etc.).  Prescott was a golfing buddy and Operation Zapata (Bay of Pigs) was set up before Kennedy won by a hair....and the favorite Nixon (daughter married Eisenhower's grandson) lost.  All the chips had to be in place prior to pulling off the assassination of JFK in broad daylight....and getting away with it.

A good study of CIA machinations during the 50's as covered by Bamford ("Body of Secrets") and others is insightful.  The book - "The Politician" by Robert Welch is invaluable for a look under the covers.

The programming efforts of the combined CIA (Operation MKULTRA) and the Tavistock Institute (Beatles) help set the stage while government (CIA) efforts like Operation Watchtower supplied all the fuel (drugs) for the fire.  James "Bo" Gritz mentioned in his book "Called to Serve" that Khun Sa (heroin) was ready to turn over 20 years of records of all the government officials he had been working with (1986).

Of course I have a fondness for the Marine perspective so I can't leave out -

Kill Zone by Craig Roberts

or War is a Racket by General Smedley Butler

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One more unexplained piece, since we have all the tin hats in one room: would love to hear the moment by moment breakdown of the supposed run on the money markets in late September (or was it early Oct) 2008, which was "stopped" by the announcement of temporary government insurance on those accounts. It never made any sense (how many people would ahve to draw down those funds, and if they were so terrifued, why would they all be instantly mollified by the announcement of a government insurance program) - the numbers we were told were huge, something on the order of $500b in one day, but how could that happen? How many people do you know who were glued to their computer or their telephone or standing in line at Vanguard that day demanding cash? I bet none.  Seemed a phony event contrived to rais the hysteria level and assist in CD's coup d'etat.

I actually agree that something did go on in September 2008 and the months that followed that we still do not have half the story on - that is what drew me to Zero Hedge in the first place.

His Dudeness's picture



I finally get a chance to read a current post of yours! Well, I won’t disagree with your article as much as question some of your ways that you are attempting to argue your point(s). Maybe not all that constructive for you or me but here goes:


Any of the above explanations regarding Ike are plausible and all of them are disturbing.

This seemed like a strange point making device to me. Ike should have linked ‘Bankers’ to his Military-Industrial-Complex because you suspect that Ike knew that bankers were making money on the war? I guess my point is: Bankers making money does not always imply illegalities, right?

Control the words and the language and you control thought to a great degree. This is why politicians and by extension the public hold accomplished orators in such high regard. When thinking about this, consider that the highest quality speakers can cast a “spell” or “trance” over their audience, which interestingly is also the word we use to describe the function used to create the basic building block of language, to “spell” words.

And many speakers put people to sleep, or cause them to hurl a shoe…

Language has always been used to control populations and precisely why ideas, as represented by words, are so powerful. There are some very fascinating discussions going on out there with regard to how early man thought and acted very differently before spoken and written language became widely used. There are some who contend that language was specifically created and manipulated in order to not only control but to direct from afar.  

And some contend that ‘God said… and so it was’ version.

Nor can anyone declare my train of thought as silly or nonsensical if you can’t prove one way or another exactly what Continuity of Government is or isn’t.

I’d rather re-visit Ike and the bankers…;-)

Sorry folks, but it’s time to drop the excuses and begin to take a real hard look at ourselves, our country and our government, including its military, corporate and banker enablers. We must do this because there’s overwhelming evidence that something’s seriously wrong here and everything needs to be reexamined, starting with our own deep seated cultural denial and selective blindness.

A psychiatric opthamologist? Ooh, I can just imagine the fees!

I’m not saying this is an open and shut case. By no means am I even implying this. But I am saying that it deserves to be looked at with an open and inquisitive mind, not one that is looking for any reason whatsoever to reject any or all parts of this thesis.

Agreed, but I would argue that rejecting any or all of your thesis is a possibility, or at least having you defend it a little more. You’ve gone this far, why not a little further?

We cannot begin to resist if we still hold the naive and simplistic belief that certain people inside and out of government were not involved in 9/11 or that people would not allow it to happen or would expose it if discovered. First of all, this view is simply emotional cover to avoid looking closely at areas that are extremely painful to view, let alone accept. Second of all, it completely ignores the fact that private corporations, the banking cabal and the military are extremely powerful and are in De facto control of many facets of this country.

Wait a minute, CD! What better analogy could there be than the analogy of looking at ourselves in a mirror? An American Coup D’état on 9/11…

A Patriotic 'Discovery' Submitted on 11/9…


Ike would have seen this coming!!!!


Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Maybe not all that constructive for you or me but here goes:

Nope, it wasn't. But thanks for trying.

StychoKiller's picture

"None Dare Call it Conspiracy", Gary Allen, Concord Press (fnord)

"The Illuminatus! Trilogy", R.A. Wilson (fnord)

If you are not R.A. Wilson, you've still got a lot of catching up to do.

If your intent is to drive Paranoid people (fnord) off the cliff, then do carry on -- I for one, do not appreciate others clawing at my lobes.

MeTarzanUjane's picture

Somewhere in the hills of Reston, Va. [someone] is planning for the event. If you study what Castro did, how the move was made and the political atmosphere at the time you can see how the overthrow succeeded. The will of the people was with him.

Forgive my generalities here. The problem with the American people are numerous. They have been molded into this mass that expects to be cared for like infants. Cradle to grave. "Someone else will provide for me". This dependency syndrome is similar to kindling soaked in diesel fuel when it comes to crisis time. When they are faced with the harsh realities of life where you have to provide for yourself their loyalties will change quickly. The new coup leader has recognized this and has some Viagra to reinvigorate their dependencies.