Annual Decline In CNBC Viewership Accelerates: Down 37% In Overall Viewers Category

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CNBC continues to bleed vierwers. Whereas the last time we provided an update of CNBC's vierewship as measured by Nielsen, the GE subsidiary was down 28% YoY, the September decline is even more pronounced: at a 37% decline in total viewers and a 26% decline in the 25-54 demographic. We are, however, confident that the company will take appropriate measures to address the growing lack of interest of the general public in its content by continuing to provide hard hitting, probing and objective reporting (on issues such as pornogprahy) day after day.

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What they need to do is get a dominatrix on telling people what to buy.

Anonymous's picture

YEP, Totally agree, Get Becky Quick and her friends in leather and I'll buy whatever they are pimping.

Anonymous's picture

Now, I'll buy that for a dollar!

Missing_Link's picture

Put a wig on Jim Cramer.  There's just as much yelling and screaming and shoving unwanted objects up your hindquarters, only with slightly more facial hair.

Broken_Trades's picture

Screw Cramer.

What CNBC really needs is some Kanye!


Imma Let you Finish


Anonymous's picture

I think what you meant to say is:

I'm a gay fish

Problem Is's picture

Get Cramer a wig AND a big set of silicon implants. That will fix CNBC's ratings problem.

Anonymous's picture

get cramer a paper bag with cinch chord...

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Well, Jim C uses the whip pretty well on his show...and I bet he could pull off leather...would be good for CNBC ratings....I would watch it more than once...BTW I am in the game cuz of Jim Cramer so I owe him a lot.....btw off topic, I was emailing a reporter in is the Auto Makers and Chicken Feet the primary source of investigation, not auto part makers.....I have no idea why everyone is talking about auto parts for Trade dumping.

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CNBC viewership is down because the market is up. If the market crashes again I bet vieweship will go up.

Obviously when the market is crashing there are 2 places to watch continuous market coverage...Bloomberg and CNBC.

When the market is up, no one cares.

Tyler - Unless you have better things to do can you please post the stats for bloomberg viewership? I bet it's down too.

*For the record...I watch both (backround noise)

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A 37% decline is too great to just be the market move up. It may be a combinataion of market stability and other things. From my perspective I find that CNBC appears to be a PR agents paradise and an island of financial spin.

I think the entire platform including all of the people need to be changed. I dont watch CNBC any longer. There is nothing to be learned from CNBC.

If CNBC would put ZERO HEDGE segment of I would be willing to bet that it will outdraw Cramer.

Anonymous's picture

I just don't think the explanation for CTITC's drop in viewership that "the sheeple getting smart" is going to pass occam's razor... That presupposes that alternative media is "getting" to them AND they understand AND they've determined that they had been lied to all along and are now willing to bite the hand that both feeds them and tries to steal their food back. Face it, they're probably just doing something else... are apathetic... or a myriad of other reasons.

what has satellite/cable subscribership done in the downturn? What has happened to CNBC's website in the downturn? Too many variables...

Anonymous's picture

i agree...perhaps some have wisened but my
guess is that most of them are too stoopid
to become wise...

but 37% seems too large to be explainable by
market improvements....has anyone checked to
see if american idol's website has had a
37% surge in visitors?

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That people will flock back to CNBS during the next crash remains to
be seen. As pointed out by that comedian, people flocked their for
news and leadership that CNBS failed to deliver. Hell, even Mark Haines
commented one morning that Krudlow told you to buy everyday from
DOW 14,000 down to DOW 6,000.

sondog's picture

That channel makes me want to have a seizure everytime I see it. There are constantly graphics floating around, feels like I'm on LSD or something. For fun I like to count how many floating graphical elements go by that have no meaning whatsoever.



Bam_Man's picture

Oh, and you forgot to mention the ridiculous "sound effects" that accompany the meaningless graphics as they go on and off screen.

For the record, I stopped watching CNBC in 2004 when Ruckeyser's show was cancelled due to his failing health. It was the only remaining reason to watch the channel at all.

Dogfather's picture

It's been at least 5 years since I seriously watched CNBC.  It became unwatchable sometime since.  The show is strictly for entertainment purposes, I imagine, since it is dominated by clownish-looking peeps in the few times that I scroll past on the way to History Channel or Discovery.   Did I miss the amendment to the U.S. Constitution that mandates 75% of on-air "talent" be of the female persuasion??  I'm illin'.... 

J. Pierpont Finch's picture

Perhaps viewership can be reclaimed by re-launching the best of FNN Score's old programming schedule. Anyone up for casting anchorettes into Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling? Cramer doing Time out for Trivia sports call-in . . . . . .  

Hrundi V. Bakshi's picture

i'll only watch cnbc to see someone bitch slap kneale, kudlow, and cramer. i would pay to see that.

crzyhun's picture

My heart does not bleed for them. Truly the anchors are putzs with no shred of menshlichkiet. No happy new year for them.

Anonymous's picture

Do you think CNBC will ever report on Wells Fargo and GEs huge off balance sheet toxic CDS liabilities?

