Anonymous | A99 #OpESR RICO Class Action Lawsuit Against the Federal Reserve

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A99 #OpESR RICO Class Action Lawsuit Against the Federal Reserve


"Hello American People,

This is a message from Anonymous to you.

We cordially invite any and all, Anonymous and non-anons, to join OpESR in demanding Federal Reserve accountability.

We are crafting a class action lawsuit against the Fed.

Can you provide legal and research support?

Please respond by submitting a pad to one of our *connectors in Anonymous.

If you can help us, get in contact with one of our *connectors by logging into our public chat area at: http://A99.FSS34.COM

This is a class action lawsuit against the private Federal Reserve Bank and it's shareholders.

It falls under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations
(RICO) Act of 1970 for criminal acts of Fraud, Usury, Conspiracy to
commit Grand Larceny and Theft by Deception, and for systematically
looting the Treasury of The United States of America for a total that
has yet to be determined.

For nearly 100 years, The Federal Reserve Bank has debased and
debauched our currency by illegally authorizing an ODIOUS DEBT to be
encumbered by our citizens without their knowledge, or in any way for
their collective benefit.

The Fed, allowed Banks to defraud the American public, so as to
leave them living like refugees in their own land. This ruthless cabal
now has the temerity to pass off this ODIOUS DEBT to the American
people, thereby destroying not only our future, but Americas' ability
to be a free, sovereign nation.

The US Constitution says we have to go against domestic enemies.

The Fed, allowed this crisis to happen, they allowed banks to kick you out of your homes to pay their bills.

The Fed, allowed people to live on the streets, hungry.

And the Fed, got paid for it.

Something is very wrong, don't you think.

So, are you going to stay seated in front of your TV, PC or whatever and let them do whatever they want?



For your children, for your children's children!

Or they are destined to be enslaved by a fraudulent national debt created by the greed of the 1.

So, Anonymous or not, it doesn't matter.

What we ask is that you spread the Truth and take ACTION!






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pardon ask an Senior Master Engineer anything.


Time is running short.

CPL's picture

Seriously what does it take to get arrested!!!


My LuLz attempt is turning into an annoyance.

CPL's picture

Called back..


Gimme a second...going to make sure the only thing broadcast on the crappy short wave is the local pop station and hide it in the woods.


45 minutes ago listening to these 7th grade retards chasing their own tails.  I want to see the bad kids (that weren't that bad...just fucked up).


OMG...I could throw grenades right now.


So I can drop a nasty into the world and the expectation is 0 on any offering of jail time.  Gimme 15 minutes...I was being kind in adjusting this version of stuxnet.  So iPad and any tablet owners beware@@  meh...fuck it.  I'm going back to playing algos.


again...nobody cares or nobody is there....crap...



bad command....fuck me....buying a ticket to Ireland to visit...brb...The black Connors brothers are coming to Cork for a week.  Stay with cousins in their campsite for the bit.

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See if a man weights the same as a bail of hay and we can throw them as far as we do in th field.

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CPL - this thread has catapulted you to my new favorite ZH poster. I mean in when I say your comments (the ones I could understand anyway) are inspiring! So get back to work on whatever program it is you're working on and I (we) will be watching.

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btw don't fly...and use nuclear facilites.


I dub thee!!!


cd...LOoOOOooOOooLz  Eat a bag of dicks juniors.

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on the july 1st I dub thee



on july 2nd I dub thee



On the 3rd I dub thee



On the 4th I dub thee



On the 5th I dub thee


On the 6th I dub thee


On the 7th I dub thee


onthe 8th I dub thee


On the 9th I dub thee


On the 10th I dub thee


On the 11th I dub thee


Onthe 11th I dub thee


After's all up to the useless systems ignored.  At least in Canada.

CPL's picture

I can hear you idiots losing yourselves on back roads on the radio.  7th grade education tops.  And I can see the dba's sorting the tables like mad.


Like I would ever call them that...okay fuck it.  All of that tomorrow.  This Canuck is done with it.

CPL's picture

Kiss good bye to LLoyds you island shitting pricks.


Kiss kiss bang bang.


RFC number...blah blah blah.....the pensions are gone btw.  They are currently floating on Thai metals.  First dick in the pool get out with what they put in.

