And There Goes The Dollar As Weimar Rally Resumes

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The dollar managed to stage another faux-rally to the just above abysmal level of 73.30... for about 3 hours. At last check, the dollar is plunging and everything else is once again surging, meaning all those hoping for some miraculous spike in the USD on expectations that there will be a time when the USD will once again be a flight to safety will have to put their dreams on hold yet again. Remember: state healthcare benefits are 5% funded, so the Weimar rally (in stocks, if not so much the dollar), has to go on or else pensioners will realize there is 5 cents on every benefits dollar owed to them.

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Dr. Richard Head's picture

Come on 72.

I wonder how many of us will be cheering on the front lawn of the White House or NYC when Bernanke kills the dollar?  Can I take part in the sea burial? 

CitizenPete's picture

have the bernanke walk the plank

Scottj88's picture

It is a sad day when we have college kids partying in front of the white house trying to get laid, but in MaComb Illinois (20,000 people), they used Illionis Police correpsonding with National Security to break up this "distrubance."  What a sham... videos below found within article.  What a sad world we live in, buy gold and silver to help the problem (physical).

Ron Paul 2012 (or earlier if we have dollar collapse)

Dr. Richard Head's picture

These two videos personify the sheep and the police state.  My disdain for both grows daily.

Misery Index's picture

Ron Paul really?

After the last election, he is now in the position to do all the things he has been

flapping his lips about and what has he done?

Nothing. Just another clown like the rest.

redpill's picture

What exactly would you have a single Representative do?  Hold the rest of Congress at gunpoint and make them audit the Fed?

Crisismode's picture

If that had been Misery Index elected, he/she would have completely convinced the Congress to vote all the right laws into place within 60 day of being sworn into office.

goldfish1's picture

Ron Paul, a distraction for the rubes like us.


Dr. Richard Head's picture

Ron Paul a distraction eh?  A distraction indeed from crony capitalism.  Distraction from fiat currencies.  Distraction from a perpetual war state.  Distraction from the police state. 

Ron Paul 2012 - A Distraction our Country Needs.

earnyermoney's picture

He's one member of Congress. End the Fed. How does that get through the Senate or around Obama's veto?

Baptiste Say's picture

Well he introduced and had passed the Federal Reserve Transparency Act to audit the Bernanke.


He attempted to bring in the Free Competition in Currency Act of 2007, the Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act to End the Fed but the cowardly capitol did not cosponsor and support these measures.


He attempted to bring in the Affordable Gas Price Act to allow offshore drilling, he brought in the National ID (amendment) to prohinit federal funding for national ID numbers, the Second Amendment Protection Act of 2007, the Citizens Protection Act of 2007 to repeal gun free schools.


He brought in the Market Process Restoration Act of 1999 to repeal Federal antitrust law. He barred International Criminal Court jurisdiction of the US mil. He brought in the American Freedom Agenda Act of 2007 which reaserted due process, prohibited torture, repealed FISA, the Military Commisions Act and more.


He brought in the Market Process Restoration Act of 1999 to repeal Federal antitrust law. He barred International Criminal Court jurisdiction of the US mil. He brought in the American Freedom Agenda Act of 2007 which reaserted due process, prohibited torture, repealed FISA, the Military Commisions Act and more. He has brought in half a dozen measures to protect against Obamacare and in DOZENS of mesures has stood to protect states rights.


He is the only one with any sort of principles or care the the constitution in Washington. If he held a greater position of power he influence and ability to protect the constitution would only rise.



oogs66's picture

Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life.  Where is Dean Wormer when you need him?

tekhneek's picture

it's actually a great way to go through life.

redpill's picture

I think it was Dean Martin that said, "I feel bad for people that don't drink.  When I get up in the morning I know that's the worst I'll feel all day."

magpie's picture

Paper boat of 1 Billion Fiatscos and viking-style floating pyre.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Come on 72.

If 72 comes up do I win or lose? Maybe I'll just close my eyes and let you tell me when to leave the table. OK?