These stories were swept under the rug in April but sometime soon these positions will explode, as soon as their counter parties lose faith in both companies CEOs.

This time I don't think the government will bail them out like they did AIG. The American public will revolt before they let the government bailout any more CEOs for their reckless management!

Anonymous's picture

this will result in more cleavage and titilation....

or maybe their declining viewership is a leading market indicator pointing to crashing stocks...

Anonymous's picture

Among other things, the "I AM CNBC" ads clinched it for me. Nothing but BFF bantering by the hosts with each other.

digalert's picture

There ya go tumble, bring back Mackey. He was trying to tell them that CNBC is irrelevant, that nothing they shovel matters, that's funny.

Hephasteus's picture

One by one. They are dropping like flies. He'll be on a show with Joe in no time making fun of CNBC. LOL

It's all fun and games being full of crap. Going along with it. Till it gets to that place. That place you don't want to go into because you just know it's going to lead you to a dimension where sympathy just does not exist and nothing good comes from it and nothing good goes TO it for much longer.

ZerOhead's picture

A true classic moment in broadcasting... oddly enough it makes CNBC watchable.

bchbum's picture

They're showing the special on marijuana for the 100th time right now.  I guess that's how all they can think of to report on in this "boring" and uneventful market cycle.  I'll never watch them again (unless I'm stuck in an airport bar with nothing else to watch).  Next shoe to drop will be when fox business or bloomberg gets on basic cable.  Stick a fork in 'em, they're done.

digalert's picture

CNBC (all Obama all the time) is a joke. They must keep a kerchief on hand at all times to wipe the foam and drool from their mouth when talking about Oblame-all. I swear when Santelli spoke up about Oblame hearing, I thought his ass was grass. Instead they sent him to rehab to instill in his brain "you never speak ill of the great one". I just wasted my time on a GE / NBC / Oblame-all channel that is taking up valuable cable space.

ZeroPower's picture

Well said.

Come on, you dont want CNBC to be labeled as racists do you?


JohnKing's picture

Immelt is just taking care of his partner, no pretense here at all.

"In a reset economy," explained Immelt in his shareholder letter, "the government will be a regulator; and also an industry policy champion, a financier, and a key partner."

Anonymous's picture

I guess I'll have to start watching, I wouldn't want RoboT to run out of cleavage pics.

And just when I heard they installed those chairs that bounce up and down.

Anonymous's picture

Bit of schadenfreude is always healthy.

GoldmanSux's picture

Let's start a fire___________ petition.
I vote Maria, as there has never been a bubble she didn't embrace just before disaster. Or Bob Pisani, who on each day's close declares victory for the bulls. Let's hear your pick. I may be out of date. I stopped watching in the summer and my enjoyment of life has truly been enhanced

ZerOhead's picture

Heck... forget the petition.

I like your first idea better... LETS START A FIRE !

ha ha ha ha ha ...

Anonymous's picture

Fox Business is pretty decent!

Careless Whisper's picture

I only watch when I know Abby is going to be a guest.

chindit13's picture

Isn't it on CNBC where they preface the show with "Our reporters are not journalists.  Our stories are not fact checked."

No, wait, that's that other comedy channel.  My mistake.

Seriously, who is the consulting firm that sold them the idea that screaming draws viewers (other than the Jerry Springer demographic), that the public wants cheerleading and fluff, and that their female "talent" (clearly not hired for their reporting skills)is attractive to anyone other than shut-ins? 

ZerOhead's picture

I'm with you on this one... little puppy anchors would have worked better!

Anonymous's picture

Did you catch the cock story today on CNBC? Some company selling something, maybe a drug or something(I was barely listening) to cure some kind of cock curvature problem or something...

I thought it would be a great story for Haines to report on as he's always craving attention for his bottom.


joebren's picture

Hey, don't knock porn, it's an important issue. If you watch enough you'll forget your portfolio losses, get horny and eventually see Becky (aka Honey Bun) and Erin (aka ?) in their bare all beauty.

Anonymous's picture

Solid market commentary vid from the S&P 500 pit in Chicago:

Sept. 17:

joebren's picture

Please give your favorite porn star a stage name:

bchbum's picture

I like Becky Fuckme Quick, Warren.

Hephasteus's picture

I can make saving throw on all those bimbos. Though Ayesha Faridi, Rebecca Meehan, and Maura Fogarty are bit tough on me.

Anonymous's picture

I like Black.

Can't believe they there's not one in the bevy in this post-modern world.

Fritz's picture

CNBC is a disaster.

Squawk Box (in particular) blows chunks.

It is unwatchable. 

Anonymous's picture

the irony doesn't get any better than this. your hated CNBC goes down because of your hated market melt-up. what cognitive dissonance that must cause.

Chippewa Partners's picture

We only turn the sound on for Baranco, Soros, Birinyi, Rogers,  Straszheim and Gabelli.  Bloomberg sound is always on.   The Power Lunch crowd has a great talent in telling viewers what the market ticker is doing.  Beyond that it's sheer nonsense.  

Lionhead's picture

Misinformation = erosion of viewership & advertisers. Dead horse walking...