CPL's picture

If Lloyds actually had a business case i would care.  But since they HAVEN'T MADE A SINGLE PENNY OTHER THAN SPIN DOCTERING...I could really give a shit on some ponzi piece of crap company that has been bankrupt since 1996.


aName two things the Canuck airline industry and UK banking industry have in common.


Ummm broke as a hobo.


Since i haven't been seized yet.



Lets do a play ....Muhahhahaahhahahhaa

This is for all you blue blood cock suckers on both isles.

CPL's picture

Any requests?  while the goose chase runs aroudn the back hills?


I think I have around an hour.  T and K, our locals, are looking for my road (which they've been on since they were around five).


Any requests on how to build anything other than a nuke.  In my case I'm heading to Kingston pen...I'm a "domestic terrorist". 


Ask an Engineer anything.

i-dog's picture

"Any requests?"

Yep ... stay safe!

CPL's picture

Thank you and wait.

CPL's picture

My virus btw doesn't remove the map.


It moves it an inch at a time.  Randomly, if you fly a plane.



williambanzai7's picture

Will anyone put a bag of burning shit on Bernanke's doormat?

CPL's picture

his lawn is everyone's lawn.


Stay out of the air after 11h EST

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That's quite a good text to speech vocoder there. So good I wonder if maybe it's actually just modified natural speech.

Hmm. Actually, some of the word timing sounds like rys2sense.

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thank you 4closurefraud!!!!

agrotera's picture

Dear Tyler--

OK, well, if this isn't an Onion gag, then, i hope you will put this one on the top with highlighting for a few WEEKS or PERMANENTLY!!!!

One note: Not only RICO but TREASON.

ALL the 9 trillion missing in the SPV and the whole fed system needs to be taken into receivership...after a retroactive audit, it would be apparent that MS, GS, MER, C (and one other i forgot) were as bankrupt as LEH but the win on the LEH self-dealing bet, the rush to bank holding status, and the THREE WEEKS of lobby for 700 BILLION to pass out at the treasury party was not the act of a fiduciary for the country--it was matter how many academics say otherwise, their paychecks depend on it and what is needed is people like Hoenig who is willing to testify to the truth...there are PLENTY of others...GOD BLESS ANONY!!!!!

Fiat Money's picture

The Fed is Treason.  

 ANY  congress-critter who REFUSES to vote to AUDIT the Fed,  is guilty of  TRASHING the United States Constitution to which he/she pledged an oath of allegiance.

    J.P. Morgan was the son of  Junius S. Morgan.   J.S. Morgan was the business partner and business heir of  George Peabody,  Baltimore, London, & New York based American banker.    After several years of exporting cotton from Baltimore to British textile manufactures,  Peabody opened up a banking branch in  London in 1835, where he was promptly taken under wing by the undisputed,  de facto overlord of the entire  British empire's financial, banking, & economic system,  nathan rothshild,   who effectively hired Peabody to be his London high society entertainment front.   Three years after establishing George Peabody & Co. in London,  in 1837 Peabody went in to partnership with Junius Spencer Morgan, to form Peabody, Morgan, & co.

    Upon Peabody's retirment the firm was renamed to JS Morgan & co, and upon Junius' retirment, the firm was renamed in his son's name - the J.P. Morgan we know of today. 

   J.P. Morgan was the 100+ year WASP,  American FRONT for the London based R's money-printing,  dictator loving,  democracy crushing, credit bubble > boom > bust > credit contraction > mass poverty,   fiat money banking cabal.       AND STILL IS.

 (along with goldman, sachs, lehman, bear, stearns, kuhn, loeb, schiff, drexel, and other "european banking families"  who all play a musical chairs rotation of who has the most money &  is the most powerful at any given moment in US financial markets - but are all interconnected by family marriages, partnerships, and interlocking directors. )    

get over it.  

     and  let's get on with the real show...   not this pansy ass  "PRETEND NOT TO KNOW"  horse **** of the past few years... 

ThisIsBob's picture

Teenage vandals.  Stuff sounds like its written by a junior high schooler.

Call me when you get into GS, otrherwise, just go away.

Bansters-in-my- feces's picture

I'm sure the old CIA,and the Pentagon will be sending a few application to the "type with me" pad..

Who do this group think pays the Judges wages...???

Too funny.

Try Greek style,it would be more productive.


CoolBeans's picture

Hope for the best here -- but sat thru their "chat" for a few minutes and determined these seem to be a bunch of well intended reaaaally young folks. 

