Another Day, Another Record High For Gold

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If one scours the newspapers, maybe, just maybe, one may find reference, in the page 13 fine print, that gold prices keep hitting fresh all time highs each and every day. The rumor now is that petrodollars have had their fill of EURs (which they have been buying instead of USDs) and are migrating to PMs. Another catalyst is the earlier announcement by Jean-Claude Trichet that the rate hike may not be the first in a series, confirming the vacillation by the European Central Bank. Until we see confirmation we will let this rumor be. One thing we are certain of: there are more buyers than sellers.

Gold touching a new all time high:

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Another day PM's go up, another day with reductions in CEF premium values.

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 I am a big investor in CEF...I can´t figure it out either...its not following gold or silver......By now the offer has been snapped least by the last three days should be jumping a dollar I think...

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Offer was at 22.30 IIRC, it is now 22.65....dipped as low as 22.10 or so... I picked up 1000 at 22.12 on friday...

Offer was about 10 mm shares or ~5 days volume  and was about 5% of market cap...Factoring out the nominal volume, the secondary is now almost fully distributed...

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that's a USD 500 free lunch !

swanpoint's picture

If I bought shares of CEF in 2011 for the first time (I did) when do I file the Form 8621 to make my QEF election?

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Someone smarter'n me will need to figure this one out.

Quinvarius's picture

The secondary offerings always compress the premium in the short term.  Take advantage of the deal.

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I think MathMan suicided himself.

EscapeKey's picture

Nah, he just registered under a different username. The account might have been dormant for a while, for this exact purpose.

Robot Traders Mom's picture

I'm fairly sure he is the troll named Mark McGoldrick. Another ZH'er found this about him yesterday:


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omg! I'll never take him seriously again. Nasty stuff!

Mark McGoldrick's picture

Hey cutie.

Wanna come over to my place?

I've got lots of candy. 


baby_BLYTHE's picture

yeah, It won't be fun for you though.

Like bring a knife to a gun fight...

...but you won't have the gun.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

A knife, in skilled hands, at less than 20' distance is usually a better weapon than a gun.

Don't believe me?  Ask a cop.

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HEY Dochen


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Hey she's not that Erin babe from CNBC but she looks pretty good to me. I even pretend to have wires hooked on to me, even though the chick is right next to me.

Robot Traders Mom's picture

You've been watching too many movies or don't know how to handle a pistol.

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Una mujer con un cuchillo es muy peligrosa...


Lorena Bobbit.

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Only if your weapon is holstered.

A perp can gut you at  21', if your holstered.

Most LE shootings occur at 7' or less.

Most SWAT engagement distances are less than 125yds.

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The 20' study is used as a legal defense to justify shootings of assailants who are armed with knives.

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Where's major ratfuckedcorps? Is he watching in dismay as congress throws billions out the door in march to line the military industrial complexes pockets right before calling all the soliders and telling them there's no money.

There goes half of his reasons and justifications for being an asshole.

Abitdodgie's picture

Indecent exposure , so he was taking a leak down some back ally and the police got him , or he mooned someone I mean really it could be anything !Or he ran up to a child in a brown overcoat and flashed them ,whatever

DosZap's picture

I find it unusual that his site allows folks to use real names in posts.

Where I come from that's a Boo Boo.

Not Kosher.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

You mean I made a mistake using my real name here?


DosZap's picture


If yo mama named you your handle, I would sue.(;

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Let's see what happens "when" the daily RAID comes...

Got to believe another margin hike is imminent.

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Yes those margin hikes are devastating!

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Off topic, but how does one change their photo.  I have deleted my old photo, and put in the new one, but the old one keeps coming back.


Temporalist's picture

Make sure it fits the proper size requirements, i.e. it's not too large of an image.

youngman's picture

actually I think the daily raids have been missing the last few days......wierd

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Don't worry.  That cunt will be along soon enough, with a drive-by cut-n-paste job saying "subprime is contained," "housing never loses value," "GOT TZOO???"  or some other such nonsense, intimating that PMs are in a bubble.

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i'm glad i bought silver at $37/ozt.

Flakmeister's picture

I have silver dollars that I paid $1 for....

oddjob's picture

I bought another monster box today at 40.28 CDN per oz.

....and four 5 '9' maples.


I just dumped 26K of paper,feels good.

Robot Traders Mom's picture

$5 says the Smailes kid picks his nose and eats it...

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

But, do make sure to ask if your troll does!

JonNadler's picture

they're all hiding under Blythe's skirt at the moment

east paris trader's picture

Hey Tyler -  You've got a 1000% batting average.  Everytime you post about new gold highs, the bitch kill the paper.  Like fucking clockwork.

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blythe watches're naive if you think otherwise. they really don't like zerohedge.

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Not only Blythe watches... the squid too.

Creed's picture

blythe watches're naive if you think otherwise. they really don't like zerohedge.


yeah they don't like ZH, like an elephant doesn't like a mosquito biting it on the ass

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When very well known and respected economists like David Rosenberg mention publicly in their briefings that they read Zerohedge, you know there are a lot of people in positions much higher than you reading it as well.

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"yeah they don't like ZH, like an elephant doesn't like a mosquito biting it on the ass"

 You mean ZH'ers give 'em an itch somewhere they can't reach to scratch?

Janice's picture

Bring enough mosquitoes and eventually the elephant will notice.