Android Shrinks Technology Refresh Cycles from Years to Weeks

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It's even all the more funny as Samsung supplies a great deal of the high-end chips(processor) internally according iSupply and other teardown outfits. No wonder Jobs was openly clowning Samsung a couple of weeks ago.

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TOS still won't even run on Gingerbread...

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This man is a clown, thinking that the future of these devices is going to be like PC's where its a spec war. These devices are about the ENTIRE experience. The software side of these competing tablets are a joke. Little dev support, and because its not tailored for one specific device it has to be compatible with a wide range of devices. On the hardware side all these companies do is make announcements with product launches many months away. You can't count on them supporting the hardware for the foreseeable future so your taking a huge risk dropping 500+ dollars on something that could turn into a paperweight. I dont even consider these companies as competition to Apple in the tablet category. They can release anything they want at this point, and it won't affect Apple's sales in any way.

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Careful belittling Samsung and the Android cohort - 

Many ridiculed US market entry of Hyundai and Kia in autos.  not much ridicule now.

The open software model will not kill Apple, but it will be formidable competition.  An in particular, the Korean hardware implementations are going to get much better very quickly.  

These are early skirmishes in mobile; history is already littered with 'invincibles' who faded - motorola, nokia and more.  No one has a long-term lock on success in this arena, it's brutally competitive.

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Microsoft Office for the iPad?

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Reggie, i'm beginning to worry about your 'Net Neutrality'. You're becoming a bit of a Pro Android bore, are short Apple so is it possible you're long Google kick-backs?

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LOL I missed that one ..

"be prepared for a big push into a deeper, broader, curated app market that will go far in attracting higher quality development talent."

Translation: "Um, look I realised that every thing I said last week was a total toilet, but um, honest, no really, it's all going to come true -- soon!  Because of Amazon!"

Is there anything more embarrassing than the implicit admission of total sillyness?

It would be incredibly sad if Reggie's solid-gold reputation went down the drain, because of him dabbling in this stunningly ridiculous issue, which he knows zero about.  Bizarre!

It's amazing to watch someone throw away a reputation, for what? Utterly no reason, on an utterly bizarre topic completely and totally outside of his field. Plain weird.

We sadly await next week's attempt from the bizarre Reggie Android system.

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Android is like a pimple-faced teenager, unkempt, cluess, shoots his wad after ten strokes, but he can do it all night long. Refresh cycles -- lol.

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Reggie is getting increasingly desperate and ridiculous on this topic.

It's really sad to see someone who is otherwise spot-on about everything, desperately struggling away, on a topic he started for no good reason, was hopelessly wrong to begin with, and is still hopelessly wrong.

It's NOT REAL COMPLICATED .. REGGIE, HAVE YOU ACTUALLY TRIED THE NEW GALAXY TAB?  It's a piece of shit dude.  There's a simple reason the iPad2 IS AN EXPENSIVE PRODUCT.

FOR SURE, there will always be POOR PEOPLE WHO BUY ON PRICE. So what? This is not a surprise or an amazing observation.  Nevertheless, observably people love spending a lot (too much!) on better and better phones and now the same seems to apply to tablets and smartphones.

Apple is going to do very well indeed. If the "competition" is the comic galaxy tab, well there's not much to say.

For goodness sake Reggie, the Galaxy is a piece of shit - TRY ONE IN YOUR HANDS.

Silly stuff.

How long is this going to go on, before Reggie admits he was uselessly wrong / quietly never mentions it again?  Good grief.

It's a great example of someone's mental poise and analysis going to hell over an initial confused and emotional impetus.

For sure, APPL is overvalued - fantastic observation.  The utter piece of shit galaxy tab is goingto crush the iPad .. have an Asprin.

This after last week's insanity that "DEVELOPERS CAN MAKE MONEY ON THE ANDROID YEAH!"  I mean it's getting funny.

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Short Apple.  Long Google.

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One of these days I  am going to do a post that asks the simple question: Which is a productive allocation of human capital, designing Apps, designing HFT Algos or designing the next generation of power grid.

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or indeed, designing government?

... sigh ... we need real questions.

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I am working on Apps and Government. My government treatise is on my blog


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And this is supposed to be good? Weeks? Talk about buyer's remorse. And then nothing has shipped anyway. 

Meanwhile Apple will refresh the OS, their PCs, and their Phone and their iOS with the App Store for the PCs taking off and giving developers more money.

Now just suppose Apple creates an iOS layer for Windows and then follows with an App store for Windows? 

As noted, the competition is still playing catch up trying to follow Apple's puck.

I will wager one of my silver coins for anything comparable you may have to offer that Apple's stock will outperform Google's stock over the next 12 months.

What do you say?