"Anonymous" Hackers Target IMF Over Greece "Bailout"

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The hacker collective Anonymous Operations may not be the most organized but they sure are passionate. Following the latest disinformation campaign of a Greek bailout, the hackers, which had previously expressed their solidarity with the Greek people (see below) have no made it clear that the latest target of their wrath (which a few months ago was the Federal Reserve) is now the IMF. Or at least its website. As of a few minutes ago, "Anonymous" tweeted that the target of its imminent DDOS attack will be www.imf.org. Alas, since the IMF has always been merely a figurehead for global bailout efforts, in this particular case spearheaded by various banking interests, we give Anonymous a few days before they realize that the target of their "anti oppression" move has a website with a .com suffix, not .org. And regardless of how (in)effective this action is, at least it sends the message that someone is willing to do something to at least protests against the rape that will soon occur in Greece, hidden by the very polite word: "privatization."

And previously from Anonymous:

Dear World Citizens and Members of the Media
This is a message from Anonymous Operation
Want in solidarity with our brothers and sisters with Anonymous Greece
Moneyback. Operation Want are Anonymous researchers, writers and others
that use the proven method of Follow the Money to seek out and expose
the people and politicians that are corrupt. Operation Want brings the
Truth to light in support of Whistleblowers, Freedom of Information,
Freedom of Speech and Internet Freedom. Anonymous Greece wants the
banksters to give the People their Moneyback.

Information is Free. Please Distribute
Globally. The Greek government and media are censoring the people of
the world from viewing the massive protests and r-evolution occurring
in the streets.
The People of Greece have united and taken
to the street once again today, in opposition to the corrupt Austerity
Plans of the Greek Government leaders and the International Monetary
Fund (IMF).  Without allowing the Greek citizens to vote, government
leaders have accepted approximately $157 billion dollars (€110 billion)
from 2010 - 2013 
In "rescue loans" from European Union
countries (EU) and the IMF. Such Austerity Plans have been met by the
successful opposition of the people of Iceland who have insisted on
their right to vote. Currently the people of Spain have taken up the
banner of the Iceland protests and Anonymous united. Greece must also
uphold their constitution and let the people vote.
The people of Greece are faced with
prolonged poverty and a dramatic decrease in their standards of living,
as their corrupt government attempts to push through further austerity
measures of debts. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that those
elites in control of the IMF continue to profit from the misery of the
Greek people. The overreaching powers of the European Union (EU) and
the IMF will not go unnoticed or unopposed by the global community who
stand in solidarity with their brothers and sisters of Greece.

Thus, the people of Greece have been left
with no other option than to take to the streets in a peaceful
revolution against the economic tyrants that are the IMF. The good
Greek People have been beaten by the police that are supposed to be
protecting them. The Greek government is using the police, allowing the
brutality that had even caused death of citizens, to protect the
greedy international banking industry led by the elitists of the IMF.
Anonymous demands the following;
  • The Greek governments allow their people to vote and decide their own future.
  • The Greek government must uphold
    their constitution and not allow the EU and IMF dictate and rule the
    People of Greece.
  • The Greek government and
    corporate media must immediately stop their censorship of coverage of
    the protests. Let there be transparency so the world can watch the
    power of the People and hear their voices.
  • That the Greek government support
    non-violence against the People by immediately calling off the police
    and state sponsored terrorism which the citizens of Greece have been
    subjected unfairly to for simply exercising their human right to
    peaceful assembly.
Anonymous wants the economic noose of the
IMF is removed from around the necks of the Greek citizens immediately
and that the citizens of Greece are granted the right to vote on the
outcome of their future.
Aristotle has proclaimed that "Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime!"
The hand of the Greek people has been forced. Their voice will be heard!
We Are Anonymous,
Anonymous is everyone.
We are everywhere.
We Do Not Forget.
We Do Not Forgive.
Anonymous is Legion.
Expect Us!