Another Hole In The Bond Bubble As 30 Year Gets Reacquainted With Gravity

Tyler Durden's picture

Following today's ugly 5 Year auction, and hot on the heels of the 180 degree EUR reversal from this morning, coupled with the renewed surge in gold and silver, the entire bond complex is again in free fall (and no, Build America Bonds has not and likely will not be renewed in its current form), lead by the 30 Year. And if this was based on an expectation of real rates rising, as the pundits would claim, which would be an expectation of economic improvement, then gold would not be flirting with its all time highs. Which means that today's market action in every asset class is representing the economy accurately, especially following the 4th consecutive home price drop be Case Shiller... every asset class except for stocks of course. Then again, with volume once again abysmal (MVOLNYE just under 1,400), HFT/Fed levitation programs are the only thing that is trading 100x P/E hot grenades as per always.