Another Margin Hike, This Time In Portuguese Bonds

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Last week it was Ireland, where bond margins rose to over half, or 55%. Now it is Portugal's turn, where following the glowing success of silver speculative destruction (and crude, not so much), LCH.Clearnet has now hiked bond margins from 35% to 45%. Soon everything in the world will trade cash only... except for stocks of course. Stock margin debt is close to an all time high. But nobody is bothered by that particular speculative element. Ever.

From LCH:

Dear RepoClear Member,

accordance with the Sovereign Credit Risk Framework and in response to
the yield differential of 10 year Portuguese government debt against a
AAA benchmark, LCH.Clearnet Ltd has revised the risk parameters for
Portuguese government bonds cleared through the RepoClear service.  The
additional margin required for positions of Portuguese government bonds
will consequently be increased from 35% to 45% for long positions; this
amount will be adjusted for the current bond price*.  Short positions
will pay a proportionately lower margin. 

  1. This
    decision is based solely on publicly available yield spread data and in
    no way represents a forward looking market view. LCH.Clearnet will
    continue to monitor yield spreads closely and keep the parameters under
    close review in accordance with the Sovereign Credit Risk Framework.

  2. The additional margin will be reflected in a margin call on Wednesday 11 May 2011.

  3. For further information please contact either Tom Chapman ( +44 (0)20 7426 6338 or Lianne Arnold ( +44 (0)20 7426 7376


 Chris Jones

Executive Director and Head of Risk Management