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Today is a very big day for POTUS and Butthead. Angela Merkel has come all the way from Deutscheland...



tell them what she knows about the critical situation with the EURO


and Greece...


I know nutting...

Sergeant Merkel

She will be meeting with whatever is left of POTUS'...

POTUS Cracked economic team...


All the remaining Douche Bag advisors will be there to greet her...


Yes Goolsbee is, Heehaw, still there...

Paul Krugman will be there to show her how shiny his Nobel ass is...


Dr Ben will hurry back from Atlanta to be there too...


Even Congressman Weiner will be there since his wife is on a big trip...


After they listen to her side of the story. They will tell her all about America's hard times...

POTUS thought he could...


Butthead thought so as well...


They had a swell plan...


But it never took off..


And now they have to admit absolutely zero was accomplished...

Less Than Zero

Now they have more zeros than they know what to do with...


And the latest Polls are looking miserable...


Later on they are all invited to Dr Ben's office...


For a private screening of his new film...


It is a very scary movie about a monster that attacks Main Street USA...


Frame 2



Frame 3



And it has a very sad ending...


Later they will go to Congressman Wiener's...REPRESENTATIVE WEINER


Weiner Sign


Where absolutely anything can happen...



THE END...Is Near



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it's going to take a lot of strong medication to eradicate Merkel's lingerie clad image from my mind. I think I'd rather snuggle up with spider-ben.


Awesome work as always, btw.

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Dear Bill,


Love your stuff.  You can see from a higher plain...from outside the smoke filled USA.

BIG FAVOR to ask.  Unlike China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Europe, and almost every other country in the world...America is still stuck with 40% of the population having to use DIAL UP.  That is right, the technical genius that is America is mostly living in the early 90's with dial up and small computer screens ( we are not counted as it would mess up the proforma, GDP numbers, or something like that).

So could you PLEASE make the pictures a wee bit smaller pix count.  I have to reduce my screen to 50% to see the pics ( then I can't read the print) and wait 15 minutes for the show to down load.

tearfully yours,


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Hi Have you tried the printer friendly button at the beginning of the comment thread?

Also clicking through on the image takes you to the image host on flickr.

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Why does Angela have all of those cork screws?  German wine generally sucks.

Maybe I don't want to know.

williambanzai7's picture

Actually they do make some kickass wine but it is extremely expensive.

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I wonder whats being offered in Athens Grouponz today?

Government bonds at fire-sale prices?

The day groupon sells gold/silver might be the first day to take profits

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I think they are running specials on gas masks.

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Just watched ten minutes of it on CSPAN - ten minutes of bullshit and ass kissing - unbeleviable.


williambanzai7's picture

Do you have Bieber Channel?

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Surely, you need hugs. E>...

williambanzai7's picture

I believe that is what she is saying somewhere in Washington right now

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A sick mind is a terrible thing to waste......keep on keepin on ...As I'm sure you will William ;->

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these photos appear photoshopped or something...they don't appear authentic

Goldtoothchimp09's picture

oh i get it, fire!!  Washin' the dog, washin' the dog!! 

Fiat Money's picture

fantastic!   Also recommend 's illustrations, (go to the link, then click on "illustrations" slide show)  including Bernak as the Evil Wizard of Oz, and Ron Paul as the Fed "demon of crony capitalism" EXORCIST  (and of the dual-party dictatorship, here - )  

  I know it's a  simple one (been done by other artists), but could you do one of obama-rama IN BED with his  "of, by & for gol'damn saks" gang?

sgorem's picture

Thanks William. No TRUTH like Banzai7 TRUTH !!!

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That has to be the funniest yet. I'm sitting hear with my 9 year old cracking up and he's asking "daddy what's so funny?".

Thanks for the laugh wb7

williambanzai7's picture

You need to explain it to him. Otherwise he could become a Congressman.

williambanzai7's picture

Mr Weiner is in for a long and painful public thrashing.

The Navigator's picture

Let's hope so - not for displaying his Weiner but for lying about the whole affair.

All of your art is priceless and most thought provoking, worthy of a "2011 in Review" coffee table picture book - history in art.

