Anthrax "Conviction" Falls Apart

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Some old corpses here:

In April, 1979, a horrifying accident happened at a secretive military base called "Compound 19." Behind imposing walls, a deadly production line turned out tonnes of anthrax powder for the Soviet Union's biological arsenal. One April morning, a small amount of the dust was accidentally released through the ventilation system. The invisible plume was blown over a working class neighbourhood and nearby ceramics factory.

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In news today, According to main line psychologist. The word "odd" is now a term for terrorism. speaking of which, "wasn't Einstein odd"? ok, now back to you jeff.

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The brilliance of the anthrax attack is that it was sent through the mail, and every citizen has a mail box. Manhattan, to most Americans, is a strange and distant outpost of Europe, but everybody has a mailbox, baby! The anthrax affair was a ruthless act of terror directed against the citizens of the United States by the same crew who brought you Norad stand-down and controlled demolition on 9/11. You and I and Mr. and Mrs. Front porch are the true targets of the war on terror. Only our hearts and minds can endorse and underwrite the imperial agenda.


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"America, the most advanced country in the world, and the FBI have every resource available to them," he said. "And yet they have no compelling explanation for not properly analyzing the biggest forensic clue in the most important investigation the FBI labs had ever gotten in their history."

Unless the compelling explanation was a false flag attack.  So... how much has this investigation cost to date? Still rising? 

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Admiral Crowe, the Bush's and Team We Kill Casolaro's and put bullet holes in the Commerce Secretary's head, Mr. Brown.

I was in the direct line of fire on the Hill and at work at a natonal news company in D.C.. Some of us have been dodging the local ''anthrax'' traffic for years. 

P.S. Danny never made it on the Wall in the ''Newseum''  ...and setting up a private DELTA Team to take out the ones that are ''standing by'', well, don't worry, all this will be the least of our issues in the hours, days and few years left. Drilling Piccard's teeth and waterboarding Tenent and Rummy, or taking away Dick's Duracell Bunny and breaking Team Skull and Bones Raises Rosemary's Baby would be needed ASAP ...if not. Watch. Things shall become much more acute and shall be quickened beyond any possible efforts for ''our'' correction. Count on it. The time of sealing is now upon this generation. I mean come on, the NSA could give us the target confirmations for every insider on Earth, do you really think ''we'' can overcome ''the beast'' at this point? Prophecy says neeeeew.

When ''they'' make contact; the unsealed host(s), the ''inside job'' nutballs, you see dead people with badges and regular folk with peculiar looks, it's not so subtle for some to see.        

P.S.S. If thats you Mr. Shadow, that junked me in the name of ZORG, I am honored as ususal but, by ''inside nutballs'', that's the NWO Nutballs''. 911 is an inside job and so is the anthrax. If you do not know that, you are an idiot.                                                  

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Ivins had what amounts to a "jug" of a bunch of different strains mixed together, including mutant strains not existing anywhere else. It essentially had no scientific purpose. And when the FBI was collecting samples from every known stored stash of anthrax everywhere, Ivins deliberately sent them pure-looking strains from that "jug" excluding the mutant ones (which grew funny on media--it was visually obvious which colonies were mutant and which ones were pure).

Thus he was hiding the contents of his jug of mutants.

Other people had access to that mix of strains from his jug because he had sent it out to others--maybe it was known that it would implicate Ivins; but why would he not openly provide samples of the mutant strains in the first place?

And where in the world did he get access to the machines needed to dry and mill the spores? Not to mention, of course, the special tin laden silicone dispersant?

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Read this one also.  It is another case of Weaponized anthrax use.  This was done against a Arkansas State Trooper.  He as on the trail of Mena drug smuggling in Mena Arkansas.  You know Clinton's state.   Very Interesting read.

"On the weekend of September 21, 1991, Arkansas State Police Investigator Russell Welch.. "

or just google 'Russell Welch Anthrax'

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Do you really need to ask who did it? The same crowd that did 911  -and it wasn't Bin laden or the cave dwelling sect of Sunnis - or were they shias? I forgot.

jewish doctor Zacks is the most likely suspect, with high level Neocon/Mossad assistance. Like stephen hatfill, the dead guy they framed it on was a patsy.

amazing how many idiots believe the official government story. As long as they can get away with it, they'll keep on doing more of the same.


