And So The Billionaires Turn On Each Other - Sokol's Lawyer Accuses Buffett Of Lying

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How deep does this go? 

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why do you think Eddy as Beck likes to call him, kept Suckhole around?

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"indefatigable efforts"

I think if anyone used that terminology in front of me I would be obliged to punch them in the face on principle alone.

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"He would not, and did not, trade improperly"....

Oh, so Queensbury rules apply to trading, no more of this gloves off nonsense, thank you.

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The fraud and lies go all the way to the top and the bottom. Lies covering up lies.

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OT or not

Stanley Ann Dunham (November 29, 1942 – November 7, 1995),

Barack Hussein Obama conceived November 4 1960 (or there abouts) to Stanley Ann Dunham (9 months prior to the birth) who was 17 years 11 months and 6 days at the time.

At the age of 23, Obama Sr. had come to Hawaii to pursue his education, leaving behind a pregnant wife and infant son in his home town of Nyang’oma Kogelo in Kenya. Dunham and Obama Sr. were married on the Hawaiian island of Maui on February 2, 1961, despite parental opposition from both families.

Dunham and Obama Sr. were married on the Hawaiian island of Maui on February 2, 1961 and 6 months later B. H. Obama was born.

It seems Obama's father was a bigamist/rapist and Obama was conceived out of wedlock to a bigamist father.

3 months after they found out Stanley was pregnant, the two wed. 

Did the birth of Obama go full term or late as with first pregnancies, making Stanley NOT of legal age to have sex with the father, and making sex with the bigamist father actually rape, or was the mother a sacrificial lamb for future preplanned occurrences?

See the newly presented birth certificate here;


B.O. and Rham Emanuel were members of the same gay bath house in Chicago.

Obama: Gay Sex, Lies, Murder and Blackmail - Wayne Madsen Reports 

It has become quite apparent this guy Obama is just a  pre-manufactured plant by the PTB to do with as they will.


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Good point.  I also thought she was under 18 when he was born. Would that have made a difference in Citizenship?  It also does make you wonder if the Marriage was legal, if he was already Married.  So many questions.

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Yes, it has.  In fact it has been apparent from the start.  Just like the recovering alcoholic and failed businessman before him.

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If I apply for  a driver's license, I have to bring proof of who I am.  If you run for president, isn't there some group that you have to bring your identification to and have them validate that you qualify to run?  Its clear what qualifications you need, isn't there a standards board or something that verifies the candidates meet the criteria?

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Get ready to suck it up Charlie Munger, you sorry piece of shit excuse for a human being.   Suck it up you old goat.

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I think I would be a little worried if I was a Calss A shareholder.

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the only ones not worried, and the only winners here, will be the Lawyers stoking the furnaces at both ends (an unwritten law of co-conspiracy between 'competing' legal firms)

....2 multi-millionaires to milk, i'd be surprised if Obumma doesn't drop the Presidency for a short holiday and want 'in' on this gravy train!

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Is it wrong for this one time to be rooting for the lawyers?  I actually hope they bleed these d-bags dry and then leave them bleeding in a gutter in Harlem. 

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Actually, might it just not be in either version of the affair that the 10(b)-5 filing might have been fraudlent? 

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When billionaires collide, all hell breaks lose. We're talking super mega egos here.

Collide: Howie Day;


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Very strange, usually the billionaires get along with each other, it's the millionaries that generally fight with each other - very interesting development.

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So the rats rip each others bellies open.

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Like Larry Wildman driving off a cliff in my brand new Maserati.  Let the rats rip each other's faces off.  Even Winston Smith would love watching these rats tear each other apart.  Better yet put the rat mask on Buffet and Munger.  They can meet in a place where there is no darkness.

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Like I said earlier today, now the greedy bastards will turn on each other like starving curs.  There is no other conclusion but that Sokol grossly abused his position at Berkshire, but he couldn't resist the temptation to make a few bucks, and this will become a bigger problem in time.  The Octogenarian will look like an idiot befroe this is over.  Time to retire, grandpa, and by the way, Bill needs the money sooner rather than later for the Gates Foundation so please do us the favor of keeling over under the stress.

If you didn't have his avuncular act figured out by now as a mask for an unrepentant greedy as hell billionaire intent on making money at all costs (including the taxpayers, just another mark) you are late to the party. 


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No shit.  Have one last "quickie" with that bird faced skank from CNBC and then just fucking die already.  It will feel as good for all of us as the day that the lip quivering fuck named Arafat died. 

