Angry Student Protesters Storm Tory HQ In London

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Wonder why the EURUSD just dropped by over 120 pips in an hour? This may have something to do with it:


From CNN:

A group of protesters broke into the headquarters of Britain's governing Conservative party headquarters in London Wednesday and set off flares before being forced out of the building, CNN's Atika Shubert reported from the scene.

They went on to set fires outside the building, where police presence was "minimal," she said.

The violence came during a largely peaceful protest by students against government plans to allow universities to increase tuition fees. The National Union of Students said 40,000 demonstrators were on the streets.

And from the Telegraph:

A group barged into the lobby of Millbank Tower, near the headquarters of the Tory party, before being forced out by police and security officers. They then began setting fire to placards outside the entrance.

Windows in the office block were smashed and a number of smoke bombs thrown. Dozens of police surrounding the entrance were pelted with water bottles and jostled by the passing protestors.

Up to 50,000 people, many waving placards, are marching though the streets of London in the biggest show of opposition to the Coalition Government.

Fun and games starting everywhere.

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I'm not sure any amount of education would help these fools.

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What should young people be doing, then?

tmosley's picture

Storming the Bank of England, and killing anyone they find there.

Is that so much to ask?

flacon's picture

I have no problem with that. What was the Tower of London for anyway?

flacon's picture

Then again, UK could always sell some more gold to fund the 'education' of it's citizens. LOL!

Wynn's picture

what a stupid thing to say

hate and violence is not a solution, its just another problem

GoldSilverDoc's picture

Yes, but it suddenly becomes THEIR problem.  Which is very good.

Wynn's picture

Who are they, really?

5 junks and rising. lol  

Beware being on the wrong side of the mob.


Dr. No's picture

Unfortunatly, in a democracy, the mob is always right.

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Unfortunately, in psuedo-democracies like  the UK and the USA the middle class is getting screwed and in Europe the middle class know it and is acting in riots, etc., because they know that voting is a scam.  In the US the great majority are sensing that they are getting shafted but dont know what to do.  Perhaps some of their newly elected representatives will do something, but they are davids against goliaths.  Check of James Petras´latest essay about state barbarism. 

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Beware being on the wrong side of the mob.

That IS the lesson grasshopper.

...ya don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows...

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Shall we all passively spoon our gruel and hide in the barn when the Lord of the Estate demands his "droit de seigneur" of our Daughters?

Peace is preferable - but oppression, indentured servitude, and slavery - whether physical, emotional, economic, or combined - often require violence to end.

Excessive passivity  gives license  to slavery.

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This time we should call them at their own game. There is no money, and there is no debt. Just file the UCC 1 Financing Statement claiming yourself the CREDITOR with a security interest in all the real property and tangible property of the DEBTOR. At that point, you can discharge all debt.

The monetary system designed in 1933 after the bankruptcy of the western world had two components: debit side debt-notes and the credit side backed up by the birth certificate, which is a surety or guarantee on the future taxable labor for the person in his lifetime.

For the big items, you are supposed to just discharge the debt, but the PTB did not provide instructions. And the banks intervened and steal/stole our credit.

For the expenses of daily living, you are supposed to use your debt-notes like a petty cash account. You spend debt-notes into the economy during the year, but you report how many debt-notes you distributed on the 1099B barter forms on your tax return at the end of the year. If you bought a house it is reported on 1099OID. Since these debt-notes represent a 100% tax on income, you get to be reimbursed.

The 1099Misc is income on the debit side, but 1099B and 1099OID represent income on the credit side. Since these are taxes paid, you can claim at least 30% of the 1099B and 1099OID refunded back to you.

Your CPA can never help you with this kind of transaction. It is part of the hidden monetary system. Better to work through it yourself.

iDealMeat's picture

kayl, keep it up..  I'm taking notes..


kayl's picture

Take notes, but start reading the UCC at Cornell Law. Article 9 for Financing Statement and Article 3 for negotiated instruments and discharge of debt UCC 3-501.


