And Defense Secretary Gates Just Uttered The Magic Word...

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US Defense Secretary Gates says establishing no-fly zone for Libya would require an attack on Libya

As a result, the entire crude complex levitated higher as if HFTed by the Fed's POMO desk.

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Cognitive Dissonance's picture

My PMs also wish to thank Defense Secretary Gates.

Thank you!

Red Neck Repugnicant's picture

Magic words and phrases? !!  Oh, this will be fun!

Before I actually read what the magic word/phrase actually is, allow me to guess.  

Since this is primarily a libertarian forum for racist redneck goofballs, the options are endless:



You done fired me up!

I want my country back!

Canned Hams


Removable front porch



Underground bunker


Smoke 'em out

Little House on the Prarie





Field and Stream Magazine

Get 'er done!



Eatin' high on the hog

Fix'n to put on britches

What in tarnation?

Silver to $50

........Should I go on, or did I guess it right?




Cognitive Dissonance's picture

You missed completely. And may I remind you that the side of the barn is over there. ---->

Red Neck Repugnicant's picture

Over yonder?

By uncle Chet's trailer?

I done gone there, and there ain't nutin' there but dem cows. 

Dr. Porkchop's picture

Leave the cow's political leanings out of it.

downrodeo's picture

LOL, you and redneck are probably giving one another the over-the-cubicle high five in your NSA dungeon. Has anyone else noticed the troll invasion of ZH over the past 4-6 weeks? They're multiplying like rabbits...

NYPoke's picture

Not hard to miss the side of the barn, when you are pointed in the wrong direction.

tmosley's picture

Need I remind you that you are the only one here who is a racist?

I recall you blithering on about how the brains of blacks and mulattoes are smaller than those of whites recently.

Get the fuck out of here.

trav7777's picture

huh?  Average brain size of blacks IS smaller.

This is what we call a "hate fact."

Oh and while I'm up, STFU you uncle tom racebaiting fuckstick

tmosley's picture

Oh wow, he wasn't making shit up about you.

Here I was, defending your honor, and calling HIM the racist for summoning crazy racist thought out of his mind.


But hey, you and I fight enough that I can distance myself from you.  So yeah, go fuck yourself.

Mark McGoldrick's picture

quod erat demonstrandum....maybe this Red Neck guy is right - lots of bullshit racism around here. 


The kaleidoscope of racism and bigotry through which you perceive your version of reality is a major impediment to your understanding of the world around you. You remind me of pompous 19th century European anthropologists and anatomists who manipulated data to make their culture and race look smarter than the rest of the world. Or if you're referring to the "research" by the The National Collaborative Perinatal Study from decades ago which attempted to correlate the radius of the cranium and intelligence, then you're relying on archaic science that has been thoroughly discredited. 

All the of the studies which attempted to correlate the size/weight of the brain and/or the radius of the cranium to intelligence were donebefore the major advancements in neurosurgery that we have today.  These highly complex and sophisticated procedures that we do today blow apart most of the pseudo-neuropsysiology of the past that was clearly and overly obsessed with differentiating races and cultures to no avail.   

It would be a massive surprise to those pseudo-researchers to see the results of modern day neurosurgery.   There are a myriad of neurosurgical procedures that sever one part of the brain from another, like a bilateral cingulotomy or a corpus callosotomy where the entire left and right hemispheres are severed - and there is no significant loss of memory or cognitive abilities in many patients. Multiple subpial transections are common too with, again, no affect on intelligence or memory.  

Even more extreme, properly trained neurosurgeons can successfully remove an entire hemisphere (functional hemispherectomy) of the brain with (often times) little affect on motor skills, intelligence or memory. It seems that size and weight of brain mass means nothing, and the radius of the cranium means even less. 

If regions of the brain can be totally severed from other regions, and if half a brain can be removed with no affect on intelligence whatsoever, do you really want to suggest that two standard deviations in cranial radius is significant?  You are relying on anatomical research that used rulers and scales. I'm relying on modern neurosurgical procedures that discredit your entire racist world view. 

Perhaps you should take a protractor to your own skull.  

jus_lite_reading's picture

LMAO. Hey, I think you have about 2 posts left before TD kicks you outta here.

Confused's picture

I junked you. Surely you have something better to do. 

Lord Welligton's picture

Not sure I follow you old bean.

Do you mean the a no-fly zone is not likely or that an attack of some kind, in order to establish a no-fly zone is not likely.

Or are you cerebrally challenged?

downrodeo's picture

So, do you lob these ill-conceived and insulting labels. Is it meant to make you feel better about who you are, or to make us feel worse about ourselves?

What purpose do you serve? Why do you put this energy out into the universe?

