And We Have Recoupling, As Credit Wins Over Equity As Always

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The decoupling between bonds and stocks had many perplexed for a while, as some openly mused whether stocks may be correct over credit, in the first instance ever where credit was wrong and stocks were right. Well, things are back to normal. The bond-stock divergence has finally collapsed (as has the whole Schrodinger Cat paradox about [in|de]flation. The latter won, and all those claiming stocks are the proper indicator now, have been proven wrong. Our simple observation: signals sent from credit will always, and forever, win over equities. Always.To all those who put the convergence trade on, it is time to take your patient, and well-deserved profits.

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Young's picture

I don't believe this bastard will tank until the PPT let's go of their chocolate salty balls: AAPL etc...

Leo Kolivakis's picture

I just hope you "decoupling guys" are buying this dip, especially in solars! :)

Turd Ferguson's picture

WOW! That broad's got some big fuckin tits!

Don Smith's picture

Oh my GOD! Did you see that house back there?

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Those will be in the basement in 30 years. I prefer something I can enjoy now and later in life.

Besides, my wife reads my comments. Right honey?

rapunzel's picture

breasts not T I T S

recouple, getting back together with

M A R L A  ------>>>> T Y L E R ?

recouple, like it.

Turd Ferguson's picture

The chick below has even bigger melons...bazookas...yams...boobs...airbags...cans...funbags...dinglebobbers...


powersjq's picture

Dude.  Those aren't big.  Now THESE are big:

Young's picture

Leo you have the same taste in women as a fifteen year-old. Bring on the 50 kg, thin, long-legged eastern european escorts god damnit!

Leo Kolivakis's picture

Please, you can critcize my stock picks and market calls, but never question my taste in women!

American Dreams's picture

Fantastic head and clears throat shoulders pattern there Leo.


there be no shelter here


GoinFawr's picture

Very classic pattern, and not just in Leo's taste in women. Here's the other 'elephantitis of the pecs' in the room: Have a look at the DXY and what it's shaping up for; even JB is bearish on the dollah. Admittedly, that could strongly indicate a Costanza play... but our good friends at GS were right on that one too. Long enough to ring the cash register, anyway.

On another note, a one month increase of around 6% in WalMart's average price/item makes a decent indicator for which type of 'flation?


lizzy36's picture

Leo the caption for this should read ``greetings from silicon valley``.

Although at this point one shouldn`t be surprised at your lust for variations on all things plastic. 

Btw, buying that dip, is going to dislocate your jaw. 

rapunzel's picture

Btw, buying that dip, is going to dislocate your jaw.

that is really a good one, lucy.

Leo Kolivakis's picture

C'mon lizzy,

Don't take everything I post so bloody seriously. I like women in all shapes and sizes, and do prefer "au naturel".


Ned Zeppelin's picture

I feel a growing liquidity tsunami in my nether regions.

Leo Kolivakis's picture

Ned, I fell off my chair laughing...THANKS!

rapunzel's picture

conclusion, blonds don't really have nice bootie's like a dark haired female. well unless you do pilates, like my red haired daughter, she has a black type booty.

LeBalance's picture

"Leo, please tell us again how you received this silicone poisoning?"

"We are trying to clear this up so you can sue DOW, who made women think they should do that to themselves."

Personally, there is a long time between trying to have children, eloquence and life style win out over dual proximate Super Fund sites.

Clayton Bigsby's picture

I want to make romance explosion on her stoh-mahtch

AccreditedEYE's picture

For God's sake Leo, I keep telling you that you can't photograph these girls from the bushes without their permission!! It's just not right! LOL!

Your Beta team is running out of options! Hedge Leo, hedge!!!

Max Gibson's picture

what a symmetry... epic 

jdrose1985's picture

Now damnit somebody better get Harry the mutual fund dumb money manager on the line while he's busy buying the dips!

chirobliss's picture

While you guys are distracted by the SEC screenshot I'm at the bank taking a second mortgage on my third home.  The stick save today is going to be pretty to watch so I'm backin' up the truck and taking a truckload of SPOO's at 31 minutes to the close.  Yeeehaaa!!!

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Thank you for bragging, we're so impressed by the size of the second mortgage on your third home.

The yahoo finance boards are that -----> way. Please shut the door behind you on your way out.


gmak's picture

I think the comment was intended as sarcasm. :-)

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Might be, might not. But when the poster has been around less than two weeks and has only commented on 3 articles, including this one, there is no track record to look at in order to know the intent of the person. Newbies might want to use the <sarcasm> tag to clue us old farts and veterans in on what's going on.

There's no denying that ZH has seen these kinds of posts more and more over the past few months. And the vast majority of them are yahoo escapees.

rapunzel's picture

cogg y, your like a nazi school hall monitor prick, some times. you have nothing more than a resume of length on ZH. yeah i saw a post about your WIFE reading your posts. what a homo.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture


I think you're the pot calling the kettle black. You stick you nose in wherever you please whenever you please dissing whomever you please. So please drop the righteous indignation and don't throw stones when you live in a glass house.

I don't give a shit if you think I'm a Nazi school hall monitor prick or not. I'm sick and tired of assholes coming on ZH and pissing in every corner while leaving turd piles everywhere. ZH is just as much mine as yours and everyone else's. I've personally worked hard along with many other veteran posters to help build ZH into what it is today and I'm not happy as I watch it degenerate into a yahoo board. And while many are perfectly happy living in the increasing filth ZH is rapidly becoming, I am not.