Well, maybe a lot of youth and skill + some folks of age and experience = some interesting civil disobedience. Otherwise, good luck getting this off the ground. 


They have captured my attention and I find their videos, etc. very entertaining. I will keep watching...hoping...for a revolution...I've had it and ready to fight.



CPL's picture

Nothing says you can't.  Young men fight with strength and ideas.  Old men fight with wisdom, lies and feints.  If you can do something tommorrow, without breaking the law, it's let someone else know how screwed the government is for sucking banker cock.


Meme's are weird things.  Contagious, often thought provoking and you might make a friend.  Want to join up in fighting banker/government 69's.  Make a friend.


In fact I can put a beer on this, 1 of 2 people out there, just like yourself.  Are just trying to get by.  Getting by is a shitty place to be.  Getting by with friends trying to get by makes life liveable.  Eventually that concept of fiat paper empire turns to shit, then it goes from friends to a community.

CD's picture

I for one would be interested in further thoughts/discussions on this and similar topics. While still mostly virtual, there is a community coalescing in 'real' physical form as well here. Worth a look. In any case, cheers and godspeed.

ebworthen's picture


Molotov cocktails, ahoy!

I'm with you, but will default to positive physical civil disobedience.

The 1000 ml Cabernet's are pretty good for you as far as tannins, and with a strong arm and what I hear the Marine Corps used a tube of nitric acid and a lump of metallic sodium to ignite a mixture of petrol and diesel fuel, might be effective.

Be aware, dear Comrades, that "As incendiary devices, Molotov cocktails are illegal to manufacture or possess in many regions. In the United States, Molotov cocktails are considered "destructive devices" under the National Firearms Act and regulated by the ATF."

Of course, Credit Default Swaps, Mortgage Backed Securities, and raping taxpayers for banker bonuses is perfectly legal.


bugs_'s picture

They yearn for the refreshing taste of freshly squeezed middle collapse taxpayers.

disabledvet's picture

The debt has not been declared "odius"...YET. 

BigJim's picture

What happened to the Knesset DOS then?

Steroid's picture

The FED is only authorized to buy assets backed by the full faith of the US Government, not Maiden Lanes and other crap. Here is your crime, money laundering not some elusive robbing by inflation (which is also true). That should be enough to shut them down if anybody dared to try.

bugs_'s picture

Remember sometimes you have to start small and take baby steps.  I've suggested before that we start with "End the New York Fed".  Maybe we could end them one branch at a time?

SmittyinLA's picture

To the A99 cybergeeks, just post the home addresses of Congress and the federal judiciary and their children and we'll do the rest, filing lawsuits in crooked courts is pissing in the wind.

CPL's picture

The addresses and names are already known.  But it's not congress Anonymous is after, you can hardly change the puppet show by destroying the puppets.  The puppets are going to be used though as decoys, pawns, feints and tactical plays.


The system as it is built right now cannot be changed in a massive push or roar from the crowd.  the shape of the world is done, much like the idiot sticks that decided to make their "play" for total hedgemonic domination.  Well this project is only one in around 230 projects that are in play for the summer months.


The goal isn't to bring any of them to justice or even move the world into a collapse or a new era either utopian or dystopia.  The goal is very, very simple.  Anonymous is going to drastically AMPLIFY their attempts at their retarded, half witted, dumb, messianic plan. 

Anonymous is "helping" the man, we are determined to "add value" to their plans.  Our projected outcome is one thing.  Everyone is going to be flat, fucking broke by the end of it.  Old money, new money, no money, some money.  By pushing things here, and holding another thing back, stalling a transaction.  Do that a million times in a week and you generate the  proper effect to create the sports term "quicksand".  First one thing goes wrong.  Then two things, then four, then eight, etc.  Only way to stop the effect is to reset the game.   To stop the game, the timing of everything has to be so mismatched that nothing ever lines up properly.

So enjoy the coming months, it should be a perfect mess as intended, although the TPTB and their architects would say differently.

whstlblwr's picture

It's hard to believe you. Isn't it compromise your project posting on ZH for world to see. No element of surprise. And doesn't sound legal. Operate in the law is my motto. Plenty of lawful options if know them.

CPL's picture

This is not a movie.  There are no surprises just guesses of when.