Romney (or whomever is the "so-called" opposition) should make use of your "No you didn't" v "Yes we can" graphic.

It's all GREAT - keep it coming.

williambanzai7's picture

Romney should prepare himself for a thrashing from me as well ;-)

Dr. Engali's picture

Bread and circuses brother. Bread and circuses.

lincolnsteffens's picture

Loved the "Home of Mr. Weiner"

williambanzai7's picture

People think it's hard to find funny's actually easy ;-)

UP4Liberty's picture

We need some TP for our "Bernank-hole-o"!

Brilliant, WB7!

williambanzai7's picture

Bernankholio...That's T Shirt Material

web bot's picture

You continue to outdo your self.

Could you please do a compilation of Zodiac and his desire to help dos iddle geek people...



williambanzai7's picture

Zodiac will go berserk just a few clicks up the path.

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Do I see doctored frames from that 1950's classic "Tarantula"? That was Clint Eastwood's first movie if I am recalling correctly.

anony's picture

WADR why do so many blogs say that Stimulus and QE x were failures???

You are very sophisticated one and must know that both of these tactics accomplished precisely what they intended to do.

It's one thing to say that the Goal should never have been to bail out-----and give record level trillions in bonuses to utterly failed and------but for the bailouts would have made paupers of all of them----corrupt banksters, but that is what Stimulus and QE x  were designed to do. 

Something can't have failed unless it was attempted, and stimulating the general economy was never attempted in the QE programs. That was not its purpose.  These programs were conceived and designed and executed to serve a few hundred Plutocrats.

I love your site as much as anyone, but I wish you would remove the idea of failure and instead proclaim it a spectacular success------ accomplishing exactly and more of what he, Paulson,  set out to do.


williambanzai7's picture

Unfortunately that level of intellectual observation would sink straight through to the bottom for the avg man on the street.

Clowns on Acid's picture

WADR - Spot On ! What dimwit would junk you?

The Stimulus..QE1,2,3....had as a PRIMARY "save" the banks and their corrupt, immoral CEOs.

It was secondary objective that the Stimulus actually encouraged business owners to hire another employee or created more demand...of course it has failed with this objective.

anony's picture

I'm not convinced there was EVER any other objective than to 'reward' Paulson's select Oligarchs.

That great Teacher, Prof. George Carlin, taught us a long time ago that "they" don't give a fuck about us.

I think if I had a billion dollars, and was of the opinion that I was one of the masters of the universe, I might not care about anyone who didn't belong to my club either.

I would hope to be more humane than that, but when I think of the all the Plutocrats I've met, the dark in their eyes, their utter contempt for those that they perceive as great unwashed, not worthy of even licking their boots, I have no difficulty with my cynical perspective. 

Die Weiße Rose's picture

this is scary WB, it's starting to get freaky

but I reckon you got a thing for Angie,

she is getting prettier all the time,

even as Sergeant Merkel, simply brilliant, lol

thanks WB7;)


williambanzai7's picture

It's very odd, her news photos are so unflattering that whatever I do to them makes her look better.

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Great Banzai7,

Sgt Merkel, POTUS and Butthead, and especially Dr. Ben.

Another great spread; some past favorites with exciting new material seeded in.

My Regards

williambanzai7's picture

The chorus of bad news for them must be deafening. Either that or they are uber retarded.

Ben Fleeced's picture


Launching 2016 campaign now.

g speed's picture

you make me proud to be a ZH browser-- really good stuff

williambanzai7's picture

Maybe I should design a Zero Hedge badge. No Ma'am, were from Zero Hedge...;-)

ebworthen's picture


Bernank tarantula with seeing eye pyramid on his forehead trampling main street.

A picture is worth a thousand words.


williambanzai7's picture

Yes, if I did video, you know what I would be busy with.

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Butthead: Heh said weiner...heh heh, heh.

williambanzai7's picture

Your junk fly followed you in here again ;-)

nmewn's picture

I live in his head completely rent free, he really can't help himself (which was always his downfall, obsessive/compulsive), its a wonderful feeling really for me, in twisted sorta way ;-)