StychoKiller's picture

THE magic phrase to get Progressives such as yourself to foam at the mouth:

Now, go to this site, it's more of a target-rich environment for such as you:

Math Man's picture

Have you guys forgotten that we bombed Lybia in 1986 and the stock market went up 20% that year?


tmosley's picture

Like other trolls, you seem to have trouble understanding that not everyone is like yourself.

On a lighter note:

alien-IQ's picture

War = Market Viagra. How lovely.

pods's picture

Watch out baby, math man is gonna bomb your labia!




slow_roast's picture

Protect the industrial complex - turmOIL protection in full effect bitchez!

jus_lite_reading's picture

Uh oh... IRAN is heating up their big guns.

Serious shit about to break out. Hope you took your physical...

tmosley's picture

Silver is pushing at $35.

All the idiots who poo-pooed silver as being an investment for crazy people continue to weep and gnash their teeth.  Serves them right.

Dr. Porkchop's picture

Math Man's troll senses have just gone off, he will be here to battle you shortly.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Pavlov's dog has begun to drool. Get the troll mop ready. It's gonna be a messy day in aisle 3.

A Man without Qualities's picture

No, he's just trying to find Lybia on a map...

Ahmeexnal's picture

No, Meth Whore is pimpin his skanky sorry ass in some street corner.

ColonelCooper's picture

Or to quote a line from Cheeky a long time ago, "He's busy giving blowjobs at a Turkish bath house trying to come up with enough money to cover his shorts."

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Thanks for the memory. That was most certainly a Cheeky classic.

downrodeo's picture

Alas, poor Cheeky

He is a person I sorely miss around here.

newworldorder's picture

Lybia? Lydia? Wasnt that a Marx brothers song?

AndrewJackson's picture

Although I do find justice in it, for my sake, I desperately wish that meth/math man was right and that silver was in for a major plunge. Then I could accumulate more ounces for myself with the same amount of fiat. Silver at $ 35 and Gold at $ 1500 don't exactly help the young stacker "stack". In retrospect, however, I am sure we will all look back wishing we would have pulled the trigger at 35,50,70, etc.

tmosley's picture

I agree, another 2008 style plunge would make me very happy, as I bring in enough money to cover all of my expenses, and can just hold on to my silver.

It won't happen, though.  If it did, silver would disappear to an even greater extent than it did in 2008.  You would have industrial users standing for delivery on the COMEX in a desperate attempt to stay in business.

As I have said before, plunging silver prices are good for those who hold physical silver, because it will bring the Ponzi to an end much more quickly.  Prices rising like they are is actually more like a worst case scenario, as increased prices bring supply onto the market, allowing JPM and Co to cover their shorts.  In the long run, the price will be the same either way.  I would prefer a default because it will boost the price much more quickly and allow me to move into productive assets and start producing sooner.

barkingbill's picture

how on earth could RISING SILVER PRICES allow JPM to cover their shorts? doesn't this fly in the face of what max keiser is doing with his buy silver campaign?


tmosley's picture

They have access to the Fed's printing presses, so they can get any amount of dollars that they need, whether in the form of a bailout, or an under the table "loan" to buy any available silver off the market to service those standing for delivery.

On the contrary, if the price crashes, all supply disappears, just like back in 2008, and they won't be able to source silver to service anyone standing for delivery.

Fraud is fraud is fraud.  There is no way to escape higher prices for physical silver, as much as the trolls want you to believe.

Edit: and Keiser's buy silver campaign contributes to JPMs problems by removing physical silver from the market more quickly, meaning they must allow the price to rise even higher in order to keep from defaulting.

Math Man's picture

"They have access to the Fed's printing presses, so they can get any amount of dollars that they need, whether in the form of a bailout, or an under the table "loan" to buy any available silver off the market to service those standing for delivery."

Seriously?  You've totally lost it.



tmosley's picture

The fact that you can't tell the difference between their (now closed) prop trading desk and their (very much open) commodities trading desk speaks volumes to your ignorance.

Math Man's picture

Dip sh*t - Prop desks make bets with the houses money, flow desks take orders on behalf of clients.

When you close the prop desk, the flow desk is still around - but they only trade on the behalf of clients.  Which means they don't make naked shorts....

tmosley's picture

Yes, I know what a prop desk is.  The fact that you don't know the difference between the prop desk, which closed, and the commodities trading desk, which is still open, and headed by Blythe Masters (

You are confusing your terms to such an extent that you simply don't know what you are talking about, which is why you are only making 1-2% per year in an environment where a dart throwing monkey should have made at least 5-10%.  Stow the gab, loser boy.  No-one is buying your crazy here.

Math Man's picture

Prop desks take risk, flow desks don't.

Blythe's remaining commodities desk doesn't take risk because it is a flow desk.

It facilitates orders for clients.

So, unfortunately, they don't have a massive silver short, unless it is for a client because they don't take any principal risk.

Sorry dude.  You're just wrong.

Keep believing your conspiracy theories.