The projects are happening and nothing is going to be done about them because there simply isn't the manpower, intelligence or will anywhere to determine the outcome or what is actually happening. 

Every project is different and each group has their own intentions.  Only time we agreed on anything was getting phones working in Egypt to allow the world to see the mess.  We've been pushing the edges of the system an inch here and an inch there.  The intension isn't to "surprise" people.  We've been online for twenty five years.  Just because the media has decided to start paying attention to website vandals isn't anonymous, that's bored kids.  Any idiot stick with a six month devry education can deface a website or knock it down.  Doesn't take knowledge, just the ability to follow a well defined recipe of procedural steps which can be purchased or downloaded at anyone's leisure.

Why does another anon do what they do?  Who knows, for the LuLz probably.  Why do I do it?  For the LuLz of course.  OpESR channel is working on this project.  I'm working on figuring out how to make ALGO/HFT racks make sweet electrolove to each other.  Other's are working on flouride "untreatment", others are attempting to recapture dead satellites for use (lots of free iron floating around up there), heard there is a project involving subliminal messages (welcome back Cotter to 1970, metaphysics...whatever).  What the end goal is, nobody knows.  All that is known is a date at the end of July when the projects are due.


My favorite project to date by the kids has been Project Forever Alone.  anons setup fake lavalife accounts with hawt girl pictures and tell the guy to meet them at a location with a live webcam at a certain time and date.  More specifically, the same time and date.  So what ended up happening is an instant flash mob of Forever Alone guys showing up on the webcam with thousands of us watching for the LuLz.

whstlblwr's picture

Subliminal messages? Sound evil genius and domestic terrorism. No thanks.

Orly's picture

Well, are you a twenty-eight year-old Mormon and did he order you a pizza?

whstlblwr's picture

Not mormon, no pizza. No DHS. Come on. I think he lose it a little. But entertaining, and you can tell he smart.

I appreciate heads up for caution end July, but same time the ZH community could powerful force for change using US law, not breaking law. It's all there, just need to get off lazy couch.

CPL's picture

He's a DHS trollbait account.


He (Mike) doesn't understand why his paycheck on Sept 21st is going to bounce...he probably wandered in here out of curiosity.  Mormons and the Japanese are incredibly inclusive.  The world outside of a government job doesn't exist along with the machine that feed them.  It's the reason why both cultures suffer from the delusion both want their culture sold to them on TV and on the doorstep.  Anything beyond acceptance is beyond reproach.  Only culture less paranoid about questions about history and religon beeing a motivator is Israel and the muslim world.  Appearently all are the orthodox way of doing things.


His building got pizza btw...they are using a half and half of cisco and broadcom telephony equipment with no security on their production network.  Morons have a modem rack spamming the line announcing they are there...on the same IP range as the phone network.


Everything that you see online is the surface of the pond.  Go under the pond and all you see are ducks feet paddling.  On top it's IP addresses.  underneath, it's MAC addresses.  Ip gives the general location.  MAC address leaves the shit and blood stained trail that you hunt something.

CPL's picture

And no...i don't hire those abilities out.  I just use them to hunt trolls.  I sell the equipment and go with Kelly's Law.


you are teaching the dumbest person in the room and charge a premium.

Orly's picture

Very interesting.



CPL's picture

I was told by my sempai enginee to mention this if it got bad before he drop dead as a stone.


"Take my pension after working with you for 30 years.  Enjoy this."


And with that the Glasweian dropped dead.  Since I never programmed in Cobol no clue on what he was talking about.


To the TPTB I offer a tip of the hat.  See you begging for food soon.  If people could make sure to tattoo them so I don't waste any resources on them or their families.  Don't want to feed rich white trash.  Appreantly they have a "line" on what's happening.  Everyone else I have land, no food, and seed to share if you're coming with a skill set. 


The test will involve sewing a button on a shirt and cooking a fish properly on a stick that you caught.

CPL's picture

All good.


Keep the debt wolf outside your house and with the nonsense going on, make lots of friends that do stuff and stick by family and friends.  Lots of power in that.  More power than a nuke or a computer.  I get the feeling you'll do alright from your past postings along with those here that talk about their community.


If you hadn't guessed.  As the oldFags of anon, tech and engineering class, we watched what was happening in 2005 with the mortgage situation. Complained, were ignored.  We complained again in 2007 globally, ignored.  Again 2008, ignored.  So at that point 34000 of us decided to ignore y2k11-14.  All that big iron is there.