Marla And Me's picture

Ok Kayl, we have to talk.  According to your logic, we, as citizen, can eliminate any "bank" in order to access our "credit rights" associated with our birth in this country, and get that credit directly from the government itself.  What does that accomplish?  You are then directly indebted to Uncle Sam.  Being directly indebted to Uncle Sam is very different than being debt free.  Your posts never postulate on the next step.  Great, I can get rid of the bank to access my own credit.  So what?  Even if your system of elminiating the banks from the equation were to work, what does it accomplish?  If I need to access that credit, I must still be in debt, this time directly to the government.

kayl's picture

So according to your logic the debt-notes you spend into the economy are "paying" for things? They are all IOUs that must be "paid" at some future date whether you are using debt-notes or your own credit.

But I can live better discharging with credit instead of letting them take away all my petty cash. With petty cash I can buy stuff in the stores (for now). With credit I can discharge all the punishing taxes they are envisioning.

I plan to be filing a lot of 1099C and 1099B forms this year. Since discharge of indebtedness is credit used, I don't have to pay taxes on it, and I'll end up with a big check at tax time.

See line 21 on the 1040 form. See Payments section starting at line 58. See line 59 for all the green money reported into the economy. See line 60b for Nontaxable earned income to report your discharge of debt amount.

See line 67a for amount you want refunded.

I expect the sovereign to default at some point. Therefore, I've prepared the security agreement for the CREDITOR/DEBTOR. CREDITOR is indemnified by the DEBTOR up to an unlimited amount or up to 15 billion (this amount still needs some research). If the US goes into default, then all discharges occur and the CREDITOR is no longer liable for any sovereign debt or taxes. Since we live in a paper world, it's nice we can write our own insurance policies too.


Order of the bond....

These forms of business are known among men of wealth for centuries. We are still living in a feudalistic society. So we might as well start using the processes.

8pence's picture

kayl: Great posts and I'm taking notes too. I do have some questions, well, not really questions, thanks to your efforts to explain the situation thoroughly, more clarifications on a few things that might seem contradictory. I'm in Wa. state also. Keep up the great work.

merehuman's picture

wynn, chicken must die for you to eat it, lumber cut for the fire to warm you and dead bankers to set us free from slavery. Maybe you just dont see how you are a prisoner of their whims

Popo's picture

If it wasn't for violence against elites, there would be no America.

Perhaps you should go and read the Declaration of Independence again.  It's one badass, rebellious piece of writing signed by smart people who were pissed off and ready to pick up guns and kill the soldiers of the greatest power on Earth. 

Violence is absolutely a solution.


Popo's picture

"Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government"

America. Fuck yeah.


Walter_Sobchak's picture

Jefferson=consummate badass

tmosley's picture

If you fail to defend your rights, you lose them.  Natural rights included.

Millivanilli's picture

Hate and violence ARE solutions.   If we strung up Dimon, Blankfein, Mozilo, Thain, Etc...  for their crimes against humanity, we'd put their replacements on alert.  


Finance as practiced by these people is nothing but a form of warfare, anyway.

Ripped Chunk's picture

If there is a football game and or some free beer on the way, they won't make it to the BOE building.

kiwidor's picture

It isn't asking enough.  After storming The City and killing everyone  there, who is guilty by association and being accessories to usury, you must also hunt down the bloodlines behind the crimes and eliminate them.  Completely.  And their servants. 

Those cryogenic facilities and 'fertility' clinics must also be trashed, lest the poisonous seed of the enemy remain in them.

When the containers of power have been emptied, there will be stillness.  In the stillness, a movement will begin. It is the stirrings of the Great ruler (note capitalisation) whose lodgings are simple, whose bed is not far off the ground, whose drink is the morning dew, whose food is sprouts pounded and warmed in the Sun.  Such an one is worthy of power, but has no use of it.  Laws and regulations will fall away. 

