And Gold Is Back To Record Highs

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Remeber when, oh yesterday, gold was plummeting and everyone knew, just knew, the rally was over? Well, you may want to save some one ply dollar paper yet. The market took a sniff at the FOMC statement, and the robotic consensus is: more QEasing. Oh yes, and gold is $4 away from all time highs.

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I'm wrapping my gold bars in USDs to make sure they don't get dinged.

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someone posted in other thread that Rosie has gone bullish (LOL)


If the bull market will end when the last grizzled bear comes out of his den and comes to the table, then hold onto your portfolio, because it may well be dinnertime.

David Rosenberg, the curmudgeonly senior strategist and economist at Gluskin Sheff in Toronto, told clients Wednesday in his daily newsletter that he’s finally given up his long-held position that the market is heading for a thud, if not an all-out crash.

Even as the major averages have risen 90 percent off their March 2009 lows, Rosenberg hasn’t been convinced, arguing that the economy is still too weak and investor sentiment way too giddy to justify such a relentless rally.

sorry for the CNBS link

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Only way to get people to pay for his newsletter, I suppose.

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Rosie goes stock bullish and buys the top of 90% run, sure sign next up is huge market crash.

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as much as i respect his writings, if this is true, the guy is full of it just like the rest of them. What exactly has changed to change his mind. Oh well.

the guy has been dead wrong for 2 years on the market, and chances are he's gonna be dead wrong agian  LOL LOL





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What's changed is that he came to the realization TheChairsatan's madness has no bounds. Continued liquidity injections from the FED continue to dwarf bad fundamentals. The equities markets now have become nothing more than an anti-dollar inflation hedge.

That's what's changed. 

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Is that going to work as well as the 2007 Bernanke equity market 'put?'

Think about it.

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I read this as: he realized it will be QE 4eva, so in nominal terms prices will only move up.

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Geeze.... who knew a bankrupt entity that owns a printing press would acknowledge defeat and stop printing?



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Better than bubble wrap and cheaper.

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last few minutes look very parabolic....


Hello again $47, and goodbye.


1523, 47.06

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and silver will hit $50+.

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The must be struggling mightily to keep that beachball submerged underwater. They got to let go of it sometime.

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New gold highs, but not for silver.  Even as the dollar hits a 3 year low.

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Right. Please tell Blythe to stop hurting me.

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Thanks Dangertime. Almost done loading up at $45. Local dealer had a bunch of scratch n dent he gave me a deal for $1 over.

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I bought yesterday at $45.10.  Didn't get a great deal on the % over spot, but glad to acquire more pSilver.

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I wiped out Apmex Industrial scratch and dent Silver at the same price. It's all they had for immediate delivery. I fear "Silver Delivery Not Possible" will soon be the prevalent message coming from dealers.

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Was that the "Their choice" bars or rounds?

Hehehe, if so, I know how much you bought, cause I didn't leave much :D

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In the past I've gotten some real stinkers when buying that stuff, but sometimes I get cool stuff that turns out to be numismatic, like Coke bars and Donald Duck 45th anniversary bars.  Well worth the low premium, overall.

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I was bidding on small rounds on flea bay over the weekend to top off the tank to a round number. Bid 52 dollars on 217 autions only managed 7eagles and 2Libertads 0 Kokkaburras, Pandas or Maples. Those freakin people over ther have gone flat nuts. fell 8 ounces short of a round number. Oh well at least I got a few small ones before the blastoff, now Im just going to enjoy the ride.

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Exactly. Were are those proclaiming $50 silver wasn't a bubble?

At least, in such a short burst anyway. Lets get through the year with silver in the $40s and take it from there.

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'Thru the YEAR with silver in the $40's?


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you and robottrader have one thing in common besides being lousy traders. you're good at changing the subject when you're getting creamed by the market.

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Down 12k for the day on the puts, but still overall 13k in the green since I bought them.

Just need a little time for the correction to mature.

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Years from now, you will be saying the same thing, over and over, as your paper is stuck to your skin with urine and feces in your little cardboard "house" under the bridge.

Johnny Bravo will be right there with you.

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and you will still be living with your mother in Lubbock. Broke.

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Christ, you are such a retard.

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A lying retard - he has been shorting silver since $42 and is making money as it makes new highs, simply amazing LOL.

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i'll tip my hat to you. that's a bold position. i think it's wrong, and you're doomed. but at least you put your money where your conviction is unlike robottrader who essentially is a coward trader, afraid to lose.

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I definitely could be wrong, which would suck. 

But still, we are entering the weak time of year for the metals, plus I highly doubt we will be doing QE3 given the extreme reaction to QE2.  Add into that the probably debt ceiling fight coming up and I think we have a strong rational for a "whiff of deflation".

It may be that this parabola has one shot left in it, but I doubt it, and only a fool buys into a parabola.

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Enjoy your tax bill, you fucking loser.

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no real person posts this much of the same shit over and over for no reason, I'm fading you being an actual human with an independent existence from this board. and for the love of god at least learn your conic sections before you embarrass yourself any more

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its different this time.  the masses know now and have stopped drinking the kool aide

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How did that $2 bounce off the LoD feel?

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up 13k - LOL you are pure bullshit

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And you lose money shorting silver everyday - good job.

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I'm hardly bearish on PMs but I think it burns off around...say...2:15.

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You have'nt jumped out of your trailer house window yet? DT

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All storehouses of real value thank the Benzebub ChairBeast.

I doubt that means, NFLX, also. Even JNJ doesn't like The Bernanke, anymore.

JNJ's CEO says not likely to see double digit profits again. Thanks, Bernankincide. LULZ

"I am The Ben Bernank. I am Jack's angry sphincter. And I am Shiva, destroyer of worlds."

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tell me i didn't just miss the correction

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Yeah that was it - they keep getting shorter and shallower

GetZeeGold's picture we're not



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All this QEasing has me queasy! ;)

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sucker rally   close below 1500 today... 

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I'm starting to get good at this 'buying the dips' stuff!!

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AMZN, bitchez!!!


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Wheres the CHART! Too much signal interference in that locker youre stuffed into?