It runs shipping companies, nuke silos, disposal units for nuclear facilites (guessing that the Nebraska affair right has to do with complete system failure), 95% of nuclear facilites all around the world, tank aiming systems...I would go on.  But the world runs on it's not broken dont't fix, so they buy cheap parts...shit...China is in for a surprise...


Oh well.  Only country that took it seriously.  Russia.  Yanked everything out, hit the economic reset button...Russia is in good shape believe it or not.

Orly's picture

Well, about this thing at the end of July, are you saying the powers that be are going to try something or others will try something against them?

Reading between the lines, it sounds like hackers are going to make American banking "sluggish" for a while, until the grease cools and gunks up the works of its own accord.

CPL's picture

as mentioned...we've been online for 25 years.  TPTB want to run it.  They have depending on when the patch was put in, two weeks from now to a year.


Outages are going to be a problem and it's going to confuse the shit out of the crop of engineers.


Word to wise and the current generation of engineering. 


Sorry.  Go learn Cobol.  Whoever is the best at it.  That will be your life.  Forever.

CPL's picture

No clue.  I've estimated 230 projects.  But there are a lot of unemployed engineers doing gods work.  I am, thankfully, not on the breadlines and hired when I could.  But tax rules changed in Canada and I shut the doors on my own business for the purpose of avoiding being fiscally raped.  Seen this song and tap dance before in the late 80s and early 90s.  Better to hide, lay low and fuck with the system.


Sell them crap that is going to break next year.  Anyone remember Y2K?


Guess when 80% of the patches are good until?  This year.  Three weeks from now.


Entire Finance community is running off the idea that they are good until 2014.  Can't do that in Cobol.  never could so.  The elders then in IT said, sure it can be done, and the temp patch was applied.  The assumption is that TPTB would get off their ass and migrate the data with the 14 years given to do it.


They didn't.  y2k is now y2011July31st.  or  110731...120731 blows up...120801 blows up...anycase.  much like fight club and the blowing up of the buildings to remove the records.  The general retardation of TPTB ignored the operation cost and required migration requirements of their data...LOTS of them are running it all on IBM big blue Iron.  It'll be lots of fun.  if you want to know who didn't do anything after there patches.


Shipping companies.   Not one of them.  Again, contract to them.  Tell them that they need to spend 4 million to migrate the data to something that will last longer than 14 years.  They nod...


14 years later, they are all sitting holding food, oil, clothes, cars, etc and being navigated by the same 30 year old dump iron.


All markets run off these mainframes and banks do too.  Cobol developer...most are dead as a stone.  Last time...took two year to build the army to fix it then until 2001 to lay them off.  It wasn't a fix, it was a patch.

CPL's picture

Why would the TPTB do that when I can feed information so easily in a public forum.  Now like they are allowed in the TOR domain (aka deep web).  See them coming from a mile away.  Ever wonder why a place like 4chan is allowed to stay alive?  While the site itself is fun in some of the groups (/b/ is not for anyone human), it's a place that has pushed it's luck more than once, and yet it's still up.  I'm doubtful on the concept of freedom of speech in it's case and I lean to the idea it has been co-opted for a LONG time.

"Fringe" groups are an invention as they ever were.  It's like saying black people are on the fringe, or Romanians or Star Wars convention organisers.  Strange how the term of like interests has become a "bad" thing.  The subliminal message clue.  you have to understand that there is intentional disinformation between the groups in the channels, I personnally tell people I'm working on a no-stink shit formula or free penis growth excerises and get PM'ed to death about where to find nfo.


The whole point is fucking with what's in place for the LuLz.

Confucious 222's picture

Call them clueless, immature, weak, grasping, whatever; when they announce to fight the good fight, and endure the hardship and targeting that will follow, they can gather momentum.

The operative dynamic is that every day, there are more and more YOUNG people with literally nothing left to lose. (Think no job ever, $100,000 in student loan debt, and righteously pissed.)

Always remember - someone with much to lose makes a poor revolutionary. That is why this nation of fat and lazy cats has taken so long to sober and wake up from its drunkeness and slumber of materialism and entitlement.

Hip tip to the nay-sayers and status quo crowd - "The times, they are a changing" 

nah's picture

end the fed Ron Paul 2012