When laws fall away, the people will be content with  a walk in the meadow, content to sit and fish, caring not if the hook is taken.  Glass will become precious, no longer strewn on the ground.  Silent and idle contemplation will be a virtue, and meddling no longer observed.


Poisonous seed cannot alter its nature (i.e. you cannot convert a genome) and it must be utterly destroyed.  After great destruction is peace.


Teaser's picture

These young people are asking someone to give them something for nothing.  It's too late for these young people.  They are a lost generation, raised in a grand socialist experiment that is now over.  They will learn the hard way that there is no free lunch.  Thus begins their education. 


So what should they be doing?  They should be getting themselves an education in the real world.

Bob's picture

That would be learning to bend over like their wise and mature elders?

Teaser's picture

Their Elders are in even worse shape.  They will soon come to realize that the promises their government has made to them can not be kept.  Europe is a rotting corpse.  The time of death simply hasn't been announced yet.

Bananamerican's picture

fuck off and die you rabid right wing dipshit

ebworthen's picture

Don't fall for the right/left dichotomy; it is a false path.

SheepDog-One's picture

Hey Tosser, you know what? Theyve been TAUGHT for generations they get something for nothing! Now when the something fund has ran dry, the Kleptocracy scialist state has to DEAL with it!

Cant tell people they have a free ride, then pull away the free ride, and expect everyone to just sit down and shut up...they've DESIGNED all this...get it?

Teaser's picture

Exactly my point.  Socialism is great until you run out of other people's money.  We're well past running out of other people's money.  Now we just print money when we need it.

These kids are going to get the education they are asking for.  They just may not like how they get it.

SheepDog-One's picture

The whole world population is about to get an education at the University of Hard Knocks and very lean living.

WALLST8MY8BALL's picture

Ill take a drive to Beverly Hills Just before dawn and knock the little jockeys down Off the rich peoples lawn and before they get up ill be gone (Ill be gone) Before they get up Ill be knocking the jockeys off the lawn (down in the dew)

Mercury's picture

...and the tuition at UHK is free!

Millivanilli's picture

Aww fuck off.

Corporate fucks are the biggest welfare babies around.



Citigroup soars as U.S. agrees to sweeping rescue package 

Royal Bank Of Scotland: Costliest Bailout Worldwide : Planet Money



Ted K's picture

No one is bigger on welfare than the cocksucking banks.  Let the bastards who own bank shares hand over their wealth before these kids can't get an education.  Newt Gingrich and Boehner can eat my dog's crap if they feel hungry.

VK's picture

WTF? The people are being forced to eat shit while the bankers make out like pigs!? If the people have to take austerity, it's only fair that the bankers eat shit and are nationalized and the fraudsters prosecuted. Till then all options should be on the table, violent protest is one of them.

mnevins2's picture

Couldn't have said it better: they want "something for nothing" - and the "chicks are (not) free!"   This is what "kids" do - probably stirred up by the unionists and communists. Lather, rinse, repeat.

kayl's picture

What do you mean? There is no money, and there is no debt. Their government is just trying to steal more of their debt-notes.

Time for them to get to know the real monetary system. Go to law school and discharge all debt.

Rick64's picture

These young people are asking someone to give them something for nothing

Kind of reminds me of the banks. Punish the politicians and financial crooks then maybe the people wouldn't be against cutting entitlements.

Jake3463's picture

It works for the wealthy in London.

William F. Dulle's picture

You're so right. I, for one, can't wait until I can see large segments of the population living in filth and squalor, without any education or proper medical care. Hell, I'd even kick back my tax break. Er, maybe not.

Hansel's picture


Why do you think people of any age should trade their lives for pieces of paper backed by nothing which the government hands out freely to its friends and cronies?

People like you want something for free.  You want people to trade their lives for paper worth nothing.

Teaser's picture

People like me?  Did you even read my comment?  Reading comprehension is a learned skill.  One that you haven't quite grasped yet apparently.


Good luck with that.  While I likely agree with you, you're part of our problem.  You were apparently educated in the government schools.