If that attitude makes me a nazi, so be it. But anyone who's been around here for more than 6 months has seen the dramatic change. And judging from the comments, many people are unhappy with it. So I will speak out just as you do.

Speaking of homo's Velobabe, I'm still not sure exactly what the fuck you are. But anyone who needs to post naked pictures of themselves as their avatar on ZH as you did as Velobabe shouldn't be calling anyone names. 

gramps's picture

Thank you CD. I couldn't agree more. I've been followind ZH since blogspot but I never post. The comments used to be full of more info than the blog itself. I miss AD and Cheeky the most. The comments section used to be used for debating the facts or opinions of the piece. I don't post because I'm here to learn and there are many smarter people than myself here. Sadly there is little to be learned in the comments section anymore and the trolls are getting out of control. Every time I see Leo pimping his solars I want to reach through the screen and choke him. That IS NOT what this blog is about. Go to the yahoo boards if you want to pimp your shitty investments. I can't believe a guy that claims to be a pension specialist is pimping that speculative garbage. No wonder every pension fund in the country is broke.

John McCloy's picture

You have to expect that somewhat. I have noticed a tremendous amount of new posters/members in recent weeks which is a good thing. Just be patient and eventually the trolls will find their way elsewhere and the quality new members will remain an contribute positively.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Just be patient and eventually the trolls will find their way elsewhere and the quality new members will remain an contribute positively.

I respectfully disagree. Once one ant finds food, a thousand are right behind. Once a blog grows out of control, more and more pile on and any social cohesion and order rapidly disappears. I've had private e-mail conversations with a few of the now-missing veterans and many have just given up on ZH. What was once an extremely bright, informed and aware posting audience has turned into a big pig pile of name calling, ad hominem attacks/arguments and flaming.

It was kept somewhat under control before by Marla, who would swoop down upon the biggest offenders and knock a few heads. The others saw it happen and calmed down. But Marla has been AWOL since Jan/Feb in the comment section and it shows. If we, meaning any poster who wants ZH to return to something other than chaos, don't begin to draw a line as it was often done by the veterans just 8 or 9 months ago (Go back to some articles from last year and read some of the comments) we're only a few short months from yahoo territory.

I don't know why Tyler doesn't do anything about this. We were promised a number of improvements late in 2009, including a change to the junk system and some moderation in the comment section. But it hasn't materialized for whatever reason. So for those who love ZH we have a choice. Do we try and maintain some decorum on this site or sit back and watch it disintegrate further? Freedom of speech doesn't mean screaming and yelling and ad hominem attacks. I've been considering writing an article about this situation for the past 2 months and it seems like now may be a good time.

Abiggs's picture

I agree wholeheartedly with you. I have been following ZH since good the ol red outline days and I have touched (many times) on how the former forum for intellectual debates has turned into either (1) group think junk and bicker attacks on alternative opinions or (2) nonsense comments that have nothing to do with the topic eg yahoo board...

I don't mind Leo/Harry/Bravo's comments as long as they are constructive (sometimes it is refreshing to have an alternative opinion), but nonsense personal attacks and posting of swimsuit trannys that have nothing to do with the topic is no doubt unnecessary and annoying.

Hopefully something will be done... and btw the only reason I created a profile was because ZH disabled anonymous comments if any questions regarding my duration of membership arose. I would have prefered to stay anonymous... 

chirobliss's picture

Wow, only 3 posts and all this attention.  I feel like the Bell-o-the-Ball, and my heart's a flutter.

CD, I'm sorry about the misunderstanding, <sarcasm> and let me say thank you for making me feel so welcome. <sarcasm>

As you can see, I am already taking your valuable advice to heart. <sarcasm> Furthermore, as a newbie I wish to give you a personal undertaking that my comments here will never use the words, "farts" "turd piles" "assholes" "pissing" or "fuck", and I promise not to use the term SPOOs either 'cause it has undertones, e-mini from here on.  As you have rightly observed, people who resort to language like that are, "perfectly happy living in the increasing filth", but I refuse to be a part of it.

You can be sure that your gracious, measured and thought provoking comments <sarcasm> and demeanour <sarcasm> following my earlier ill-advised and narcissistic posting will be a fine example of the high standards necessary to keep us well clear of "yahoo territory".

I look forward with anticipation to your article, as it does seem well past time for your contribution to good manners.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Very well done. Nice come back. Game, set and match to chirobliss. I know when I've been beaten. :>)

BTW, it doesn't chance one bit my underlying message, even if it appears I'm wrong about you chirobliss.

aheady's picture

I think they think you're doing a good job, CD.

Maniac Researcher's picture

My thoughts exactly, CD.

Like gramps, I've been spending most of my time on ZH reading - not posting.

Things have changed a lot here recently..

Turd Ferguson's picture

10-yr at 2.83

Yah, sure looks like QE2 is imminent...

Its all BS. There will be no change in Fed policy. QE2 is all hype for now. Risk off.

bIlluminati's picture

First they buy the 3-months, but I did not protest because I owned the 3-months.

Then they buy the 6-months, but I did not protest because I owned the 6-months.

Then they buy the 1-years, but I did not protest because I owned the 1-years.

Then they buy the 2-years, but I did not protest because I owned the 2-years.


Finally, they buy the 30-years and TIPS, and now I wish my FRN notes were perforated.

TraderTimm's picture

Still holding short. Question is whether we break and close below 10,534 in the Dow. That would be below the trendline of the ascending wedge. Guess we'll see come 2:15 EST.