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But think about the eulogies at the funeral.

Bla bla great man.

Bla bla leader of men.

Bla bla financial genius.

feel sick yet?

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So the masses finally have so little that we are no longer of interest.

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The good news is that at $113.60 WTI, the food trucks won't be delivering food to grocery stores in either of these guys' neighborhoods much longer.  

They'll probably only discover that the Great Equalizer has arrived when they can't get fuel for their Netjets timeshare.

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"The Outcast of Omaha", lol.

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Bunch of insider dealing scumbags.

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Oh good. A (pussy) cat fight.

My money is on Buffett on the right. He's doing God's charity work after all.

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My cat accidentally junked you. At least, find a picture with fighting squids - that would fit in this cthulhu-like nightmare...

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Clearly the humor was lost in translation. By using the tiny little cats I was implying.........never mind.

WB7 does the squids around here. It's his trademark and I don't want to pay royalties.

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caption: "Dammit women, quit yer bitchin!"

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And on the next level of truth. When the aliens dig up the hard drives from earth they will associate the initials WB with bonzai and Warren Buffet with a nacho cheese buffet a.k.a. the last tax code.

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cunts. all seven of them...


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Now now girls, control yourselves... this isn't very ladylike.

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Dr. Ham, I remember that I suggested that the election might get interesting....hmmm .... maybe I was correct.

Not sure what the caption should be but if it has anything to do with banning royal weddings - please !!!!!

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My money is on Buffett on the right.

Is that static electricity on your tail, or are you just glad to see me? 8-\

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Fight motherfuckers! Destroy each other. 

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Daily I become more convinced that the whole "Warren Buffet" story is a scam, a story entirely made by the ruling elite to direct the sheeple into stocks at the height of a credit cycle and absolute confidence in fiat money, "because it's how Warren became rich". 

His close relations with Goldman Sachs and Obama are more than suspicious, when you know that to be in close contact with the mafia, you need to be part of it. 

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I'm devastated to realize he is just one more inside info/frontrunner/scam artist and not the once in a generation investment genius I believed.




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I agree with the above. I wonder when it turned. Probabilities suggest there will always be someone that has huge returns. But obviously at some point he became a shill/tool...

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Buffet ceased to be an 'investor' a long time ago.  His returns over the last 20 years are based on the fact that:

1) he could talk his positions up, with the media and his followers basically begging him to front run them

2) he could say one thing and do the opposite with impunity (derivatives for exmaple)

3) he could demand first look on deals and demand exclusives (goldman preferred)

4) that he could play accounting games and no one would dig deeper (he uses every accounting trick in his book to make earnings look high and stable)

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Warren (Orifice of Omaha) Buffet,      Barry (Kenyan) Soetoro, .....both frauds, liars, thieves.

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+ 1961

Buffet's actions are as genuine as that "Birther Certificate" they put out today.  I thought William Banzai did better work than that shit job. 

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No kidding -- how about the embedded Adobe Illustrator stuff in that pdf?  Either done by an idiot or a sabateur.

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Pontificates upon the evil of instruments of mass destruction, some time later revealing he's up to his eyeballs in derivatives.
Pontificates upon the evils of clarity, honesty, transparency, God, truth, justice and the American way, and some time later has egregious violations within his senior ranks.
Pontificates upon the good, old fashioned,solid, hard working way to make honest money and invests in the likes of Salomon and Goldman.
Pontificates upon value investing when most entities are well protected within captured regulatory environments....
Just wonderin'....

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I believe the word is ponzificates

oogs66's picture

Yeah, the poster child of the 'anti-derivative' movement is a huge user - directly in berkshire and Gen Re, and certainly indirectly through goldman


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But now
We're today's scrambled creatures, locked in tomorrow's double feature
Heaven's on the pillow, its silence competes with hell
It's a twenty-four hour service, guaranteed to make you tell
And the streets are full of press men
Bent on getting hung and buried
And the legendary curtains are drawn 'round Baby Bankrupt
Who sucks you while you're sleeping
It's the theater of financiers
Count them, fifteen 'round a table
White and dressed to kill

Oh caress yourself, my juicy
For my hands have all but withered
Oh dress yourself my urchin one, for I hear them on the stairs
Because of all we've seen, because of all we've said
We are the dead
We are the dead
We are the dead

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P.S.: Bucky is taking a serious dive today, and the dive seems to be continuing, making a run at 73 right now.