Just leave me some gas money and a little left over to stop by McSlop on the way home.

Dr. Richard Head's picture

72 is winner winner chicken dinner for us "doomers".  Those with Bennie two ply?  Nominally, they will look like winners right? 

This is a win-win come to think of it.  The multi-dimensional aspect of life playing out before us. 

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

In that case I'll take the double quarter pounder with cheese please. And fill er up with high test while you're at it.

I'm feeling lucky. Dr. Head told me everything's gonna be fine. :>)

tekhneek's picture

I heard he's in the process of burying it in the ocean...

SilverRhino's picture

And not a single corresponding move in silver.   That's new.


tekhneek's picture

oh you didn't hear? DXY was j/k.

Sudden Debt's picture

Just look at the volume that it's pushing today, just crazy.

I think they have a hard and costly day keeping it down.


tmosley's picture

HF algos have been deployed in the silver markets.  The paper price will likely no longer reflect the real price.  Any retailer that doesn't keep a strong premium over spot is going to be out of inventory very quickly.

6 String's picture

I think they have a hard and costly day keeping it down.

It's been a costly and futile battle for the "status quo" elites. It's why I expect them to ultimately change the Federal laws in regards to ownership of precious metals soon, for the "good" of the country of course.

There is no winnning because the sheeple will buy this propanganda like they always do. And us "bugs" will be treated as such.


Temporalist's picture

This is great news for PMs as the anti-PM media propaganda won't be back on them until they hit new highs again.

mayhem_korner's picture

It's like they're shoveling sand under the foundation every time it's low tide.

Gotta get back to shining up my silver maple leafs. :)

johny2's picture

You should let them take a sunbath first...

velobabe's picture

D X Y, bitchez†

Caviar Emptor's picture

Yup.  A mini-tipping point has been crossed (been sayin' it, last 3 days confirmin' it). Gold will soon re-Zooom it's uptrend and take out the highs

Dr. Richard Head's picture

Hoping the dip in Silver will last till Friday. Damn wire transfers.

dark pools of soros's picture

I sold some @ $48 last week but the damn premiums still make it a wash if I buy now....  let's see if we fall to $39 and then we can shoot it to the moon 

The Axe's picture

sorry long dollar....short slv and gld....every dog will have its day.....washing out the dollar 

SheepDog-One's picture

Good luck! You'll need it in Bernanke heaping printed dollar amounts!

Arrowflinger's picture

Every dog has its fleas.

A cheap dollar collar only shelters them.

redpill's picture

That's like betting on the Cubbies because you figure they have to win eventually.


Good luck with that.

The Axe's picture

Well being long gold right now, is like be long the METS>>lol

redpill's picture

Not really, the Mets have had a terrible decade.

The Axe's picture

true..  gold is the star....just not for the next week....

StychoKiller's picture

Hey, anybody can have a bad century!

DK Delta's picture

Every time it tries to stage a rally it falls back, flat on its face


Josh Randall's picture

The noise you hear is the engine on the right side of the Bernanke's helicopter starting to sputter 

Dr. Richard Head's picture

I think the printer is on the fritz.

Temporalist's picture

Someone should shake the toner cartridge.

DogSlime's picture

Better throw off some more ballast then.  Sand  (money) bags over the side should generate some temporary lift.

baby_BLYTHE's picture

Is a repeat of 2008 coming? (Although this time with a simultaneous dollar crash)

Another 8 million jobs about to go POOF

Banksters to harvest more flesh off the American worker's back

unky's picture

i think this is possible, however i also think that PM prices will be the winner this time... either prices goes up in such a situation, or prices goes down but no phyzzical available

Alex Kintner's picture

But of curse, in 2008, the Gmen had the funds to backstop the Money Markets from going Super Nova. This time all they have is fairy dust (aka Dandruff from Ben Beardnaggie's facial hair).

Caviar Emptor's picture

They've already modeled it against Spain with 21% unemployment and barely a peep out of the sheeple. If that happened SNAP would just hand out Happy Meal vouchers paid for with Bennie Bux.