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I don't buy the "you need a sophisticated group of highly skilled eggheads with specialized equipment working for months or years" argument, I bet you could get the same results using a head shop cocaine grinder in an sealed aquarium with gloved portals.

I've made a few model airplanes, there's a nifty additive called "microballoons" thats silicon based and would be perfect for weaponizing anthrax and you can buy it in any hobbyshop.

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Microballoons are a filler for resin. To weaponize spores an anti-caking agent is needed.

Google the difference.

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The more i discover just how prolific the government is at lying (or the Shadow Government) the more I question just about everything I read these days. I'm beginning to wonder if Jefffrey dahmer really did eat all those people -or was it really richard Perle  -and we were all must lead to believe it was Jeffrey Dahmer.

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Another high-level conspiracy uncovered by George Washington. Yawn. I was a victim of the 2001 anthrax attacks. Had the spores on my desk, my computer keyboard, my clothes. Took twice daily doses CIPRO and had regular nasal swabs for months.  No fun.  Sorry to break it to this guy, but Bruce Ivins did it. The FBI, after fucking up the investigation, found him.  And he killed himself over it.  End of story.  George Washington should stick with his more plausable "The SEALS didn't really kill Bin Laden because, golly, look, his beard is darker than it was at Tora Bora" charge.   I mean, what ISN'T a freaking conspiracy to this guy?   

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Sorry #5 has already been used in this comment section.

Try another number.

25 Rules of Disinformation:  )


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Man  -the anthrax did far more damage to your brain than you realize. have you thought about suing the government?  

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BetTheHouse is a paid stooge for the Mossad or CIA. Don't feed the trolls!

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I worry about the paid stooges from totalitarian theocracies who stone people to death for something your mom did with the mailman while her husband was at work.

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Absolutely.  The Mossad and the CIA are really concerned about influencing you.  Cuz you are so fucking important.   

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really, i always hoped so... anthrax is total bullshit anways dont you think... i vote

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Time to file this sick, false-flag event under the heading The Evil That Neocons Do and start making the list of the guilty who's necks will fill the public stocks. When will enough finally be enough? How much more of this Strauss inspired BS will we be forced to endure before we grab our pitchforks and torches and, metaphorically, storm the Bastille?

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In other words, a lone scientist couldn't have done it without the support of a whole government laboratory.

Whole government laboratory.

Government laboratory.


It's really simple. This clue should've made the FBI investigation incredibly focused and relatively easy to solve. It could still solve the case, but something tells me the implications are so startling that we will never know the truth.

The FBI didn't latch on to Ivins because he was odd. That he was odd was the reason to try him in the media because people find it easy to believe outrageous accusations against people they don't identify with.

The FBI did not want to go down the road the evidence pointed because they knew exactly where it might lead.

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"The FBI did not want to go down the road the evidence pointed because they knew exactly where it might lead."

To the non-disclosed black budget, the budget, which, according to the Constitution, is illegal.  It's a big fucking racket.

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We will have to file this under the same federal LEO behavior as they evidenced in the TWA 800 crash, where 154 witnesses told the FBI they saw something rise up towards the aircraft before it exploded, yet as soon as the fuel tank theory came to light, what these witnesses saw was no longer of interest to anyone, including the MSM.  Then we have John Doe Number Two of the OKCBOMB, for whom the FBI had an alert to find, that is until Tim McVeigh was arrested and found to be a white supremacist, after which it was denied there was any John Doe at all, that is until ex Iraqi Republican Guard officer  Hussain Hashem al-HUSSAINI, now a homeless person, as arrested in a Boston suburb in March of this year.  And then we have the first bombing of the World Trade Center, which was officially a "crime", and so on. 


The evidence is ample that the FBI has been polliticized to the point that it is more a policy enforcement agency than a law enforcement one.


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Great comment. Don't forget John O'Neil who left the FBI to become head of security at the WTC. He died on 9-11.


One other key point regarding Oklahoma City. Even though it was a Tuesday morning, none of the ATF showed up to the office that fateful day.

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none of the ATF showed up to the office that fateful day.

Because ... Those lard-arsed wastes of protein call in sick more or less EVERY day after an evenings heavy drinking! Your taxes at work!!

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Aah, none of this matters anymore anyhow.. the earthquakes in Australia should be starting up any moment now. I got my Sunday go-to-meeting duds on and am ready to be swept up to eternity.

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Is this the FBI that could not even properly match a fingerprint a few years back?


