Another Day, Another All Time High: Gold At $1,544.9

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Hopefully at this point nobody is surprised why at this rate gold will pass $1,600 within a month, silver may be $100 by the end of the year, and the dollar will be worthless, in order, to paraphrase Bernanke, reincarnate it in a fresh start version of itself, following the refinancing of all US private and public debt at 0% interest. For everyone still confused, and the naysayers, we urge you to read the following - link.



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Gold, meet Birinyi's transitory ruler

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Gold shoots?

LOL.  Better than the Green paper shit Benocide clings to.



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A strong dollar is in the best interest of the American people.  We know this because Geithner told us so.  Perhaps Geithner was actually referring to the new dollar that will be created from the ashes of what was once a prosperous nation.

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Captain America to be renamed Captain Brazil.

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Maybe he's really talking about the Canadian and Australian dollar?

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If anyone bothered to listen to the Bernanks press conference the other day they would know exactly why gold is rising.

Maybe when we see a 6 handle on the USDX (Turd's POSX), people will finally wake up?

Not rocket science PM bears...

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Why would anyone bother to listen to it. You know he's going to lie.

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If anyone bothered to listen to the Bernanks press conference the other day they would know exactly why gold is rising.

You mean that sham of a farce of a mockery of a staged kabuki theater of a "press conference"?  The one in which various hand-picked corporate-media "reporters" (note that they are rightly not referred to as "journalists" any longer) tossed a handful of  fluffy marshmallows at Bernanke --- with prior knowledge of exactly which and just whose marshmallows were going to be tossed his way?

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so you are saying the whole thing was 'staged' most things in media these days??

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so you are saying the whole thing was 'staged' most things in media these days??


sorry, something wrong with ZH webpage...not loading. hit <SAVE> again. result is double post and me junking myself for double posting.

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If we had a hard-on competition in the ZH room right now we would get a lot of willing and gleeful candidates, I'd bet my not so sweet ass!

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You're the winner!  Fuckin hard on.

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but I don't trade in gold right i'm not in the running amongst the gold bugs.

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Silver margins just bumped to $14513, per CME.

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There is only one ultimate central banker and her name is mother nature and she does not keep printing worthless paper, rather, she has a finite number of natural resources in her bank and those resources are subject to the real forces of supply and demand, that is all you need to know to understand why gold and silver keep moving up.

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Huge Wanger's going to pop...get out of her before it's too late

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Yeah, right, I don't see another Saudi oil glut per 1983 on the horizon, or another Canadian gold glut per 1983, or a restoration of the Republic for the time being for that matter.  Quit playing with yer delusions and read up on some history

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My "lunacy" is out of bankster control.  That's the bottom line:  Play the game and get raped or get out, buy physical, and watch the panic ensue.


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If by 'lunatic' you mean those that are up more than the S&P over the last 12 months, consider me a happy lunatic.

in other news, I'm shocked:  

"Jeffrey Immelt, the chief executive of General Electric, has resigned as a class B director on the board of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, citing increased demands on his time. The Fed will start regulating G.E.’s finance arm, GE Capital, in July."

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Hamy, you are the BEST !  You make me laugh so hard. I thoroughly enjoy reading your well written, inventive, funny comments...although highly erroneous IMHO.  Yet, keep it up because we all need a little comic relief each day, and a bit of baiting to free some pent up hostility.

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Hamy's getting a little testy. I guess he went with paper that was spray painted gold.

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Little testes may well be his whole problem!

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Hamy Wanger   .."Lunatic goldbugs will end up in the Vegas sewers, along with Prechter.."

Your a stocks guy, but your paper promises have lost out to Golds relentless rise over the past 10 years underperforming by some 40%. Who is the loony?

You shouldn't be touching investing if you ignore maths and performance and then call investors in a rising asset class "loons". 

Prechter and his Elliott Wave crones are loons. They've bleated Gold is in a bubble right through 2010 in the face of reality (much like you) and again like you been calling tops with their constantly failing sack of crap Wave Theory. It may (will) be YOU joining Prechter on the scrap heap if you keep failing to predict and deal with reality

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Mr Wanger... they are not sewers but storm drains

That's where the kool kidz hang out and spray paint and do drugs!  

But anyways... perfect timing to jump from being a lurker to being a member of this crazy site. Must end my first post with the traditional "silver bitchez".


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More like get out of him before it's too late.. not that we missed dumb comments from this bulltard to begin with..

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Dude...I'm already dumping my USD as fast as I can, but thanks for the advice!

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[Dude...I'm already dumping my USD as fast as I can, but thanks for the advice!]---SWRichmond

Been doing the same since Fall 2008. Getting rid of it as fast as I can. Trading it for store of value "items", emergency supplies, security, extras for family and friends, barter items, and history books (for posterity and the rebuild).

Taking out the trash.


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When ben heads to his LOLcopter. It's time to dump the Lollar.

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would i be better off if i was paid in gold?

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Yup.  We're drawing our savings down further, replacing things that need replacing now and putting more in to our garden and food stores.

I feel a little sick whenever I look at the PM prices.  They look nice until you start thinking about why they're so high.


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Yes and yes and yes.  Exhilarating and terrifying at the same time.

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The idea of being right is a very small consolation when you consider what it means.  Small consolation Hell, it's downright terrifying.  I'm as self sufficient as a person can be without shutting off the utilities, and I'm still nervous. 

It's no wonder the world is so chock full of normalcy bias, if I was an unprepared urbanite with my entire future stuck in the markets and the dollar, I'd have my head firmly planted in the sand too.

@SWR:  You eating fresh greens from your garden yet?  I'm going to work the garden up this afternoon, and hope to get some peas and onions in soon, but we're also supposed to have snow AGAIN this weekend, so I'm trying not to jump the gun.

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I am eating the hell out of lettuce and radishes; just had a bowl full for lunch.  Snow peas are starting to climb; green beans are just out of the ground; potatoes are growing at a shocking pace; my tomato plants are more than a foot high.  I need to put in another round of lettuce before the temp gets too hot; In another week I will plant another batch of green beans.  I had to cover my stuff with a tarp just a couple of weeks ago to protect it from sleet.  I got away with it.

ColonelCooper's picture

Awesome.  We still have enough of last years canned and frozen to carry through, but am I ever drooling over the thought of the fresh stuff.  Good luck to you, SWR.

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We've got peas in and up already, onions and tomato starts going in soon.  Damn weather screwed us last year on the tomatoes [early rain caused end-rot].  Hope this year's better.

Hear you on the fear factor - this situation could continue to linger or really accelerate at any time...   

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+ 1561.10. And climbing str8 up as I type this.

  I agree, gold going str8 up is nice, until you think about why.

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Those ink bubbles are a real bitch when they explode. Very messy.

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If you mean the S&P 500, then yes indeed, you are correct good sir.

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no need, he's damning himself ignoring Golds rise and shooting only himself in the foot

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Funny how the Bernank never comments on the rise in PMs.  Is this Geithner's responsibility?  /sarc

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Hey Hammy will you tell Harry to come back?
I miss him and want to have his baby.

It feels awfully lonely and scary up here having bought ZSL at 13.69.

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I got out of the Dollar bubble about 3 years ago. I'm surprised it's only now popping.

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You say the gold bubble is going to pop?  That makes me worried!

Should I sell my gold, and buy it back when it goes for the dip?



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Dude, if you sell any gold, you will end up regretting it.  Short-timing precious metals is riskier than riding a motorcycle naked, but if you understand that our paper currency is being destroyed at an increasing pace, you will understand that keeping gold and silver is the smartest move you will ever make financially.