And the Olympic Atlanta bomber . . .



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I thought something was "fishy" about how the only guy they could pin this on just happened to be some "odd-ball" who just so happend to "kill himself" so he could not give his account of things. 


The oldest trick in the book or corrupt regimes is to do away with the evidence that stands against your lies - you know...the "no crime concept"


I also found it very strange that these attacks came right on the eve of the big vote for the passage of the USA Patriot Act.  You know...have to target a couple places...knowing that the MSM would parrot the official story over and over and over and over nauseum.


The modus operandi of these tyrants is so in your face...that it is insulting to anyone with half-way open eyes.


Remember....even Goebbels is much easier for the public to believe in a big lie than to believe in a small one..."   Don't think for a second that the CIA (or whichever black organization "handles" these types of operations) does not understand this....


The truth is what you are told it is....unless you ask questions.

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yes the patriot act timing and critics. What a conincidence

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Just in case it matters, take a few moments to tell your representatives not to extend the damn Patriot Act next week:

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Like that's going to do any good.  I called and faxed and emailed my representatives until I was blue in the face about Hank Paulson's 700 billion bailout and fat lot of good it did me.  A snotty kid in Norm Coleman's office was rude to me.  I told him to tell Coleman he was fired.  I guess I got the last laugh there.  Coleman looked like a broken man when he conceded to Franken.  Lost a bunch of weight and all gray in the face like someone with cancer or a pulmonary condition.  I was somewhat mollified.  

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Franken is a better Senator in your eyes? You must also think every vote counts unless it is for a candidate with anything other than "d" by the name. Vote early and vote often?

He did not win the election. He and his progressive friends stole Minnesota's senate seat.

Al Franken is big fat idiot.

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I don't believe in the red/blue stuff.  They're all the same, so what difference does it make? Coleman was a Democrat before he changed parties because Republicans were being elected that year.  There is not a doubt in my mind that he would have gladly changed back to a Democrat if he thought it would do him any good.  They are all whores, you know,without loyalty or honor and they are selling us down the river and worse, they are laughing at us while they do it.  He voted for TARP.  So did my Democrat Representative and I voted against her too.  I just got more pleasure out of Coleman's loss because I'm vindictive.    

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So it came from the stocks of a major governmnet biological warfare stockpile somewhere.  Completely weaponized.

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Not necessarily, but a reasonable working hypothesis if one wanted to narrow the field and have a reasonable chance of cracking the case before the end of the world.

The FBI could have started with Level 4 labs (actual followed by potential) but then, if a nation has been lying to itself for two centuries, why would the FBI want to get to the bottom of the matter?

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The FBI doesn't want to admit that Iven's played them like a violin.

He was a paid informant, go ahead look it up.

He pointed the finger at others to deflect suspicion.

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aw come on, everybody.  This is just more silly conspiracy theory.  We all know that everybody has tin-catalyzed silicone polymers (seriously, what the fuck is that?!?!) in an old coffee can in their garage and that it is a common, household item.  Now stop being pesky and just take the gubmint's word for it.


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I come from many years experience in the paint & coatings and food additives industries and I can tell you the use of small-particle silicon dioxides for anti-clumping (more easily dispersed in the air) is not the rocket science the FBI is trying to say it is.

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There are major differences in applying silicon dioxides to paint and milling dried bacteria (a lethal bacteria - should you inhale or ingest a single spore a painful death awaits) and then onced milled, knowing  how to appply the proper amounts of coatings and having the equipment to apply said materials in a procedure that does not expose the equipment operator to either the milled bacteria or the finished anti-static spores.

If it were "easy" to do you wouldn't have terrorist wasting time on bombs and suicide vests.

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Did you work with Clark Griswold on that non-nutritive cereal varnish?

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There are multiple people who know far more about the issue who were quoted in the article. They disagree with your assessment.

Did you actually read it? Maybe you should read it again. It's pretty clear.

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I guess they didn't want any potential copycats thinking they could do it with the right textbook, some sand and a blender ... and now you've let the cat out of the bag.

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SYLOX(TM) (fumed silica USP) comes in big, fluffy 10-kg bags, and is used throughout the food / cosmetic industry as an anti-caking agent. This is the lo-tech version, comm'ly available. Just imagine what is available for a few $$ more and a note from your Director of Research!

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Obtaining materials is one thing, getting all this stuff to come together is a whole nother ball of wax.